So, if you’re out there reading about what’s happening energetically right now, and if you’re watching YouTube videos, you might’ve come across this concept called the “New Earth”. And you might’ve heard all kinds of interesting, but not necessarily always uplifting information about it. Like how the earth is going to split in two (not literally), creating two earth realities – one for the enlightened and for the, um, “others”, I guess. Some prophets are saying that we have to hurry and get on the New Earth train or we’ll be left behind. Oh, and so will your loved ones. Bwahahahahaha!

And ok, yes, we are going through a lot of changes right now. And, we are shifting into a new reality (5D, to be exact), which we can call the New Earth. And not everyone will do this at the same time. No one is required to do it at all. And not everyone will. But that’s totally ok.

This doesn’t have to be a scary or bad thing. In fact, it’s quite a glorious thing that we can all look forward to.

So, what’s the real story on this New Earth? Can we or our loved ones miss it? Can we be left behind? What will it look like? And what do we have to do in order to make sure we can participate?

I answer all these questions and more in today’s video.


Today, I want to discuss something that’s going to take us down the rabbit hole. It’s something that I’ve been getting a lot of conformation on lately, letting me know that this is the right time to be talking about it.

This is something that excites me greatly, and it’s also something I’ve recently been getting a lot of insights about. These insights have been fine-tuning and clarifying some stuff for me, which means that today’s post is not old information at all. It’s cutting edge, so to speak. So, strap on in, because we’re going to take a ride!

The third dimension and the fifth dimension

Previously I’ve talked about the differences between the third dimension and the fifth dimension (yep, that’s where we’re going), and I’ve explained that stepping into different dimensions isn’t like waling through a mirror or something like to that. What this is about is expanding our awareness; it’s more like the difference between watching something in 2D and 3D. The picture itself doesn’t really change; the fundamentals of the picture don’t change. But because you have a lot more data and a lot more information, it will change your experience of something. You can have a richer experience in 3D than you can in 2D. And, it expands even further in 5D. It doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly on a different planet or that physical things are no longer physical. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be suddenly walking into walls, or walking through them without realizing it. And it certainly doesn’t mean you’re going insane. It really isn’t anything scary like that. All it is, is an expansion of what you can perceive, meaning, you are getting more data which will then change your experience of everything, because it becomes a richer experience. Again, it’s like the watching a 2D movie vs, a 3D movie, only it’s way cooler and you don’t have to wear the glasses.

Some of the info out there is scary…

Why am I talking about this? Well, there’s a lot of information that’s been coming through for people lately, and a lot of channels have been talking about this concept of the “New Earth.” There’s a lot of information out there about it; some of it feels good, and some of it doesn’t feel so good. If you haven’t come across this concept before, the idea is that we’re going to be splitting off into two different Earths, and those of us who are “enlightened” are going to be on the New Earth and those of us who are “not enlightened” are going to be on the other, um, Bad Earth. The ones on the Bad Earth are going to get left behind somehow. Please read the preceding sentences with tons of sarcasm. My problem isn’t with the whole splitting off thing, because that is going to happen (it’s already happening), but it’s more about the judgment between the two earths.

Some people, by they way, have likened this whole process to the ascension that’s in the bible. This makes sense to me – the ascension written about in the bible, when seen through this lens (and with a whole lot less judgement attached) could well have been describing what’s going on now.

As always, I’m just going to give it to you straight. I’ll present what I’ve come to the realization of, what my insights are telling me, and what feels best to me. See if it resonates with you or if you need to, perhaps, fine-tune that some more.

A shift in consciousness

There is going to be a splitting. I’ve actually sensed that happening for years now, but I didn’t even begin to fully understand it until recently. And like you, I had just as many questions about it. Questions like: Will people get left behind? How is that going to work? How do we get on the boat? How do we get into the New Earth? And so, for me, there was a lot of searching and finding that I had to do. And as always, the answers are more benevolent than our fears would have us believe they might be.

