You may have heard me and many other teachers talking about “Lightworkers”. We often use the term synonymously with “healer”, “teacher” and even “helper”.

And this prompted Awesome Jurgen, one of my happy shiny readers to ask this burning question: “What does a Light Worker actually do? I mean, to help humankind. Are Light Workers Special People? Are Light Workers chosen, or do they become a Light Worker because they chose themselves?”

So, I made a little video telling you all about Lightworkers, who they are, what they do, what they’re responsible for, etc. And, of course, I answer the all-important question of how you can tell if YOU are a lightworker.


Hello, my happy shiny puppy; this is Melody Fletcher and I teach The Law of Attraction, and the Technology of Reality, to highly intellectual overthinkers, just like you, in a way that actually makes some friggin’ sense.

And today, I want to answer a question from Jurgen, who wanted to know, “What exactly is a Lightworker?” You’ve heard me use the term Lightworker, I’m sure; and you’ve heard many, many others use it. And I’m sure, you’ve read it all over the place; it’s everywhere. And, it’s kind of, come synonymous with healer, or teacher, or helper. But, what exactly is a Lightworker? And, Jurgen wanted to know: “What do they actually even do, like for humanity? Are they special? Do they have special abilities? Are they chosen? Do they volunteer? What’s the deal with Lightworkers?”

So, I’m very, very happy to answer that question; I think it’s an excellent one. And, I think, it can help me clear up some misconceptions, along the way.

Be a Light Being, not a Lightworker

So first of all, I don’t really like the term Lightworker. And, the reason for that is because, most people who identify as Lightworkers, they have a really overdeveloped sense of obligation towards others, which is not helpful. It really, kind of, gets in the way. And so, they tend to put a lot of emphasis on the “worker” part. They turn it into a job, into an obligation. And that is really quite destructive to their energy. It doesn’t help, and it can often become an obstacle. So, I think, more accurately, we could say, like Bringer, like Shiner. But, none of that is semantically nice. So, maybe we can use the term Light Being.

So, what is a Light Being? Well, I don’t mean to imply that other people, who are not Light Beings, don’t have any light, or shining light. It’s kind of like the difference between a light bulb, and the sun. A Light Being is really a being, and I’ll say a human being, a person, a soul within a human body, that is here to help bring light. And, consequently, because we are in the time of ascension right now, there are more Light Beings on the planet, than ever before. Tons more, loads more, all supporting this process. A lot of them human; not all of them. Take that, any way you wish. A lot of them are also animals. And of course, then there are other beings that could be here, depending on your belief system. And, many of them are Light Beings as well.

What does it mean to be a Light Being?

So, what does a Light Being do? Well, they shine. They bring light. They do their job, just by showing up. You walk in the room, you give something your attention; it’s going to lighten that situation up. We’ve all known somebody like that. And chances are very good, if you’re watching this video, you are a Light Being. And so, hopefully, you’ve had that experience where – you’ve certainly had the experience whether, or not, you noticed that you were having the experience, or validated it as such, is another matter. But, when you walk in a room, you make it lighter; you make people feel better. And, that isn’t because you’re so wise, even though you might be wise; but it is your energy that does it. You shine light. What that also means, and this is in direct response to whether, or not, you’re vibrationally stable.

Why people don’t like being around Light Beings

But, what it also does is: If you shine your light on somebody who doesn’t want anything illuminated, they may react badly to you. They may try to shut down your light. And, most of us, this happened to when we were children. People tried to shut down our light, because they didn’t like what is was illuminating.

And so, what happens when you’re vibrationally stable is: If somebody like that comes into your vicinity, they just sort of, ping away. They just get away from you; you’re not even aware of them. But, when you’re not vibrationally stable, what happens is; they try to shut you down. And, how do you become vibrationally stable? You own your light. You don’t apologize for it, you don’t ask for permission. It’s kind of like being the sun – the, s u n; not, s o n. The sun doesn’t care if somebody puts on SPF250. It doesn’t care if you get into a lead lined box and block it out; it just keeps on shining. And, it makes all life on earth possible, because of it. Huge, huge benefit, because of the light. Should the sun really worry about a few people who are like, “No; not sun.” None of us would benefit from that; we’d all be dead, basically, if the sun decided to ask permission from those few people, rather than just doing, what it’s designed to do.

