You may have heard me, or other teachers talk about how the children that were most recently born are, well, different. We talk about how they have a different energy, or how they don’t have as much resistance, or sometimes even about how they have special abilities. Of course, we did the same with the Indigo and Crystal children. So, is this just more of the same? Are these the new Indigos, or is there something more going on?

I’ve been meaning to make this video for a while, and I was finally inspired to. So, get the answers to the above questions (…and more!) in today’s awesome video.


In a recent video on parenting techniques, I mentioned that the kids that are born after 2000 (sort of a rough estimate), are born with a different template. They’re almost a different species. That raised a lot of questions, and a lot of interest. People really wanted to know, “What does that mean?” And, some people even took it the wrong way. This is why I finally wanted to make a video (I’ve been planning to do this video for quite some time), to really explain what that means. This isn’t the first time that we’ve talked about different children. If you remember the whole indigo children, crystal children craze; that was another attempt to explain the gap between the generations, energetically. And that there were more Light Beings being born. I did a video on Light Beings, just a few weeks ago.

So, what are these kids? We don’t really have a name for them. Right? We didn’t give them indigo, crystal or something else children. What are they here for? Are they different, and how are they different? Why are they different?

We all have a starting point that we can move up from

First of all, let me start off by explaining that every generation comes into a higher vibration. Every generation comes into a world, is born into a vibrational soup that has less resistance in it. And then, each of us is born into a very specific vibrational soup. In our culture, in our family, in our geographic location, with a gender, with a sexual preference, with a family background. With all of these things, race, religion, all of that, that shapes our starting point, just our starting point. But, it shapes all of that quite specifically, so that’s where we start from. And then we can absolutely change and shift that, anytime we want. And, that is true for all of us. But, as we go through “time”, and I’m putting air quotes on this for a reason, as we move forward in “time”, because time doesn’t really exist; what we’re really just doing is moving up in vibration. As the vibration becomes less dense, as there’s less and less resistance, we are moving forward in time. And, when we move back in time, when we go into the past, what we’re really doing is just looking at a denser vibration, with more resistance.

Now, each individual person can still choose to react the way they want to, no matter what vibrational soup they’re born into. This is not a limitation, it’s a starting point. But, there are certain things that we can observe in every generation, as we sort of go up, as people come into a lighter vibration; that maybe they have in common. And not by saying, all Millennials have this in common, but it’s sort of, who is alive today, and what were they born into, and what is normal to them, and what is not normal to them.

Each generation rebels more than the generation before them

When my grandmother was a child, and she was told to shut up and sit down and behave, she did it. The idea of rebelling against that wasn’t even an option that was on the table. It just wasn’t something that she would have seriously considered doing. It wasn’t even that she seriously considered it, and thought, “Oh, but the consequences will be too much.” It just wasn’t even an option. You might liken this to something in your life, where you’ve had quite a bit of resistance to something, and somebody made a suggestion, that maybe later on became the solution. But, the first time you heard it, you may have dismissed it completely, and went, “No! That’s not an option; that’s just not an option.” You know, maybe you could just talk to your mother about problems with her, “No, no; I can’t do that.” And then, after releasing some resistance: “Oh yes! Actually, I think I could sit down and just talk to her.”

That option wasn’t available to my grandmother and her generation, for the most part. And then, when my mother was a child, when she was told to shut up, and sit down and conform, not so easy. There was a bit of fight there. And, it didn’t go well for her, as it didn’t go well for anybody. But, she was challenging that powerlessness a bit more. And then, when I was a child, and I was told to shut up, and sit down and conform, I rebelled even more than my mother did. Not because we were so rebellious, not because we were doing it just to be little dicks, but because it was wrong. The whole idea of being told by adults that you don’t matter, that your opinion doesn’t matter. Especially, when you’re doing things that you would consider to be unethical, or immoral, or just wrong for all of humanity, and they’re saying, “Nah! It doesn’t matter.” And, you’re saying, “Yes, it does!” You can’t keep your mouth shut. That’s no longer an option. Rebelling is much more of an option than it has ever been. It becomes more accessible, it becomes easier, it becomes more possible. In fact, it becomes inevitable, because the idea of not saying something, suddenly, isn’t an option.

