Today, I’m going to tackle one of the most widespread and paradoxical beliefs out there – the idea that we’re here (on Earth, in this reality, whatever) to “learn lessons”. Or that we start off as “young souls” and then progress to older and wiser souls along the way. Or that we’re here to clear old karma (we can’t go on until we’ve learned what we did wrong in past lives…). Or… well, you get the picture.

Awesome Dorette asks: “I was wondering. If we came to earth for our souls to learn certain lessons, how can the law of attraction be right to use? If we keep manifesting good things in our life how are we supposed to learn the lessons? I’m a bit confused on this one.”

Watch today’s video to get my answer.


Today, I want to answer a question from Awesome Dorette. Her question: “I was wondering, if we came to earth for our souls to learn certain lessons, how can The Law of Attraction be right to use? If we keep manifesting good things in our life, how are we supposed to learn the lessons? I’m a bit confused on this one.”

Well, Awesome Dorette, you are absolutely not the only one confused by that. Because, this belief, this  cockamamie, bullshit belief, that we are in school right now, is so pervasive. And it is so all consuming, that so many people hold that belief, whether they’re fully, consciously, aware of it or not. It shapes a lot of the beliefs that we show up with in our society. So, just like here, you’ve bumped up against it, how are we supposed to learn all of our lessons, if our life gets too easy and too good? Right?

You are not here to learn lessons

That would be a belief that would keep you from your life becoming easy, and good, and becoming really abundant, and getting everything that you want. Because you can’t get everything you want, you’re supposed to learn lessons. Right? You see how limiting that belief becomes? But here’s the thing: And, I’m going to give you my truth, I’m going to tell you what really resonates with me, and that is that we’re not, in fact, in school. Your soul is not learning lessons that have been laid out for it. That some of those lessons might be hard, and some of those lessons might require you to be in poverty. It really isn’t like this, and this can be really hard to get your brain around; depending on where you’re at in your life, and where you’re at in your energy.

But, we’re not here to learn lessons. We’re not here to better ourselves. We are holographic splinters of God; we’re already perfect as is. We are not broken in some way and trying to become better. We’re already perfect.

You’re here to expand on your perfection

So, what do you do when you’re already perfect? What do you do? How do you expand when you’re already perfect? When you’re not coming from a place of knowing nothing and having to learn lessons? Or being bad in some way, and having to learn how to be better? If you’re already perfect, you understand that – do you see how this creates kind of a paradox for a lot of people? If you’re already perfect, then what do you do? You go out and you have fun! You expand by challenging yourself. What does a master do to have fun in his field? If you are the best tennis player in the world, how do you still play tennis and have fun? You set yourself challenges. Yeah? You don’t play a boring game of tennis, you find the best tennis players in the world to play against. You up the stakes, maybe you play at high elevation to make it a little bit more difficult. Maybe you try playing with one hand behind your back one time. You see how you set yourself challenges to make it more fun? And, to expand your ability and go to experience new things; to experience your abilities and yourself in new ways. Or, you maybe plunge into a field that you don’t know that much about. Yeah?

So, we are holographic splinters of God, who are already perfect just the way we are. We’re not here to learn lessons. We’re here to experience ourselves fully in infinite numbers of ways. Every experience we have here, every nuance in every experience; the slight variations between the experiences, they’re all valuable to us. Not because we’re trying to progress, not because we’re trying to learn lessons and go up a grade. Not because we’re trying to fix ourselves and repair our karma, or some shit like that. Yeah? But, simply because we were sitting around one day, and decided that we wanted to have some incredible fun. And, because we’re such masters, we decided to play the most challenging game one can. Which is to go from absolute density, the densest energy known, to absolute light. Another word for density is dark, but that, kind of, freaks people out, so; density. Yeah?

This is the time of awakening

And that is what we are doing here on this earth game. And right now, we are in the midst of making this switch, from the dense part of the spectrum to the much lighter part of the spectrum. We’ve, sort of, reached critical mass, and we’re making this shift. And that is what the awakening is, that is what the “Ascension” is. That’s what they’ve all been talking about for thousands of years. That’s the time we’re in right now.

So, I know that it’s hard sometimes when you look around the world and you think “Why would anybody choose to have this difficult of a life?” And, I ask you: When you play a video game, where you’re slaying some monster, do you feel sorry for your little video game character? Just because in his world there’s a monster with strong teeth and fire breathing capabilities? And do you feel bad for them, or do you know everything ‘s absolutely alright? Your little video character can’t actually die, and he can defeat the monster. And, don’t you want there to be a monster? Don’t you want it to be challenging? Or do you want your video game character to just run around in space, in one place, and never go anywhere? That’s not a fun game to play.

