What, exactly, is intuition? And what part does it play in the Law of Attraction? Can you always trust your intuition, or is it possible for it to lead you astray? Also, are you attracting stuff, or is the stuff attracting you? And of course, most importantly, how can you develop better intuition?

I explore all of this and more in today’s video.


Today, I want to answer a question that came to me from Awesome Janie (thank you Janie!) She writes: “I have been deliberate in thought and focus, and I know how it works, but I still have so many questions. One that keeps begging to be answered is how you explain or reconcile LOA and intuition. I feel the two are related but still different. For instance, I focus, and attract, deliberately receive, but when I feel intuitive it’s more about something attracted me. Is it possible, can LOA and these other concepts exist together?”

Well Janie, this is actually a really interesting question, because a lot of people misunderstand what intuition is. Intuition is really this guiding sense; it’s information that comes to you; it’s a sense of recognition you feel when you focus on something. It’s when something comes into your experience, whether that’s via your thoughts or your physical reality – something’s been attracted into your reality – and you get an intuitive hit, a sense of recognition that says “There’s something there for me.” A lot of people will say that they were intuitively guided to something. They may have not been paying attention, but suddenly they realize that they were walking down a street and took a different way, or they were reading something online and sort of lost themselves in it, and suddenly there was something they recognized as being significant for them in some way. Maybe they don’t even know (usually you don’t know) why it’s significant, but it just is.

Intuition is very much part of the attraction mechanism, and as I explain in my book, Deliberate Receiving: Finally The Universe Makes some Freakin’ sense! (which you told me you’ve read), it comes into play whenever there’s a progression of manifestation going on. Here’s a really quick rundown of that progression for you:

Manifestations come into the physical in 5 stages

Stage #1 is focus.

Stage #2 is emotion. This is the first bit of feedback that comes in. All manifestations feel a certain way to you.

Stage #3 is thoughts, memories and ideas. Yes, memories, thoughts and ideas are all manifestations.

Stage #4 is synchronicities. These are smaller manifestations that are easy to miss and dismiss that we often call “coincidences”.

Stage #5 is where the big, physical manifestations show up. This is also where you manifest action.

What frequency are you activating?

What happens here, is that manifestations get bigger and bigger and bigger when you’re on this progression. This is true whether you’re on a progression of something wanted, not wanted, or something somewhat wanted. It all depends on the frequency you’re activating within yourself. As you’re activating these frequencies within yourself, as you are vibrating at a certain frequency, your reality is going to mirror that frequency back to you through manifestations. They are all going to feel the same way as the frequency you’ve activated feels. That’s why emotions and feelings are so important in this work, because they are your first indicator of what frequency you’re manifesting.

When you are intuitively guided to something, when that information, that recognition comes in, it means that the manifestation you have will strongly match the progression of manifestation that you’re on and it’s going to take you further down that progression. Even your journey to the thing that gave you that intuitive hit is part of the manifestation. Also, remember that action is part of your manifestation.  Action is a manifestation; you are guided to that action whether it’s positive or negative action. The actions that you take are a direct result of your energy, of your vibration, and of the progression of manifestation that you’ve got going on. Which is why quite often when you’ve got a strong progression going on, you take action without even meaning to. You can’t help yourself. It might be in the negative, or it might be in the positive, but you’ll often take action before you even know what’s happened. Intuition is just that: recognition that something has come in that matches your current active progression.

Vibrating at a frequency of something you want

Your job really is just to make sure you are vibrating at a frequency of something that you want rather than vibrating at a frequency that’s there by default. Maybe your default frequency is what you’ve inherited from whatever vibrational soup you were born into. It’s like having programs installed on your hard drive by your family, your culture, your religion, or your geographic location, but you can replace them with programs that serve you better now. Those old programs that no longer serve you are what we call “limiting beliefs”. That’s all a limiting belief really is. It’s sort of like an outdated program. You have a lot of beliefs, many of which serve you greatly, but some of them are outdated. It’s the software that gets outdated that we now want to replace.

Can your intuition ever “fail” you?

Intuition can sometimes seemingly fail to serve you. The reason for this is because if you’ve got a strong progression going on about something you don’t want, you might get an intuitive hit that matches that progression. But that’s not the kind of intuition that we really want to activate. We want to activate the intuition that helps us to recognize what is for our highest good, so to speak. Our highest good is the thing that we really want the most of, or that matches who we really are. So, if we were to drop all of our defensive mechanisms, and all of our fears, and just be completely and totally in the vibration of love, what would our intuition be telling us?

Is there is a way to activate high vibrational intuition?

Yes! The way to activate it is to get into a higher vibration as much as you possibly can. And remember, you don’t have to be in a high vibration, or even vibrating at the frequency of what you want 100% of the time. All you really need to do is tip the balance between being in a lower vibration and being in a higher vibration (you have be vibrating at the frequency of what you want 51% or more of the time), and then trying your best to stay in the higher vibration as much as you can, or as often as you think about it. But how do you get into a higher vibration?