Every generation has it within them to rebel a little bit more. It becomes, more and more ridiculous, not to do something about it.

Kids born after 2000 won’t, quite rightly, conform

That’s how you’ve got to see these kids who are born after 2000. They are born with, you can consider it a different template. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have any resistance, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any fears, it doesn’t mean that there’s no suffering, they haven’t completely surpassed that. But, it means that they’re not going to sit idly by, while somebody tells them that they don’t matter, their generation doesn’t matter; they should just shut up, and sit down and conform. Not only are they going to rebel against that; they’re not even going to consider it. We have to work very, very, very hard to try to get them to do it. This is why you’ve seen such a spate of medicating children in the last few decades. Because we’re trying to take these kids, who are awakening more, and more, and more, and are coming in more and more awake. We’re trying to shove them back in the box, instead of recognizing that maybe they’re right, and maybe we’re wrong.

Today’s kids are practicing self-care not selfishness

These kids are more adamant, they’re more rebellious against something that they consider to be injust, or just wrong. They have different priorities, for the most part. And again, I’m painting with a large brush here. Understand that you still have to look at every individual as a unique individual, who gets to make their own choices. The vibrational soup that you’re born into, really does matter. Somebody who’s born into a really racist family, may still take on a lot of those beliefs. But they will be more likely to break out of it, than perhaps their parents or grandparents were. That doesn’t mean that they’re definitely going to make the choice to go, “This is wrong.” It just means that they feel that pressure more, than their parents or grandparents did.

So, every individual still has to be seen as a unique individual. But, painting with a large brush here, it is going to be more true for every generation coming in. They have different priorities. They’re going to seem, in some ways, more selfish. That’s because they are not going to be as easy to program into doing things, because other people would like them to. Or, because other people might look down upon them if they don’t do it. That kind of stuff just does not make sense to these kids. You have to work very, very hard to get them to accept it. Or, maybe you could just work, a little bit, on accepting it yourself, if you are a parent, or someone who comes across kids, or just someone who’s bugged by kids, today. To be able to accept the idea, that maybe some of these beliefs are ridiculous, and maybe the kids are right. Doing things, just because somebody else might think that you’re stupid, or because you’ll please them for six seconds, before they fall into their pit again, and it has just cost you a lot, instead of just doing what you want to do. They’re going to seem more selfish in that way, but this is a very healthy selfishness. This is actually self-care, because energetically catering to other people, doesn’t really work.

But, that does not mean that they’re not altruistic, and it doesn’t mean that they’re not community minded. In fact, I have found that they are more community minded than any generation before. Which means that the idea of succeeding at the expense of others, is ludicrous to them. Absolutely ludicrous to them. Now, they can be trained out of that, so again, look at everyone on an individual basis, but it is more ludicrous to them, than anyone ever before. The idea that we have to sacrifice some people, or a lot of people, or the majority of the people, for a few people to thrive, is ridiculous them to them. They also don’t understand why we would consider it difficult to include everyone. It just doesn’t make sense. You’re going to notice, a lot of times, when there’s a difference of opinion, or when a child, especially a very young child, now says something, a lot of the times, it’s because they just absolutely don’t get that limited point of view. They just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s ludicrous, it’s ridiculous.

So, a lot of the times when we want to give them the perspective of, well, a young child might ask you, “Why do we have a big house, and that guy’s homeless?” And then, you’re trying to justify, “Well, because, because; because…” You’re not using energy to translate it, you’re using limiting beliefs to, sort of, justify. “Well, you know, some of us work really hard.”  You know its bullshit as you’re saying it. Well, they do too. And, they’re not going to accept that, the same way. When they see something that feels unfair to them, they’re going to say it. And then, people can be very defensive about that because it’s bringing up their own limitations, their own limiting beliefs, their own fears. Which they haven’t worked through.

