Have you ever watched a bunch of Law of Attraction videos, and read a bunch of blog posts, and read a buttload of LOA books, and thought to yourself, “I wish someone would publish a case study and show me that this stuff really works”? Well, of course you have. I know you have, because you’ve told me so. Ha.

And, because I love you and I want to do all I can to support you, I manifested a case study to share with you (yes, I had to manifest it, too. And I did it in the most awesome way!).

Meet Terrence, a young man I met last year at a conference. We hit it off immediately and became friends. I even gave him a copy of my book (pro tip: when an author tells you about their book, get really excited about the topic, and they might just give you a copy). Fast forward to six months later, and well, let’s just say that he’d changed so much I didn’t recognize him. He blamed his incredible transformation on what he learned from my book, and was more than happy to sit down with me in front of the camera and have a chat about it (and many other interesting, LOA type things).

I won’t give any more away. Just watch the video to get a huge dose of inspiration, clarity and, of course, fun.


Melody – Hey, this is Melody Fletcher, and I teach The Law of Attraction to highly intellectual people, like you and me, in a way that actually makes some friggin’ sense. And, my happy shiny puppy army, I have a huge treat for you guys today.

Alright, so a few weeks ago, I was at this conference in Dallas, and it’s essentially for internet marketers that are really heart centered, like me. And I always go; and I always have a fantastic time. Well, this young gentleman walks up to me, and he looks kind of familiar to me. Actually, I’m really shit with names, but I’m really good with faces. So usually, if I’ve met you before, and we’ve hung out, and we’ve had a conversation, I’m going to remember that I met you (I might not remember your name). But, I could not place him. He just looked familiar, and it was really irking me. So, I said “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what your name is; can you please tell me?” He told me his name, and it still didn’t click. Then he told me who he was, and we’d actually met at a previous conference (same type of conference, only 6 months earlier). The reason why I didn’t recognize him, is because he had physically changed; I’ll let him tell you how. He’d physically changed so much in that time, and he told me, the best thing ever you guys, the best moment of my life. He told me, it was all due to my book, which I had gifted him 6 months earlier. He got a lot out of the book. I decided, I wanted to interview him for you guys (and also for me), because I just think it’s awesome. This is a person who is really living this stuff, and shaping his life. He’s got a fantastic destiny; he’s got an incredible energy. So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to, Terrence Ward. Welcome Terrence.

Terrence – Thank you, Melody; thanks for having me.

Melody – You’re welcome. I think we have a little bit of a delay, so, we’re going to see if that will work. Alright, so Terrence tell us, because everyone’s going to be like: “What the fuck did you do?” How did you change your body? What’d you do?

Terrence – Well, first of all, I mean, I, kind of – there was a part in your book where you described like how not all feelings are negative, in terms of how we normally associate them to be negative. If you’re feeling down, or you’re feeling depressed, or sad, or angry, or frustrated, it’s really the Universe, kind of, giving you a little poke in the ass, saying “Hey, you need to change something.”

Melody – Yep.

Terrence – And I never really clicked that in, until after reading the book. And, it’s like, you know, I’ve been unhappy with my weight for a really, really long time. I don’t think I’ve actually remembered being able to count my ribs, I don’t remember being able to count my ribs since I was 8 years old.

And, the part of my reality, kind of, being this big reflection chamber of the energy that I’m putting into it, just kind of clicked; it just made sense. I had my aha moment! And, I said to myself, you know, this is enough. This is enough. You’re worth more than this, and you don’t need to be in that place anymore.

So, I did a little bit of research, and you know, it’s funny too, because, when I had that aha moment, I went to this award ceremony, a consumer choice awards we have up here in Canada. I don’t think you guys have them down there. We were being awarded for being the best in our field.  We sat next to this table, and there’s a woman going on about this product, she is just completely gaga over this product that helped her lose so much weight, and helped her daughter with her emotional issues, etc. And, I’m like “This sounds like voodoo; what is this?” And she said “Well, it’s the Ketogenic diet.”

Melody – Ok

Terrence – And, I said “Well, that’s interesting.” So, I did a little bit of research, and it’s amazing because, just out of nowhere, this, kind of, falls on my lap. And, I think that was, kind of my first…

Melody – What a coinkydink; right?

Terrence – Right!

Melody – So, before you go on, I know everybody’s getting on the edge of their seat, how much weight did you lose?

Terrence – I’ve lost 60 lbs. since last April.