Bottom Line

And, it really is like that. It is both completely meaningless, and the most meaningful thing that you can imagine. It is incredible. It is not school. You are way, way beyond school. And, one of the things you’re being challenged to do, is to recognize that. To recognize what a magnificent being you actually are. To recognize your absolute perfection; to recognize your Godhood. Yeah? To step into your power (that’s how I talk about it); to step into your power, to become aware of your power. That’s what you’re really being challenged to do right now. It isn’t about learning.

I hope I’ve clarified that and not confused you even more. So, for this week, I’m going to let you go. I’ll see you next week. Until then, thank you for bringing your wonderful light to the world. And, happy, shiny, smooshy, smooshy puppy hugs. Bye.

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  • Thanks for this Melody. I actually wrote you a comment a while back asking something similar as I was confused by something you wrote. I thought you went off the deep end into the whole ‘Earth is a school’ thing ha. So, glad to read this piece from you even though it’s a bit old now. I really love your perspective as always.

  • Thanks Melody, but what if the little video character loose against the monster? And fell into a maybe a deep depression or go and take his own life or even dies?
    I know that does not happen in games but it does happen in real life. What fun is it it to experience maybe something to have a disabled child or a child that uses drugs? Will it be because we want to experience something more challenging? Sorry for all my questions but I would really like to understand life better.

  • Very interesting. The first time I watched your video, I heard you say “holographic splendors of God.” Then I read the other comments above, read the transcript and listened again to your video to realize that you are actually saying splinters of God. I think I prefer thinking of myself as a “splendor” of God. Of course, being a “splinter” does not mean I cannot also be a “splendor” a ” splendid holographic splinter of God!” I like that !

  • I absolutely love your expression “HOLOGRAPHIC SPLENDOR OF GOD!!!” And your energy in this video just felt so good and uplifting to me! Of course you are always uplifting, but I felt it even more this time. Thanks for always being who you are and sharing your amazing energy with us “puppies!”

  • Soooooooooooooo LOVE this! THANK YOU for strengthening this message! I find that the people around me (and myself!) need to hear this time and time again, until it truly becomes an embodied knowing! <3 We are magnificent powerful Beings, when we believe it, magic happens! 🙂

  • Hi Melody , an interesting take on whether it’s about learning lessons or playing a challenging game . I just wanted to ask here – are the limiting beliefs that we have , we know about ( may not be emotionally aware but having an intellectual knowledge of via overthinking ) also the challenges that we put ourselves thru while playing this game ? And once we become emotionally aware of them and realise we no longer want to play with these limiting beliefs ( or limiting challenges) being portrayed in our lives , we change them to some better feeling beliefs / thoughts with which we would like to engage with ?

      • Thanks Derek for the reply . To be honest I had completely forgotten about this question but the email
        Notification reminded me of my question . Good timing as something related to it is going on in my life .

  • I love seeing myself as a perfect “Holographic splinter of God”! That line in itself is absolute perfection. I wanna be first to buy the t-shirt!!!
    I grew up with the very well intended “ ….. here to learn your lessons, it’s karma ….. blah blah blah”. But that always felt disempowering to me. I didn’t want to be at the mercy of my past lives!!! So when I learned about Law of Attraction, it truly resonated and made such sense to me. ( I have always liked a bit of science with my voo~doo anyway) It became very clear to me that I actually DO get to create my reality. How COOL is that!!! I’m learning to appreciate, embrace the contrasts, be in the “NOW” and reminding myself that life is supposed to be FUN! So far ….So good. Thanks Melody,,,

  • That was so liberating melody…!! That’s awesome. I loved this new thought.. and how perfectly it sits with law of attraction..! It’s a game and I am having fun… Creating my own challenges… And I can even change those challenges when I feel like…! As I m the creater of my reality..!!

  • I totally agree we are ‘eternal beings’ who are splinters of God and will not die. I also agree we live many lives to ‘experience’ things and ‘awaken’. But what do you think ‘awaken’ really means. Sounds to me a lot like experiencing and learning. To say it is not learning is a game of semantics in my opinion.

    Just look about you, are there very many ‘people’ interested in this type of stuff (loa, souls, eternal beings, truth, life after death, etc.)? No, not really our society in general shuns people to a large extent who claim to seek or have ‘spiritual experiences’, calling them delusional or similar. Inferring our ‘science gods’ through main stream media, will let us know about ‘truth’. Until then just disregard the delusional people around you and plug into mainstream media which will tell you what to believe, how to dress, who to vote for, etc. etc.

