Have you ever been asked about your beliefs, about your approach to a certain situation, or about how you live your life (fearlessly!) by a person who really doesn’t get this Law of Attraction stuff? Did you struggle to find the right words? Maybe you tried to get them to understand what you believe, only to have them begin arguing with you. Perhaps you gave up in frustration, vowing to never speak with muggles again.

I recently had a conversation with a muggle who happens to be a relative of mine, who finally asked me what it is I actually do. I didn’t want to blow him off – I wanted to speak my truth. But I wanted to do it in a way that he could hear. I lined up my energy and the perfect words came. I thought I’d share those words with you in today’s video. You know… just in case you come across a muggle or two. Plus, I explain why it’s more important than ever to figure out how to talk about this stuff to others (important for us, not for them).


Ok, so for today’s video I thought I would share with you what I learned from a conversation I had just a few weeks ago over the holidays.  I was talking to a family member who is a total Muggle ( that’s not a derogatory term…)

Who is a Muggle?

For those of you who are Harry Potter fans, you know that Muggles are those who don’t know anything about magic or don’t have magic. So, it’s not entirely an accurate term, because it implies that there are people who are magical, and people who’re not, and we are all magical beings. But it’s people who don’t understand the magic. Who don’t understand their power, and to whom this stuff might seem like magic, or like fairy tales, or like myth, because they haven’t yet seen it as kind of a technology. And they don’t necessarily need to, everybody comes to this in their own way. But if this is the way that you resonate with this information, then it can be a little bit frustrating when people ask you about what you’re doing. You’re trying to live your life, you’re trying to go through your day, focusing on what you’re focusing on. You’re approaching things from a perspective that you’ve found, which is not a fear based perspective. When they come in with their fear based perspective you’ll try to explain to them why you believe what you believe, and what it is you believe. But you’re having trouble bridging that gap between where they are, and where you are. And then, you might feel tempted to lie.

Speak your truth no matter who you’re talking to

You might feel tempted to explain it in a way that isn’t actually your truth, but you’re trying to placate them, or make them feel a little bit more comfortable. And you might not like that. Let me share with you what I did in that situation, the words that I found in that situation. Often, I just connect with the energy and I let the words flow, and then I pay attention to what came out and share that with my clients, which helps them to get into that energetic state.

Ok, I was talking to a family member, who’s a total Muggle, and yes, he’s known me for years and years and years. At that moment, it occurred to him that he had no idea what I do for a living. He’s seen me becoming more and more successful, and so the question came up: “What is this thing that you teach?” I couldn’t put it into the same words I would for somebody who is really into personal development, or somebody who’s in to energy work. So, I found myself going back to a really general place. It didn’t matter if he agreed with me, and he didn’t have to understand the nitty-gritty of what I was doing. But it mattered to me that I spoke my truth, and it mattered to me that what I said would be heard. I didn’t have to be super detailed or go super deep. But I needed to be heard; I didn’t want the words to fall on deaf ears. I needed to find a way to convey this information, so it would be heard, and it would be accepted.  He didn’t necessarily have to learn more, because if it doesn’t resonate with him, that’s not an outcome that I’m seeking.

Choose your own belief system

So, here’s what came out. I started talking about the fact that, since the beginning of time, humans have tried to make sense of why things happen, and who we are, and how we fit into this grand design. And we’ve come up with all kinds of theories, and all of them were probably valid for some time. This is just another way of doing that. It is another philosophy; it is another belief system that allows us to make sense of the world, and allows us to make sense of who we are and how we fit into this world. What I said to my family member was “It’s the belief system that I choose. Because, all belief systems are choices”. Now, this might have been a bit challenging, but we got there. “It’s a belief system that I choose, because it’s a belief system that really, really helps me. And I’ve seen it help thousands of other people. But, most importantly, I choose it because it helps me. It has helped me make great changes in my life, and a lot of other people lives. And, as long as it continues to help me I will continue on this path. If it stops helping me, then I can look for another belief system, another philosophy. It can evolve into something else.”

