Most people know how to celebrate. They celebrate their Birthday, graduation, the birth of a new baby, marriage, anniversaries, and big accomplishments. In short, all the BIG moments of their lives. But… life is not just made of BIG moments. In fact, those BIG moments are few and far between. What about the rest of the time? Well, as far as I’m concerned, life is made up of tons of little moments, punctuated by some big moments here and there. And those little moments are also worth celebrating. In fact, if we can learn to celebrate more, we’ll actually have more to celebrate (thank you Law of Attraction).

Not sure how to celebrate the small stuff? Or, maybe you just need a big boost of high-flying celebratory energy? Well, watch today’s video and you’ll get both. Weeeee!


Today, I have something to celebrate. I’ve just started working out of my new office, which is situated in my home. I’ve redecorated it and I’ve finally brought in a whole bunch of equipment.  I have a new desk, two screens, and a handy dandy webcam. I’ve also added a logo backdrop which you can see when you take a look at the video. I’m finally working out of here now, and I’ll show you the whole office in an up and coming episode, but for now, it’s still a little bit messy in here. So, until I get it cleaned up and organized, which isn’t my priority right now and I’ll tell you why later, this is what you’ll have to do with.

The videos are going to look like this from now on, so, let me know what you think. And for those of you out there who are always telling me how I could do things better, hopefully you’ll like that I’m making more improvements. I’ve upgraded some of my equipment as well, but if you think it could be better, please, never hesitate to tell me.

Celebrating the small moments

So, today, because we are celebrating, I want to talk about “Celebration.” I actually have a whole lot of things to celebrate, and not just the big things or when I’ve finished a project or when I’ve got some new equipment or when I win an award or something, or even when I gave a Ted Talk, which was awesome by the way. These are all really celebrate-able things. But what I’m really talking about here is celebrating the rest of life. Life is not made up of just the big moments. Life is actually made up of lots and lots of small and tiny moments. It’s the small moments that really fill life, and every once in a while, we have this big moment that we deem worthy of celebration. But what if we started to celebrate everything in life? What if we started to celebrate the small things, too? Remember, when you’re celebrating, you’re lifting yourself up to a really high vibration, which means you’re now broadcasting out this really high vibration that’s going to bring to you everything that you want. In fact, when you’re celebrating, you’re as close as you’ll ever be to the energy of who you really are. And, who you really are celebrates all goddam day long. Honestly, it’s one huge party in the non-physical. If you’re ever wondering what your dead relatives are doing, well, they’re celebrating. A lot.

This isn’t about taking something that you don’t feel good about and then trying to celebrate it, so that you can make it feel good. Do not slap a happy face sticker on your shit sandwich and try to call it good. That’s not what I’m talking about here. But there are definitely many missed opportunities in everybody’s life to celebrate something. Things that you can celebrate that you may never have even noticed, because they just didn’t seem like that big a deal, maybe because you take them for granted. They are part of the backdrop, the background of your life, because they’ve been there all along, and you never really noticed them because you never had to do without them.

Things that I celebrate to raise my vibration

Let me speak as somebody who has, in her lifetime, seen a tremendous amount of change, especially when it comes to technology. But I take it even further than just what I’ve seen in my own life. I look at what my grandparents grew up with and how they lived, and how their parents grew up and how they lived. That really helps me to get into a place of celebration for the standard of living we have today.

I’m going to give you some examples of the things that I celebrate when I’m looking to get into a real celebratory mood, which I do often because it’s really, really fun, and I can then get myself worked up into a super high vibration where I’m just dancing around the room. One little warning, though: don’t do this right before bedtime because you might not be able to sleep if you do. You’ll just be so happy and excited that you won’t be able to sleep. But it’s a great thing to do in the morning, or in the afternoon when that lull kicks in and you want to get a boost, or anytime you’re going to be doing some energy work and you want to raise your vibration beforehand.

What are some seemingly small things that I can celebrate, that I do celebrate, that help me to get into that vibration? Well here’s one: My smartphone. I’m not trying to be cliché here but, oh my God, have you taken a look at this technology? I mean, have you really taken a look at this technology? Have you really thought about it, instead of just taking it for granted as the thing that you have in your pocket everywhere you go? We are now in the time where we can communicate with each other instantaneously anywhere in the world. For example, when I was standing in the bush, out in the middle of nowhere in South Africa where Lions and Giraffes were running around, my cell phone rang! I had reception out there and I was like “What?!” I’d forgotten to turn it off because it didn’t occur to me that I would have reception. That’s right, I had cell phone reception; I had Wi-Fi. I could use my phone to take a picture of the Lions, and it’s a pretty decent picture too (if I was a better photographer, it would have been an even better picture…).

