Have you ever felt like you’re different? Like you don’t belong here? Like maybe you’re even on the wrong planet (you’re not)? Have you ever looked at other people, the masses, so to speak, and wondered what they hell they were thinking? Or why you didn’t see things the same way? You may have, understandably, even come the conclusion that there was something wrong with you.

But I’m here to tell you that there isn’t. You feel different, because you ARE different. And I explain exactly how and why (and why it’s actually a good thing…) in today’s video.


In today’s video, I want to talk to you about this feeling, that so many of my clients and readers have told me about, and one that I recognize myself. And that’s the feeling that maybe you don’t quite belong here. That you’re very different, and maybe ended up in the wrong place, perhaps even on the wrong planet.

Why people think you are the weird one

It can definitely feel that way. This feeling of disconnectedness that you can get when you look around, at the people around you (your family, the people at school, the people at your work, and in your community), who seem to think very differently from you. Nobody else seems to think that’s weird, except you. You are the odd one out, and things just don’t really make sense. Their way of thinking doesn’t make sense, and their way of looking at it doesn’t make sense. But you’re the only one who doesn’t see it that way, which makes you the weird one. This can really be isolating, and it’s very easy to come to the conclusion, particularly as a child, that there’s something horribly wrong with you. That you’re broken in some way, that something has gone horribly, horribly awry. And that’s when we come up with theories, that maybe I’m on the wrong planet, I wasn’t supposed to be born here, maybe I’m from the Pleiades, or something.

You’re not an alien

Let me address that first. You are from Earth. You were born on Earth, you’re from Earth. You are a human being, and you have all the tools and information necessary to be a good human. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have parallel lives on other planets, as well as in the past and the future, and in the past and future of those planets as well. In other dimensions you have all kinds of parallel lives, and you can access those lives and that information. If that’s something that interests you, then go check out my blog posts on Parallel Lives.

But just because you have a parallel life in the Pleiades, or somewhere, doesn’t mean that you’re from there. They are no more from Earth then you are from there. In this incarnation you were born on Earth, and you’re very much a human.

So why do you feel so different?

Let’s start with the basics. We’ve talked about how the energy is rising, meaning it’s becoming less dense than it was before. It’s lighter, less dense, more movement, more love, less fear.

Every generation that gets born, gets born into a higher vibration, so there’s always a gap between generations. If your grandparents are here, your parents are slightly higher, and you’re a level above that. There’s always this gap between generations, where older people tend to look at younger people, and not quite understand or resonate with their point of view. There’s always a little bit of a gap and, if we can generalize, younger generations tend to come in wanting to change things, older generations tend to hold on a little bit more to things as they were. There’s always this sort of clash between them. But mind you, I am grandly generalizing here, and I am not saying that older people are less enlightened than younger people, because your own individual experience still determines everything.

What I’m talking about here, is what you get born into. What you then do with that vibrational soup you got born into, is up to you. And so, there are people, who are in their 70’s, and 80’s, and 90’s, who are incredibly enlightened. And there are people in their teens and 20’s, who are really closed minded. So, this isn’t some kind of a statement meant to be used to condemn old people, or young people, or anything like that. Everybody gets their own personal journey.

But, you can, sort of, generalize, generationally, by looking at what the general populace is doing, and what their experience is. And you can see this rise in vibration happening, even though an individual, at any point, can choose to not be at that point.

The gap between the older and younger generations

And so, built into this system, you’ve already got this sort of gap, as the energy is rising, and as evolution is happening. But because it’s speeding up, the gap is actually getting wider, and wider, and wider, between generations. And you started to see this, in a big way really, in the 50’s and 60’s, the kids that were born then. They were, sort of, the first in our conscious history we should say, that had a much bigger gap. It’s not like grandparents, and parents, didn’t bitch about the new generation, in generations past, before then. But to me, there was a big shift in consciousness that was coming in, that didn’t quite take at the time. The flower children, and the “Make Love not War”, these thoughts were coming in, which were really much more holistic thoughts, much more peaceful thoughts. But, at that time, they couldn’t be translated into something that could really infiltrate the old energy, the systems of the old energy. But it was this glimpse; it was this massive glimpse. And that’s the first time, to me, that you see this really big jump. Then the next generation jumped again, and then the next jumped again, until you get these kids that are born now. These kids, who are absolutely not trainable into the bullshit, and who have to be parented in a very, very different way. (That reminds me, I meant to do a parenting video for these new kids, so I will do that. I’ll make a note of it.)