Today’s kids still have their fears

These kids are, in many ways, challenging people. They have not come here to challenge people, not specifically, they’ve come here with their own agenda, just as we all have, to participate in the ascension of humanity. But, they are coming in with a little bit more light. Now, that does not, necessarily, mean that their lives are going to be super easy. If you look at these kids right now, protesting the gun laws in the United States. Those aren’t young, young kids. I mean, they’re not 3-year-olds, they’re 18-year-olds. But, you can see that the idea of not protesting this, that’s what’s scary, and it’s far scarier than the protests. So, it doesn’t mean, they don’t have any fear, but their fears are different. The fear of not doing something, and what will become of us all if we don’t do something, is now greater than the fear of doing something. Which is, that’s a swap. And, in older generations it’s often, the exact opposite; the fear of doing something is much greater than the fear of not doing something.

And so, that’s why you can see so much of a generational divide here, on this issue of what’s happening. You can look at the philosophy of ubuntu, which is from Africa. I don’t want to do it injustice here, by defining it incorrectly in some way, but it’s essentially the idea that we’re all in this together. And that, if you harm one person in the group, then you harm the whole group. And that you all move forward, together, and that you are stronger together. And then, there are different definitions that you can find of that flavor. Everybody, kind of, seems to define it their own way. But I see that little more community minded mindset present in the younger generations. I think, it always has been, to some degree. And then, we get seduced by the density of the energy, and the limitation, and we, sort of, drop those highfalutin things, “That’s too much work; that’s too much work.” And, every new generation comes in, and they have so much energy, and they’re like, “It’s not too much work; let’s do it.”

Bottom Line

And so, my recommendation is: Let’s believe these kids. Let’s listen to these kids. Let’s not squash these kids. Let’s trust these kids, and let’s also understand that it’s their future. I mean, those of us who are going to live a long, long time, it’s our future too. But, it’s their future, and the idea that only somebody, who’s in their 70’s, and has never worked a normal job in their life, and has been a career politician for 50 years, knows more about what’s wrong with world, and how to fix it, than a 16 year old, or an 18 year old; to me, that is ludicrous. Everybody is living their experience, everybody has value. And if somebody pipes up, that doesn’t have as much fear, and has a really strong sense of justice, I think, they deserve to have a seat at the table. I think, they deserve to really get the time to speak, and for us to consider what they’re saying. They deserve to have a seat at the leadership table. All of us do.

So, these kids, I think, have the absolute right idea. I think, they have an amazing energy, and I think, the best thing that we can do is honor that. Guide them, but really clean up our own shit before we even try that. Because, a lot of times, they’re going to challenge us to clean up our stuff instead of us challenging them to clean up theirs.

So hopefully, that has given you a little bit better idea of these kids born after 2000. We don’t, necessarily, even have to give them a name. By the way, a lot of this was true for the indigo children as well. They were just coming in to a different vibrational soup, with a strong energy, and their Light Beings. And so, they’re kind of, experiencing the discord of that. As we talked about in the Light Worker, Light Being, video, that’s what the crystals and the indigos were going through, and discovering things that seemed almost supernatural to other people. There’s a lot more of that going on now, so it doesn’t seem so weird anymore. But it did, a few decades ago.

So hopefully, you’ve got a better understanding of the kids today, and why they are amazing. Let me know in the comments what you think, and your experience of really young children, and how you may have seen them be different. Parents, grandparents out there, you may be noticing these differences.

And also, let me know in the comments if there’s something that you would like me to write about, a question, an existential question. You’re noticing that we’re going further down the rabbit hole these days? So, yeah, those kinds of questions are going to be really interesting to me. And there are, of course, over 600 blog posts and videos now, on the blog: (go check it out), where I’ve covered just about every topic. And that’s why we’re going down the rabbit hole further now, because we’ve covered everything else, pretty much. So, come down the rabbit hole with me, and ask whatever questions you like; and I might make a video about it.

Until next week, I want to send you, smooshy, smooshy, happy shiny puppy hugs, and also, I want to thank you, for bringing your light to the world. Bye.

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  • I was just thinking about Maria Montessori when I read this post and Montessori education. I think you would really enjoy her book ‘the absorbent mind’ Melody! I love how much she was fighting for the ‘innate goodness and love’ of the child, even in her time (1930)!

    • If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men.

      Amazing quote by dr Maria Montessori 🙂

  • YAYYY, I’m so happy you were inspired to make this, right around the time many of us requested it.