I can play music on my phone anytime I want to. I can hook a little speaker up to it and actually have really great quality sound coming out of the speakers – better than what a big boom box used to be able to do. I can run my business off my smartphone. I can send and receive emails as well. There are so many apps on it! Like GPS! If I’m lost somewhere, I get my phone out, and with GPS I can drive and find my way home from anywhere. This to me is an absolute marvel.

It definitely really is a step towards telepathic communication and having instant knowledge of everything. We are so close to that using this technology that we understand. We can Google anything from anywhere. By using one of those Alexa doohickeys, or the Google equivalent, in your home you can just say “Hey Google! Look this up for me. Help me win this argument.” I think that is just absolutely amazing.

Airplane travel has been around all of my life, but when I fly on a plane I still marvel at it, because I choose too. When I’m sitting in a plane, I am sitting in a chair, a relatively comfortable chair, which I know is debatable, but if I don’t compare it to sitting on a couch, but instead I compare it to what people had to sit on 100 years ago, it’s a relatively comfortable chair. I watch a movie, I read a book, I take a nap, and before I know it, I’m on the other side of the world. On the other side of the world, in just a few hours. Those kinds of journeys used to take days, weeks, even months.

The fact that I have heating and air conditioning; I kid you not, I celebrate that. Why? Because it’s awesome. We had a really hot summer here in Southern Idaho, and I turned my air conditioning on and I was so comfortable; it was absolutely amazing. Heating; oh my God, I can turn my heater on and I can keep my entire house a wonderful temperature all day long. I have a dishwasher that I adore, I marvel at it every day. I put things in the dishwasher, I push the button and everything is just cleaned for me. Same thing with my washer and dryer too. Sometimes I turn on my washer, dryer and dishwasher all at the same time; they’re all running at the same time, and I am doing something else. Essentially, my house is being cleaned by robots. I think that is amazing; I think that’s absolutely incredible. We have this great technology and we just take it for granted.

I celebrate when I get in my shower, the fact that it’s such a big spacious shower. I celebrate the shampoo I use; I love that we have these wonderful shampoos and conditioners now that smell lovely and are just wonderful for our hair. I celebrate the body wash that I use, the makeup that I put on, the tools, like my curling iron, that I use to do my hair with. I celebrate the fact that curling irons have gotten so much better over the years, and they no longer damage the hair the way they used to. Every time I plug something in, I marvel at the electricity. When I pay my electricity bill, I pay it gratefully and appreciatively; I pay it and celebrate. Why? Because I am paying to be able to run my dishwasher, my washer, my dryer, my heater, my air conditioner, my lights and my Netflix. Oh my God, there’s something to celebrate: You can celebrate Netflix all day long. The end of commercials! Woo! Oh my God, we don’t have to watch commercials anymore. We can just watch whatever we want, whenever we want to.

And, now we’re starting to demand that, we are starting to say “Oh my God, I can’t handle commercials anymore.” I’m the same way, I can’t handle them anymore either but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate the fact that I can sit and watch shit without the commercials. I can celebrate that I can choose to watch whatever I want to watch, or marathon that crap. I love this; I absolutely love it. When I get in my car, I think “Wow!” I’m sitting in my car, I am barely moving my hand, I am a little bit moving my foot, and I am speeding down the road to my destination.

It is so wonderful the way that our lives are so comfortable. They are so easy, particularly in countries like America, Australia and The UK. The standard of living is just so, so high. It’s filled with all these little conveniences. For example, the computer that I am creating this on, the microphone that I’m speaking into, the webcam and the internet. Whoa, the internet! If you want to talk about celebrating something, start celebrating the internet. Celebrate everything; celebrate all the little things. Celebrate the fact that you have food in your pantry. I have food for weeks in my pantry. If I get stuck in a project and I can’t go grocery shopping, I don’t run out of food, it’s all in there. It’s amazing to me, what there is to celebrate when I look around my world every day.

Bottom Line

Spend a few minutes doing what I just did and see if you’re not high as a kite, without drugs, kids. Why? Because it raises your vibration so beautifully.

I hope you really enjoyed this. I’m going to be sharing more stuff with you that can be celebrated next week, and we are also going to be going down the rabbit hole. That is, if I have the courage to publish that video, and include some of the insights I’ve been getting about what it is that I’m really doing here, and yes, it involves you.

