We all get stuck from time to time. Seriously, it happens to every human being, no matter how enlightened they might think they are. Sometimes, it can feel like something just out of reach – something that once discovered, will make everything easier. At other times, we’re not aware of being stuck at all. Instead, we’re left wondering why things aren’t just working out.

Well, in today’s video, I’ve got a quick and easy hack for you (aren’t those the best??). A simple little but incredibly powerful trick you can use today to help you get unstuck quickly and easily. In fact, it’s so simple, it’s unbelievably easy to forget (part of the reason I made this video is to help remind myself…)

So, if you’re up for a little easy reality hacking, today’s video is for you.


Hello my happy shiny puppies, this is Melody Fletcher and I’m coming to you today from the Sheraton Downtown in Phoenix, where I’ve spent the last couple of days being part of a mastermind group, and meeting with some old friends.

I had a thought yesterday that I wanted to share with you, a little epiphany, one that I’ve had many, many, many times, and one that is so easy to forget the value of. And so, I thought you know what? I’m going to share it with you; but I’m also going to immortalize it here in video, as a reminder to myself of just how important this can be.

Change your geographic location to get new insights

And that is the sheer value, the incredible power of simply leaving home. And, I don’t mean leaving your house; I mean leaving home, like going someplace where you don’t live, changing your geographic location, changing your environment completely. And I’m not talking about just going down the street to the store or going to the park. These can be helpful, but I’m talking about really getting out of your environment completely. So, going to a different town, going to a different country even; going to a different environment.

Every time I do, I get tons and tons and tons of insights. I was talking about this with some of the members of my mastermind group and we all agreed that there’s such power in coming to a different place. There is, of course, a lot of power in masterminding, in meeting with other people, and in having those great conversations, but just changing your environment already creates a ton of aha moments all on its own. Especially if you’re stuck on something, if there’s something you’ve been chewing on, something that you haven’t been able to really even get a hold of or define. Coming to a different geographic location for a couple of days, especially if you’re going to take a little bit of time to think and to ponder, and you’re not, you know, spending the entire time distracting yourself in various ways, it can be so incredibly powerful.

From the moment I got on the plane, I’ve began to have tons of aha moments. About halfway through the plane ride, my brain already started to get access to clarity that I didn’t have before. And, the reason for that is, that by changing your environment, you are changing your perspective; and we all know how powerful it is to change your perspective. So, this is a really, really easy thing that we can all do to get more clarity.

So, if you’re stuck on something and you want to be able to get a hold of what it is and even shift it, or if you just want to receive new insights, because maybe it’s been a while since you had a big download, and you’d like to create a little bit of a catalyst for change (I’ve certainly done that), you can just go to a different place. Now, if you can’t afford to go to another country, if you don’t have the time or the money to do that, you can certainly go to the next town over, maybe a place that you haven’t been before. Take a train ride for an hour, have an adventure, or go to a different city, for a couple of days or for a weekend, and just allow your brain to acclimate to that different environment, to that different perspective.

Getting a new perspective

You’re seeing things you haven’t seen before. Even just taking a different route to work, one you’ve never taken before, taking a walk through a neighborhood that you haven’t been in before, already starts to kick this off. Just changing your environment a little might not be as dramatic as continent hopping, but it can already provide a great deal of clarity.

Again, I’m sharing this with you because I’m hoping it’ll benefit you; but I’m also immortalizing this message for myself, because it’s something that can be so easy to forget when you’re working away passionately (particularly, if you’re somebody like me who works from home). I tend to be super, super focused, and when I come out of that state, it’s a really good idea for me to actually go away somewhere, and kind of do a little bit of a reset. I take a look at my priorities, take a look at my next steps and what feels right for me. I tend to get a ton of information, a ton of clarity, which can lead to shifting any resistance I might be experiencing, which I couldn’t really get a hold of before, or which I didn’t even know was there.