    There’s so much to digest here.

    It’s interesting to see how other people interpret the same kind of phenomena but explain it differently, although it means the same thing at the end of the day. You talk about denser energy, I think about less entropy. Awesome rabbit hole explanation. The advanced LOA stuff is my favorite.

    I imagine the collective consciousness at any given point in time and it seems to me that when the collective has largely adopted a certain belief, or ENOUGH people believe that thing, then it’s generally easier for an individual (of course as you said there are exceptions due to local environment/energy/variable constraints) to make a choice that aligns with said belief. Because there’s less overall resistance to it. Your grandmother rebelling, for example… rebelling wasn’t an option for the vast majority back then. And thus few people even entertained the idea.

    The more people wake up and update their beliefs, the more room it gives the younger generation to take on an issue that people would not have taken on decades before. As another example, I work in the tech industry and the way tech advances reflects the same phenomena. We’re no longer solving problems that are solved by tools at our disposal (which didn’t exist pre-2005), we’re now onto more pressing “higher level” issues. The work never stops. The TYPE of work is what changes.

    One thing this video brought up is about those of us who are “way ahead of our time”. I think that’s where a LOT of our suffering comes from because we’re fighting against a much bigger resistance than if we were born in the 2000’s. I remember grappling with certain issues in my childhood that I couldn’t even google because the information, even if it existed, wasn’t being shared yet on a large scale. Now? We have subreddits and websites for everything: people are aware of narcissistic parents and we’ve totally moved away from “you have to listen to and respect your family no matter what” which completely ignores the very real abuse so many of us go through.

    I think the point of those who are ahead of their time is to shine the light for future generations. Someone had to do it before the energy could get less dense. But what about those who are so ahead that even the newer generations can’t get to manifesting these solutions on a large enough scale? In the macro world, change is slow. In the micro world, it’s much easier and faster. I suppose sticking to the micro would be one solution. And being at the edge of human knowledge on a certain topic/field where you can contribute and shine.

  • hi,
    Dowse if this is true for you :
    1. Children born today are not born onto the wheel of karma
    2. The ‘law’ of Karma has now been healed
    3. Children born today are now more connected to ‘future’ (future type vibration rather than time concept I guess)
    Think of the energy this frees up to not be dragging around the stuff of the past over and over in a cycle that never really goes forward much.
    Its as if they are working within a new type of system than us oldies (in my case a 1970’s kid).
    I have been fascinated listening to teenagers about all this change in gender percepetion and how before it seemed challenging enough for people if they were’ female’ but felt ‘ male’. Now this seems to be flipping back and forward very intensely for many young people almost on a daily basis and is extremely confusing and painful in a world that functions in the limitations of “him” and ” her” language. It is as if the fundamentals of the hologram of our ‘human template’ and how it is projected and what it will be capable of is undergoing a change and this generation is really feeling it as it is trying to carry through this ‘shift’ and this transition.
    Actually hard to word what I mean …….
    hmmm … is this TOO FAR down the rabbit hole ?

  • Nice video and yes children born post 2000 are quite aware . My 4 year old nephew who is in the US, well if I want to tell him not to do something coz it’s going to hurt him , I have to tell him the truth , just cannot give any crap reason for not doing it . Besides , his points of arguments are quite valid too , so sometimes we do have to allow him to do that thing but in a way that we are sure about is safe . As a millennial , yes our generation wants to understand the why behind the what and then make a choice . At the beginning of this video , you talked about shortly how time doesn’t exist and time passes as we move into a higher vibration. Does that mean a person who has a recurring manifestation like failure is kind of stable in time as far as that failure goes? My case – I have been appearing for my CPA finals in India for like the past 3 years (2times a year ) with no success . Of late , while preparing for this attempt when I view my past failures so to say , those past years , they seem like a distant dream , sometimes like a nightmare, but often quite like an old memory that you have already lived in the past and you’re in a new reality now . Physically there’s no change so to say but vibrationally I’m slightly able to decipher the diference . Sometimes I do fall into the dense pit of those times and then things suddenly seem fearful and I burst out into full blown anxiety that does last quite , but this so called distant dream phenomena , can we call it a rise in awareness ? Also to sum it up – do we measure our time in our life on the basis of how much high we have moved vibrationally and when we say that our life stands still it means that we have been quite stable in a group of vibrations and we haven’t gone up the vibrational ladder ?

