So, there you are, a manifesting machine. You’ve got a pretty good understanding of how the Law of Attraction works and you’re doing your best to keep your vibration high. But then… you need to deal with other people. Maybe your husband, or your boss, or even your mother. And they’re not cooperating in your happy, shiny, puppy vision. In fact, they’re doing the exact opposite! They’re grumpy, refuse to take responsibility for their vibration and their emotions, and they just won’t listen. Dammit! They’re going to mess up your manifestations!

How are you supposed to keep your vibration nice and high when you have to deal with muggles (those who don’t get LOA)? What if you have to work with them or go somewhere with them? What if walking away just isn’t an option?

Fear not! Today’s video comes to your rescue.

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  • Thank you so much for this video! This is definitely an issue I deal with a lot. And being new to implementing the law of attraction in my life it’s a huge struggle. Before I used to hate people and have lots of anger issues and let other’s negativity energy really affect me, but now I’ve gotten a lot better in controlling my emotions and not letting others influence my mood and daily life. I am no where near perfect or where I want to be in this aspect of my life, but it’s an on going process where I am constantly growing and learning. As far as the checking out thing goes, I was never able to do it on my own but I was constantly seeking out things that take my mind off of the stress of life. Most of the time I found myself lost in a book. I’ve always been attracted to fantasy novels, I like reading about magic, and good vs. evil, all stuff that couldn’t possibly exist in the real world. I’ve always said it was my escape and now I’m pursuing a path to possibly create that for others just like me who need to check out every once in a while. Thank you for the value you spread, I will definitely be keeping up with your blog from now on ????

  • I used to get in trouble at school for daydreaming a lot. My mom told me that when asked why I daydreamed so much I would say I was bored because I already knew all of this stuff. Lol!
    I just got back from a family vacation. While I did enjoy the vacation, I have been going into my “bubble” a lot the past few days. It’s just funny hearing about this because this is something I’ve been doing my whole life and wasn’t really even aware of WHAT I was doing. 🙂

  • well… it’s you who manifested muggles. Because you want to be a teacher.
    They are not muggles. They are powerful creators who are there for you to fulfill your destiny.
    data analysis
    1. your savior style: imbalanced heart chakra
    2. they don’t cooperate: they don’t have the mood and the bigger picture in their minds
    not having the bigger picture: their crown chakra does not function properly
    2i. why does it not function properly: because of egotism and lack of love
    2ii. was that necessary for you to live that experience? I bet it was
    2iii what did you do to prevent it, being a so powerful teacher? you did nothing, because otherwise it would not match that experience. You wanted them to be muggles. Double egoism
    2iv what does religion sais about it? you will rot in hell (just kidding). It sais that you should have love, and pray and faith and trust that you will act in accordance with god. (btw, the golden crown meditation reminds me of some religious painting picturing saints with that stuff over their head. So religion was right, and you are a sinner (double torture in hell).

    1. you could have acted as lower rank officers do in army. Start yelling, show who is the boss, take control of their minds, sync your mind with theirs’ and then roll with ease
    2. you could have acted as you normally do, aka send them energy, make them think it was their idea and just play your role correctly pretending that it was their ability to make things happen so magically. But you wanted to act as teacher so others feel like magicians, so skip it anyway
    3. you could do nothing at all and go to bed, but that is not rellevant with this scenario

    btw Melody, I saw some of your previous posts and I freaked out. You have closed the comments sections but that’s important. Why the hell did you mention “what’s natural anyway” to the cab driver who told you the truth about homosexuality and the future of humanity? You know damn well that they choose to create their reality, they focus the same way other people do but the filters they choose are a hell of a mess. They choose random beliefs that do not comply neither to science nor to logic and they have now acquired power and none can persuade them to do otherwise. Madness is not an option. Sorry for this irrelevant paragraph, but I have sent people to study and be inspired by your blog and when I saw that, I wanted to kill you with my bare hands.

    ps what about when you want to support a whole country and the only option to gother accurate information is to search the minds of people who focus differently from you and you find your character changing as you do that stuff? It’s important because they are not all muggles but they are all egoists who hide their mind and manipulate other minds well and we can’t make a move

    love, Tony

  • Hi Melody, I love this video and your bubble idea is just perfect!
    When I was a kid and I was supposed to go somewhere I didn’t want to go, I would often tell myself: “Don’t worry, you can always go to your daydreaming place.” Thanks God I haven’t lost this ability (or I haven’t forgotten how to use it) so I daydream whenever I’m with a group of people and conversations around me get boring but also when I’m in a good place and I want to feel even more relaxed and inspired.
    And about muggles… Do you really think that people need to get LOA for them not to be muggles? I mean, what if someone just enjoys their life in a way that’s inspiring and uplifting to people around them and they just seem to do it naturally without having read anything about LOA? And there certainly are those among us who have read it all but they don’t apply it. They think they aren’t muggles but they act like them. I just like breaking borders between categories.