There is a split in consciousness happening, or a shift in consciousness, as I prefer to say it. As with any shift in vibration, we all have free will, we all have our own limiting beliefs, we all have our different energy frequencies, and we can either go with it, or not. And believe it or not, this is a choice. So, if you’re conscious enough to be thinking and dreaming of the New Earth and it’s a desire that you’ve uncovered, the chances are very, very good that you’re going to be part of it, because it’s what your desire is and it’s there already in your consciousness. The people that are not going to shift into that aren’t even really going to be aware of it. But there is no mother ship coming down picking up a bunch of humans – the chosen ones – and it’s going to leave the ones left behind saying “No! Take me with you!” It’s not going to be like that at all. It’ll be more like this: I’m sure you’ve at some point experienced a shift in your vibration which caused people or experiences to gravitate out of your reality. For example, your job may have gravitated out, or certain people have gravitated out. And one day you get to thinking “Oh gosh! I haven’t heard from so and so in ages.” But it’s not a big deal for you; it’s more like an afterthought really. By the way, there might be people who are gravitating out of your reality now because of this massive shift that you are undergoing. You’re probably undergoing a lot of changes lately. If you’ve been getting the shit kicked out of you in some way, you now know why.

It really is possible for this all to be quite a gentle process and those people who are “left behind” aren’t going to even be aware of other people leaving. Yes, some people are going to leave through death, because they want to live in a new body or because they want to experience this from the other side, or whatever. The choices are infinite, and the reasons for these choices are infinite.

So, there’s nothing negative about it. If you’ve heard about this concept already, if you’re thinking about it and something resonates within you, then you’re already a part of it. Don’t listen to the warnings (unless it feels really good to do so…) You’ll hear different messages about how if you don’t do something now, you’re going to miss the New Earth, you’re going to be left behind. Well, I can tell you right now, that is absolutely not going to happen. You can’t really miss it, because there isn’t a cut-off in time, or a you make it or you don’t make it scenario. Just like any energy shift at anytime, people can always choose to make it.

What are you going to experience if you’re on the New Earth?

You are going to experience an awakening of humanity. You’re going to experience an enlightenment of humanity. You’re going to experience a falling away of fear both on a personal level and on a global level. You’re going to experience people cooperating rather than being in competition with each other. You’re going to experience people saying “Wait! Why did we hate each other? Well, God; that just doesn’t make sense anymore.” You’re going to experience people falling in love with the planet again, falling in love with each other, and falling in love with themselves. You’re going to experience a thousand years of peace. You’re going to experience health, vitality, youthing rather than ageing. You’re going to experience the end of sickness. You’re going to experience the end of poverty. You’re going to experience what you’ve always dreamt of. Your wildest, wildest dream and then ten-x it.

For those people who are not yet ready to experience it and it scares the shit out of them because their fears are still telling them it’s a bad thing, they’re not going to experience it – not at the same time as you. But that doesn’t mean they can’t always come and join you. At some point, they might have popped out of your reality but they can always pop back in it. No-one is going to be left behind permanently. No choices will be taken away. All that’s happening is an acceleration of this energy shifting. The energy is getting faster and faster and higher and higher and there is going to be this critical mass. We are reaching it as we speak and that’s why you’re feeling all of this pressure and all of this, well, “aaaaaaargh!” As we swap over, those changes are going to be made; you can see those changes happening already. You can see the purging of the negative energy and you can see the purging of the fear everywhere. That’s what’s happening now. It is a volatile time, but as somebody who has gone through some pretty volatile plant medicine ceremonies, and has gone through the purging of her crap (both literally and figuratively), I can tell you, this is exactly what is feels like. This is just a slowed down version of that. So, don’t be afraid for yourself, don’t be afraid for your love ones and don’t be afraid of what is to come.

Reality Academy

So, why am I talking about this right now and what are the insights that I’ve gotten that are personal to me and that might be personal to you too? Well, here they are:

As many of you know, I have been feverishly (happily, but feverishly) working on my next big project which is not a book this time, but rather a program called Reality Academy. In fact, many of you have already signed up for the waiting list.

As I’m working on Reality Academy I can see it morphing into something that I had not fully expected, even though what it’s morphing into makes total and perfect sense.

I ran a Beta test of this program last year that was super successful, a lot of fun and also really, really valuable for all of the participants. But somehow, that value is becoming ten x-ed now. My intention was for it to be a program that would help people to understand how to shift out of their negative and limiting beliefs. I wanted it to help people to understand the process for themselves, so that they can self-manage and not necessarily always have to go to a coach to help them to do that. I also wanted it to be a place where people can get support from each other and where they can truly learn experientially and theoretically, but mostly experientially how to do this. And that’s still what it is, absolutely. But what it’s becoming now is so much more than that.