  • Hi Melody!
    Loved the video – very insightful and made me think of my students here in Japan! Though I was born in ’90, a lot of the things that you said in the video rang true for me. I remember as a kid never really buying into any of society’s bs, but just (pretending) to go along with it anyways because I sensed that the adults around me weren’t ready to hear my truths (which I guess makes sense for me as a Millennial, as the “kids these days” don’t even seem willing to pretend anymore, haha!).

    But, in any case, I have a lot of experience with today’s kids, as I’m the oldest of 12 cousins on my dad’s side of the family, have been a babysitter for just about half of my life now, and am currently working as a teacher in Japan. I see what you mean about these kids still having to deal with the shit in their own respective micro-systems, despite maybe having less personal resistance to deal with. Because I gotta say – in my experience – things seem a lot easier for the American kids (in comparison to the Japanese kids) in a lot of ways

    [prepare for Japanese-society-academic-essay-critique… thing, haha]
    I actually had to leave the public school system here in Japan because it was just so painfully restrictive, I couldn’t bare to watch as it broke these kids’ spirits any longer. They have these awful entrance exams they make young kids go through in 5th-6th grade for entering JHS (which is 7-9th grade for them) and the pressure they put on them is absolutely ridiculous – you’d think they were applying for med school! (and that’s just scratching the surface – I’m sure I could write a legit novel on this subject) I watched as my happy, excited, and expressive 6th-graders entered JHS and quickly had their spirits broken down into the usual Japanese stereotypes people expect: quiet, serious, studious. Because in Japan, it’s all about conformity. It’s considered rude and disrespectful to stand out. You may have heard the Japanese motto “the nail that stands out gets hammered down” – I think that says it all.

    Now there’s some good that comes from that kind of mindset, because again – as you pointed out in the video – there’s a kind of concern for the well-being of EVERYONE and the community as a whole, which I really like, and I think the West could stand to get a little more attuned with. But I see this suppressing-of-the-individual taking its toll on my students much more than it seems to have on my peers and older friends. I see so many kids here just shutting down, to the point where they won’t talk to anyone or participate in class, because it’s the only way they seem to be able to rebel. I admire that, and as much as I can, I try to encourage them to stay true to themselves. But it’s painful to watch because I guess the level of resistance in Japan re: younger generations just seems a lot thicker, if you will? Despite young kids like my students rebelling in their own ways and my fellow Millennials starting to take their hold in the work force, the systems don’t even seem close to changing. Japan has this funnel thing going on with their generations right now, where there are just less and less of each younger generation (which, I might add, is a direct result of women rebelling against the idea that they have to be stay-at-home moms and choosing not to have children at all). As a result, old (and outdated!) beliefs seem to have a vice-grip on society here, and it’s like these newer generations are seeds being thrown on concrete.

    But anyways, enough of that! This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and I guess your vid was kind of synchronistic in that way! It’s just interesting for me to see the difference between American kids and Japanese kids, and your vid made me really think about what they do and do not have in common as far as “the collective” is concerned. I’ll be moving back to the states this summer, but, in my remaining time here, I will continue encouraging my students to be themselves and hope some of it sticks! Even though changing the systems may take longer here, I know they’ll be able to do it eventually!!

    • Hey Hannah,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us! The more restrictive the society, the greater the eventual rebellion. Believe in these kids. Don’t pity them. They are stronger than they can imagine. But if you try, you can imagine it. Yes, it’s harder to rebel in a culture that places such a great focus on conformity. But they can and they will do it. You can see their individuality squishing out all over the place if you look for it. As you said, women are forging a new path. They are no longer conforming to society’s expectations of them. You’ll see that kind of thing more and more. We’re seeing it in China, too. Power, TRUE Power, is awakening all over the world. Yay!

      • Hey Meody!
        Thanks for your response – as enlightening as always! You are so right. Despite all the resistance I see (and experience myself!), I can’t deny that it’s also just really exciting to be alive at this time! To be able to witness and co-create this new reality where everyone is beginning to realize their own unique potentials and own their power is a blessing in an of itself!