Be proud of your weirdness

In the past, I might have just said, “You know what? I’m a coach; I coach people. I help them; let’s leave it at that. You don’t need to know exactly what I do.” But in the last couple of months it’s become really clear to me, that it is time to own this, even around the Muggles. There’s a way to own it. You don’t necessarily have to talk to them about energy, but we really do have to speak our truth. It is time that we no longer apologize for our weirdness. No matter what your weirdness is, no matter what your freakiness is, it’s time to no longer apologize for it.

I see the world as a bunch of people who are trying to pressure themselves into boxes, and those boxes are very limiting, but they’re also safe: “This is who I am, and this is what it means to be who I am. And, it’s a very clear label, and I’m never going to deviate from that.”

There are all these boxes, and there are some of us who don’t live in the boxes, who live between the boxes. We’re trying to entice them:  “Come out, come out of your boxes, it’s really fun down here.” Everybody can do that in their own time. But, throughout history, those of us between the boxes had to apologize and hide. We had to try to conform, and pretend like we were in some boxes that we really weren’t in. It’s time to stop doing that; it’s time to stop pretending; it’s time to stop apologizing. It’s time to have Mardi Gras between the boxes, and whoever wants to join can join.

Get ready to be challenged

You’re going to notice more, and more, and more, as 2018 unfolds, that you’re going to be challenged. I see it with my clients, I see it with myself, we’re all going to be challenged more and more to speak our truth. You can find a way to do that, that doesn’t trigger everybody around you. But you have to speak your truth; you have to own it. “I am doing this, I believe this, I’m choosing this, and this is how I’m stepping out into the world.”

So, when somebody comes to you and wants to pull you into a fear based perspective: “Aren’t you worried that you’re not going to make enough money if you quit your job and do this thing that you love to do?” Or “Aren’t you worried that you’re never going to find a man if you don’t lower your standards? Or “Aren’t you worried…” – blah, blah, blah (insert crap here). That we don’t just go “Oh gosh! You know, maybe I’m a little bit worried.” Instead of trying to placate them, we say “No! No, I’m not worried. I choose to not be worried. I choose to focus on me getting what I want because I don’t think it’s impossible for me to get what I want.

You don’t actually have to be that confrontational about it, but inside your head you want to have that conversation. Then you can be a little bit softer, perhaps, if appropriate, with your friend or family member. But, don’t back down from the truth; don’t back down from your truth. And figure out what’s important to you, as you’re sharing. For me, it was important that what I said was heard. But it wasn’t crucial that I express everything that I am, and everything that I teach to this person in nitty-gritty detail and that he understand me perfectly. But it was important that I spoke my truth.

And so, when people care about you and they’re worried about you, and they worried that you might not make it with this new philosophy, the thing that you want to focus on is that you’re alright. Tell them that you know what you’re doing, that you’re doing this consciously and deliberately, you’re not going into things blindly, you’re not completely delusional. Because usually your family just wants to know that you’re going to be ok.

Bottom Line

When you’re talking to people who are questioning this philosophy or what you’re doing, calling it a philosophy, calling it a belief system, calling it something that you choose because it has helped you – those are all ways to soften the landing. You don’t want people to feel like you’re triggering them, or beating them over the head, or trying to convert them. That you’re not proselytizing; you’re just giving your point of view. You’re just saying, “This is me; this is why I do this.”

You tend to have much better conversations, even with people who don’t get this at all, and who don’t want to get it. You can still have that little bit of connection. Enough that they understand, you’re doing this deliberately. At some point they might even ask you for more information, because they see that your life is really working, they see that things are happening for you with little or no effort.  And then they may be curious enough to ask: “What is this thing that you do?” Or they might not. But, this is how I found talking to Muggles really works and keeps them open minded, keeps you open minded.

