Ok, so I know that I haven’t posted in a while. Don’t worry, nothing went wrong. Everything is going super-duper right. But… it is different. Let me explain.

Over the last few months, I’ve, once again, gone through a whole buttload of changes and shifts. It’s been Shiftapalooza over here in Melody land. And, as those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time (thank you!!) will have noticed, every time I go through a major shift, so does my blog. I tend to stop publishing when I’m in the midst of a massive transition. And once it’s done, I have some kind of epiphany about what I need to start doing differently in order to express who I really am in a bigger, even more authentic way.

I’ve been holding back

Well, this time is no different. I’ve come out of this shift with some new clarity: I’ve been holding back. I didn’t do it on purpose. And I didn’t even know I was doing it, but I have been. The epiphany came during a conversation with someone at a business conference. We were laughing and joking around, being silly and snarky, and he suddenly stopped, and looked at me and said, “You should tweet everything you say”. To which I immediately (and not fully consciously) answered: “Na, I’m a lot snarkier in my personal life than I am publicly”.

The thing is, I heard myself say this. And later, when I was alone and had time to dissect, I asked myself why that was? Why weren’t my personal and public persona the same? They were nearly the same, but not completely. The truth was, I WAS a lot snarkier in my personal life. And with my private clients. And by snarkier, of course, I mean more honest.

You see, what I consider “snark” isn’t what most people would call it. I’m not mean or nasty or judgmental. It’s not even sarcasm (although I LOVE sarcasm when I’m playing with someone who loves it, too). When I sat down and felt it through, I realized that my snark is really just my strong, passionate opinion. It’s my point of view. And, once I admitted that, I began to see that my point of view, my perspective, is what I stand for. Because my opinions aren’t someone else’s. They’re not conclusions that I just adopted somehow. They’re well thought through, based on evidence and experience. I often spend a great deal of time figuring out what my actual opinion on something is – dissecting the problem and then finding a good feeling solution (or at least perspective) that I then choose to adopt as my own. And I do this process over and over again, since any new data might lead to a different conclusion or opinion. This is the stuff I choose to believe. This is the stuff that gets me fired up on a day to day basis. This is the stuff that makes my heart sing. And sometimes weep.

I’m not Zen, goddammit

You see, I’m not really all that Zen. And as a spiritual teacher, admitting that puts me in a very small group. Sure, I’m a happy shiny puppy almost all of the time. My life is pretty phenomenal, and I know it. And I’m more empowered than I’ve ever been. I do my best to adopt a good feeling, love-based perspective as much as I can.

But… it’s a process. Even for me. When I look at the world and what’s going on in it, sometimes my heart breaks. It might take me a while to find my balance again. Sometimes it happens quickly and easily, but sometimes, I fall in a hole for a bit and have to climb my way back out. Of course, I know that I can, and I know how, which is the empowering bit. But that doesn’t change that I still have to do it. Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I get a total rage boner. And even though I’ve never had a problem admitting this privately, and with my private clients, I haven’t done a lot of that publicly.

Why not? Because, and this is one of the bits I discovered, I was afraid. It wasn’t a logical fear. I’m not afraid of trolls, or of people who disagree with me or want to judge me. I’m not afraid anything bad will happen to me. I cleared all of that long ago.

I was afraid of fighting for the light. I was afraid of representing the light. I was afraid of truly being a leader.

What’s been bothering me

You see, as I’ve been looking around the world lately, and especially from my view from within the U.S. over the last 2.5 years, I’ve gotten a much more intimate view of the fear, hatred, and judgment that are so rampant in our world today. It’s a lot easier to keep your balance when you’re looking at things from afar. But up close and personal, when you can see the blood shot eyes and the gnashing teeth of the “monster” you’re trying to love into healing, it can be a bit more of a challenge.

I now know that I was called back to the U.S. in order to get this close up view. To get up close and personal with the “darkness”. And to light it the fuck up.

As I sat with myself these last few weeks, I realized that something was REALLY, REALLY bothering me. And it still is. I’m tired of all the hatred. I’m tired of the lies (both intentional and unintentional). I’m tired of inauthenticity. I’m tired of fear. I’m tired of manipulation masquerading as kindness. I’m tired of the cruelty. I’m tired of the judgment. And even though none of these things are really present in my personal reality, I’m very aware of them in the wider world. And I’m tired of them. I’m tired of people who are writhing around in the dark, in the fog, in their pain, and trying to spread that pain, getting all the airtime. I’m tired of people feeling powerless and hopeless. And I’m tired of the message, that the only two options we really have is to suppress the pain or spread the pain, being so ubiquitous that it’s drowning out almost everything else.

But what I’m really tired of, is that I haven’t been doing much about it.