Until next week, I will speak to you soon and thank you for bringing your light to the world. Happy shiny smooshy puppy hugs. Bye.

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  • Hi Melody <3
    you gave me such an inspiration and made me realize that I want to help other people too. can you make a blog post on people that want to take similarly the path you took? Its clear that you have an ocean of experience and wisdom on the subject. I have been a fan of your blog for YEARS now.
    LOVE you so much and thanks for doing this so well.

  • Nice video Melody!!,

    Its so true that when we celebrate small things in life and just milk it , it raises our vibration so beautifully.
    It brings in the attitude of gratitude for small things in life which in turns attracts more beautiful stuff in our life.

    • Hey Otis,

      We just went through a major redesign, and one of the goals was to make it much easier to navigate and more mobile friendly… can you let me know what you’re finding difficult or what’s not working? I’d love to know so maybe we can make some adjustments. 🙂


  • This was awesome, Melody! This really reminded me of Abraham Hick’s “rampages of appreciation”. You are an awesome human being!

  • Hi Melody! I appreciate your vlog about celebrating the small stuff! Not too long ago, I would have said I have nothing to celebrate because I haven’t really achieved anything – wow, how crazy is that!!! And even when you were talking about how create your Smartphone and other electronics were these days, I found myself thinking “yeah, but I can’t access the internet all the time and my smartphone doesn’t always ring when it’s supposed to, etc.” Yeah, nothing’s perfect, but perhaps if I just appreciated all the times it DOES work, that it EVEN works at all!, I might have more “luck” with the electronic world, don’t you think? At the very least, I would be enjoying life to the hilt!

  • I loved this video so much because your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious, and it describes me to a T (whatever that means, ha!) I constantly get excited about these everyday things that can so easily be taken for granted, and I often say “Thank You to whoever invented X”, something I happen to be enjoying at that moment, such as air conditioning, my coffee maker, washing machine, pretty much anything. I laughed out loud about the little robots cleaning your house!! Also love the backdrop and the lighting for your video, and have been meaning to comment that I’m so glad you brought back the happy shiny puppy music at the end of your videos! Thank you!

  • LOL!! “you run all 3 at the same time…and your house is cleaned by little robots…” so true M but also damn funny to watch you marvel at the little things..thanks for the gentle and hilarious reminder!

  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this video! I agree with everything you said, and it got me all pumped up and celebrating! HAPPY DANCE DAY all around! 😀 Can’t wait for the rabbit hole video too!

  • Hey melody , a really good take on celebrating the small things that we often forget or take it for granted in our lives. In fact , those big events are scattered and may be I feel if we rely too much on the happiness derived from them , our existing normal life seems dull and dreary, which actually isn’t . Also those big events tend to trigger a fear too, a fear that you won’t be able to have a happy experience of that magnitude again , especially when you are relying on them for your happiness. But if you are noticing and celebrating the small things , I feel then even when a big event happens , it actually improves the other smaller events that occur later in your life rather than triggering that fear . Plus I also feel when you have something to look forward to , you tend to be more active , and it doesn’t matter whether the thing that you are liking forward to is big , or small as long as it has a surprise in it , you’re good . My question here is slightly offbeat from the topic – how do yo tackle the fear of not able to recollect stuff , like recollecting your studies during an exam ? I’m currently preparing for my exam and I really try to get into a comfortable, and active mode where I’m inquisitive and I try to learn my chapters . But often , there’s a fear that pops up while I’m doing this , is will I be able to recollect all this during my lifetime ?( I’m sitting for a professional exam).. school was ok , and I was not bound to recollect everything but what about the stuff I’m learning now when I’m going to be practicing it for my bread and butter??.. that kinda spoils my mood and makes me into a cramming stuff which feels bad . Any Tips ?

  • Love this video! I’m going to implement this into my day. I always have something to celebrate and you gave me lots of more ideas, like the conveniences of living in an area surrounded by so many great restaurants (and more coming) and a beautiful park that’s quiet and in walking distance from my house. I will continue this :).

  • This was soooo good, and for a surprising reason. I connect with the feeling of “celebration” much more easily and naturally than I do with the feeling of “appreciation”. I can already feel the excitement building when I think “celebrate what is”. Thanks, Melody!

  • Melody!!!!! AHHHHHH OMG. THANK YOU THANK YOU! This made my day. Omg I could’ve watched this for hours. This is amazing. You always just KNOW how to make me feel better and at the exact right moment. Thank you so much!!!

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