I get a lot of questions from clients and readers about them having been betrayed by someone. Perhaps a cheating spouse, or a best friend who lied, or they found out that they couldn’t count on someone in the way they thought they could. And, as you may have noticed, that feeling is being amplified at the moment by stuff that’s happening all around the world. We can’t trust the media anymore, what with all the fake news. We can’t trust our politicians, scientists or institutions.

But… this is all actually part of something much bigger, and it’s a good thing. Watch today’s video to find out how and why (still got on my soapbox, though…)


Hey guys,

It’s time to get on my soapbox again. And this time, I want to talk to you about the proliferation of “fake news” around the globe today, why this is so frustrating, and… why it’s actually a good thing. That’s right, you heard me! The fake news phenomenon is serving you. Stay tuned to find out how.

Ok, so I get a lot of questions from clients and readers about them having been betrayed by someone. Perhaps a cheating spouse, or a best friend who lied, or they found out that they couldn’t count on someone in the way they thought they could. And, as you may have noticed, that feeling is being amplified at the moment by stuff that’s happening all around the world. We can’t trust the media anymore, what with all the fake news. Of course, fake news has always existed, but isn’t just bubbling up in the consciousness now? We can’t trust our politicians, and no that’s not a huge revelation. But I feel like until fairly recently, we’ve all kind of made a joke out of the fact that politicians are untrustworthy. We kind of always expected them to lie. But we also expected them to have our backs when it comes to the BIG stuff. There was this unspoken agreement that they could get away with some things, but not too much, and they shouldn’t abuse the privilege. Kind of like letting your teenager drink a beer at a summer BBQ, with the agreement that this doesn’t mean he now has cart blanche to go and get shitfaced every night. Only, of course, our politicians have been secretly getting shitfaced pretty much 24/7, and now we’ve got some raging alcoholics on our hands, that aren’t really in touch with reality anymore, and like any addict, will pretty much say anything just to get you to leave them alone, so they can keep drinking, or snorting, or making backroom deals that screw their constituents, but give them the sweet, sweet hit of power without any sense of responsibility.

(I did warn you this was going to be a soap boxy one).

Let’s move on. We can’t trust the scientists anymore! Sweet, sweet science! And I’m not saying that we can’t trust SCIENCE, I’m saying we can’t trust the scientists. Again, this is all bubbling up now. In recent years we’ve found out that we’re being lied to by the pharmaceutical companies (surprise!), by our doctors, by publicity hungry “scientists” that care more about the headline than the accuracy of their data. Studies are routinely falsified, or just left out of results if they don’t match the desired and pre-determined conclusion. That’s not science, by the way.

Now, I’m not saying that all politicians, journalists, or scientists are bad or dishonest people. What I’m saying is that we have no real way of knowing if they’re being honest. But what we have figured out is that we can’t just take their word for it.

We can’t take anyone’s word for it.

Now, don’t worry, I can hear those of you who have a real problem with this statement. “Of course we can take their word for it!” you might be shouting at the screen now. “We have institutions and degrees to ensure we know who knows what they’re talking about. We have credentialed experts! Of course we can trust them!”

So, let me ask you this: Who credentialed those experts? What criteria did they use to give those credentials? What is your criteria for what makes someone truly “qualified”? Is that THEIR criteria?

Let me tell you a little story: When I worked in the Technology sector, I had a policy of only hiring people who actually knew what they were doing, regardless of certifications or formal qualifications. Many people with top certifications applied. But when we interviewed them properly, using real world examples and scenarios, they didn’t actually know what they were doing. They had passed a test, but they hadn’t passed OUR test. It turns out that in the Technology field, those with a bunch of qualification often spent their time getting qualified, while others actually learned their craft. It also turns out you can’t learn how to patch together a server that went out at 3 in the morning from a book. That comes from experience in the field, from actually doing the job. Now, qualifications can be useful, but they told us very little about the candidates’ actual skill level. We had to take the time to really test people ourselves to make sure that we hired the skillset we really wanted.

I’ve seen this strategy of relying on an outside authority to qualify someone’s skill or knowledge fail again and again. Because, quite frankly, it’s lazy. We just want someone else to do it. “You tell me if they’re alright, and I’ll just go with that.” And of course, that makes sense. It IS a lot easier to do that. And when it comes to stuff that doesn’t really matter that much, it’s just fine. To start…

But what it leads to is us getting disappointed over and over. Us feeling betrayed over and over. Because we trusted that outside authority, and they let us down. Over and over.