Well, you do things that feel good. You don’t try to feel good about the things that you don’t feel good about; you just do things that feel good. This will start to activate a progression of manifestation that’s on a higher frequency and then those intuitive hits that you’re getting will lead you towards what it is you actually want. That’s basically what we do in this work; we manifest an intuitive hit that leads us towards what we want by getting into a general higher vibration. It can be a totally general vibration; it doesn’t have to be specific. A very general high vibration will be just fine.

A lot of the times, just relaxing, taking a breath or 20, or meditating a little bit, will help you to activate a higher vibration. You can also start to activate higher vibrations by going to a funny movie, reading a funny book, looking at funny cat videos online, having great conversations with friends, or by just having fun. When you give yourself permission to do that, you’ll start to activate a higher vibration. Of course, you can also deliberately and very specifically work on things, but make sure you notice how that feels. If you’re feeling good, you’re going to start a progression of manifestation and you’re going to build up a progression that’s going to bring about more and more of what you want.

And then you’ll receive intuitive hits. And sometimes that sense of recognition or guidance can feel like it’s pulling you towards something, like it’s attracting you.

Are you attracting it or is it attracting you?

What you’re really feeling is that you’re attracting it. But if you have no frame of reference, if there’s no background, and if one object is moving towards another, you can’t really tell which object is moving towards the other one. Without some kind of reference, you have no way of knowing (if you’ve ever sat in a stationary train, only to feel like you were moving when a train next to moved in the opposite direction, you know how easy it is to get confused).

For example, if you were out in space you would have no frame of reference of what is stationery, where up and down is, or where left and right is. If you have no frame of reference you can’t tell where one is going, if you are attracting it, or if it’s attracting you. But here’s the thing: You are attracting it, but you’re also sometimes part of the mechanism that brings it to you. That’s why sometimes it feels like it is attracting you. You were guided to it by manifesting actions (which are manifestations) which were moving you towards this thing that’s coming into your life (or moving it towards you). You were actually a part of the mechanism that helped it come to you.

For example, you may have been led to walk down a certain street, or click on a certain website. These actions that you took were part of your manifestation. Just in the same way as if a delivery guy had shown up at your front door and handed you a package.

So, hopefully, the concept of intuition is now a bit clearer. If you have any questions you’d like me to answer in a video, let me know in the comments below. Until next week, thank you for bringing your light to the world and happy shiny puppy hugs.

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  • It’s funny how I had an experience today where an old fear of mine showed up. My head started to spin and after reading this, I reminded myself that it’s old fears and thoughts that mirrored this happening. I clicked in here today to read your blog, even though I haven’t been here for a while, and this post was like an answer to my “why” this happened. So I tend to attract everything easily now and I’m also growing out of old patterns and going through big changes, so I think I will face some old fears along the way but they tend to disappear quicker…. Like i’m doing a cleanse. But it is an emotional rollercoaster.

  • I know this is so out of context but didn’t know where else to write this. And I also know I’d briefly touched on this subject . Melody, I’m a doctor and officially retired, in a very good place, I think I’m done with all my responsibilities- I think – I’m now just ‘ killing ‘ time … doing some online consultations, painting, watching movies…nothing really constructive. I’m so very grateful to the Universe that I want for nothing today. I know we’re supposed to follow our bliss, do what excites us the most and everything will fall into place. But at this stage in my life, I really have nothing that excites me so much. I feel I’m just wasting my time, I’ve been demanding from the Universe to let me know my purpose, to give me a sign, as I feel I’m just a burden on this beautiful Planet which is already weighed down. You once said that if you’re alive, if you are here, you have a purpose…. but what? HOW do I find my purpose? How long do I have to wait to know it meanwhile doing all this mundane stuff? I know as a doctor, I’ve really done a lot for mankind…. and continuing to do so … but I don’t find joy in it…never have as my passion was something else… OMG! This is such a negative comment but I know you won’t let it get to you…. and I’m not always like this.. I’m a happy person with no complaints whatsoever…. it’s just finding my purpose that’s killing me.. want to be useful doing something I love and don’t know what that is…. can you help Melody?

    • Hey Usha,

      This is a process of discovery. Don’t worry about what you do might serve others. That stuff happens automatically, and focusing on that can often mess up our search. Focus only on your own bliss. Don’t judge. Don’t evaluate. Just follow it. What is it that you want to do in this moment? And in the next? What sounds most delicious to you? What are you drawn to? Books? TV shows? Conversations? Don’t try to make everything into a life plan. Just follow the breadcrumbs while accepting that you cannot know where they will lead you. Don’t try to know. Just follow and enjoy. You’ll get more clarity soon enough.

      Does that help?



  • Hi Melody. I completely get what Janie meant by not knowing if she was attracting or being attracted. I set my vision (was given my vision) a few months ago and it’s absolutely crazy all of the ideas that can come when you are in tune like that.

    My thought is I don’t care if I’m attracting the idea or the idea is attracting me. Movement can only happen is we’re both in tune with each other anyway. The Sun and the Earth both attract each other. The sun has the bigger mass so it doesn’t appear to move much but I bet it does move.

    Thanks for clarifying how intuition works. I appreciate it.