It is absolutely an accelerated growth program where people will get that understanding and they will get that experience, but on a completely different level, a level that I never knew could happen. And this isn’t because I’m so amazing (even though, I obviously fucking am. Ha!) But seriously, it’s not because of me; it’s because of this time right now. I understand now that something is possible that’s never been possible before. It’s possible because of the acceleration of this growth, the acceleration of this learning and the acceleration of this shifting.  To be part of this New Earth – and again, this is not a warning – the only thing that’s really required is for us to raise our vibration. We can get rid of the limiting beliefs, the fear and the powerlessness, but now, not take years to do that. It is now possible – I’m going to use some words that are weird for me – to purge your karma, to get rid of your karma, basically.  It is now possible to get rid of the limiting beliefs and to be able to just jump into a completely different frequency in a very short amount of time.

What I have already downloaded and what I’m in the process of downloading right now (I’m on the finishing stages of it), is an absolute detailed technical roadmap on how to do that in a very short amount of time, so that you don’t have to go digging anymore; you don’t have to sift through your childhood anymore. Even though I knew some of that a year ago, it is now getting to the level where it’s faster and easier than it’s ever been before.

Why does it excite me?

As we go through this shift into the New Earth and into 5D, I understand now why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m here to support those who are waking up to this by giving them some really fucking detailed instructions (with cursing!) on how to cross that bridge from the third to the fifth dimension and to show them how to do it quickly, with as little discomfort as possible. That doesn’t mean I’m here for everybody. But, I am here for those who resonate with that, and for those who need to understand intellectually how it really works. I’m here for those who can’t just go on a need to know basis, or a faith based basis (“Just have faith, it’ll be fine!”) There are those of us who are like “No! I need to know how the fuck it works before I’m willing to engage with this, before I can really allow this to happen.” And that’s what’s coming through in a deeper, more detailed way than I ever thought possible.

And how does it involve you? Hopefully, if you’ve been listening to me for a while now, then this excites you too. You are ready for this because you’ve actually been asking for it, and this post is the answer to a question you’ve been asking. You can let me know in the comments if it is, and like I said, I’ll put the link below if you want to sign up for the waiting list to Reality Academy. So, make sure you don’t miss it when it comes out.

I am in the finishing stages now although I can’t give you a date of when it’s going to be done, because it’s a download people and it is BIG. I’m doing my best to put it all altogether, to put all the puzzle pieces together as they show up. I’ve almost got the complete picture and holy shit. It’s just like when I wrote my book. When I wrote it, which took me about a month, it was really like taking dictation; I was the first to read it and I got so excited reading it, because it made perfect sense. I could see how all of this had been applied in my coaching sessions with my clients but I had never seen it laid out like this before. And this is, kind of, the same thing, but again to the nth degree.

So, if you’re a person who really likes to take things apart and you need to understand how things work and things need to make sense to you, or you’re the engineer who takes things apart because you need to know how it works, or you’re the scientist, or the doctor, or you’re just a thinker, or an over-thinker, then hopefully this will excite you as much as it does me. Because that’s actually who I am; I am my best customer. I’m my first customer, basically!

Bottom Line

So, that’s where we’re at right now. The New Earth is coming, it’s on its way; it’s happening right now. There’s nothing you need to do to jump on it except to follow your intuition. Keep following that voice that brought you here. Keep following that voice that brought you to this place where you are now reading this and keep going with what feels right for you.

Until next week, happy shiny puppy hugs. Thank you for bringing your light to the world. I could not possibly mean that any more than I do. Until next week, that is, when I’ll mean it even more. Ha. Bye!

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  • I think I wandered off for a minute, except looking around I see an enormous amount of change. Maybe I was gone for a year. At any rate, I’ve been experiencing what you were talking about. As some people whoosh out of my life, I fly higher and see clearer. Other people have also started to come to me and ask for guidance and I’m able to give them concrete steps. I absolutely love the world I’m creating for myself.

  • Hey Melody,

    This video was A-ma-zing. Ermahgerd!! I felt a bit stoned while I was listening to your words (in a good way..), like I was smoking pot or something (This is legal in my country so no judging please) 😉
    Everything you said…I feel it too.
    When I’m feeling stressed out or feel agitated I no longer wallow in it like I used to. I just snap out of it. I become the omniscient narrator, so to speak. I see myself doing and saying things that I don’t actually believe. It reminds me of that documentary “What the bleep do we know”. The point where the deaf lady realizes that she creates her own reality. I already knew this of course, but a couple of years back it was easier to know about LOA and conscious creation and ignore it at the same time. If you know what I mean. But now it just keeps slapping you in the face. Even muggles start to feel uncomfortable. It’s weird how the everything in the world seems to get better AND worse at the same time.
    Anyway, thank you for making this video. Absolutely spot on!