    • Hey Daniela,

      Of course there are non-muggles who aren’t into LOA. But they still “get” it. They’re positively focused. People come to this understanding through different means (even religion, gasp!). Essentially, muggles are mired in powerlessness. But not because they don’t have any magic, because they don’t know that they do, and aren’t listening to all the inner signs they get that would lead them to their magic. That’s not judgment – they’re not bad or stupid in some way for not doing this. They’re afraid (that’s what powerlessness does to us). So, making that jump, waking up, it’s hard. But it’s happening more and more. And yes, there are those who are drawn to this work, but haven’t really woken up yet. It’s all part of the process, and it can take a while. Everyone gets to go at their own pace. 🙂



  • I’ve been surrounded with muggles, including my spouse….all the time. I’m now in my bubble all the time and it feels wonderful; esp after you’ve validated it via this video which I loved. It’s surprising how over the years, I’ve learned to mind my own business and your videos have helped tremendously…so thank you Melody. And I’d heard in one of your videos, about the chemical burns on your scalp and how you were surprised that happened because things usually went well for you no matter what. And then you wanted to find out why that happened. So now I do that. Things , for me too go so well, that sometimes I’m scared… its like, is life really supposed to be this good? E.g. It’s years since I’ve caught a common cold.. but I know the times when my vibration goes down, that’s when the cold virus will catch me. And I really don’t need to make that extra effort except be in my happy place.

    Thanks again and hugs


  • Hi Melody,
    Wow! Very interesting timing and yes! I did daydream as a kid, all the time, especially in class. But also at home, usually when my family members started to argue about things. Somehow I was always the last to know about anything, probably because I often “checked out.” The reason the timing is good, is this weekend, I had to deal with a mechanic who constantly complains about everything. It’s actually my friend’s mechanic but he was working on my car. After the second day of hanging around the garage, I decided I did not have to be there any more. He could do his work and create his drama on his own. This was kind of a first for me, as I usually feel I have no choice. So thanks for the bubble idea! And can’t wait to see what tomorrow is all about!
    Smooshy hugs,

  • Lol I checked out as a kid and they put me on medication. I kind of trained myself out of that, but this has inspired me to return to my roots! I’ll use these techniques again because they totally worked for me. I can do it more consciously and in balance now though.

  • Very powerful video Melody on daydreaming. I used to love to watch my son growing up looking out the window and being lost in daydream all the time. He probably was spacing out from being around me. Being a kid nowadays really sucks with all the pressures upon them. Our beautiful and very smart daughter actually was a heroin addict and now is putting her life all back together the way she wants to, not the way society or her parents expected it to be. Unrealistic expectations and pressures on our children are killing them. Sports programs, entertainment, fashion, education expectations and just plain trash talk and self esteem issues being put on them from their peers on social media making living life very stressful. Looking forward to hearing about future videos and stuff. I love this format, even I can navigate it and I have never been a blogger..

  • being comfortable with their discomfort is particularly hard especially when around my family..they have a talent to trigger all my deepest doubts and insicurities ..I know it is down to me , but , as in yesterday’s video, it is not about just knowing , it is a choice we ultimately need to make..choose our best feeling perspective and stick to feels lonely, it can almost also feel like I am being cold to them or delusional , especially when I get triggered about my own doubts , but the choice must be reinforced over and over to create a change..thank you for these great reminders and powerful tools. Love VX

  • Ever so dearest Melody, yes, I too got into a lot of trouble at home and school because of my daydreaming. I did my homework and completed my written exams quickly just so I could daydream for the rest of the day. My mother always shouted at me because I’d blank out and stare into space with my mouth open and this often led to drooling. Hahahaha I assure you though, I was climbing up the faraway tree with Jo, Bessie, and Fanny and having the time of my life. I also played with grasshoppers a lot when I was a kid and in their company, all I did was daydream!! At home too I had a chair that was perfect to kneel on and look outside the window and I did the same at school. There were also times I also told my teachers at school I was going to draw for some chart competition but I’d go to empty classrooms and just look out the window to look at the birdies, snails, earthworms and daydream! I’m really looking forward to your next video and excited to hear what goodies you have next in store for us! Thank you SOOOOOOO much!! XOXO