Melody – 60 lbs.! And that’s in 6 months? I mean, it changed you so much, I did not recognize you when you walked in. And we hung out 6 months ago! This wasn’t just like a quick meeting like “Oh, hi; your name is…” No, I think we hung out, we talked, and now I didn’t recognize you; which is huge. I know, that was a great moment for both of us. Which is why I said: “We’ve got to put it on camera!”

Terrence – The complete gobsmack on your face when you clicked on who I was, it was priceless. That was, absolutely, worth all the pain and the anguish of the last 6 months. But I jest – there was no pain and anguish over the last 6 months, because the energy I was feeling, just made it really easy. Once I had my aha moment, and it clicked.

Melody – So, you had your aha moment, it clicked, and then a path opened up.

Terrence – It did. It was a small one.

Melody – Right, I want that to be – and I want you to tell your story, but I’m going to point out a few things, here and there.

Terrence – Absolutely!

Melody – Particularly, when it comes to weight. I think the first thing that I said to you, when it finally clicked who you were, and we hugged and everything: “Oh my God; I’m a better teacher, than I am a student; clearly!”  I’m always a perpetual student, and so, I’m here as a teacher and a student. But, I want to point out some things, that are so important here. For instance, it wasn’t that you found the right diet, and then lost the weight. I can’t really imagine, if you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time, that you haven’t come across the Ketogenic diet before, in some sense. You know, the Protein diet, or the Atkins diet, these are all similar. But, when you lined up your energy, then it came in, in a way, in a form (easily), that got your attention, that actually worked for you. It was about lining up the energy, having the aha moment, the click, before. And then, it didn’t really matter what came in, whatever came in would have worked. But this is what came in.

Terrence – Yes. And, I mean, it wouldn’t have mattered if I did the High Carb, Low Fat diet, it would have just happened either way. I mean, when I did Atkins before, I lost a couple of pounds, but it didn’t really take. I put the weight right back on, because that energy just wasn’t there. I didn’t have my aha moment.

Melody – Ok.

Terrence – You know, it reminds me, when I was in martial arts; I mean, martial arts, I can do that now! You know, 60 lbs. ago, there was no way I’d be rolling on the mats. You know! It’s really exciting because it’s something I really, really enjoy. It makes me feel really good, to be able to do those kinds of maneuvers now.

Melody – Awesome.

Terrence – In the class, we were standing in a line, bowing to Sensei, and he always asks us, if there’s anybody with a contribution.  And, one of my classmates puts his hands up and says “I really want to give respect to Terrence because, you know, for you to lose 60 lbs., that’s more than just a diet, that is a fundamental shift in your reality. That is a fundamental shift in your personality. And, I’m like, “You know, I wish I could explain to you all the mechanics that went behind this, but really, you need to read this book; it changed my life.”

Melody – Oh yay! So, that’s what you’re saying to him?

Terrence – Yes; absolutely.

Melody The book being: Deliberate Receiving; Finally, the Universe Makes Some Freakin’ Sense!

Terrence – Yes.

Melody – Thank you for recommending that. So, what was your big aha moment, because, I know, you were saying earlier, that it’s kind of complicated to explain that kind of a shift? But you’re in the company of non Muggles now. We totally get it, so maybe it’s not so complicated to explain, because we all get it.

Terrence – Absolutely.

Melody – The audience gets it. So, can you talk a little bit about what this aha moment really was for you?

Terrence – Sure. I think, probably, like the rest of the shiny happy puppies have watched “this little movie”, that really only explained half of what we really needed to know. And, you know, it was all well and good to put my intention out into the Universe, and to try and attract what I wanted. But, what I didn’t realize was, my negative energy was also attracting those negative things. I didn’t realize that, you know, I literally was broadcasting my reality.

I literally could, you know – I’m a big Star Trek geek; I have to admit that! I’m a big Trekkie. And, in Star Trek, The Next Generation, when they came up with those holodecks, I thought that was the most amazing thing. And then to realize, that I’m, figuratively and literally, walking around in my own personal holodeck.

Melody – Yes.

Terrence – Except, the imaginary isn’t being controlled by a computer, it’s being controlled by my heart, my emotions, my energy and what I’m putting out. It just really, kind of, changed my perception. It was a fundamental shift in how I saw things. So now, when the expletive cuts me off in traffic, I don’t get angry at him, because it’s not really the energy I want put out there. I mean, if I start getting angry in traffic, what does that lead to down the road? I start driving more aggressively, and, perhaps, I get into an accident later. Because I decided to get angry at something that really didn’t matter.