  • Melody, thank you soo much for this wonderful message! This makes me appreciate you so much more, you literally articulated what I viscerally have left for a long time and now you offer us this confirmation.
    I have gone through so much hardship within the last few years, and only recently have I started to realize that it was probably for my own good.

    One of my last hurdles is self-appreciation, and I don’t mean the “mirror-work-I-am-worthy” thing. I mean the heart-felt conviction that you have already reached. When you talk about your own awesomeness, it is so authentic and I can tell that you really believe it. How did you do it? I mean, really, is there a technical manual (I am serious about this)?

    Wonderful, wonderful message!!

    Thanks Melody!


    P.S.: One thing that really showed me how mass consciousness on earth is changing, was the massive rescue effort for homeless and sick doggies in places like India, where before nobody gave a damn about the conditions these poor animals live under. Or one particular organization I am supporting that is FINALLY taking a stand against the cruelty bears in Russia or tigers in Thailand undergo for the purpose of entertainment. I have waited for such organizations my whole life and now I can eventually be a part of it.

  • I’ve been bumping into this concept every now and then ever since 2011, and while I’m a sceptic by nature and for some reason a lot of the energy talk tends to put me off pretty quickly, I’m definitely feeling the aaargh lately! That’s why I love your style, yes ok the New Earth thing pops up everywhere lately but you deliver the message without the aliens and guardian angels and healing crystals. But about this 5D thing, especially for the past 6 months or so I’ve wondered if I have an undiagnosed brain tumor or if something else is happening, because omg things are happening. It’s like I get 150% more information about my surroundings and people I meet, reality seems so much more vibrant and full and it’s like everything feels clearer and lighter. And raising my vibration is a fraction of the work it used to be. I don’t know if I’m making any sense because it’s so difficult to put into words, but basically yes I’m totally feeling it 😀

    • You’re making perfect sense Heather. It is getting easier to shift, and it’s all speeding up. The expanded awareness you have is an expansion of your perception – which is exactly what moving from 3D to 5D is. Yay!
      Smooshy hugs,

  • At first I was feeling a bit skeptical of this video, until you started explaining and than the slthought of me always wanting world peace vegibs with seeing the peace in the world, so here’s to vibrating at that! With technology what it is today we are more connected with the whole world than ever before and it makes perfect sense we will mold together as one earth, in my opinion! Evolution is rampant, just as your project, Reality Acadamy is evolving rampantly! I’m still trying to work on my daily vibration but all is well with me and the world! Sincere puppy love to you! 😁

  • The Universe at work since I am currently listening to A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle on Audibles. It is playing on my iPhone every morning and afternoon during my commute. Coincidence? No such thing!

  • Awesome message and enlightened message not talked about elsewhere in the same way. However, the dimension I want to shift into must leave the cursing and swearing expletives behind. Enough of this on this plane. Thanks anyway for what you have done. I am sure many will not mind shifting and taking the cursing and other expletives with them.

  • Thank for this post! It’s so good to hear you explain this! I can actually feel my vibration rise just by hearing you talk about this 🙂
    This week I will start a new job and also move to a new apartment, so there is definitally people that are going to gravitate out (and in!) from my reality right now. So exciting!
    Love from Katarina in Sweden

  • Melody, you’re adorable! You give me precious laugh out loud moments as well as deep insights.
    I have a question.
    I’m ‘fully conscious’ of most things but in a head-based way. I’ve had my toe in the water with becoming skilled with LOA for 18 months and guess what, I’m not skilled/a deliberate creator. So a few days ago I decided to commit.
    The last decade has been shit – homelessness, unemployment, facing childhood trauma/self-hate etc BUT I really resonated with your video and it made me excited.
    My question is would it be foolish to embark on something like your new programme when I’ve barely stabilised even an average frequency (I remember Abraham Hicks says ‘you can’t get there from there’ ie. the journey needs to be incremental), and is my desire for the 5th dimension a form of escapism from doing the hard work of purging your shit?
    Curious on your thoughts.