Where are the leaders?

I asked myself, “Where are the leaders? Where are the leaders of the light? Where are those who stand for love, for inclusiveness, for compassion and kindness? Where are those who will shine their light bravely, so that others might see? Where are the voices of reason? Where are those who will stand on the big stage and offer a better feeling perspective?”

And then, it dawned on me. I’m one of them. I’ve known that for a long time, at least to some degree. But I haven’t been BEING one of them. Sure, I’ve been shining my light. I’m not trying to claim that I haven’t. I’ve been doing my best. But now, it’s time to do even better. Now, it’s time to step up. Now it’s time to fight.

Because this is a battle. Not a bloody battle. Not a battle where one side loses and one side wins. An internal battle. It’s a battle of determination and perseverance. It’s a battle of courage. Because it takes a tremendous amount of courage to stand up and declare that you believe something. In public. It takes courage to stand your ground. It takes courage to choose love. To choose the light. To be the light. Even if, and especially if, you’re surrounded by darkness. Even if, and especially if, you feel like you’re alone, standing with your one skinny candle in a vast expanse of lightless night.

I know that there are many out there, I call them the “Silent Majority” who don’t agree with hate. They don’t want hate. But they’re too afraid to say much because right now, it can seem like there’s much more permission to express hate than to express love. It’s actually still safer, in some circles, to hate. And no one really knows how to fix it.

It’s not about pushing against

I realized something else during these last few weeks: I was trapped. I had trapped myself between two seemingly opposing forces. One was my desire to help, my desire to actively make the world a better place. I’ve always loved getting my hands “dirty” so to speak. But the other force was the belief that, as an enlightened teacher or whatever, I had to try and do all of this in a soft, non-threatening, whisper voiced way. Yeah, yeah, I know, I haven’t exactly been hitting that note either. Basically, the belief said that I wasn’t allowed to fight. That fighting was a violent, old-world energy way of dealing with things.

But it isn’t. Not necessarily. Fear based fighting, defensiveness, oppression and violence are old-world energy ways of dealing with things. But fighting can also simply mean passionately standing up for what you believe in. It’s not about convincing anyone. It’s not about pushing against anyone, or their right to feel the way they do (yes, even if they feel hateful). It’s not about saving anyone, either.

It’s about standing up for what we believe in and not being intimidated or scared. It’s about choosing love and light, and then sharing that with others – those who want to hear (it’s not about evangelizing). In some ways, it’s about volume.

Instead of whispering words of hope and love, softly so as not to intimidate anyone, I want to shout them to the world. I want to stand on the mountain top, not with a drawn sword, but with a big ass, fiery torch that can be seen from miles around. Determined. Immovable. Resolute.

And if others see that light, and it gives them hope, or they use that to give themselves permission to get out and dust off their own torch, then all the better.

So… what does this mean?

You’re going to see some changes around here (again! Ha.). Starting this Sunday, you’re going to see a slightly different kind of video/blog post from me. I’m going to talk about a dark subject that’s currently in the news, and I’m going to bring light to it. I’ve dusted off my soap box for this one, and I have a feeling I’m not going to be putting that away anytime soon.

I’m not entirely sure what exact form any of this will take going forward. All I know is that I’m tired of hiding my big ass light. And now that I know that I’m tired of it (and that there was some hiding going on in the first place), I’m putting a stop to that shit right here. I’m turning up the volume. I’m stepping up. I’m no longer afraid. And goddammit, I’m definitely not Zen. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who’s with me?


A little PS: As I’m writing this, I’ve become fully aware of those of you who have been waiting for me to finally “get” this. Some of you might not have known that you were waiting and might only now recognize that you were. And even if you didn’t realize it, if you’re reading this and enjoying it, you totally were.

I can’t even express how much I appreciate you being in my reality and being willing to play with me. You are the lights I look for in the darkness, the ones that give ME hope, the ones that help me to KNOW that we’re in the midst of a massive transition from dark to light, from fear to love. It may seem like I’m here for you, but you’re also here for me. And you’re more valuable to me than I have the ability to express in words.

So, and I hope you really hear the meaning of this, THANK YOU, for bringing your light to this world. To my world.

Smooshy, smooshy hugs,


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  • As I was reading your description of the positive version of battle, the one that isn’t about against-ness, I had an image of wading out from the beach to stand in the waves as they break – the huge waves, the ones that are taller than a tall person and frighteningly strong. You feel their power and you get knocked off your feet and even somersaulted by the wall of water, but the *emotion* is fierce joy. One of my favourite ways of being in the moment. Surely, this is *fighting* – fighting the ocean – fighting like children fight, as a child struggles with Dad and laughs throughout, or as lovers play-fight. Such a joyful thing, so empowering and so connected with the world and the universe.