Melody – Right.

Terrence – So, I watch myself.

Melody – So, you feel like, it’s more than just your weight has changed? You are showing up differently. You’re seeing the world differently, and your place in it?

Terrence – Yeah. And, I honestly believe that I present myself differently, because it’s…. again, another Dojo story for you. I have, notoriously rotten teeth, and I’ve always said that I’m going to have to get – I’m going to have to go and get a dentist. But, implants are very expensive; they’re about $10,000 per set. I’m looking at, probably, $30,000 for all of the teeth that I need to get done. There’s just no way I can do that right now. So, I said to myself “You know, if I could find a dentist who would be willingly to do a barter agreement with me, because I’m a really talented web developer.” If I could do a website for this gentleman, or ladies, sorry, I’m not, you know…rewind!

Melody – Alright; we forgive you Terrence!!

Terrence – Ok! No; if I can find a dentist who would be willing to barter with me, who would be willing to do my implants, in exchange for a really great website, then that would be great. And, it’s funny too, because I train with a dentist, and I said to him “If you have any friends who could use this service in exchange for” – because I know he’s not an implantist, right – “If you have any friends who could help out with this.”

And, I had a really great energy about me when I made this request. I had this, I wouldn’t say anticipation or expectation, I just had a really good feeling about it. And, he looks at me, and he says “You’re kidding, right?” And, I’m like “No. Why?” He points to the other side of the class from us, where’s there was a guest person training, and he says “That is the best dental implantist in Canada. And, I was – I was shocked, and I’m like “Really!” And, I’m like “Ok.” So, I went over and I introduced myself. And I said “You know, I understand that you’re, you know, top tier implantist in Canada? You go all over, doing presentations to Universities and whatnot. You know, if you could, maybe, tell some of your peers that I’d be willing to do this really great website for them, in exchange for some service, that would be fabulous. That would really help me out.”

(The response:) “I’ve been looking to redo the President’s Association website, so give my office a call, and let the girls know that I’m expecting your call.”

Melody – That is actually how that shit happens! Thank you very much. What a wonderful example. That is actually how that shit happens! You line up your energy, and it happens, not just a little bit, but, like, in the best way – not just an implantist, but the best, damn, implantist (I don’t even know if that’s a word, but, whatever, we’re going with it) in Canada! Right?

Terrence – Yeah!

Melody – And so, oh no, not just, I know him; he’s here today, as a guest!

Terrence – Right out; right there!

Melody – That’s how that shit happens! That is perfect! That is actually how – you line up the energy and it manifests. You line up the energy and it manifests. And it manifests when you’re open to it. Better than you ever could have orchestrated yourself. There’s no way you could have thought of that.

Terrence – And, I mean, these are just little things, and big things, that have been happening since I opened my mind to this. You know? When I first heard of “The Secret”, The Law of Attraction, I had a firm belief in The Law of Attraction, but it was really frustrating. And, I think, that added to that frustration level, because I was trying, and trying, and trying, to attract these good things; but I was also in this really dark place, where the things I was attracting were not actually what I really wanted. You know, I had all of these preconceived beliefs; I had these limiting beliefs that were holding me back. And, once I realized that, you know, I’m the maestro, I’m the one who’s pulling the strings. There’s no outside force gunning for me. It really made a big difference.

Melody – That’s huge, isn’t it?

Terrence – Absolutely.

Melody – To have that realization that, and you know, this is something, that so many people struggle with. Because, when they first have that awakening, they’re very resistant to it. Because it can be interpreted, and often is in the beginning, as “Well, if it’s all up to me, then it’s all my fault. And, all the shit that’s in my life is my fault, and all the bad stuff that happens is my fault. And that, of course, is crushing; the guilt, and the weight, and the obligation. Whereas, if you turn it on its head, and you leave the blame out of it, and you make it into responsibility, true responsibility, which is a much higher vibrational word than when you confuse it with blame, or obligation. The responsibility means, now you can take responsibility for your creation. And you can actually do something about it. So, it isn’t your fault that everything happened, because did you know you were creating it? Did you deliberately choose everything? No!

Terrence – No!

Melody – It was all old programs that were running in there, that were obsolete, but they’re still creating, and you didn’t even know it.

Terrence – See, now you’re talking my language.