Give yourself permission to shine your light

And so, Light Beings bring light into a situation. They bring light to the world. They help to uplift everyone. And, like I said, in this time of ascension, there are more Light Beings on this earth, than ever before, exponentially. If you are drawn to this information, if you’re watching this video and others like it, you’re a Light Being; you’re a ‘Lightworker’. But, don’t put the emphasis on the work. Because, you’re doing your job, so to speak, just by being here. Job done; you get it; promotion, you’re good. You’ve done it, you don’t need to worry about anything else; go have fun. And, your work, if there is any; it isn’t to uplift others, that’s going to happen automatically. What your work really is; is for you, to give yourself, continuously, more and more permission to actually shine your light. It benefits you, and it inadvertently, as a knock-on effect, benefits everyone around you.

Do we get chosen or do we volunteer to be a Light Being?

So now, to the part of the question: “Where do Light Beings come from; are we chosen, do we volunteer?” It is a voluntary thing. It is a voluntary thing. It is never thrust upon you. It is never something that’s assigned. It is always, always voluntary. You come, knowing that you’re going to come into a denser energy; that you’re going to bring light into that. You even come, knowing it’s going to be difficult, at first.

And, the most powerful Lightworkers I know; all of them have had a rough start. Have had a difficult childhood, and here’s why – there is a reason for that. And, it’s sort of inevitable that it happens, but it’s also actually quite beneficial; even though it sucks at the time. I will totally admit that! But, in hindsight, it’s actually incredibly useful, because, here’s what it is: You come as a Light Being. You have the light inside you, but it’s shining brighter, right from the start. And then there are people who come for another reason. And, there are people on the earth, who are here to experience a different game. But, if you’re not playing that game, you won’t really be aware of them. You’re not going to be aware of that game. Everything in your reality is geared towards this ascension. If you’re aware of it, that’s what we’re doing; that’s the game that we’re playing.

You come into this much denser energy with a stronger light, it’s more exposed. And then, what happens is, like I said, usually somebody tries to shut you down, because it’s too bright, you’re illuminating things they don’t want to see. And, you’re not yet stable, because: Hey; you just came to a new planet, you don’t yet know how it works; how could you possibly be stable? But, that backlash, that attempt to shut you down, to push it down, to block it out, creates pressure within you that, eventually, causes you to bust out of that. To say; “No! I am going to do what I’m here to do. I’m no longer going to ask for permission.”

You would never step into your power the same way, if you didn’t have that catalyst. It happens because you’re coming into a denser energy, with a brighter energy, with a lighter energy. That already creates pressure in itself. But, it also has a useful quality, it causes you to bust out in a bigger way, than you ever would. Shine brighter than you ever would any other way.  And so, that’s why I’m saying, the more powerful the Lightworker, the rougher the start, usually.

It is kind of a necessary evil, although, not anymore, for the kids that are born about 2000. They’re like a different species. They don’t buy into any of this, anymore; there’s a completely different template for them. I should, probably, make a video about that; right?

Bottom Line

Ok! So, it is entirely voluntary, nothing is thrust upon you, and you’re actually excited to come and do this before you come. And so, are you a Lightworker? If you’re watching this video, chances are very, very, very good that you are. If you’re wondering if you’re a Lightworker; you are. Let me put it that way. And, what is your job? Your job is to be here, to shine your light, and anything you can do to own that more, is going to not only strengthen you, and shine your light brighter; but what it will do, is make your own experience more fun. A lot more fun!

It is not your job to suffer; it is not your job to help others. You’re going to do that, just by being here. You have no obligation. In fact, if you focus on having fun, you’re going to shine your light brighter. If you focus on giving yourself permission to own your light, to not ask others for permission to be able to shine it, you’re going to become more and more stable. And, you’re going to shine brighter, and brighter. You’re going to benefit humanity, and yourself, more, and more, and more. And, it’s going to get more and more fun for you.

So, let’s take the emphasis off the Lightworker, and let’s be Light Beings; each, and every one of us. So, with that in mind, I want to say, “Thank you, for bringing your light to the world. You’re starting to see, why I say that? And, I’m sending you, smooshy, smooshy hugs, and I’ll see you next week. Bye.

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  • Yes, OMG I would love it if you made a video about those born in the 2000’s. It’s very interesting, but I’d guess that the previous generation (us) already did the ‘suffering’ so they don’t have to go through it because it would be redundant. Kinda like… it has been solved, and being at ‘the edge of chaos’ means that the past has already decreased in entropy while the future remains pretty disordered. So these kids have a different mission altogether.

    You might not realize Melody, but you have changed my life profoundly. You are doing some great work spreading all of knowledge.