But anyway, you’ve got this big gap; the gap is getting wider, and wider, and wider, so that alone already makes you feel a little bit more alien compared to your parents, because the difference in how you think is so great. It’s like we’re being born with less and less of those limitations, less and less of those filters to drop. Whereas maybe we, our generation, might have wondered “Oh gosh! That can’t be right.”, the newer generation now comes in “No! That’s not right!” There’s not even a question. It’s just “No”, that doesn’t make any sense. We’re done here.

Remembering who you really are

And so, there’s that feeling of not belonging, and being very different already, generationally. But now, on top of that, you add the fact that there are certain individuals, quite a few individuals, but certain individuals who’ve come in with, let’s call it a stronger, more specific desire, to remember who you are, or to hold onto a higher vibration, to not be taken in by the bullshit. You’ve come in as a beacon of light, somebody who has woken up a little earlier than the rest. You’re this beacon of light, and wherever you are, you’re illuminating the area around you. You don’t have to do anything to make that happen, it’s happening just by you being here. You’ve already fulfilled your purpose, just by being here. So, thank you for showing up, and thank you for bringing your light to the world. Starting to make some sense now why I keep saying that, right?

And so, you’re this beacon who’s illuminating us, who’s kind of ushering in this time of enlightenment, is ushering in the ascension, is ushering in this massive transition from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension, which is not an easy thing to do. It is a huge thing to do, one that requires people who (perhaps more than the rest of the populace) are willing to hold onto that light, and not have it get diminished.

You are different, and that’s a good thing

So, you felt different, because you were different. It was totally valid. The only thing that went wrong is that you believed this was a bad thing. That’s not a bad thing; it’s a good thing. And I understand that your childhood was probably horrible, and traumatic, and very difficult, to some degree, and I don’t want to diminish that. But a lot of that pain came from misunderstandings, and misinterpretations, of what was actually happening to you. It is one of my missions to go out and let people know, let you know that you’re not crazy, and there’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re not broken. You’re making history. You’re taking part in being in the front lines of a massive shift in the way we think, the way that we approach ourselves, our world, each other. It is all changing, and it is changing profoundly and rapidly, in a way that has never happened in the history of human evolution before.

It’s not an easy process, but it is a kick ass process, it’s an amazing process, and one that you were very eager to participate in. And you knew that part of it would be a little bit difficult. Being the front runner of something always is. And, although you’re probably not amongst the very, very first to come through with this new energy, you’re amongst the first waves.

There’s a wonderful teacher called Dolores Cannon who used to teach that there were 3 waves of lightworkers coming in. You can read her work, if you wish. I resonate with it. I resonate with this idea of different waves, and there certainly seems to be some truth to that. So, if that makes you feel good to pursue that, do that, if it feels like it’s limiting, don’t.

But, that’s what you’re here to do, and that’s why you feel different. And it is, in many ways, more difficult than for the children that are being born now, who are not fighting this as much. They’re just kind of there, and our generation’s still, in many ways has to, fight against this other energy, because we’re the transition team; and the transition team has a rougher ride. But it’s also for an awesome purpose, and that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have fun. It doesn’t mean that your life is supposed to be horrible, but as you’re starting to get this understanding, as you’re starting to manifest this clarity, it’s going to make things a lot easier for you.

Find your tribe

So, what can you do so that you don’t feel so alone, that you don’t feel so disconnected from people, so you don’t feel like you’re an alien trying to explain something in human language, to somebody who doesn’t get it, or trying to explain it in alien language to someone who speaks human language? The answer is: Find your tribe. Start connecting with people who are likeminded. Start connecting with people who are in the same situation, in the same energy, and you will not feel so alone anymore. You’ll feel like you have come home. And, if you don’t know where to go to do that, I – can I tell you this? You know what? I’m just going to tell you, I can’t keep it in anymore. We’ve got a solution for you. In the upcoming Reality Academy, which I told you was coming in January; it’s coming at the end of January! I made it; I made it into January, but it’s at the end of January. We are going to be launching that, and going to have lots more information for you. Super exciting, so stay tuned. But, if you’re kind of wondering: “where is my tribe”, we’re going to create a sort of beacon for that tribe, so that you can find each other.

Bottom Line

Like I already said, it’s my mission in life, well part of my mission in life, to be that beacon for you, so that you can, not find me, but you can find yourself, and you can find each other. I’m really happy to facilitate that. And I’m super excited about it. It’s coming, it’s coming, so hold on. And more information is coming very soon; but I tell you we are going to start the launch on January 26, so mark your calendar! Oh My God!!

Ok; alright. I’ve said enough. I’ve got to shut up now. There’s still much work to be done, but its coming. I will talk to you soon, and until then, thank you for bringing your amazing, unique light to the world. Just by being here, you’re fulfilling your purpose. But thank you for showing up, because you’re doing more good than you realize. Happy shiny smooshy, smooshy puppy hugs.