So, hopefully, this has been helpful to you. Leave me a comment below on how you’ve used changing your location to shift your energy. Also, what are some other quick and easy ways that you’ve found that help you get clarity? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below. Until next week, I’m Melody Fletcher and I want to send you all smooshy, smooshy, happy shiny puppy hugs, and thank you for bringing your light to the world.

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  • First off – the last time I got out of town, I was in downtown Phoenix!
    Second – I was JUST thinking about this yesterday. I felt so so stuck on my work (from home) right now, and I felt the need to get away for some new perspective. I browsed Airbnb for some local getaways but I didn’t commit because I thought I was being silly… and now this video! I needed confirmation and I got it. Thanks, lady!

  • one of the insights i got being away was finding this book on the enneagram, typing myself and then being blown away by the accuracy with which it seemed to be describing me and my current tendencies.
    It made me wonder if there are any blog postings on the eneeagram or these kind of personality profiling things that appear very accuarate.
    From a universe / creation point of view why would these ‘categories’ of personality types arise ? Where we given a kind of selection of templates to choose from as a starting point for our manifestation / creation game in life. Sort or like choosing our costume and our initial ‘ handicaps/ tool kit’ for level 1 of the game. Interested to hear views on this, find blog posts or understand if these character types would effect how the manifestation process is used beyond simple conclusions like an ennegram type 5 might find it harder to ‘feel’, etc. Maybe they are an aid to understanding where our resistances might lie. OR maybe these ‘typing’ systems are a load of rubbish.

  • Yes! I couldn’t agree more this always happens to me, I get really stuck if I’m at home for too long and my ideas I can’t get clear on but if I take myself off somewhere different or even just head back to my parents in the middle of the country all the ideas start to flow and I feel much more clear again. Great Advice, thank you x

  • wow – this is interesting I have just been away from home for 2 weeks and was pondering ‘why do i feel better when i am away from home than i do when i am home’.
    I realised their is an opening to the new in places and how often there are so many sychronicites and opportunities that happen in that ‘other location’. Suddenly all these ‘coincidences’ seemed to occur and now i am home again with inner goodies.
    I used to just bask in the ‘relief and respite’ of being away from the list, etc but this time I also tried to see what is it at home that I don’t want and can I change that.
    I realised can often scarper from home or need to get away as a kind of protective defense because i want the respite and relief of ‘knowing I won’t be found or seen’ .. so i am not sure in those situations if it is better to go or stay .. if going means running!
    Interesting to now return with this info and try to work on changing this stuff and why being at home feels like walking back into the middle of a thick syrup jar.
    Also another interesting thing i did recently was to choose stay home and not go away to a gathering that normally I would have gone to ‘because I should’. This allowed me to actually be at home but in a different way and with a different perspective as the ‘non – goer’. I also felt free and enjoyed the house to myself.

    Thanks again for your wisdom Melody.

  • Hi Jennifer! I’m not in a position to pick up and go that easily either but try some of these ideas. They’ve worked for me. Go shopping in stores you’ve never been to, perhaps in a different neighborhood. Do something with someone else that you normally do alone (like grocery shopping) or do something alone that you normally do with someone else (eating out). Even walking down the opposite side of the street is a change of perspective. Change the time of day that you do things. The energy is different and so is the daylight angle, etc. If you’re stuck at home try rearranging your furniture. Sleep in a different room or bed. Things feel a lot different in the spare room and you might discover why your guests sleep in so late lol. Sit in a different place at the table or while watching TV. Use your opposite hand or arm. Spend time with children or seniors if that is not normal. Eat something different; read something different. Anything that breaks up your usual routine can be liberating. And here’s an idea about how I used this technique to specifically attract abundance. I changed toilet paper brands and discovered a wonderfully soft kind. I made the executive decision to start buying it even though it was more expensive because it felt so much better on my bum. The switch changed my mindset completely. It was such a minor thing but I went from the autopilot idea that I needed to save every penny because I didn’t have much money, to owning the idea that I was deserving of better quality in my life and I could afford it. Yep, just from a change of toilet paper, but better quality and a sense of abundance began manifesting in many areas of my life after that. Sometimes all you have to do is move your mind to experience the adventure :).