Melody – Exactly! So, when you take responsibility, now you can actually do something about it, and it actually becomes freeing. Yeah? It’s a huge, huge shift. That is the biggest shift that we have to make, in order to actually use this Law of Attraction, Reality Creation stuff. Is to realize that we’re the creators, the hologram is dependent on us, not some outside force that’s doing it to us.

Terrence – Not the computer, it’s interactive to us. And that, that was the big shift. It’s not the computer running the show, it’s me. And, you know, I used to really hate the show, I’ll be quite honest with you, I really hated the show. And now I, kind of, love the show. And, I’m travelling all over the world. Just last year alone, I flew to, well, Dallas and Phoenix, for a particular conference. And, I met a bunch of great people, who’ve really been feeding into that energy. I had a really speculator idea in April, but, you know, I was, kind of, still on the fence, I hadn’t read your book yet. You know, I was so gung ho for this thing, and I knew that, within 3 months after getting back from this conference, I was going to be, just beyond. And, guess what happened? Nothing.

But, that being said, 6 months later I’ve gone through one major transformation already. I’ve had enough time to go through this a couple of times. I’ve decoded a little bit more, and I am now well on my way to launching a project in January that is going to change the world. I’m not going to get into it yet.

Melody – You know what? Go ahead, because I want to show people, and I didn’t ask you to do this, but I’m going to ask you to do it now. Because I want to show people what’s out there, what’s possible. What is this switched on person who’s just realized that he is, in fact, in charge of his reality. What is a person like that doing? And, I want to show examples of people who are doing this. You know Terrence, you are, kind of, my guinea pig.

And, everybody, please send Terrence lots of love in the comments. But also, let me know if this is helpful to you, because we can do some more of this. So, Terrence, you’re the first!

And I would like you to tell people, what it is that you’re doing. What was your big idea? No-one is going to steal it, because nobody’s got your talent, you know. You do you, and nobody else can do you. So, what is it that you’re putting out? I’m super excited about what you’re doing. So, go ahead and share it.

Terrence – Ok. I, like I said, 6 months ago, I went to this marketing conference, and I had this original idea, that would help out the small community of people that were there. And, by the time I left the marketing conference, my world had, kind of, blown up a little bit, and the seed of the idea had, kind of, been planted. And, 6 months later, it’s just so much greater. What it is: I’m opening a code school for Minecraft kids. I want to be responsible for bringing the next generation of avid programmers into the world, in guiding them along their path. And, I’m also going to be partnering up with Stem Associations to try and bring more girls into the program, just because I’m a firm believer in equal rights. And, there’s not enough girls in programming, science, technology, engineering and math. We desperately need more women. So, absolutely, send your kids to the program because we need more programmers.

But, the thing is – I started programming when I was 6 years old. For me now, it’s as natural to me as breathing, and it’s no longer something that is, kind of a hobby, for people in today’s world. It’s actually becoming a necessary skill for you to have, at least a little bit, of understanding in code creation, or code understanding, in the professional workforce. So, I think, if a kid is passionate about programming in something that they love; something so pure, like Minecraft; what an amazing thing. And, in January, I’m going to be releasing my first 9 weeks program to the world, to teach kids how to do plug and programming in Minecraft. From start to finish, and they’re going to have my support the whole way.

Melody – And you and I are going to be releasing our programs at the same time, because we are launching in January as well; Reality Academy. So, we’ll put a link underneath this video, for people to be able to check you out. Because, if there’s anybody with kids, with a Minecraft kid, or a bored kid who needs a challenge because school’s too easy, and there’s nobody there to teach them this stuff. If they want to check you out, they can. And, you know I would recommend it, because I know how passionate you are. And, I so believe in this. I think Minecraft is, like the best thing ever. I don’t play it, but I have a nephew who does, and who exposed me to it. It’s all about – for people who don’t know what Minecraft is – it’s essentially pure creation. They give you building blocks, and then they go “boop”, and then you go and figure that out, and you create worlds. It’s amazing; it’s pure imagination.

But what did you feel – because this is a big jump to make. You know, 6 months ago, you had this idea; you were starting to flush it out, you, kind of, hit it; I remember, I was there. We got all excited because you were like, woohoo; that’s it, you know. And, here you are, 6 months later, you’ve made this big transition. You know, people have no idea how challenging it is to have an idea, and bring it to fruition.

Terrence – I don’t think people understand. – Sorry.

Melody – Go ahead.

Terrence – I don’t think people understand how challenging it is to just get behind the camera.