  • Hello! Good morning Melody my name is Nancy. And I wanted to write you asking about how to manifest millions of dollars so I set out to meditate first the way I have the best meditations And this is for me how I meditate the best I sit down with a pen and pad and I just write so today as I was writing I started thinking about how I would react when I won a jackpot for millions of dollars and immediately for some reason I’m celebrating here at the front of my mind for some reason at the back of my mind I see myself worried about and it was a flash in an instant I got the emotions of worry and greed and trying to be like a Scrooge and threw me off but also I think I made a breakthrough long story short is this is the reason I haven’t won the lottery yet am I sabotaging myself because I know how at this current stage in my life how I would react to having instant millions of dollars? I really appreciate you doing this 30 day challenge because as much as it was a challenge for you it’s a challenge for me too and a good challenge because I had this breakthrough I mean for over a year now I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t attract the money I want to attract and hear out of the blue you know it just came to me it’s amazing and I appreciate all your help thank you

  • “You have to be comfortable with their discomfort”. As an energy healer and all around well trained “let’s save the world every way we can” person, that one is still a bit of a struggle to me. ESPECIALLY when it comes to people I love and really want them to be happy. I’m slowly but steadily moving out of the savior (powerless based) mindset to an “inspirer” type mindset, where I know the power of everyone around me to create their lives, and I just help co-create that empowered life with them when they ask me to. 🙂 Feels much better! And I think I’ll write down your bubble exercise to keep it in the back of my mind and try it next time I’m being swayed into the “must help” mode. That mode ends up just draining me and people won’t hear what I say if they didn’t request it, so, it’s an old habit that is being transmuted.

  • Thank you darling Melody, this information is really
    works. Thank you for clarification, I can see now
    That I sort of doing this all my life.
    How strong or how consistent your vibration need to
    be, for you to be able resive what you want?

    What to do if everyone is Muggle around you?

    Thank you Melody, and I would like to tell you, that
    I gonna miss you. I like to check my emails and see
    an email from you. Love your teachingsearch.

  • Hey Melody,
    I’ve really enjoyed the 30 day challenge, I affectionately refer to it as my daily ‘pep-talk’. Today’s Vlog really resonated with me, as I used to do this a lot in my childhood usually between 9-4 (school hours). I still use this technique, I find it easier to do at work, as timing out allows me to recharge my emotional battery for the next interaction with ‘some’ work colleagues/suppliers/customers. But family are still a bit of a challenge as they know how to ‘push your buttons’. I’m now in a place, where the options are (i) Leave town without telling anyone (ii) Fake my own death!! (I know, its a bit dramatic, but still a genuine question). F :0)

  • Oh Melody, thank you for being so in touch with higher information, as every one of your challenge videos has been timely and useful! My ability to ‘escape’ has been heavily criticised by muggles close to me, but I’m grateful for it now, thanks for being my manifestation of permission! Smooshy hugs ????

  • Dear Melody, Thank you for a really interesting post! I zoom out into my happy daydreaming place often. Never when I am pressured though, but rather afterwards, or before, or anytime. Actually as soon as I don’t engage in something that needs my attention, I tend to go into happy daydreaming. When I daydream I often engage in imaginary conversations, which are always happy and compassionate. Sometimes these conversations deal with events that has already happened to clear things up and other times it seems to be more as a preparation for future meetings etc. They always occur on an unconscious level in the sense that I have no control over the topic being dealt with or the specific content of the conversations. One really interesting thing that happened a couple of years ago when I had just divorced. Whenever I was daydreaming and an imaginary conversation with my ex-husband was about to take place, it was like a third party entered my daydream and told my ex-husband to get the fuck out from there. I thought that was so hilarious 🙂

  • Ups my heart, smiley and star for you,
    (Sent from my smartphone)
    shows as question marks in the comment box here.
    Well, hope you got how glad I am for what you do to others
    and to yourself in good vibration.
    Thank you again. Hearts -:)

  • Here again…without spelling mistakes.
    Thank you again for you!! Wonderful person????????????
    Thank you Lovely Melody,
    I am exactly in that situation!!
    Both my parents and my best male friend,
    who I also have good moments with are what Icall complainers!
    I love them but do not always understand their negative
    beliefs. I try hard to influence in positive LOA ways, but they do not seem to want get it.
    Your video already helped me lots.
    I have always been a daydreamer,
    Now I understand why.
    When I was ltlle people called me Little Joy,
    but I am also super sensitive, so my vibration is easily
    influenced by others energy.
    Your videos helps me a lot, especially this one!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the top of my vibration. You are wonderful.
    Kindest Regards from Copenhagen, Denmark -:)

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