  • Glad to see you back, Melody! I enjoyed the suicide video/post (well, not the subject itself but your take on it) and look forward to future videos and posts. 🙂 Love to you. <3

  • Hey Melody . Thanks for accepting that you too feel off balance , have heart breaks and fall down into the dark pit sometimes . It really feels normal now to know that you aren’t all zen everytime and you go through the emotional ranges too . Just like mountain ranges 😜. I somehow was feeling when I read ur prior posts that everything seemed too made up like – I gotta keep this image and I have to be all positive and all good and all lovey dovey everytime and honestly I felt quite annoyed . I was starting to feel quite detached from ur posts , not always because of the unrelated topics but because I felt nobody can be soooooo happy all the time as if each and every moment he’s winning the lottery . Now that s no more , and now that I realise that it’s a range and a mix , with crests and troughs , it feels normal, more relatable and more authentic and easy too 😊. Thanks . It feels I’m not alone and nobody’s there .

  • Ahhh Melody, I am right there with you. I want to say what I believe but it feels too “nice” or “soft” or something else that feels not quite enough. I have been holding back from sharing my truth (again) and it doesn’t feel good. I want to be doing more to bring light into this divided world we now see ourselves in, so am I with you? Hell YES!!! 💜💜

  • Yas! Bring it! I feel like there is a huge shift happening in the world right now, so the timing is divine as always. The other comments validate that. It’s been extremely difficult and tiresome to stay grounded, focused and happy shiny for a while. I even tried taking a break from the world: No social media, no news. It helped for a while but I still just felt like that wasn’t the final answer. That nagging was still there. It’s time to rise up and shine the light, yo. I’m feeling you! I cannot wait to see what you write!

    • Thanks April! I also feel like there’s been this huge shift. Like it wasn’t really safe for us to join the “battle” until now, but NOW it is. So it’s time for us to get off our asses and go get our hands dirty. Dirty with love… he, he, he.

  • The thing about being snarky (even if it’s not ‘mean-snarky’) is that it’s not an authentic state. The emotion of snark is a reaction to feeling hurt. Hurt is the authentic state which underlies the snark. If you move through the hurt authentically, then you get to a peaceful state which you might call Zen. I feel like Zen should be the aim. You don’t want to end up like Steven Colbert, constanty making fun of Trump in a boring tirade that just never ends. Night after night… he has no other material. And it’s all because he feels hurt and won’t admit it to himself.

    • Hey CJ,
      Very good point. And I totally agree. But that’s why I offered a different definition of “snark”.
      And of course we want to be Zen, but when we’re not, we have to recognize that too.
      I actually deeply respect people like Colbert, for being willing and able to call out all the injustices in the world with humor. He’s doing good at that level. And I love John Oliver. he does the same thing, but he always offers some kind of solution or hope in the end. As healers, I believe we have to be able to meet people where they are to some degree. If what they’re experiencing sucks, we have to admit that it sucks for them. Maybe it sucks for us, too. And then work from there to go up. <3

  • It’s been ages since I commented on a blog but you hit it on the head, Melody. Tired of all the stuff that you said, too, and doing something about it. Beautifully expressed!!!!

  • Hi Melody, I too, have been presented by life, with circumstances that have woken me up to speaking my truth but in a different way. I too, wasn’t looking and didn’t know I wasn’t speaking my truth in this new way. I don’t know how it will land, who it will touch and I’m not so concerned with that. It will go where it needs to go, kinda like nutrients in the body or water flowing downstream. My job is to shine the light and thats it. Melody, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing how you feel. Martha

  • haha …
    I was totally expecting to read in the next paragraph … ” so i, Melody, have finally decided to stand for president!”.
    I guess its not about what ‘you do or say or action’ is it ? Its just about you being you and showing up and not hiding it from a wider audience. The next step of being more seen and so affecting more people just by showing up and being you. So this is the next step of showing up and then everything that is ready to respond to that will do so and change as a result of that…. you being you.
    Go for it.

    • Oh hell no, Ann! I wouldn’t want that job in a million years! LOL.
      It is just a leveling up, yes. It’s about being ME, just more fully. I can’t wait to see what happens! 🙂

      • I guess it’s like when you swivel the end of a torch so it shines a bit brighter and at a bit wider angle so more folk can see their way from the same source of light.
        we are here taking up the rear

  • “I’m tired of inauthenticity. I’m tired of fear. I’m tired of manipulation masquerading as kindness. I’m tired of the cruelty. I’m tired of the judgment.”