    • Hey Martha,

      I love Bashar! He was a great teacher to me for about a year or so. I haven’t listened in for quite some time, so don’t really know what he’s been up to, but I love the more technical explanations he gives. 🙂


  • Great video! I have two sons 17 & 14 and their level of awareness, how tuned in they are energetically, is incredible. I’m cleaning up my own crap and putting down as much baggage as possible because I see their way of being and am inspired. I love having energy conversations with them and giving them space to learn more about themselves and to explore what they care about. Those youth speaking out against the NRA seem unstoppable and are fantastic to listen to.

  • Hi Melody,

    I was wondering. Is the reason the vibration is always rising because every thought gets added to universal intelligence, and that raises the universal consciousness which expands the energy over time? Meaning that every time someone thinks something, they raise the energy by adding their thought to universal intelligence? Is this right?

    My other comment. In my experience, also a ’98 vintage, I feel drained by my generation, and older generations, particularly those 50 and up, seem to have a higher vibration. They generally, and I too am painting with a large brush, seem to be more inclusive and understanding. They’re the people who tell me not to care what others think about me. They’re the people I can be myself around, who accept me for me. Of course, my belief in this is probably what keeps bringing me to older people who fit this conception.

  • I was born in 1998 since i was in middle school i noticed this generation gap more and more i guess i’m just more intuitive as no one around me feel that expect me and my sister i admire American kids they seem more aware about their nation and the global my country kids are just following what everyone tell them but i don’t understand why i’m so different ? Could growing up with western cartoons and movies affected me ? I was really imaginative kid i never get bored always dreaming and role-play. I like how you said it’s a starting point it really resonate with me our age, culture, country,.. nothing can limit us unless we let it by our believe . Woow 600 articles ??!! I want to read them all but i don’t know if i can ….i want to go down the rabbit hole i don’t know if you written this subject before if so just refer me to one of your articles 😊. My question is i like getting involved in charities that helps people, i like marching and protesting for change, i like being an activist i want to finally find solutions to the problems we have when i hear people stories i get sad for the hardship they went through i cannot seem to feel positive about those problems like the homeless, the poor, the abused, people with rare deseae….etc but i’m afraid i’m focusing on the unwanted stick and things will never be better, i started listening to Abraham 6 months ago it was all good till they said that we shouldn’t focus on unwanted things for example if your husband cheats on you focus on his positive traits ( seriously !!? ) if you see poverty in tv change the channel, don’t fight back the bullies, the earth is fine…. etc but if we don’t acknoweldge the problem and getting aware of it we would never be able to find a solution !! I find abeaham encouraging living in La La land in your head and ignoring reality they even say choose to feel good not seek truth ! I don’t believe that life is hard work or suffering i just feel like being aware and being truthful is important . I read in one of your posts (forget which one) that you disagree with abraham on some things can be more specific cause as much as i believe in LOA i disagree a lot with Abraham hicks . So yeah what do you think about all that ?

    • This is interesting to me …………. presumably the Universe and its ‘laws’ are also evolving or changing in vibration as things are healed and shifting at a universe level. This must mean that the universal laws are also shifting and adapting and updating. If so it must be possible that just because something is channelled from the universe doesnt mean it cant also become outdated.
      Maybe this is why even universal ‘truth’ isn’t absolute because we can only ever have access to what is available as the closest ultimate truth at a given moment and the more stuff that clears at a universe level the more ‘truth’ can come through.

      • Hello Ann,
        Yeah the energy of the universe is always evolving it’s impossible for anything to be stagnet it’s always moving. I think how esther translate abraham energy is just too general they talk a lot about thoughts but i think that it’s our beliefs that shape us and our world it’s true that they started with a thought but we need to change our beliefs to truly bring the changes we want . Also being happy about everything and accept life as it is just makes you passive. Being active in your dreams and goals is where your creative powers really start to shine.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      Abraham Hicks used to confuse me for a while too until I read a blog post about them. I remember Melody mentioning in regards to Abraham Hicks (I cannot remember which one of her 600 blog posts though :P) that Abraham’s message is just another way of looking at the LoA process. Abraham is not saying to ignore what you are feeling, but to acknowledge your feelings and then choose the BETTER FEELING thought. In some of the Abraham-Hicks books there are several processes that they use to guide you towards feeling better, and one of them is where you write down what you don’t want, and then write down what it is that you do want and focus on that. They also suggest going general on a subject as a way of releasing resistance.