  • Omg this is so true! And the fact that even though it’s so obvious you still keep forgetting about it is so true too 😀 It’s a bit like the good ol’ better-feeling-thought-mantra, I still sometimes find myself trying to reach for the thought that I think should logically feel better, instead of trying to find the one that actually feels better.
    Also this can be applied in so much bigger scale than just going out on a trip. Watch a movie that represents a genre that you hate, or try listening to music you’ve never listened to before. Even just imagine doing something you’ve never done or could never dream of doing, like what it would feel like to be a professional ballet dancer or maybe a quantum physicist. The further away from the you you perceive yourself to be, the better. And then try to catch the essence of it, and as you are forced to shift your thinking into someplace your mind has not been to before, it will automatically apply these new thinking patterns into everything else you happen to think about after that and you see things from a different perspective. Also forcing yourself to do things that scare you a little (not too much, otherwise it’ll have the exact opposite effect) is a really good way to get you unstuck because the small adrenaline rush you get when you do something like that might be the tiny bit of empowerment you need to push you forward. I used to avoid parking halls because I was scared I might scrape someone else’s car so I started to deliberately park into one whenever there was one nearby. You know, just for the kicks. But this is just how we grow, I guess. Very often I don’t realize the size of the shift I’ve gone through until I try something that I thought I hated, or something that scared me, or something I thought I just simply cannot do because insert stupid excuse here. And to my big surprise it’s a. fun b. easy c. not scary at all. I guess sometimes when you think you’re stuck, you just haven’t filled up the whole space you expanded for yourself. A bit like you can’t go up to the next level until you’ve fully explored this one 🙂

    • > “A bit like you can’t go up to the next level until you’ve fully explored this one ”

      YES! Omg, I’ve been thinking this for a while. Quantum jumping to the next level would be pretty painful (although doable). So I try to expand myself to fill up the whole space now before getting ahead of myself. There is so much to learn in the current level. It’s about ‘feeling’ your way through it, instead of ‘intellecting’ to the next level. And it’s so much more fulfilling that way.

  • Hi melody – great video- and yes i can totally relate to having to immortalise an insight which slips away again and again LOL!! its like a suntan that fades- totally agree -anything that can help us see things from another perspective is invaluable- ‘when we are too close the elephant all we see is grey ” is I think a reference to just this- I’m also a fan of resetting through sea swimming – often the colder the better- this never fails – I think it does something vibrationally in a way it’s hard to describe. love to you from Scotland B x

  • This is brilliant and this video in itself has just given me an insight into my behaviour over the past ten years! In that time I’ve lived in eight different towns & cities, across four countries and across three continents – and that doesn’t include the travelling I’ve done in between, these are just the places that I’ve set up shop with a job, house etc.

    Environmental change is almost addictive to me, or at least it was – I’m staying with friends right now whilst I wait to move into my next place in my new city…and I’m pretty much done with moving around. I’m craving roots and a base. However I do absolutely love the feeling of finding myself somewhere new and exploring. And perhaps this is why – I’m actually addicted to the insight that come with this change, and I have developed and changed so much over these years. Interesting 🙂

  • It is really a sign for me, just when I am going through a difficult time..! Perfect timing as always Melody:)
    I have decided to go to my hometown for the weekend and also move there altogether a couple of months later.
    Just when I’m thinking about how big decision is to change a city, I saw the video.
    Thank you melody ❤️

  • Awesome Melody. I’m literally going to do it from just watching your video: I’m going to leave town and do something random. I’m taking my journal with me to write down any insight I might receive on this adventure.

  • I like this idea. Don’t know where to go or (more reasonably) where I can afford to go, but it’s a fun idea to ponder.

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