Melody – Well, and you know, everything that goes along with it. All of the steps that have to be taken to – “I believe in myself, I can do this. I believe people will pay me for this.”

Terrence – Yes

Melody – “I believe that I have what it takes. That I’m good enough, that I’m worthy, that I’m not an imposter.” All of this bullshit. And then, “I can get in front of a camera. I can learn all the skills that I need to learn. I can put myself out there. I can handle all the ridicule that’s definitely going to come at me from all the Internet trolls. Because, you know that’s just going to happen. Even though, do you? Really; does it have to? And, how much it is – I call it challenging, instead of scary as fuck – but it’s both. I believe that a lot of people think, that people who succeed in this way, that they (or we, or whatever), are special people. And I say “No! We are scared every step of the way, and we have to challenge ourselves to overcome those fears.” But, how has, you having this really big epiphany (and maybe some others, where you realized that you are in charge of your reality, that you are the creator, that you are the center of your hologram), how has that helped you on this journey?  Sort of stepping into your power, and realizing that you can do this; you can build this company.

Terrence – I think the concept of recognition, that I am the director, has given me the courage. Because I know that ultimately, make or break, it comes down to what I’m putting out there. If I truly am the director, then I’m going to direct it this way. There’s always nagging doubts, like you said, it’s always scary. But, you know, it comes down to it, if I don’t try, I fail by default.

Melody – Yep.

Terrence – And, I lose nothing for trying. This is my reality, what’s the worst thing that’s going to happen. I’m going to stop breathing, because I might actually win? NO! It’s scary, yes, but I think that, when I feel that fear, when I feel – it’s not even really fear – it’s a nervous energy and I’ve mistaken it for fear before. But it’s not, it’s excitement, it’s that bundle of energy, like, my entire soul is saying “YES; let’s do this; finally, let’s go!” And, it’s so easy to recognize that feeling, your heart’s wanting to beat out of its chest as anxiety (and scary), and “Oh my God, let’s run away!” No; no! That’s your flight or fight. Stop running, let’s fight; let’s do it.

Melody – Yes.

Terrence – And, that’s where I’m at. I mean this idea for helping kids in programming. It comes, not from the fact that I want to build a business. I mean, that’s the gravy, that’s the cherry on top.

Melody – Yes

Terrence – You know, the why behind this, is because my kids got me into Minecraft. My now 14 year old and 12 year old, 4 years ago, got me into Minecraft, and I wanted to give them a safe place to play. They joined a big server; they have no control over the trolls, like you were saying. They can come on, and push them about and whatnot. Whereas, if I ran a server, than I could, I could direct who was allowed on the server. If people got out of line, we’d be able to remove them. I’d be able to empower my kids to be able to do so. And, especially, due to the fact, that my 12 year old is autistic. He deals with things a little bit differently, and he’s a little more sensitive to those kinds of things. So, you know, I wanted him to have that experience, without having to deal with the bad stuff that might come with it. Right?

Melody – Yes.

Terrence – And, it was great that I could do that for my kids. But now, I want to do that for all the kids. I want to empower them to run their own server, so that they know they’re safe, because they have the power to put out the bad guy. They have the power to keep it safe. They have the power to make it awesome. And, I honestly think, that I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t put this product out there, because it needs to be done.

Melody – That’s right. And, once again, I just want to point out the path opening up. You said it so well. You’re like: “the business is the gravy”. So, instead of sitting down and going “What business can I start, what business can I start, what business can I start; it was, I want to do this because I’m passionate about this.” And then, it’s like, “Oh gosh! I could turn this into a business. I could do this thing, that I absolutely want to do, that you couldn’t hold me back from doing.” And, that was the big aha moment wasn’t it? It was like, “Let me do it, let me turn this thing that I’m already passionate about, into a business. Because that could become a viable business, rather than having to sacrifice.” Or, you know, “Let me go into a grey cubicle and work at that, and then, maybe, I get to do this Minecraft stuff on the side.” You know, you can actually take this thing, again focusing on the energy of what makes your heart sing, and then the path opens up. Oh gosh! Money can come through this, and other things, and opportunities. And, that’s exactly how it happens. So, again, perfect example, it’s exactly why I wanted to showcase you. Because – and thank you for being willing to be my showcase guinea pig – I kind of wanted to do this for a while, but now it fell right into my lap. I didn’t have to work for it. So, yay!

It’s so beautiful, so, thank you so much for being willing to be here. We’ll put your deeds under this video, for people who want to check you out, check out more about the Minecraft stuff. But, congratulations on all the changes that you’ve made.