  • Melody, thank you so much for showing your vulnerability and your personal commitment to being the light. I agree with you that a lot of us lightworkers, including myself, have been “whispering” our words of love and hope in the wind, or saying them out loud only to others we know are of a similar vibration. Your courage has inspired me to dust off my own soapbox and start shouting out my message of love to really make a difference. Thank you.

  • I’m really looking forward to your Sunday post. So glad you have returned ready to address standing for love in the midst of a reality driven by so much fear. I’ve been asking for this (vibrationally) since November 2016.

    • Thanks for hanging in there Margaret. I feel like we’re really on the cusp of something, and I’m sure I’m not the only one you’re going to be seeing stepping up in a bigger way. 🙂

  • I’m glad you’re back and so curious about what’s next!

    I’ve been retreating more and more from public discussion these days. It feels to me like there are huge currents of people wanting there to be widespread agreement on topics. Like a massive culture-wide soccer game where the ball is “the correct opinion”.

    I saw a Bill Hicks video recently, it both made me laugh and made me think “Huh”. In it, he talks about abortion (a triggering topic if you’ve ever heard one). He suggests that we have two parallel realities, one for people who don’t believe in abortion, where it isn’t legal and has never been legal, and one for people who do believe in it. I keep thinking about this idea. I can tell that there’s something in there for me… I would love it if you could talk about something like that in your upcoming videos/posts!


    PS, I think I’m getting caught in a spam filter, I can’t post in the comments here with my usual email address. Probably banned for my inflammatory opinions! (Haha!)

    • I love this Cordy (and have always loved Bill Hicks…)
      But he’s not really off – it is about respecting ALL points of view and looking for agreement within that. That seems impossible, but it’s not if you look for the underlying agreement.
      But… I might tackle a couple of other things, or the agreement structure in general, before I go for abortion. Baby steps, lol.

      • Yes! We are all on the same side, after all, when you go down to the base level – we all want “right” and we all want “good” and we all want whatever will make the world work as well as it can with the greatest happiness. The bits we don’t agree on are only the how.

  • I always loved the honesty and authenticity of your writings. Just like this post, where you uncovered again a part of your own process. Always good to read. And if even more leveling up is happening and you are showing your full light, I’ll be even a bigger fan! I’m curious of course about what’s coming, but I’m sure it’s the right time! Enjoy! Klara

    • Thanks so much Klara. It’s good to hear that sharing my process is helpful. It’s helpful for me too! I always get even more clarity as I go through the process of sharing something I’ve experienced. 🙂

  • Can’t wait to see Sunday’s video! Love this post and this is something I have definitely considered and struggled with, too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been struggling – REALLY struggling with how to handle the news of the day. Do I ignore it – so that it isn’t part of my reality? Or is it my responsibility to keep up to date with the news and do what I can to make things better?
    As it is, I can’t look away. Its like a horrible train wreck. I can’t not see it. The hatred upsets me so much and I want to fight against it, but at the same time, I don’t want to give it my energy.
    I could use some guidance on what to do. Whomever thinks that you would be pushing your opinions on them just doesn’t get it. You are answering voices (MILLIONS of them) that feel powerless.
    Shed some light, sister!

    • Thanks so much Kelly. I’ve had the same struggle. That’s what led to this split. Privately, I’d bitch about stuff and admit how I felt, while publicly I would be all zen about it. Both of those were me, and both of those perspectives were valid, but I had to keep them separate because I didn’t know how to integrate them. And I feel like I’ve now figured out a big piece of that (I’m sure there’s more…). For me, the epiphany was that standing up FOR something isn’t the same as fighting against the opposite. Or, it doesn’t have to be. I kind of feel like Gandalf with the staff, yelling “You shall not pass!!!”. Only, I’m yelling that at fear, and I’m yelling it with love. 🙂

  • Yaaaas!! Big, smooshy hugs! I went to your YouTube channel a couple of days ago, and wondered when you were going to post something. I think that’s when I realized there must have been a shift going on 🙂
    I’m ready to stand with you on the mountain top with a fiery torch! I think all of us Happy Shiny Puppies are.
    Thank you, Melody!!

  • Thank you!!!!
    This resonated with me so much. I’ve been trying to resolve “that which I resist, persists” with my frustration and anger and sadness surrounding the truth twisting, outright lies, slactivism, and denial around me. May I have permission to repost your feisty sections in this blog? With credit, of course!

  • So glad to read this post this morning!! 🙂 I was definitely one of those peeps rooting for you all the way. You’ve been my biggest spiritual teacher and influence for the past years and I wouldn’t be where I am in my life today without you. Keep doing your thang, sista!

    The last few months I have just wanted to scream at the world to WAKE THE FUCK UP!! Thank you Melody for not being zen. We got your back.

