We all have doubts from time to time. That’s a totally normal part of this work. And the mother of all doubts is, of course, the idea that none of it might be true – that this Law of Attraction stuff, the idea that we create our own reality, that we have any influence at all, might be a pile of complete and utter horse poop.

What do we do when this big doubt comes up? How can we know what’s “true”?

Well, that’s what I address in today’s video.

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  • Hey Melody! Liked the video. I too did and do come across a lot of doubts regarding LOA. And when I sit with them , I realise my understanding has to change , and when I change it, yes i do feel better and the doubts disappear . While watching your video, there was a question that came into my mind . If all that we choose to believe is based on a bunch of data , facts and evidences that we have gathered , and as they change , so do our perspectives and beliefs , then how does this apply in cases of litigation and court cases , where I am putting up my case in favour of my client based on certain facts and data and evidences that I have gathered , and well even the prosecutor has his own opinion based on his own data and evidences ? If the two of them contradict each other , how does the decision making take place in such cases?

    • Hey Chaitrali,

      The outcome of a court case isn’t determined by the facts. It’s determined by vibration. It’s a manifestation. And all you can really do is to focus on your own reality. Your own vibration. As a lawyer, you’ll want to focus on your client’s power, and on your own. Your manifesting your experience, your client is manifesting their experience, and no judge or opposing lawyer can defy your vibration. So, basically, if you want your clients to win, start attracting clients who are lined up with winning. 🙂



      • Hey melody , your answer cleared many things . Thank you ????????. There is another thing that popped up in my mind this time , and it has bothered me for quite some time . As a person pursuing CPA, in India , I come across both accounts and tax data. All this pertains to the distant past like a year back or even longer than that, and we have to work on it and give our end results. Since most of our job is in dealing with the distant past , like that has already happened and cannot be completely denied , doesn’t this patten of constantly referring to the past get reflected in our Personal life ?? And doesn’t this make us averse to changes that we want to undergo in our personal/professional or any other aspect of our life for that matter ? Don’t we tend to become more data and fact oriented like this is THE ONLY thing that’s true, although it feels bad and it feels like we are constantly hitting our head on the wall with the hope that it would break and show us a new way , while the truth is that our head hurts but the wall remains intact ? How can we then be more open and agile and flexible to better feeling view points in the light of our constantly changing economic and legal environment?, phew a big one !

        • Hey sorry for those question marks after Thank you . I wanted to type !!!, but since Iam typing this on my iPhone , I missed it

  • Great as always. You are so clear and matter-of-fact in the way you express these things. I spent the last 20 years on this path, discovering things that felt intuitively “right” to me, and I often thought I was crazy. I mean, who was I (all by my little old self) to decide what God (Spirit, Universe, Divine Mind……) was and how it operated in my life? Didn’t I need some kind of “Authority” to check it out for me and make sure I wasn’t just believing what I wanted to believe? But I just could not find the place that made sense to me, that I could feel like I had, if not power in my own life, at least a vote. And I finally did. And then Abraham, Jerry and Esther, and I met your blog and your books and life has just gotten better-feeling all the time! Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us.

  • I have never doubted the LOA, it really just felt right from the time I first heard of it. My doubt ever since has been if I’m able to focus on what I want and know what I’m focusing on, ALL of it. Our energy is not usually all pointed in one direction, the direction we want, we tend to have maaaaaaaaaany different points of attraction, and that’s the part that freaked me out the most in the beginning. I did a lot of energy clearing on myself and that fear kind of subsided, because my awareness is a lot higher now, in terms of noticing resistance, and now I’m confident I can open and integrate that energy. Nowadays the focus part is the one that has my attention. It seems to run all over the place and if I try to put in on something, even something I like, it can feel like forcing, resistance. So that’s what I’m working on now: knowing that EVERYTHING is energy and that my broadcast of information is very heavily influenced by my focus, so, time to master that focusing art!

  • This is exactly where I’ve been lately. I’ve made a choice to believe what I believe and have come to the conclusion that I really don’t know much at all lol. Surprisingly, it’s been so liberating! It’s as if my data is changing, evolving, and growing or more correctly, my perspective. I’ve seen one angel of the LOA and then I’ll have an experience that completely broadens that view or shifts the way I was experiencing it in a greater way. I also am finding that it’s true that you tend to try to prove your perspective when you’re not so sure about it. I wasn’t 100% sure of that at first, but the more my awareness grows, I can see that there was some hidden doubt in my belief all along. That’s also been liberating, as I don’t feel the need to save or change anyone’s perspective. The weird thing, is when I let this go…needing people to see how something I’ve done has helped me so much, it’s like magic! They are choosing it naturally. I’m choosing my own way without the need to have anyone else choose it and they are knocking down my doors lol. They call me, they want to be around me. It’s very interesting. I have more faith in people to get to a better feeling place and that the intelligence that is in me is also in them, so I don’t have to change them or even see their experience as flawed. I’m seeing now through growing in my own awareness and choosing what feels right for me, opens the door for others. Your life becomes your mantra and it literally flows from you and can’t be hidden. Others then want a little piece of whatever it is that’s got you smiling and believing in yourself. Especially when life just keeps getting better and better for you.

  • I don’t want this to end neither. I may not have gotten to listen to each one, but many of them and …. MY Oh My – I’m gonna miss you Melody. Thank you so much.
    Cheers until tomorrow.

  • I don’t want your 30 day challenge to end! I’ve enjoyed it so much. Can we make it a 365 day challenge? lol kidding, that would be exhausting for you I’m sure!
    When I hit upon LOA, whilst looking for solutions to my problems, it felt so true and right, it was like – finally! (….the universe makes some freakin sense). At first it was hard to apply but then I started to get some results, which reinforced my belief, and so on, and eventually the momentum built up so that it became easy to get into the habit of feeling good, and releasing resistance. Now I rarely have situations that don’t feel good. I feel as though I am rapidly and smoothly passing through a time/space tunnel, going where I want to be going and nothing is stopping me. Some days I still wonder, am I crazy? but then I think, if this is crazy, count me in (aka, if this is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!) I’m so involved and committed now, that I can’t turn around and think that it doesn’t work, because it does.

  • Melody, I think both this video and the one you did it in 2016, “Is LOA A Cult?”, would be excellent for any LOA newbie. There are so many reality creation myths out there and in both these videos, you clarify the subject in an understandable and easy-to-digest manner. I was put off by LOA for quite a some time because there seemed to be lot of victim blaming going on among the more experienced LOA folks. You know, every time you received an unwanted manifestation, they would yell “It’s your manifestation! You created it, so now deal with it! It’s your fault!”. End of discussion. I like what you said about choosing to believe the truth that feels best. I think this is the most empowering principle of LOA. That we do have absolute freedom of choice and we can always choose the best feeling option or perspective.

    Lady R

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