Hopefully that was valuable to you! And if so, then go ahead and give us a like, comment down below, tell me your own story. Tell me what was most valuable to you, and go ahead and share this video with anybody who you think it might be helpful for. So, until next time, thank you for bringing your light to the world. Happy, shiny, smooshy, happy shiny puppy hugs to all of you. Bye.

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  • Very helpful Melody thank you!

    I’ve found over the past few years that most of the people in my life are at least open to the concept that there is more to the universe that what we can see, taste, touch and feel and that there is a bigger ‘power’ that we can harness. These people come at from different schools of thought and perspectives, but it’s awesome that these people have shown up in my life (some of them have been there all along and I just didn’t realise until we had the conversation). It’s so cool how I’ll be explaining something to a friend and they’ll just come out with ‘oh you clearly manifested that’ without missing a beat, all part of or ‘normal’ chat about general every day happenings…not necessarily part of a conversation about ‘other worldy’ stuff.

    Like most people, including yourself by the sounds of it, the biggest challenge tends to come with family. I’ve been living overseas for over a year now and haven’t seen my parents in that time. I’m flying home next week and I just know that all of the leaps and bounds I think I’ve made in the last year will be challenged head on my statements just like you’ve said ‘Aren’t you worried that…’. ‘Why can’t you just…’ ‘Get your head out of of the clouds and face up to real life…’.

    Incidentally, I love that Harry Potter quote, I’ve got it printed on my wall…’Don’t let the Muggles get you down!’

  • Melody,
    I had difficulty recently trying to explain to someone that he had indeed chosen to injure himself twice in the past two years. I could very clearly see that he needed a break from work (he’s nearing retirement and can vividly smell it ) and these “accidents” (to him) were the perfect vehicle to achieve much needed breaks. The injuries were valid genuine reasons to stay home and pamper himself.
    I do this myself. But I (usually) have a fairly good understanding as to why my injuries and illnesses happen.
    He absolutely refused to take any responsibilty for his own injuries and I found myself getting increasingly frustrated trying to explain that he has the power and he is in control and he orchestrates his life. I thought this would be empowering to hear and believe.
    Nope. He thought I was trying to blame him for “accidents” just randomly happening to him and we got into another protracted discussion about the difference between taking responsibility for something and being blamed for something. So yeah. I could really relate to this article. Thank you very much. I came away thinking that I just need to back off explaining my point of view since it is so different from his. But this helps.

    P.S. I also love the Seth material.
    But the language can sometimes be a little too convoluted for me.

  • Beautiful beautiful video! It is really time to own this. I’ve always been between the boxes so I really resonate with the messages. I think that once you really own this, that’s when others join the party but you really have to own it. Thanks for the video!

    • This resonated so much with me Amber – yes! It’s like anything, you have to believe in yourself whole heartedly before anyone else can. A cliche that’s been touted forever, but when you understand this stuff you realise how true it really is!

  • Great article! Personally, I don’t preach LOA, but then I am also not a coach so I don’t have to. I take the philosophy of: When the student is ready, the master appears. When anyone asks me, I will answer according to my perception of their readiness, much like a parent answering a sex question. I give them a simple answer, and if they ask for more, I explain as best as I can. I do, however, fly my freak flag proudly. I’m a hardcore Seth reader (Seth is Abraham-Hicks on steroids), and the fact that I create my own reality is what rules my life. I remember my pre-LOA life, though, and I get it that you have to get to a certain point to be able to grasp your own power.
    My kids have both asked me about my beliefs, and have never been convinced by my answers. I think they think I’m in a cult, LOL.
    My way is to live by example. I don’t, for example, ever visit doctors. I would not recommend that the average person (muggles) do that, because of deeply held beliefs in our society regarding our medical system.
    Thanks for the explanation of muggles. I never read Harry Potter.

  • Yes this was very good Melody. I realized not too long ago, that I am really just talking to myself for myself. It came to me that in truth everyone already knows, because in truth everyone one really is The Knower. There is only Oneness, so as I become more consciously aware of that, since it is a belief that they don’t know, when speaking truth, like you said, it really is for me. I have been reminding myself that there is a version or parallel reality where they already know right now.