  • Hi Melody

    Once again , deep stuff but you have a way nobody else does of making it so meaningful and understandable along with interesting , exciting , fulfilling…. I could go on and on.

    Great stuff and loving it thanks

  • Hello Melody ,
    you’re awesome Mel ( can i call you that ? ) i love your style recently
    I kinda conclude that too after some observation and asking the universe how things work i sometimes get answers when i least expect it like when i’m watching tv or in class( it’s so boring that i enter a sort meditative state haha ) the cool thing is after some conclusion on my part and when i get an insight i find myself reading some old post of yours that i somehow missed or you write a new one like it’s for me like the universe say” yess girl! you got it! here’s the full transcript hehe ” although i don’t know you but i feel comfortable listening and reading your posts i’m also now halfway reading your book ( it’s amazing so far ) and after your previous post i loved you even more you played an important role in my life thank you for being you, i don’t want to make this comment so long but my curiosity is killing me so i’m gonna write it anyway, so let’s say i had some paranormal expriences in my childhood when i start exprimenting with mind power and imagination i was reading about third eye exercises (i can’t find the website now ) and start doing them i will stay alone for an hour or two up in the rooftop and following my hunch so i would meditate and try to hear every sound i could (that the one i remember i was 10 or 11 ) after a couple of weeks my intuition increased a lot i had dreams that predict future and lucid dreams i got scared when i read that it’s related to evil and satan so i let it go recently when i started reading your blog and looking to reality in a different way i realized that there’s no evil entities or whatever it’s all energy so lately i get an email about third eye and pineal gland it caught my attention again(it said that it increase your intuition make you discover your power increase creativity and put you in state of love “like your high they said “you’ll be receptive more of universal informations ..etc that what i read in that interesting article )and i want to know your thoughts about it i think any one who got into this energy and spirtual stuff came across the third eye and with all the BS around it you want to know the truth filtred of all the devil crap and fear and shit !
    looking forward for your reply

  • You are so special. I know I say this very time I read or listen, but I am amazed every time. While a few things do not hit me spot on sometimes, a bit down the road, I am back tracking. This was an incredibly excellent explanation for me. I would like to thank Awesome Janie too. I have often said to me self, is this me or is it memorex and sometimes, even after a very intelligent conversation with myself, I have still been undecided for positive sure. This certainly has brought clarity and I am so glad to have a reliable trustworthy barometer. So now, I can cheerfully say fuck off to those doubts.
    Thank you both and may you always know loving kindness,,,,
    Sandy Ice

  • Hi, Melody! Great post! I was just thinking and have a question. Is there a difference between information channeled from your higher self, soul, etc. and an idea that just came from your mind but is still a good, positively inspired idea? If there is a difference, how do you know which is which?

    • I’d say that ideas that *feel* light and expand your energy when you think about them come from the same place: your Higher Self, Universe, Infinite Intelligence … we’re all “channeling” or downloading information all the time. The universal laws make it so that we have all the info around us that resonates with what we’re broadcasting. When we relax, we open up to receive it. 😉

  • Hi Melody,
    Great post! I love how you explain intuition because I often don’t feel like I have any at all. But when you said it was a sense of recognition, that clicked! Now I Will start paying more attention to that feeling instead of looking for some unknown strange feeling that might guide me…somehow. Funny how we can make the simple things hard when we d Not have a clear understanding!

  • Melody-

    I’m going through a thing where I feel like I am beginning to actually understand (in short bursts) what you’re teaching. Before this I also thought I did. Heh. But this feels – different? Maybe I’m lost in a series of fractal understanding-illusions, though.

    Anyway, I’ve read your book many times and only while watching this and connecting it to my experiences this week did I realize – I think you’re saying that you are focused on/broadcasting/being a specific vibration, and the first feedback you get is emotion that matches it, and then after that you get thoughts that match it? I must have read versions of this from you a couple dozen times but this time I suddenly realized: so that’s why, this past week, I kept feeling SO BAD but was totally unable to identify what I was “thinking about” that brought it on? It seemed disconnected from any topic or event. And why asking myself what I was thinking about and trying to find better-feeling thoughts didn’t work, and the solution I seem to be finding is to remind myself, when I have the surge of fear, “that’s your amygdala overreacting, nothing is actually happening”. I must in some way I am not fully aware of consciously be frequently focusing in the direction of “things are going to be terrible”?

    This is blowing my mind. I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold onto this realization (the more I feel like I’m understanding things, the more I feel like I’m losing it a little bit, which I think you’ve also mentioned here and there as pretty common?) but I hope so.

    PS I love the thing you said at the beginning, that you explain the law of attraction to highly intellectual people. Really good. Thanks!

  • Hey Melody
    I really enjoyed this post a lot and it went really deep. I was talking about this with a client the other day and one of the things I had mentioned was similar to what you said here. We will feel intuitive pulls towards anything that will be valuable to us in some way. It may not always be the path to the final thing or the final thing in itself or some sort of manifestation our mind judges as ‘good’ or ‘desirable.’ I think that is what we are usually expecting when we follow our intuition. But whatever it is will serve us. I think the most important thing is to just be open to whatever manifests, and do our best to release expectations of what we think will happen.

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