    • Hey Sam,
      It wouldn’t be foolish, no, as what we’ll be teaching is the framework and supporting you through the process experientially (so you’ll have help). You can then repeat that process as often as you like and always go at your own pace.
      However, that’s not a decision you have to make right now. When we launch the course, take a look at the info (there will be a lot of it), and then decide if it feels right. These aren’t generally intellectual decisions, so don’t worry about making the decision ahead of time using your head. 🙂
      Smooshy hugs,

  • When you were talking about your Reality Academy you described me perfectly. I feel so on the brink yet so blocked about making the full leap. I now really understand that it is about vibration, but am still skeptical of making that full switch. I just want to live as the full me more of the time, I know that I’m there sometimes and it drives me mad that the next day I have reverted back to fear living. I have been following you for years and have so much appreciation for your flavor of law of attraction and everything that you do, you are truly an interdimensional translator with flare and attitude, I Love you. Please, Melody, include me in the Academy, I have signed up. I am ready!!! Thank you for your awesomeness!

  • Oh hell to the YES, Melody!! Thank you so much for your perspective on this! I’ve been following Ascension and New Earth talk for the past year or two, and although thankfully I haven’t been hearing any of the icky, scary stuff, what I have been reading hasn’t fully made sense to me. I am feeling every bit of the emotional and energetic stuff, and as a healer I have been guiding myself and others through the releasing and up-leveling process … but I didn’t fully understand just what New Earth is supposed to be. But now, I get it. You made it click. It’s just a place where we all bring our best versions of ourselves, working together from a place of love, to create more love and more joy. It’s a more spiritually connected place where we are becoming more powerful creators and manifestors–which I have absolutely experienced and can’t WAIT to experience more of! Those “downloads” you’re talking about … it’s like I’m receiving spiritual guidance via telepathy. Boom, and it’s there. What an absolutely amazing time to be alive! So excited to check out Reality Academy and see what you have in store … and what we all begin to create and share more of!

  • “Just say your prayers and give to the poor”. That was the old promise.
    Now it’s “Just align yourself with the golden light and vibrate at a frequency of 103.5hz”.
    Same deal Melody. You can do better than this.

    • Hey CJ,
      Not asking you to blow anything up… and I agree. It does sound like heaven, right? Only the difference is that heaven (and hell) are HERE, NOW. They are not the reward or punishment for anything we do or don’t do. They are a consequence of choice. And when we make fear based choices, we are in hell. When we make love based choices, we are in heaven. But we have to be willing to choose it, instead of continuing to wait for someone to give it to us because we did good deeds, or followed the “right” religious book. It’s about taking responsibility for our own choices – FULLY. And taking responsibility for our power. Yes, many have gotten glimpses of it in the past. They did so thousands of years ago. But it was always presented as a consequence of judgment – as a reward for the righteous or whatever. What´s different now is that we´re remembering that it isn’t. It´s just a choice.
      But… if that doesn’t resonate with you, that´s ok. How about this to ponder: What is it that you would’ve wanted me to say? What would’ve been satisfying to you? 🙂

      • “What is it that you would’ve wanted me to say?”
        Your reply was closer to what I wanted. Personal responsibility. Having the guts to choose shit you want, rather than “The light… it’s coming!”. You’ve seen some responses – “Yes I’m ready!”, a starry-eyed and completely delusional expectation that a new and better reality is coming to those who are down with bein’ spiritual.

  • This is a promise of heaven. Religions have been doing it for hundreds of years. Same thing. Yeh maybe it’s true, maybe it ain’t.
    You know those terrorists who blew up the twin towers were promised heaven too. Don’t get carried away with the coolaid talk.

  • Melody!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

    Ok starting with this line:
    “So, if you’re conscious enough to be thinking and dreaming of the New Earth and it’s a desire that you’ve uncovered, the chances are very, very good that you’re going to be part of it, because it’s what your desire is and it’s there already in your consciousness.”

    …I had this like inner excitement bursting feeling and I literally squealed. Like a high-pitched “eeee!!!” And my stomach was like filling with exciting feelings of happiness like when you see the cutest puppy of all time and you just can’t stand it.

    I don’t know about 5D and I haven’t heard of the new world or anything, but apparently it’s something that resonates with me because I basically kept squealing the whole rest of the paragraph. It must make sense to some part of me a lot.

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