  • Thank you Melody, I have felt the same way for a long time. If I am God and I am. And I am that I am, and I am Infinite Intelligence, then why does Infinite Intelligence need to “learn lessons?” You stated it beautifully. One thing that I had to release growing up Catholic is suffering. The grade school I attended was named Ascension. Thank “God” that I created a way to ascend out of those limiting beliefs!! I picked a school that years later would remind me that I was going to ascend out of those limiting beliefs! Catholics had all the saints and martyrs. I thought as a child and even long afterwards, that I was suppose to suffer like the martyrs did. I left the Catholic Church years ago but that belief had been instilled in my consciousness very deeply effecting relationships, finances etc. So again that you for your insight (TRUTH) Much Love, Carla

    • no. You were not raised catholic, you were raised under the impression being a catholic. And you did not search. Christianity is the continuity of judaism, you were supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ who did not change anything in the Torah. Rule number one. You are not God, God is the God of Abraam and Moses. Melody is right in what she says we are splinters of God, we look like God because we were created by Him giving us life with His breath but we are not gods. Splinter is a breakaway group, one who left. One rule is don’t make anything that looks like or resembles to anything on earth or skies or under the waters. Even letters are something that resembles to voice. He said, there are no other Gods , you should stay with Him and ask Him for help. And since you were in christianity you remember for sure Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. No, you are not supposed to suffer, God wants it easy for you. But since you already know that beliefs -automated thoughts- can be instilled in cosciousness, how come and you did not connect the dots to understand that God sees everything and that is exactly what he meant when He saw “I witnessed the mental sin of my people”? Yes, if you take it to the letter, Church is still somehow corrupted for some reason. Catholics have even changed the 10 commandments, we orthodox have icons to help us adore God and we both diregard Sabbath officially. You are in a good way, but stay vigilant and take what you see here with a grain of salt. What Melody explains is the mechanism to be a match of reality, what you read in holy books is guidance to be a match to pure-sacred-clean, meaning God. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Holy Quaran sais “wicked women are for wicked men” meaning they will be a match. Yes, you don’t deliberately have to suffer, but if you stay close enough to the law of Moses and act in accordance to God’s will, the instructions Melody gives will not be necessary. Aw Melody says we have the light inside us. Christ said the same

    • Bingo Carla. This idea that is so prevalent in new age teachings (in my opinion) stems from the mis concpetion of people taking the perspective of the soul. In other words, they exchange one identity (the human) for another (the soul). But, in reality, you are not a soul nor a human. You ARE God and always were God. So, what does God possibly have to learn? Well, all God only can explore and ‘learn about’ its own imagination, because that is all that manifestation is. The entire universe is just a manifestation in the mind of Source.

  • I think we’re totally here to learn lessons! But maybe one of the biggest lessons that we’re here to learn is … how to create our own realities. 😉 So I think the “lessons” we are here to learn *are* the “challenges we set for ourselves to make it more fun” and the acts of “experiencing ourselves in a thousand different ways.” In other words, the lessons are self-determined game-play, not punishments imposed by some “higher power.” How cool is that?!

    P.S. “Holographic splinter of God” has to be the coolest way that I’ve thought of myself in a long time! Thanks, Melody. 🙂

    • But, if you already are all knowing. (Remember, in the non physical, there is no time. Only NOW). How could you “not know something before” only to “know something after”.
      In other words, I partially agree with you that we are “experientially” learning what we already know. But, it’s not classroom learning where we ‘need to learn something to advance’. I think that’s what Melody tries to get at. Because it’s a revolting, dis-empowering perspective to believe you have to learn something; attain some status on Earth before you can advance. How can All That Is (what you already are) advance anywhere? You never left anywhere.

      Instead, we are like Masters who are exploring a foreign terrain and we want to fully understand that terrain from all angles. Not because we lack something, not because we need to, but because the insight we gain experientially will simply add to our infinite expansion. Every perspective we gain, good or bad adds to the infinite expansion of All That Is. So, yes, I believe too, that the challenges we set forth for each life, are part of that ‘life theme’ we came to explore and ‘learn about’.

  • I’m somewhat between the two perspectives. I don’t think we’re here to “get better”, but I do think that we’re here to realize more of who we really are—more of the Freedom that we are. Because I’ve seen others who don’t realize that Freedom, and they are suffering because of it. And from what I’ve seen in life, the Universe pushes us ever onward towards that realization, towards releasing more and more of our programs that are standing in the way of That.

    And the LOA fits right into that, because the more we release our subconscious programs keeping us bound, the better manifestations we start to naturally attract, without ever really trying to.

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