That’s like if you need a plumber, and your brother in law, who knows all about plumbing, recommends someone. And that plumber turns out to be crap. But you keep on asking your brother in law for more recommendations anyway. Or even worse, you keep hiring that plumber because, well, he MUST be good. He’s got your brother in law’s stamp of approval. So maybe you’re the one being difficult or unreasonable. Until one day, you’re standing in your house, flooded with water, with open pipes sticking out all over the place, wondering how it could come to this…

It came to this because you outsourced your decision making.

Now, the concept I’m about to explain is not an easy one. But it is powerful, and profound and it will set you free. If you have a bit of an issue with manipulation in your life, this will help a great deal.

Ready? Ok.

Like I said, it’s all about NOT outsourcing your decision making.

And I get it. Making all your own decisions sounds overwhelming. You’re probably imagining researching everyone you meet, everyone you might want to engage with, having to know every detail of every issue. Oh, and I guess you’d better start doing your own scientific experiments! You know, just to be sure. Because you can’t trust anyone.

But that’s not entirely true. Now I know, the title of this video is “Why you can’t trust anyone…”. But there is one person you can trust. And that person has access to wisdom greater than you can comprehend. That person has a built in bullshit detector that can instantly flag any bit of inauthenticity. That person has a built in guidance system that lets them know what is the right decision for them, no matter what the data says.

That person is you.

Now, you might be thinking “What?! I have a bullshit detector? You must be talking about someone else Melody, because I’ve been fooled by many a liar! I’m a total sucker! They don’t even have to be good liars, I fall for it almost every time!”

Yes, even you. Even you who has been bamboozled time and time again have a bullshit detector. You have a guidance system. Now, I didn’t say you were good at USING them. That takes training and a bit of practice. Well, it wouldn’t take training if you hadn’t been trained OUT of using these abilities, but since you were trained out of it, we all were, it takes a bit of training to get them back full force.

Ok, so you don’t have to go and learn everything about everything. And it doesn’t mean that you can never read a scientific study that was performed by anyone other than you, personally. Or that you can’t believe anything that anyone says, ever again. You can delegate the gathering of data. You can accept that raw data from any source that offers it. In other words, you can accept data from any direction in your life, from any person, any resource, even any institution.

But what you can’t delegate or outsource is your decision making. Which data you accept as valid or not. Which source you accept as “qualified” or not. And most importantly, which conclusion you’re going for.

And when you know how to do this, you don’t have to be able to trust anyone, ever again. No one will be able to betray you. Because you don’t be trusting them. You’ll be trusting yourself. And when you can do that 100%, no one can lie to you. You can’t be led astray. You can’t be betrayed. You can only ever betray yourself.

So, I’ve got 2 techniques for you. One’s a little milder than the other; it depends on where you’re at in your journey. So, don’t think you have to do both of these. Just listen to them, let them wash over you and see which one or ones resonate with you. This is how you’ll develop the skills you need so that you can trust yourself and your own inner guidance.

The first tip I want to share with you is: Qualify the information, not the source. So, all the data bombarding you from all sides, take a look at the information itself, and discern if it resonates with you, vs. just trusting that it will, because it came from a “trusted source”. As we’ve already figured out, we can’t really trust anyone. We can’t ever really guarantee that they actually know what they’re doing or that they’ll have integrity in what they do. Which means, some people we trust will sometimes give us bogus information, for whatever reason, some innocent, some not, and people we totally distrust can also occasionally tell us the truth. So, we should regard or disregard something someone says just because of who they are. Take a look at what they’re saying. Take a look at what they’re doing. And just because they did one thing that was good, don’t just dismiss the next thing they do that’s bad.

And this doesn’t mean you have to be hypervigilant. Just make up your own mind as much as possible. Question your assumptions. Question what you’ve been accepting as true, which you never really made your own decisions on. You simply accepted someone else’s decisions. I’ll give you a cute and funny example because this video is in danger of getting a little bit too heavy and I haven’t taken you all the way to a good feeling place yet. But don’t worry, I will.