  • not all of them human? other beings depending on your belief systems? I would love to hear more on this stuff. What kinf of beings? Do you refer to angels?

    you say we come into a denser world. You also describe dense as dark. Dense in my language means frequent. Even though it does not mean the same thing in our days. This reminds me of Genesis. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

    and I am pretty frustrated because light does not exactly mean light. In Hebrew the word is ovr which comes from or which means shine. Resplendent. Enlightened. brightened. And in my language it means man. Happy brave man who shines and is supposed to bring salvation. Yes nowdays we call it light, but back then they used it for heroes. Darkness means death. Day means calmness and eternity and I don’t want to stress this out, but the whole translation is wrong. It starts the wrong way, it continues the wrong way, I don’t understand why it does not change. Even the begining. It says “in the begining” but it does not mean in the beginiing. In Hebrew the root is ros which among others means first, leading man, master, and it is easier to understand it in greek because of the syntax. It means by devine right, with authority.

    So you say we come into a denser world, to a world of frequencies dense=pyknos=frequent and it sucks because of pain. This reminds me the prayer “don’t bring us in a situation which we entairtain the the thought of failure but grab us to your side from the person who provokes us pain. “lead us not into temptation but deliver me out of my (personal) pains”. Temptation actually does not mean test but it is like phrasal verbs in english. Lead us into that…an itrusive thought of sin comes, and sin does not mean evil deed but a lack of success. A fault. And evil in this sentence means which provokes pain. I find this interesting.

    Others come to experience a different game? what game? what kind of game?

    and why kids of this era are immune to this?
    This part of knowledge is becoming extremely interesting. It might change my perspective on some things, although I still believe that your fruits as a teacher are not that delicious but knowledge is knowledge. It might prove useful in the future, I might combine it with somthing else and come to a fuller understanding.

  • What a timely video, Melody! I’ve been struggling with this lightworker concept for a while now but this post gave me a whole new level of clarity. I really like the term “Light Being”, it’s not as restrictive as “Lightworker” is. To me, anyway.

    The reason why I haven’t been too happy with all this Lightworker thing is, that much of the material I’ve studied has been rather off-putting. So many sources describe Lightworkers as if they were more or less screwed up and anything but powerful souls. Lightworkers are overly sensitive, they’re naive so people take advantage of them and they cannot seem to even realize that, they develop addictions at the drop of a hat, they don’t know how to navigate in the adult world etc. Very patronizing, basically. I remember thinking, “F it, I refuse to be a Lightworker, someone else can do the job I’m sick of being a pitiful nutcase”. And then, BANG, you came with this post 🙂 I’m glad you did, as my perspective certainly changed for the positive.

    Btw, extra props for that cat picture 😀 Definitely one of the best headline images you’ve ever published in this blog. I’ve also noticed many animals are notable Light Beings. Many small birds, like Great Tits *snicker* as well as some dog breeds like Golden and Labrador Retrievers strike to me as particularly full of light. I think that would make an interesting blog post in the future: how animals line up with Who They Really are and is there any differences between how each species experience their reality. Or is it more about the individual animal than the species it belongs to?

    Lady R

    • Hey Lady R,
      It’s both! In YOUR reality, you can certainly see a correlation between certain breeds or species and an energy patterns. But… someone else may not see it that say at all. Pay attention to what’s happening in YOUR reality, though, and validate it for yourself. Of course, even in your reality, you could meet a highly resistant Labrador, lol. So you still want to see each dog or bird or cat as an individual. 🙂

  • Melody,
    When I saw the title of this video, my first thought was ‘I am really not a lightworker, but I’ll watch anyway’. I’ve come to the conclusion that I wasn’t a “Lightworker” because I know a lot of people who call themselves that and have even taken classes from them. I pretty much came to the conclusion that a “lightworker” was someone who did some sort of spiritual work for a living. Like you do or another area (psychic or whatever). As much as I love learning about stuff like that, I’ve never been called to do that sort of work for a vocation.
    I didn’t even realize I had decided on that definition until watching this video. After watching it, I realize, ok maybe I could be…
    I do love the idea of refusing to ask permission. To me, that sounds like another way of saying be authentic. When we are authentic, we are shining.
    It also feels good to realize that it doesn’t matter if anyone sees or understands what we are doing. That is a relief for me. I’m going to remind myself that other people understanding isn’t the point. Because I know from experience, sometimes they won’t. Because they can’t or aren’t ready to. And that has to be okay with me. I think that’s why I never wanted to work as a “lightworker” because I was always afraid I would get caught up in the feeling of failure if they don’t get it. You can’t control someone else’s reality, so feeling like you have to save them (or help or guide them) is tricky. If they come along, great, if they refuse to come along, you can’t make them. I’m only learning to fully accept that in my current occupation. I think it would be much harder as a “lightworker”.
    Thanks for another great video!