  • I think it sounds scary and hard to fight for any reason, but I’m happy for you that you figured out a way for you to show up in the world that feels right to you. I wish I knew a way to help, but I think my way of bringing light will be different. Maybe someday I will be really loud and vocal like you, but right now I just feel soft and quiet. Maybe I can help someone anyway. Good luck on your mission. Remember that you’re never alone.

    • Hey Tresbany,
      Of course you can help people without being loud and vocal!!! If it’s your desire to help people, then you can and will. Figure out YOUR way, the way that lights up for you. I didn’t mean to imply that the quiet way wasn’t valid. It was just the way I was trying to explain my shift, which is calling ME (not everyone) to step up to a bigger stage. But this is part of my desire, as well. It doesn’t have to be yours.
      So, you do you! And thank you so much for your comment. <3

  • This has really resonated with me…….many of my friends want to protest against a UK visit by President Trump……in the past I wouldn’t have thought twice about participating but now I’m not so sure. It’s not that I don’t agree with peaceful protest but whether one is for or against or whether it’s seen as a futile exercise, my feeling is that I don’t want to push against it/him. This doesn’t mean tacit approval but rather a sense that I would prefer to send good energy for his visit……..I’m still not sure. xxx

    • Hey Elizabeth,
      Not all “protests” are pushing against. Some are FOR something. I would look for those. So, instead of protesting AGAINST Trump, why not protest FOR love, equality, human rights, respect and love for the earth, etc.? Or better yet, see if you’re inspired to DO something, to get involved somehow, to support positive change in some way. That might be a lot more satisfying than holding a sign… In the end, it’s all about how you feel about it. So if joining a protest doesn’t feel awesome to you, don’t bother. 🙂

      • I’m a little more rational today 🙂 & have had time to think more deeply about your post, and need to say YES, YES, YES to this exact thing. For many years almost everything I did was to fight in some form or another against what I didn’t want . My actions were usually triggered by fear & the desire to avoid something. LOA opened my eyes to what I was doing & I realized pushing AGAINST is not an effective strategy. It’s only when I started pushing TOWARD what I want — toward what I love & desire instead of away from the things I don’t want — that my life took a huge leap for the better. I now fight FOR, not against. I move toward the good feelings instead of trying to avoid the bad feelings. It’s a simple change in how you look at things but is probably the most profound secret there is.

        And I think it’s got to be the secret to dealing with these world-wide issues we’re facing, as well. I can fight AGAINST everything hateful & negative I see, or FOR everything positive I want for the people I share this planet with. I can fight AGAINST racism, sexism & fear — or FOR love, inclusiveness, generosity, kindness, compassion, acceptance. I look at the great leaders I admire like Martin Luther King & the Dali Lama & others & while they stand strong, their focus is on love & moving toward, not hate & pulling away.

        I don’t even pretend to have all the answers I need yet, Melody, but your voice is giving me hope again where not that many days ago I was ready to throw in the towel. I am not the type of person who can turn inward & pretend the world doesn’t exist. I kind of envy those who can but I wasn’t made that way. So I have to accept that, and also accept there must be a reason for it & figure out where I & my skills fit in & what I’m supposed to be doing, & how to most effectively accomplish that.
        Thank you, thank you!

      • Thank you so much Melody……I suppose I do know how I feel about it but maybe I felt I needed to justify it to others…….and of course, I don’t! <3 <3 <3

  • Love love love all this! My most beloved energy teacher always said that we don’t fight the lack of light to bring it on, we stand in our power and shine. Like lighthouses (although mobile ones 😉 ). So I agree, it’s time! Let’s light everything the f up with our alignment and connection!
    And BRING ON THE SNARK! We love it! 😀

  • Amen Girl!!! The world need to hear this! You need to plant the seeds. It will grow. I was unaware of this type of believe until someone planted a seed a long time ago. Thank you for shining your light so brightly.

  • Thankyou Melody, for your awesome blog ! I look forward to hearing more of your big loud voice of light ❤️😀

  • Melody! Yessssss! This. All. Day.
    I feel like this blog post could have been written by me. I am truly, honestly and completely, one Zillion percent on board with your vision. I recently also had a huge breakthrough. I am so over all the bullshit. The pain. It seems everyone currently in my personal life are becoming overthrown by the “darkness ” and my husband our 4 1/2 year old twins are the light at the end of that tunnel. Most of them just can’t hear the solutions I/ we offer. And I’ve recently realized that the best way for them to understand is to just show them. To live in the light. To choose to Choose Love in all situations.
    I’ll be a partner in crime for you whenever that time comes. I have big dreams of my own for spreading the Love. Standing with you in Love.