    • Thanks, Carla! What you said about talking “to myself for myself” really resonated with me. And I like how you point out that there may be a parallel reality where they already know this stuff consciously. I want to think more about others already knowing this stuff deep down on some soul level when I talk to them, so it’s no big deal if they consciously agree here, today. It makes it feel less crucial that I get them to understand or agree.
      Thanks for your insights!

      • Your welcome Lisa. I started from the belief that because all the deep and profound insights and awareness were awakening within me, I made the assumption “others” didn’t already know. Those assumptions and beliefs were reflected and projected for me to wake up to the beliefs I held in my consciousness. I now tell myself that if I know they know. If I want to talk about these profound ideas why not make the assumption that “they” already know? I can then allow that reality to reflect back to me. And just as I was persistent in assuming they don’t already know, I can be just as persistent that they do, until I SEE it. Because in truth they do know. Much Love, Carla

  • Valuable, yes, thank you Melody.
    I have noticed that in 2018 already I have been asked to be far more authentic and own my truth. It feels so refreshing when I do.

  • Admit it, Melody – you’ve been camping out in my head for the last 48 hours. I’ve never had one of your posts be quite this much on-target when you put it up, but this is EXACTLY what I’ve been struggling with (and much more) for the last day or so. I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, I’ve been living in a box, and it’s time to bust out of it, but the way forward is still somewhat scary. My husband is an atheist and a skeptic, and as you can imagine, we don’t discuss this stuff. We sort of have an unspoken “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding my beliefs. In fact, I kind of freaked out when I got your Christmas card talking about participating in “my ascension” – I thought, “OMG, he’s going to think I’m part of the Heaven’s Gate cult or something…” :-O

    So yeah, scary; but I’m firmly reminding myself that whatever way this plays out, it doesn’t *have* to be traumatic. In the last year or so I’ve already noticed myself sharing, maybe not my beliefs, but some of the insights I’ve had with him (couched in secular terms, of course), and that’s gone fairly well. I think the key thing is to believe – to KNOW – that there are versions of him out there that could handle this well, and to make sure I line up with one of them. He’s grown a lot himself since the last time we talked about this sort of thing openly, and I’d be shooting myself in the foot if I just assumed that he’s guaranteed to react in a way that will damage our relationship.

    And in my newfound commitment to openness, I’m saying all this publicly, even thought it’s the sort of thing I’d normally keep to myself. (And yeah, I still wimped out and used a pseudonym – baby steps…)

  • Hey Melody! Thanks for this video! I liked the part about owning who you are more. I was just with family over the holidays and felt stronger about who I was, especially after my sister told me she had told the Universe she wanted fewer work hours and had gotten it and now she is going to ask for even fewer! She is a no-nonsense kind of person, so that really surprised me! Perhaps some of what I’m doing has rubbed off. Which what you said about perhaps Muggles will start asking more about it – that is an exciting idea and one I am definitely looking forward to manifesting!
    Big hugs,

  • Hey Melody! Thanks for this video! I liked the part about owning who you are more. I was just with family over the holidays and felt stronger about who I was, especially after my sister told me she had told the Universe she wanted fewer work hours and had gotten it and now she is going to ask for even fewer! She is a no-nonsense kind of person, so that really surprised me! Perhaps some of what I’m doing has rubbed off. Which what you said about perhaps Muggles will start asking more about it – that is an exciting idea and one I am definitely looking forward to manifesting!

  • Ahhhhh Melody!!!

    The first two paragraphs of “Are You Ready to Be Challenged” were so good I literally started clapping, even though I’m totally alone right now. OMG. Yes. Can you please put: “I am doing this, I believe this, I’m choosing this, and this is how I’m stepping out into the world.” on a mug? I would buy that mug. Thanks.

    I don’t even attract the people telling me to be worried anymore so, that makes it a lot easier. Hahahaha.

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