So, a couple of years ago, I discovered the feather duster. It’s not that I didn’t know they existed, but not in my immediate reality. I’d never used one, owned one, or even seen one used. So, one day, I saw one at the store and was inspired to buy it. I figured it would make it easier to clean off hard to reach places like the tops of ceiling fans. Well, when I got home and unpacked it, a whole different world opened up to me. One where I could dust my whole house in minutes. You see, I’d been taught by my German upbringing, that it wasn’t clean until you’d scrubbed it within an inch of its life, and then doused with water. So dusting in my house was done with a bucket of water, some kind of cleaner, and loads of elbow grease. I had been taught that this was the only way to really clean, and I accepted that as truth. There was our way of doing it, and then there was living in filth.

But then, I discovered the feather duster. It cleaned perfectly well. Ok, I didn’t clean the toilet bowl with it, but in terms of dusting, it did a great job. It was quick, it was easy and it was fun! It totally defied what I’d been taught. You see, for me, the older women in my family were the authority on cleaning. They were THE authority on cleaning. So, nothing anyone else said ever held as much weight. If they disagreed with the whole scrubbing things till they disintegrate, they just didn’t truly understand cleanliness, the way we did. I had to accept this new data, and it allowed me to let go of doing things the way I’d been taught, simply because I assumed that must be the best way.

Because surely, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, my great-great-grandmother, all tested every possible product and method available to clean stuff and came up with the best possible way, right? RIGHT? Only, of course not! First of all, they didn’t even have access to all the products and technology we have today, I mean, I doubt they’d even heard of the Swiffer, but they were simply doing what had been taught to them. It wasn’t the best way. It was the only way that was offered.

You have the ability to figure things out for yourself, just like I figured out that there was a perfectly legitimate and effective alternative to scrubbing everything like a scullery maid. And I know this seems like a silly little example, but I think it perfectly illustrates just how trapped we can become in our assumptions that the one way we know is the best way, which is what happens when we put more stock in whom the information came from than the information itself.

Ok, so my second tip for you is to never assume there are a limited number of options for outcomes or solutions. At a deeper level, this is all about duality, and that’s something that’s coming up in a big, big way right now. Everything is being boiled down to black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. We’re always trying to make things fit into one side or the other. And, we’ve always done that, but we’re just now seeing how big of a problem that actually is. Because when we assume that the options we’ve been presented with by the authorities or experts are the “right” ones, we exclude any other conclusions or solutions, including the solution we might want. DON’T let someone else tell you what’s possible, especially if what they’re presenting to you, if what they’re saying is possible, doesn’t feel right to you.

This is a manipulation tactic! “You must choose between A and B!”
“But wait…”, you might say, “I don’t like either one of those!”.
“Well, you must choose between A and B! There are no other options!”

And so, you get all stressed trying to decide which is the least bad option, A or B. Or, you could decide that the whole premise of having to choose between A and B is wrong. Why says? If you don’t like either option, start defining what you do want, and start looking for an option that supports that. Assume that an option like that is out there, because it always is. You couldn’t even manifest the thought that it might be if it wasn’t.

So, once again. You’re not just accepting information as true. You’re questioning assumptions and authorities, and you’re thinking for yourself.

And yes, I can the objections again. If we can’t trust anyone, and we can’t trust the authorities, won’t society break down? Well, look around! Society is already breaking down.

You see, so much of how we live is predicated on a trickle down system. Someone at the top, some expert, authority or person clearly smarter and more qualified than us, has all the facts and the info. And they will share with the rest of us idiots as appropriate and as we can handle it. Which of course they will, and it will never be to our detriment, because they only have our best interests at heart. And this is how it’s been, because we’ve allowed it to be so. We’ve accepted it. “Oh, you’re right. Little old me can’t possibly comprehend the fabricated and totally unnecessary complexity of these issues, so you just go ahead and tell me what to do.”

And now, we’re waking up to the idea that we don’t want others making decisions for us. It’s like humanity is finally growing up. As we grow up, as we mature, we all hit a point, or multiple points, where we come to the realization that we’ll never be happy in a situation unless we decide for ourselves how we feel, what we want, and what’s possible.

So, the journey to being able to trust yourself fully may be a little bit bigger than you imagined, but it doesn’t have to take that long. It does take a little bit of re-education and practice. I’m doing my best to provide that education here, but the practice is up to you. Here is what I CAN tell you, but of course don’t take my word for it, discern for yourself how this feels: if you begin the process of thinking for yourself, gathering data, evaluating the data instead of the source, making decisions based on what feels better, and not accepting foregone conclusions that don’t feel right to you, you’re going to learn pretty quickly that your life gets a lot better. That you drop a lot of stuff that drains your energy. You’ll no longer do stuff you don’t really want to do, just because, well, that’s how it’s always been done. You won’t be pressured into making a decision that doesn’t serve you, simply because someone else said you have no other choice. You’ll never have to be scared that someone you love will betray you, because you’ll make every decision based on your own inner guidance, and not just because they told you to. You’ll no longer be making anyone else responsible for your happiness, for your success, and for your reality. And then, you’ll finally be free.