See you next time; bye.

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  • Melody, thank so so much!!!!!!!!! I feel so much love right now thanks to your video! It’s an incredible insight which has been tremendously relieving to me! Relieving of an incredible amount of pain that I knew deep down inside wasn’t right but just couldn’t resolve it. I’ve been through a lot of tears and pain just by feeling like I was a generally wrong person, like everything about me was wrong in people’s eyes. I could feel tension in the air coming out from them as soon as I come out and join them. Living with my husband and his family, I constantly feel like I don’t belong here and am not even welcome. It has gotten so bad that I have been even told to , both verbally and non-verbally to leave, because I keep being the way I am. And it is very hurtful to be told that by someone you consider to be your closest person.
    The entire time (two years) that I have been in this family, I had been thinking that they are right and I am wrong, and Universe has been bringing more and more evidence of that. Until I just couldn’t take the pain anymore. I had never experienced such treatment from people, but now I know that it was all me. I was thinking something that my inner being was not agreeing with for far too long.
    This post almost brought me to tears. Tears of love, relief and gratitude. I ended watching the video as a result of a shift, which was so profound and yet so subtle! This whole time I had been trying to change for people! Gosh how wrong was I to think that that is even possible, let alone the right thing to do! You opened up my heart for more joy and happiness! Thank you, thank you so much!

    • You’re so very welcome Asema! Congratulations on your huge shift and clarity. Now it’s time to step into your power and stand up for yourself. Don’t be surprised if a whole bunch of anger comes up. Just release it constructively, and it will help you greatly. 🙂

      Smooshy hugs,

  • Hello to my fellow aliens!

    I want to feel empowered and groovy after reading this, but instead I feel sort of pathetic. Like… honestly, I don’t believe I have a light I’m shining around me. I know there are people who do that, but I think of people like David Bowie or Prince as being that way. Just beaming their weird out into the universe, God bless! I used to feel uncomfortable with people like that, and now I love them, whether or not I get what they’re doing specifically. I love seeing that.

    But I don’t see myself that way. Recently I’ve been going through so much getting really freakin’ real with myself. It’s a strange time. I feel things like “Oh wow, I’m such a failure, such a loser! I have zero good qualities. My life has failed and now it’s too late to turn it around.” and of course that doesn’t feel great to think, but in a way, it feels like a relief from the Trying To Be Positive I’ve been doing previously.

    I would love to believe that I have something good to offer the world. But I don’t think I’m within believing range of that idea. I sometimes have a feeling, and your post made me think of this, that it’s not so much that I live on the wrong planet, but that I got an incarnation intended for someone more enlightened than I am. I don’t know what I’m doing! It’s like I accidentally selected HARD MODE when starting the game, when actually I’m a noob! (This idea makes me laugh.)

    Always appreciate your teaching, Melody. Can’t wait for the academy to open up!

  • Big, big, sigh…….
    Wow, words feel a bit weak to try to describe how I feel after watching this video.
    somehow I know that I already knew all that you said in that video,
    But to hear you say it,
    what a whopper of a synchronicity to have this morning as I plow through this amazing period of serendipity ! You just made me feel sooooo good.
    If you ever come to Costa Rica send me an email, I will find you so I can give you a giant hug.
    Excited for the upcoming parenting video!

  • Holy shit, you just sort of pushed me over the void edge and onto the other side. I had been stuck there for ages and to tell you the truth I was beginning to wonder if I’m just crazy after all, again. I used to receive all this stuff when I was in Southern Europe, after I came off my meds and it sort of almost fried my brain (like it did back in ’99 and I was off the game for twelve years, pretty heavily medicated) and I thought there’s probably something to it but maybe my perception is warped and my imagination is just exaggerating all the info I’m getting. I tell you, back in Greece I would see the Matrix in the trees and I was positive that I was somewhere so high up that other people couldn’t see me. I drew this map with a pentacle and all sorts of planetary symbols in it and it was perfectly clear to me at the time but afterwards it was just random words and symbols. And recently I’ve felt like a quantum existence, when I’m alone I’m everywhere and nowhere at the same time but then when I’m around someone I feel everything they feel and I’m limited by their perspective, because I can’t treat them differently from what their vibration allows. It’s exhausting being around low vibrational people, I feel like I’ve gone blind. I’m sorry if I’m sounding scattered, it’s just I don’t normally talk about this stuff at all and words seem so clumsy way of expressing these things. It’s like when I’m talking about something that has more to do with the 3D and everything connected to it I can produce coherent and easy-to-read text but anything beyond that, it’s like the more you try to concentrate on the words the more they slip away. But no matter how crazy I just came across sounding right there, I want you to know that what you did was incredibly brave. I know what it took to put this message out there, I don’t know how I know but I just do. You’re amazing <3

  • You have mentioned a few times now that we are transitioning from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension. I would like to know why are skipping over the 4th dimension? Thanks.