  • Nice video ! As a person born in 1992, I was primarily raised my grandparents . My parents used to be at work and my grandparents looked after me that included food , taking my studies and also having long conversations with them . Being in their 70’s their ideas though quite many feel altmodisch to me now , at that time I felt like my grandfather was like my hero cum friend cum philosopher cum guide cum teacher , all clubbed into 1 bundle . I never really made any good friends so to say coz I felt that he’s the one for me – a good friend . Now that he has grown very old and I’m 25, I realise many things he taught me were quite stupid and irrelevant and they block me and keep me off from my task . Although there are a few things he didn’t teach me per se , but I realise that I go into his style of thinking which frankly is quite annoying. Now I tried to blame him , but that couldn’t go far and I realised that blaming didn’t make me make a change . It feels now that I am aware about them , but not aware to the point that I can actually change them . It also seems wierd that the one person whom I depended on throughout my childhood mainly emotionally and mentally is the one whom I want to keep a healthy distance from. Well he did teach me many good things too those help me even today and I’m grateful for that, but this baggage of thinking also seems excessive . Any suggestions?
    Btw, thanks for the video – it was very nice and helped me gain a clarity on this concept that I wasn’t sure about 😊👍🏽

    • Hey Chaitrali,
      Your grandfather passed on what he knew. He did the best he could. That’s all anyone can ever do. But, of course he passed on some of his limiting beliefs. Here’s the thing: if you’re aware of your limiting beliefs, you can simply make a different choice. If you can’t make a different choice, you haven’t gotten to the heart of the belief yet. Sit with something you think your grandfather taught you. See how it feels. Explore the feeling. If it makes you mad, what makes you mad about it? What makes you uncomfortable? Give it a minute or two and see what more information you get. Often, when you figure it out, making a different decision becomes easy. 🙂

  • If people born after year 2000 aren’t much (or at all) affected by resistance, then what’s the point of light workers/beings born before year 2000? If we just let the time pass, in 100 to 200 years, all the people born in resistance will have died, and there will be only carefree, resistance-free people left anyway. What’s the point of someone like me having been born, who’s gone through hell, and still can’t rise above that hell? Even if I manage to somehow finally get to a good life, I’ll be at the same place as the new kids already are. They had it all easy anyway, while I had to go through shit first. And me finally being at a good place will mean nothing, have no benefit to anyone, because the global vibration is rising just due to older generations dying, and carefree new generations being born and shining their light which they were able to do from start. It’s such a huge slap in the face. If there was no benefit to me living through hell and then finally becoming free, why wasn’t I simply born after year 2000 and done? Things really seem pointless to me now…

    • If people like you had never been born, things wouldn’t be this easy for the new generations. Someone has to pave the way, someone has to shine the light into the darkness first so the vibration rises and then more and more light comes in. Old generations dying isn’t enough to raise the vibration of the planet, there has to be someone with a higher vibration who’s brave enough to walk in the dark first. Because we are all one, we are the planet raising its vibration, we are pure existence reinventing itself. There’s no separation between the planet and us. I know it feels hopeless and tough at times, but you matter. Everything you went through and didn’t give up even though it felt pointless matters. And you are strong because you are still here. You were brave enough to step into the darkness and prevail and you are brave enough to still keep going no matter what you’ve gone through, and because of you the world is so much brighter than it was when you were born.

    • Not to put words in Melody’s mouth, but I didn’t hear her say that people born after 2000 aren’t subject to resistance at all. I’m pretty sure she meant something different. What I heard her say is they operate under a different paradigm.
      That’s all I’ll say about that.
      I will say, as someone born way before 2000 and having gone through times of complete shit in my life, I totally get where you are at. And there were times when I felt like “why me?” I’ve felt like I had a target on my back where the universe threw knives in the form of evil people at me. And the universe never misses.
      It’s really tough to see the point of the shit when you are neck deep in it. But trust me when I say this- if you can find the point, the reason, you will rise above the shit. And when you do, you will feel fantastic.
      I’m one who always seems to take the hardest road. I showed up in a place that really difficult. I’ve spent my life aligning with people who are determined to try and shut me down.
      Melody says you don’t have to make it that hard. I think I am just now getting that message. What does that mean to me practically?
      -being aware when people who aren’t on my vibrational level and refusing to feel responsible to raise them up (this is the basis for being abused and manipulated by narcissists since they intuitively know you feel responsible and will use that against you)
      – knowing when I am not vibrationally stable and finding ways to stabilize a good feeling (SELF CARE CRITICAL HERE)
      – Moving from apathy to self-pity, to anger, to acceptance. Melody has a lot of blog posts on this and some that are purely instructional. It’s a ladder you move up. The lowest is apathy, (Why bother? It’s pointless) Self-pity, (everyone is out to get me). The next level up is anger (it’s his/her fault my life sucks). FYI, I spent a lot of time in anger, which feels a lot better than self-pity, but still not that powerful. Eventually, you get to acceptance (which feels a hell of a lot better than any of the lower steps).