    • Thank you Wendy!
      I’ve realized that even though it’s not about convincing anyone (and it isn’t), that doesn’t mean that we should hide away and sing our songs quietly. We can stand in the town square and sing our heart songs loudly and proudly. And lovingly. Like I wrote, I think it’s just about turning up the volume, and allowing our lights to be seen. Shining it on more and more areas. It’s up to them what to do about it, if anything. So choose love, but choose love LOUDLY. LOL.

  • its as if you read my mind and when you write that that melody I know things are shaking up!! I am currently writing my book ‘Permission to shine’ and the fear you describe is exactly what I owned yesterday- the irony as always is so freaking obvious!-lets do this – love to interview you on this soon- Love Love Bernie xx

  • Melody, I LOVE this. I love everything that is happening. It made me want to cry with happiness. I have never felt so much love (in that sense). THANK YOU for being who you are.

  • This has not been a good day for me, with news of US Justice Kennedy retiring, putting the US Supreme Court up for grabs, which means women’s rights are once again under siege. Add that to the caging of stolen children & the racism & greed & sexism & the countless other outrages & lies & wholesale corruption . . . and the LOA community through it all smiling & saying, oh, don’t think those bad thoughts. Well, fuck that. Seriously, I’m about done with it. I know I’ll be OK. I’ve got a solid enough handle on LOA to game the system. But what kind of a human being does it make me if I let those around me who may not have those skills fall under the boot heels of tyrants? If this isn’t the time for Light Workers to get off their asses & do that work, when WILL it be?
    So thank you for addressing this, Melody. It’s about damn time someone stood up & spoke out.

    • YAAAAAS Susann! Thanks for the validation! That’s how I feel too… where are the leaders? Where are we? Are we sitting at home, projecting good thoughts into the world? That’s great and all, but if all the crap is actually bothering us, we have to admit that and address that. Shit’s getting real now, we’re in full on transition, and that feels like chaos all around. It’s time for us to step up! 🙂

      • Hey, I just had a thought! Time to step up – to teamwork? There’s that rumour that the witches of England, working together, kept the Nazi invasion out. I’m no authority on communally-worked magic but I do feel, more and more strongly, that TOGETHER is how this is going to work. Together in large bands of workers, not just one-on-one pairs and dinner-party sized groups… What do you think?

        • Great idea Mandy! There is power in the collective – a bunch of people coming together to focus on a single vision. HUGE power. So yes, I see us all eventually coming together in huge numbers, marching across the Globe like an “army” or light (not really an army. Maybe a litter? LOL). And it’s a glorious vision! 🙂

  • Good to have you back! I’m happy to see you so determined, we could all use some of that right now. Especially the soap box. I really missed the soap box. You might want to empty out the cats too while you’re dusting it.
    Also, I know exactly what you mean. A few months back I happened across a discussion forum conversation about kids cutting themselves, and I was pretty sad to find that people are still as ignorant about this as they were twenty years ago. On top of it, the whole topic still seems to trigger people for some reason. There would be pages after pages of people calling self-harming kids stupid, drama queens, saying they’re going to destroy their future because the scars will stay forever and will look ugly, it’s going to affect their job prospects, all that. So I go in, all determined to educate the ignorant, saying that judging really isn’t going to help, and that there is a reason behind the cutting and focusing on and judging the symptom isn’t really helping in terming of healing the cause. Also because the talk about “ugly scars” pisses me off, I added that I don’t bother hiding mine, I’m not ashamed of them and they’ve never limited any of my options in life.
    I recently went into a job interview with a short-sleeved shirt. If they’re bothered by my scars, then I’m not interested in the job. But because LOA is nice and my friend, no’one even notices the scars anymore. Or if they do, they don’t show it in any way. Anyway, my message was removed and I was accused of “encouraging this horrible, sick behaviour”.
    This little incident really sums up all of my experiences I’ve had of Finland ever since I ended up back here. There’s so much stuff right under the surface, ready to blow. People are so insecure that they get triggered by anything. I currently live right next to the woods, and often going into town feels like walking on eggshells. I’ve been wondering what am I doing here and why can’t I manifest a move away from here. I guess that it will make sense eventually, everything always does. The rearranging periods are just so frustrating. Your blog is one of the few things that keeps reminding me that even if it seems lonely at the moment, I’m not really alone.

    • Off-topic, but I’m delighted to hear about another Melody fan from Finland! 🙂 I’ve noticed, too, that the atmosphere is currently very tense here and people do tend to get triggered very easily. What has helped me personally is adopting the attitude of an observer. Much like Sir David Attenborough presenting one of his legendary documentaries ;). I know it is not my responsibility to jump in and force people to change their perspective, but continue tweaking mine instead. As long as I’m detached and can maintain a neutral state of mind, I find it’s much easier to find the clarity, the purpose and the solutions I’m looking for.

