We did it!! Today is day 30 of my 30 Day Video Challenge! And man, it’s been a ride. In today’s video, I share the insights that led me to do the challenge, what the experience was like for me, and the realizations I had during the last month.

I’ll also give you a glimpse of all the exciting stuff to come (and there’s so much exciting stuff!!). It’s like my own little challenge rap-up party. Won’t you join me?

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  • That’s lovely Melody!!

    I haven’t seen any of the videos, nor this one, (you’ll know why right… I wasn’t a match, etc… But I’ll say I’m saving them for that time when I’m in that mood! It’ll be much more fun and feel-good then!)

    Still, just the mails made me feel so nicey nice and all that! So much love to you for what you’re doing and so much more love to you because I feel so good reading your smooshy hugs!! ????????????????

  • Hi Melody,
    Wow!! A BIG thank you for putting this 30 days of yourself out there. You have said things and touched subjects that has really struck a chord inside me, helped me to realise just how unconscious we really are sometimes (well actually for me that = most of the times). Biggest lesson…… I don’t have to jump down into the shit-pit….and….actually that IS OK for not doing it. If people don’t like it then really that too is their problem. Far too long in my life I really “thought” I have to wallow in it as well otherwise I am a selfish person.
    Now I can’t wait to watch your new weekly videos. Thank you..really great awesome topics and love your energy and down to earh gritty joy that comes through from you on camera! ????????????????????

  • Hi Melody! Something strange going on here but that’s no surprise right lol. For me, your video shows up as only 1:27 long and you are basically cut off in your introduction. I went to the blog site directly and it’s the same there. Anyone who’s posted seems to have seen the whole thing so I’m sitting here puzzled. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Hmm, maybe not enough amarula in my coffee . . . 🙂

    • Oh thank god, I thought I was losing it…I was reading the comments where everyone saw the whole thing and thought I was in a parallel reality where your video only lasted 1 min 27 secs. But seems Ann is in that parallel reality with me….would love to see the whole video is all I can say?…..

    • Hmmm, weird. When I clicked on it, it said 1:27 and then immediately changed to 14:30. Might be that I’m accessing both realities, lol. Try watching it on a different device, or different browser. And just stay light about it. If you’re meant to see it, you will. And if you aren’t, you don’t need to. 🙂

      Smooshy hugs either way,


      • I am catching up on the videos and the same thing happened to me. Weird. I’ve tried YouTube and here. I’ll try again later…

  • Thank you Melody for the 30 wonderful days of video. And thank you for being so real in all of it and allowing us to feel connected to you.

    Looking forward to what comes next.

  • Loved the 30 days with you and can’t wait for more! I’m stoked about the weekly videos and/or posts on Sundays, the new website, but even more excited about the Reality Academy!! I instantly knew it would be something I wanted to try! One request I wanted to ask of you is to discuss further how to actually communicate with your spirit guides and tap into psychic abilities as well as channeling. I’ve read everything you have on the topics (at least I think I have!) and I’m still hitting a barrier. I can feel it trying to break through but something is in the way and then fear takes over and I get scared that trying to connect is a bad idea (because of the possibility of connecting with a low energy being). Even if you did a post on where to find the resources to help that would be awesome (maybe another teacher, books, videos, articles, whatever)!! I deeply feel it’s a calling for me but I NEED HELP! Lol So yea, you’re doing amazing things and I’m happy to be along for the ride! I truly feel more connected with you and feel like a thank you is in order. Thank you for being you and sharing the journey with us! You rock!

  • hey Melody..a huge thanks for all you shared…it is definitely a changing period and I really put my foot down about certain changes I want to bring about…setting an intention is a real committment ..I have learnt when I want something bad enough I do get things moving..you inspired me so much..feel like starting my own challenges with a deadline..like a 30 days one to focus and step in the vibration of what I want at my best ..it is not about obsessing over something or being to pushy to myself , it is about fully committing to form a new habit and to myself..hugs and looking forwards to the next awesome things xxx

  • Thank you Melody!!! I also levelled up just before your 30 day challenge and it has been really interesting for me to listen to all your wisdom from that different perspective.

    Also, I’ve never been much of a commenter in any sphere of my life – I’ve had a huge fear of being seen and have struggled to feel a sense of belonging so keeping a low profile has been my usual way of being.

    This has been a great opportunity for me to comment on your videos and practice telling my truth. The fact that you answered the questions I emailed to you showed me that speaking up can be a gift to others as well as myself and I have felt part of this community by contributing. Lots of love and light!! xx

  • 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I love this video. It made me smile so much!

    For a future video, I would love more details on how you work through holding yourself in a place of knowing that everything is coming in perfect timing. Like, as you did this challenge, were there ever days when you didn’t feel inspired to make the video and did it anyway? (I am trying to understand more clearly how I can hold onto the feeling of “Everything in perfect timing” while the action I would like to do isn’t yet inspired.)

    I can’t wait for Reality Academy, btw!

  • Thank you Melody!