Terrence – Well, we’re still heavy in development right now. So.

Melody – Sorry?

Terrence – Well, we’re still heavy in development, right now. Like I said, it’s going to be mid January release, but I’ll definitely give you a link to our waiting list.

Melody – Ok, fantastic; fantastic. Just, so that people can check you out if they want to, and they know where to go. I don’t want to get a bunch of emails “Where do we go for Terrence?” The link will be underneath.  But let’s go back to the transition you’ve made, both physically, and the aha moments that you’ve had. I would love to give all the credit to my book, I really would, because my book is really fucking awesome; I get it. But what happened is, you were ready to manifest it, and I got to be privileged – I got to be privileged enough – to be a little bit of that delivery mechanism for you. Which is why I was inspired to give you my book, and, you know, for you to then read it, and not just put it aside. It was the delivery mechanism, but you were always going to manifest this clarity. I just got to be involved; so, I’m happy that I got to be involved.

Terrence – Well, I think, honestly, in the grand scheme of things, you were the little kick in the ass that I needed. I was, kind of, on the path, but I was, kind of, all over the place. And, you know, without Melody’s wisdom, without your wisdom; I think I would probably still be lost right now. So, I really do appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Melody – Awww. You’re so welcome, you’re so welcome. Alright, I will take credit for the ass kicking, because that, I do that! I’m like; he needs to have his ass kicked. Alright, I’m willing to be that person. That’s why I get to play with awesome people like you, because I willing to be that person.

So, again, thank you so much Terrence; I really appreciate it. And guys give Terrence lots of hugs, love and hugs; smooshy hugs, in the comments please, for agreeing to do this.

And, let me know if this was helpful to you in any way, shape, or form. If you’re watching this on YouTube, you can do it there, or come to the Blog; that is where all the wonderful action is. And, check out Terrence’s stuff, you guys; it’s awesome.

So, I will see you, when I see you (soon). Happy, shiny, smooshy, smooshy puppy hugs for everybody. Bye.

Terrence – Thank you for having me. Bye.

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  • Such good timing! #synchronicity I recently lost 30 pounds using the law of attraction. My ah-ha moment was when I just decided to go against what the general rule of thumb was around fitness and just followed my gut. It’s been the best decision for my health and wellness 🙂

  • Thanks for being willing to share this, Terrence (and Melody). I’ve had that kind of ah-ha realization too, but sometimes it’s hard to feel the truth of it when your vibration is particularly far away from what it was when you first realized it. Watching this helps me get into that space again, and I suspect I’ll be revisiting it many times in the future. That’s quite a gift – thanks so much!

  • Thank you for this awesome video. Please make many more like it. I’ve been visiting your site for something like 8 years, and I definitely can use some real life case studies to give me inspiration. I’ve tried to find your book, but I live in the mountains of Georgia, so if you don’t read romances, you’re out of luck. The video was full of creative energy that I gratefully soaked up. More, please!

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  • Well done Terrence. That’s a lot of weight in 6 months! I’m happy for you. And thank you Melody for an interesting video.

  • Or even just “first one to manifest a blue feather gets a smile”, you’d get a surge of very interesting stories, pictures and so on. Little manifestos, when recognized as such, provide great momentum and hope.

  • I like case histories. I like challenges and competition even better. Say you set a challenge like “first one to manifest a [documented, proven] pay rise gets a free book”, you’d get some pretty amazing stories emerge.

  • Melody!!!!!!!!

    This was so amazing!!!!!!!

    1. Terrence is so awesome. Hi Terrence!!! You’re awesome!!! I’m really happy about what you’re doing for people and you have the best energy ever. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this video!!!!

    2. Also, as being a former female child, I think it is really important! Growing up, I felt like I was excluded from the coding “club” because you had to also like Star Trek and never leaving your house (not that any of those things are bad or always go together or anything, but I just wasn’t interested in those things!) I didn’t realize until adulthood how much coding was LITERALLY a language. For me, learning coding was basically like learning Spanish, except easier. Haha!

    3. I had to keep stopping this video to jump up and down and scream. Especially the part where you talked about anxiety actually being excitement — I literally figured that out YESTERDAY! HA!

    4. I’d totally watch more of these videos if they were with awesome people like Terrence!

    5. Your energy in this was awesome, Melody! I usually just read the transcripts, but today I watched the video and I’m so glad I did because I am now 100% a Happy Shiny Puppy.


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