      Lady R

      • Whaat, I never thought I’d find another Finn here, that’s amazing 😀 But you’re right, it seems the best way to stay sane without conforming is to detach. It was a lot easier to go into crowded places after I realized that if I don’t make eye contact with anyone, I don’t get sucked into their energy. If it gets particularly draining, coming back home fills up my batteries pretty quickly (it’s all true what they say about trees). And like I said earlier, it’s all going to make sense one day, just like everything else has up until now. Loads of things have shifted like crazy lately and it doesn’t seem to stop.

    • Hey Heather,
      Maybe you’re in Finland for the same reason I’m back in the U.S. – to face all this shit. Because, of course, what we’re really doing is facing our own shit at deeper and deeper levels. It’s only taken me 2.5 years here, but I’ve finally figured it out. Keep releasing. It’s all unfolding perfectly. We’re going to see quite a bit of upheaval in the next years and more and more people wake up and begin to rebel against all the crap they’ve been putting up with. It’s not necessarily going to be pretty, but it is helpful and healing. And I’m so glad the blog helps. Your comments help me, too. 🙂

      • Thank you for the reassurance Melody, I have to agree that moving back here has been the fastest way to release the deep stuff. Though considering the amount of stuff lately I’m sometimes tempted to fantasize that staying in denial in sunny Spain was actually an option, lol. After the big shift in April I’ve been able to bring my vibration so high that I feel like a demigod, and the next morning I wake up at four feeling like I want to die, then I clear it and the cycle starts again..I feel like something huge is coming but there’s absolutely nothing happening in the outside reality. So I’ll just keep on releasing the stuff and hoping that the huge thing coming won’t be another truck accident 😀

      • I’m a couple of weeks late to this conversation, but that’s how I take you in – binges every so often. 🙂 It occurs to me that the depressed, despairing, raging mood that most of the world seems to be in – that dominates the visible surface, anyway – is exactly the same as the awful manifestations that can come along when an individual is at the point of levelling up. In the “real world” everything goes pear-shaped – and then we get it – and then the next phase opens up. Not every individual human will get it, but as a species I’m sure this is the point we’re at, the crap just before the levelling-up (or should I say darkness before the dawn?).

        On the question of evangelising or not evangelising, for myself I switch the news off when it isn’t making me feel good and avoid conversations where people dwell on the worst side, don’t pick up the baton when the focus starts going that way in a forum discussion… but when I’m stuck in a situation (say, at a meal) where I’d have to walk out to avoid it and that would be seen as storming off in a huff(!), I use a pause to make the observation that while the worst of humanity is showing its true colours lately, so is the best – the good guys are finally saying out loud what they do and don’t agree with, people on both sides are coming out with their views. In the last two votes that were big news (for me as a Brit, that’s Brexit and Trump), Facebook was full of the opinions of people that I’ve known all my life without ever previously knowing which way they felt politically. Cards are being placed on the table!

        When I make some comment like this, almost always it defuses the despair, the comparing of notes where everyone brings one more example of the same crap… It usually surprises people as a point of view they hadn’t thought of. Usually they seem relieved to have a less awful way of looking at things. And usually, I follow up with the FACT (not opinion) that no state lasts forever – history cycles round to its next chapter and so this terrible mood that society is in, inevitably, will pass.

        … OK … that was a longer comment than I expected to post! 😀

  • I’m looking forward to your upcoming blog post Melody! I think you tackle those dark and difficult issues very well and have often wished you’d post more about them. For example, the video you made on misogyny is one of the best and most empowering blog posts you’ve ever done. In my personal life, I’ve been fed up with the superficial and excessive “love and light” approach so prevalent in spiritual community hence have delved into exploring the darker aspects of both the world around me as well as myself as a person. Interestingly, I’ve had several major epiphanies and breakthrus as a result. What’s more, is that I’ve found immensely valuable gifts, strengths and abilities when I finally dared to become familiar with my “unsavory” and hidden aspects. My next intention is that I’d finally show my newfound integrity to the world out there, too.

    Lady R

    • Thanks for the confirmation Lady R. I’ve been feeling that I wanted to do this for some time, but I didn’t have much clarity about what was really bugging me, or HOW to do this. I’m slowly figuring out how to fight for what I believe without pushing against anything. Not a defensive fighting, but a passionate declaration of what I believe is important and helpful. When I think of a role model, I think of someone like Malala Yousafzai. Sounds like we’re on the same page! Yay!

  • Melody Melody Melody!!!!!!!!!

    Guess what. So yesterday I asked for a vision about you. And this is what it was:

    You (as in YOU) are standing in a garden next to a house. Like a small grass garden with some shrubs. And you’re jumping up and down. And as you do that, the force of you’re landing is making ripples in the ground. But it’s not going outside of your garden.