  • I was just coming home from the post office thinking exactly how I don’t fit in and how I was bullied a lot , including in my family. And then I manifested this article …. ! Another thing is that I don’t dare to use my power fully for fear of standing out and beeng hurt again. I’m constantly working on these issues and I feel I have made great progress. Thank you so much Melody for your teachings and being here for us, it is really really helpful.
    Lots of Love to everyone who ‘ s reading this

  • You know Melody, it feels very validating to read this post. I’ve always been different and felt that I don’t belong. The odd one out. The square peg people are trying to squeeze into a round hole. Always pondering and questioning why we’re being pressured to curate our lives according to the “Life Script”, even though it makes so many people nothing but miserable. Up until now I’ve sometimes wondered if it’s all in my head and that if I only suffer from Special Snowflake Syndrome. Turns out that’s not the case, and that I’ve been right all along when it comes my difference 🙂

    Re Dolores Cannon, I decided to check out her writings concerning the three waves of Lightworkers/Volunteers. While I find much of it accurate and recognized myself in the description of Second Wave Volunteers, I found one thing a bit odd. She basically stated us Second Wave Volunteers do not enjoy being around other people and that we’re “defeating our purpose” being that way and opting for e.g. working from home. I think that’s a rather curious point of view. First of all, I believe we’re all living our purpose here more or less, regardless of how much we interact with others. Maybe some of us just choose quality over quantity 😉

    Secondly, I had to laugh at the idea that working from home would somehow defeat your purpose of shifting energy. You Melody work from home and I certainly don’t get the impression you’d be defeating your purpose! Same with my NLP coach. I, too, plan to put up a home office once I launch my life coaching business. It offers the kind of flexibility I’d likely wouldn’t have in a “normal” office environment. But I’m going all semantics here, so time to tone it down a bit 😉 And yes, you’re right about leaving the nuggets we don’t resonate with.

    Looking forward to Reality Academy!

    Lady R

  • I really resonate with this Melody. I know there is a lot of talk in the new age sector about “I’m from another planet, what about you”? And to me, it’s always like, well know, you might have a strong number of incarnations on a particular planet, but we don’t ‘come’ from those planets. We come from Source.

    That aside, I’m curious because you mentioned Dolores Cannon and while I like what Dolores had to say about the waves of volunteers, she had a lot of weird other ideas about karma and reincarnation (if you don’t learn your lessons, you’ll have to come back and repeat them), which I never jived with at all. Because I have been following you for years and really jived with your work, I’m curious if your own views have shifted over time. In that, the idea of a soul that chooses to incarnate into this life as a messenger, resonates deeply, but if someone asked me personally, I would say, it is just a mission for this particular life, but is not any indication that that soul is more ‘evolved’ than the soul who is still bullying someone or something stupid like that lol. After all, we are all Source already, and not separate. Once back home after this life ends, we’re all back on ‘equal ground’.

    While, I am absolutely certain that Planet Earth itself is evolving, without question into higher frequencies, I never jived with that idea that souls were evolving. Well, I did at point, but I sat with a lot, as I sit with most things to see how they feel in my body and that always made me feel ‘less than’. So, I knew something felt off about that. And your work has always encouraged the opposite which I loved. I remember reading your older posts, that we are all already perfect, not here to learn any lessons, but simply intentionally choose to forget that perfection for this life.

  • Hi Melody, thanks for this post, a lot of what you say resonates with me but the thing is if you are a very old soul and a llightworker it is pretty much impossible to belong to a tribe of likeminded thinker because, lets face it nearly all spiritual people have different beliefs and if you happen to be coming in with ideas that might be abit a head of time, even those who are open minded spiritually might find you a bit wierd or way out there! Most individual lightworkers are on different rungs of the ladder in terms of energy or ideas they are bringing forth! Some of us just aren’t designed to be in a tribe and that is our path even if it is a lonely one! Galileo and Mother Theresa are perfect examples this i feel.

  • I was born in 1994 and through my whole childhood I felt like an outsider. Like I could see much more and feel much more than other people. I’ve always had different interests since I was little and now it is all making sense. I thought I was broken and had issues, but now I see it’s just because I work with myself and my limiting beliefs in ways my friends don’t. I actually grow and question a lot of stuff – that realization is really helpful and this article totally resonates with that. Thank you Melody!

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