      Once you get to acceptance, the meaning of all the shit you went through will become clear. Believe it or not, you’ll be thankful for it. It will somehow serve you. That sounds impossible right now. In fact, I’m betting you are probably pissed off that I would even say that. I remember when people would say stuff like that to me. But be aware, I’m NOT saying you have to “forgive and forget” or any bullshit like that. You don’t. Not ever, if you don’t want to.

      What I am saying is that you will take the shit that has been put on you and you will turn it into gold someday. The fact that you are here makes that clear to me.
      Keep reading stuff on this site. It takes time to really put the knowledge to use. It will happen.
      Hang in there!

    • Hey Z,

      Heather and Laurel are both spot on! Thank you ladies!!
      So, people born after 2000 definitely still have resistance. But they’re not as susceptible to it as past generations. Of course, each individual still makes their own decisions, so you’ll still find highly resistant young people. A good example is these young students in Florida who are protesting the latest shooting. How many shootings have there been? How many kids killed? These are manifestations, patterns that keep happening, but nothing changes. The “adults” lament it and then just go back to doing nothing differently. They back down. They succumb to the powerlessness. But not these kids. They’re not as afraid (doesn’t mean they’re not afraid at all). They’re quicker to go to anger. The status quo makes even less sense to them. They’re quicker to rebel, while capitulation is much less of an option. So, it’s not that they’re somehow exempt from everything not so nice, it’s just that they’re able to see what you see. Not everyone your age has your perspective. Many are still very much in the fog. You’ve woken up and are willing to wake up more and more. Your light is leading the way for these kids, while theirs can lead the way for you. You can consider them equals, who stand on your shoulders. You and they are both leaders of light. They are your reinforcements, the next wave. And isn’t it awesome that a greater number of them are ready now, instead of you having to wait 40 years for them to wake up? Isn’t it great to have some help?
      Not all young people are awake. But they are waking up sooner, and more easily. Consider them soldiers of light, rising from the fog, to join you in participating fully in the ascension of humanity.
      Is that better? 🙂

      • Thank you so much, Melody (and also Heather and Laurel), for your reply. I guess that a lot of resistance hit me lately, and suddenly everything started seeming so hopeless again. But thanks to your words, I feel better now. It’s not a world of competition to getting to a good life, it’s people helping each other in different ways. It can be so easy to get lost in a low, negative perspective, but now I think I can continue going forward. I wish all of this weren’t so hard, but I’ll give it my best.

  • Lardie be Jayzus! (Newfie expression) I’m all that! From one Lightbeing to another, thank you for validating my light and brightening it! I have so much love and light for you

  • Hi Melody,

    Great vid as always! I’m never really sure about this one…I don’t really have a strong desire to be a light worker (maybe because I have the preconceived notion that the ‘worker’ part would require me to quit my day job and start advertising my ‘woo woo’ services in the classifieds sections of Hemp Weekly or something along those lines!). Not that I’m anti-woo woo (there’s a combination of words I never thought I’d write), it just doesn’t appeal to me.

    The idea of being a ‘light being’ feels so much better and that makes much more sense to me. Having said that, I don’t think that I had a particularly rough start – I had my own personal challenges, but who doesn’t? I do however seem to attract people into my life who have had (sometimes extremely) tough starts in life, and who are now awesome light beings as a result.

    It sounds silly, but I’m never really sure if I am a particularly strong ‘light being/worker’ as I don’t have this contrast, and any intuition and ability to feel/read energy is a result of training myself, it didn’t come naturally. Oh and I was born in 1985, so not in the new template gang. I just never really know where I sit with all of this, not that I’m especially bothered either way, just curious what you would say about people similar to me?

    • Hey Maz,
      I would say – do what you want. Follow your desires. Follow your bliss. That’s the same advice I give everyone, of course. But it is the best advice. Because as you do that, your light naturally shines brighter. The thing is, it’s easy to simplify these topics a lot for the purpose of a short video. But not all lightbeings have a rough start. MANY do, but not all. But… the ones that don’t, don’t usually question why not, while the ones that do struggle greatly with their past. So I tend to focus more on that crowd…
      A rough start isn’t strictly necessary, and there are very powerful healers out there who haven’t had any childhood trauma at all. And, we’ll be seeing more and more of that over time, although some rough starts will still exist (it’s never all or nothing).
      So, nothing’s gone wrong. You’re in the game and you’re doing great. 🙂


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