      Hope this was helpful!

      • Hello Zoe,
        i understand that the core message the basic is all the same i’ve read a couple of their books before and liked some process maybe i should try them out and see for myself how they work. Abraham for me are just too general and sometimes their answers to the same question are different which makes me confused and sometimes the answer is vague and feel incomplete . For example Melody talked about boundries and how manipulative people work and what you do to protect yourself, with Abraham they advice to look for positive traits to trust and expect the person to behave like you want or just let them do the heck they want to you and be happy about it i just didn’t get it but i believed so when i read Melody approach on relationship i felt a huge relief and i realized i actually believed that in order to be enlightned and see the world through source eyes i must accept what anyone do to me i shouldn’t have standards or boundries and just love them anyway i believed having boundries is defensive and i won’t find love like that ( i’m glad i didn’t enter a relationship with that perspective it would’ve been a disaster ) you see the difference i see between Melody and Abraham . And feeling good is not an accurate measure of truth i felt good for things that turn out false . So it’s confusing who’s teacher to believe .

    • Hi Ann
      I love your comment:
      “they talk a lot about thoughts but i think that it’s our beliefs that shape us and our world it’s true that they started with a thought but we need to change our beliefs to truly bring the changes we want”
      I FEEL The same WAY !!!
      IT IS Definitely Our Individual Beliefs Merging into a Collective Belief System that Shapes us and our world around us “IF” we choose to adopt those same Beliefs…,,, An Example would be …we were programmed into seeing Dis-ease as being caused by Bacteria, to the point of taking antibiotics, and sanitizing the world we were born into, even though bacteria have been here since the beginning of time and happen to be our Body’s Primary source of Enzymes and Proteins and Re-cycling. Yet we allowed them to convince us to take the bacteria out of the equation and NOW the Industry is selling us the information they have gained from bacteria, back to us for a profit. Their process of convincing us into taking our bacteria out of the equation is what is causing “Dis-ease”…( Bacteria Identity Theft? Hmmmm ) Since we are stripped of bacteria under the pretense that they cause disease, our source of enzymes, amino acids and re-cycling crew are not longer available to us from the inside, Now we Have to Buy them back from an Outside Greedy Source.

  • I thought of another question.

    I’m interested in the idea of a “famous person” and what that means vibrationally. Like, it’s definitely a co-manfiestation, like, one person creates a thing, and then other people are like, I like the vibration that created that thing….? But, how come sometimes a work is famous, but the person who created it is not? And other times the work is not famous, but the person who created it is? Why are people interested in famous people? Why do some people have the vibration of a “famous” person and other people don’t? Why are some people famous for a minute and then not, and others are for their whole lives? There might be more questions, but it’s something I’m interested in exploring.

  • Oh, also you asked for questions..

    Something I’m wondering is… why have the vibration expand at all? Why start in a shittier place and then have things get better? If the “point” is to have fun, then why not just make everything all fun all the time? And if the answer is, “Because you’re an all-powerful being and you created these challenges to make the game more fun,” then WHY have the vibration increase? Wouldn’t that just make things easier, NOT more challenging?

  • I really appreciated this post, and I felt like you touched on it very tactfully by bringing them up without saying they’re “better” than anyone. I think they’re great too.

    I think my generation, the “Millennials” incited a lot of start-up companies and the tech boom because we grew up in an unstable time where the economy crashed, so you didn’t have that mentality of “Just get a job and it’ll be OK.” (At least for me; I can’t speak for everyone.) It seems like my generation is about building things, and the next one is about exploring. That just felt right to say for some reason.

    It seems to me like the Millenial generation’s fear is about not having accomplished something — trying to be famous, trying to “change the world” — and the 2000s babies are about BEING something — being seen, etc.

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