    Then I saw you getting smaller and smaller. And as you get smaller, your energy focuses. Until you’re a super small sphere like the size of a ping pong ball. And then I saw instead you shooting a beam, the width of your ping pong ball, around the world. And you go bam, and the beam shoots around the whole world in 2.8 seconds (very specifically) and literally squeezes the world like a stretchy rope around a ball. And the world changes shape, like when you squeeze something, because you’re squeezing it. And then you let go and the rope/beam snaps back and the world goes back to a sphere. And you just keep shooting your beam/rope and it keeps going all around the world.

    And then I asked, what if you shoot your beam in the wrong direction? So I saw you (the ping-pong-ball) do that, and it got about half a foot from you and then just makes a tight curve back and finds it’s way to wrap around and squeeze the world again. So you can’t shoot the wrong way, because it’ll find it’s own way.

  • Get it girl!! Good to have you back 🙂
    My screen brightened just reading this post ha
    Look forward to the new lighta, brighta, freedom fighta Melody!

  • It’s so good to hear from you again, old friend! Love this post! I totally relate to this and as always, your message is timely and pertinent. Keep on shining!! xxx

  • You sound the same, only more determined to state your beliefs openly and without shame. That’s all fine. Good to be authentic.

    But what are you trying to do? Convince others of your point of view? That’s what humans have been doing for centuries. People don’t want their beliefs altered or corrected to be in alignment with yours, they want to be loved. When there’s love, people find their own way in the world. And there’s as many ways as there are beliefs and ways to percieve the world.

    You might say “that’s your opinion!!”, but such ideas have empirical evidence to support them. It’s the reason psychologists never succeed when they teach, expound their beliefs or offer opinion for improvement. They only succeed when there’s warmth and connection, ie. love.

    • CJ, you bring up a good point. No one wants someone else’s opinion pushed on them.
      My take on this post is that Melody won’t be afraid to tackle the big news of the day. It is pretty upsetting to most people -regardless of their point of view.
      As a fan of LOA, I feel conflicted. Do I fight against the problems I see, or does that just give them energy? I struggle with this every day.
      I would like some guidance on how to address big, ugly, horrific news. I don’t feel like I can just ignore it and it will leave my reality.
      Most of us are smart enough that we won’t be easily swayed by a person’s opinion, and I don’t think Melody will try to force her political point of view on us.
      Give her a chance. If you don’t resonate with what she says, find another guide to help you make sense of it all and find peace.

      • If you can do something good to change the world, go for it. But social media exchanges and complaining about Trump etc. – that doesn’t actually change the world for the good. It just adds to the mess, imho.

      • Kelly I feel the same way. Conflicted! Every single day! Do I continue to do my best to be happy and shiny while hate runs rampant through the streets? My life for the most part is going great, but seeing the shape of the world at large is gut wrenching. This might sound silly, but sometimes I just wish I was some kind of super hero, so I could just fix everything and obliterate the few making life so difficult for the many. But I digress. I’m very much looking forward to Sundays post.

    • Hey CJ,
      I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion. I totally agree – that does’t work. People can only change their own minds, no one can do that for them.
      I did do my best to address this in the post – that it’s not about convincing anyone, or evangelizing, or even “saving” anyone.
      What am I trying to do? I’m trying to be more ME. That’s all, really. It’s me on a bigger level, even more authentic and even more fearless. I’m doing my best to find the balance of addressing that which bothers me, but doing it in a way that feels authentic and aligned. And the pain in the world bothers me. It makes me want to shine a light. People will still have to find their way to it (if they want to), but it’s about turning a little flame into a beacon. Sorry this is so metaphorical, but it’s the best way I can explain it at this time. Maybe wait for Sunday’s blog post and see if I’m trying to convince you of anything… 🙂

      • Authentic and fearless sounds very worthwhile. I try to do the same myself. I’m not against teaching as such, it’s just that most people seem to go about it the wrong way. If a teacher is deeply authentic, it will work – that’s Carl Rogers’ legacy.
        The world’s problems bother me too, but then I realize talking about it and understanding it (shining a light) doesn’t actually change it. I guess the crux of what I’m saying is this: people who are really deeply authentic don’t tend to focus on the world’s problems, only on the man in the mirror. And once the man in the mirror is known, then whatever is done will be good. Maybe you’re there already – I’ll tune in on Sunday to find out. Thanks for the reply.

  • This exact thing has happened to me as someone passionate and teaching lightwork to children and adults!
    Forms of this exact thing and not fitting the status quo of lightworkers who are not always uber positive 24/7! This will be uber fun to watch!

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