    I have been following you for a few years now…probably since the very beginning actually 🙂 and I’ve loved everything you’ve done all along he way! What attracted me to your messages was the fact that you were a genuine normal person…ya, who cussed sometimes and talked about poop and stuff…not some guru sitting up on a cushion or some fakey, flakey hippy person. i feel like we could be good friends, like you fit in with me and my way of living and seeing the world. i could imagine us just hanging out and always having a good time!
    anyway, I am very interested in what you were saying about leveling up and getting used to who you are now. i think i might be going through this. A while back i was in a really good, happy, high vibrational place but I let myself get pulled back down by a few not so great life events and now im making my way, slowly but surely, back up to where i was and beyond. during this process i noticed things like forgetting what i physically look like…like i would look at myself in the mirror and go, oh ya, that’s what i look like…
    and sort of feeling weird in my body. I never really thought about it as a leveling up, i thought of it more like i had lost myself but i am feeling better and the feeling is still there a little…
    I would love for you to do a video explaining what you go through in your leveling up processes and if there are some standard things that everyone can expect to go through.
    Thanks again for your wonderful energy and your wisdom! xox

    • I like that you raised the issue of ‘ leveling up’ because that is exactly what stood out for me in this video. I get what it is and have experienced it, but Melody I would like to ask if you could consider a video on this topic. ( topic sounds so formal but you know what I mean). I would love just to be able to delve deeper into this rabbit hole. Just say the word Ascension and you have me.
      Thank you so much for these past 30 days. It was huge. And yes, my connection to you has definitely strengthened and deepened on my side. The whole thing was a lot less ‘ formal’ and the relaxed energy continued to draw me in each time.
      Sending you loads of smoochy hugs.

  • Hi melody,

    So these past two months for me have been all about releasing old beliefs and leveling up. I can understand that experience of trying to find your footing when you’re leveling up, as that has been what I’ve been doing lately. Your videos were like daily inspiration to keep going and doing this work. And yes, letting go and letting this happen is way easier said than done! I’m still learning how to do that and only take action when I am inspired. And I’m also looking forward to Reality Academy! I feel that would be beneficial in helping others reach that next level on their journey.


  • Another gem! Trying too hard. I’m SOOOOOOOOOO there still. I feel I have to deliver and prove myself, and I end up delivering so much that it creates overwhelm and confusion on the people I’m wanting to help sometimes. Letting go has been quite the challenge for me. Kind of a control freak here, although getting much better at it. 😉 Trust and feeling safe, along with self-love seem to be the healing energies for me.

    Loved being here with you every day and THAAAAAAAAANK YOU for all the information, golden threads and a-ha’s that you delivered through this 30 day video challenge! 🙂

  • Sounds great, Melody! Looking forward to all the new stuff there is to come. I, too, would greatly appreciate the transcripts but if it’s not possible for some reason, subtitles work just fine for me. English isn’t my first language so I find the transcripts and subtitles help me to receive your message even better, though I can always sense your awesome energy and find it just contagious 😀 Thanks for this Video Challenge series, and hope to see you soon again!

    Lady R

  • Congratulations Melody!!! I enjoyed each and every one of your videos and they were just what I needed to hear at the perfect times! I’m looking forward to your upcoming vlogs and program!! Thank you!<3

  • Hi Melody

    Thank you so much for everything , I’ve enjoyed this 30 days so much and it has helped me in so many ways thank you thank you.
    I have found a comfortable seat for my journey and I feel I’m sat next to you and it is just great.
    Looking forward to all you share , I will soak it up like a sponge , I just love it .

    Thank you
    @—- x

  • Thank you for these videos. I have found them very helpful and energising. They always felt relevant on that particular day for me and supportive. I look forward to more.

  • I loved your 30 day challenge videos Melody! It would be great if you could do one on millennial, especially about how many people see us as lazy because many of us aren’t willing to put up with hard work and suffer like our parents.

    Would you ever consider making a video about changing the body in ways that mainstream society deems impossible? I’m talking about changes like height increase, facial structure, healing illness, natural breast growth, etc.

  • Hi Melody, thanks for doing the 30 day videos, and it’s great to see that you have stepped into this new you and found your new place. I was able to find space to watch about 4 or 5 of the videos – I made myself watch them because I’ve followed you for ages & I don’t want to stop. But honestly, I don’t like video, I don’t really have the time in my life to devote to watching videos and I’m not always in the right place. I couldn’t see the subtitles on my iPad, & I can’t always do audio. So, the videos that I did get to watch were OK , but I am begging you to please bring the transcripts back as I miss them so much. I read every one that you have done since they began, and I’ve been sad that they weren’t there. I understand that the Millennials are all over video – I see it with my teenagers, but as someone from a previous generation, I’m much more comfortable with words…. I really hope that as your new style weekly videos progress you will be able to reach out to us older ones again too.

    • I hear you Debbie. It wasn’t s much about catering to an age group as it was about doing what was feasible for 30 days. Doing a Transcript is actually a lot more work, as it has to be edited much more extensively. And that just wasn’t doable on a daily basis. We could do subtitles, though, and it was important for me that the videos be accessible. Now that we’ll be weekly again, we (as in, me and my little team) can look at doing both subtitles and transcripts.

      Smooshy hugs,


        • Hi there …. isn’t it funny how different we all are in terms of what works for us and what doesn’t. I say this because I’m also from the ‘ previous generation’ ( maybe even previous to previous) and video so does it for me. I love the transcripts but for me that is time consuming. I experience far more connectivity via video.

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