So, let me know in the comments, if this video was helpful for you. What parts of this awakening process are you struggling with? These videos are often inspired by someone’s question in the comments, so let me know yours.

As always, if you’d like to learn more about how manifesting actually works, and what the human being is actually capable of, come find me at melodyfletcher.com. There are over 600 blog posts and videos you can read and watch for free. As well as over 300 pre-recorded coaching calls you can listen in on, on pretty much any topic you can think of. So, there are tons of resources for you to search through, as well as my book, which is linked in the description. Lots and lots of data for you to gather and sort through, if you’re so inspired.

Until next time, thank you for bringing your light to the world.

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  • Melody! As always, you are so spot on. This exact idea has benn resonating throughout different levels of my life lately; I suddenly had a thought…”wonder what melody Fletcher is up to…haven’t heard from her in awhile – checked in and baboom! Once again, you confirm what is already present and at work in my world. Thank you! Adore you and your brilliant and hilarious insights. Best wishes always.

  • Hi puppies and Melody (the puppy class leader),

    I’m basically just writing into the void here in case the process of writing it out jogs anything loose for me.

    Recently, I think I’ve been feeling better. Really feeling better, not fake feeling better and pretending to be positive – a previous lifelong habit, trained into me from childhood. I say “think” because on some level it’s hard for me to know how I feel, still. But yes, I think I’m feeling better than I have.

    I often think about something Melody said, either here on her blog or in her book, “let the emotions do their job”. I take this to mean that my habit of attempting to control how I feel, or fix or change how I feel by thinking different thoughts, is pretty silly and pointless. And instead, I should just be more like, okay, I’m having this feeling, phew, intense, that hurts…. and see where it goes. This is amazingly hard for me to do! Like… amazing. My slow learner status continues.

    Earlier today, “out of nowhere” (I know vibrationally that isn’t true, but it felt that way), I was exposed to something that sent me plunging down into bad feelings. Like I went from… oh, not the most positive anyone has ever felt, but somewhere between the neutrality of mild boredom, and mild frustration or doubt. This is totally progress for me, BTW. I am now able to see that I’ve spent YEARS (years omg) in shame, despair, and powerlessness, while telling myself that I must feel much better than that, and aggressively resisting actually feeling those feelings. So doubt and pessimism are definitely an improvement, even if, as is probably obvious to everyone but me, actually really feeling those feelings can be alarming in comparison to the aggressive denial I had been doing.

    Anyway, earlier today, “out of nowhere”, I plunged from that mildly negative neutrality into a sudden chasm of fear, powerlessness, and shame. Holy crapcakes, did it feel bad! The suddenness of it was physically shocking. I know Melody has written in her book about how when you suddenly drop to a lower vibration, you’ll feel it physically. Well, I definitely did.

    I guess I’m hoping for some gentle guidance from those who know more/are faster learners around how to handle this sort of thing. It was painful to realize where my vibration still apparently is on that topic. Although, within five minutes of staying with that feeling (hating it and wanting to resist it, but at least not trying to make it go away or change so much), I felt some improvement. So I’m guessing that the vibration is a least not as heavy and sticky as it used to be. But AY! I’m tired of feeling bad and I wish I just never felt bad. Is that childish? YES! But it’s honest. I wish I felt a realistic sense of control over how I feel. Instead I feel like… I am getting better at making peace with the experience of feeling bullshit I do not want to feel. It does seem to allow it to shift. But I’m still really into the fantasy that at some point, I wlll feel a sense of control. And instead it currently feels like I get assigned certain emotions or experiences and the best I can do is not resist them.

    Anyway, just rambling. Thanks for listening, Imaginary Puppies!

  • Hi Melody,
    Enjoy your approach and input to this complicated subject…question: How do we know whether it is our own limiting beliefs or fears or a positive gut level instinct, when it comes to making a difficult decision? Am I feeling wary because of my own experience levels which may or may not be accurate, when a new opportunity arises, or should I be paying attention to this nagging concern about this seemingly good opportunity. If we are always wary, doesn’t it color how we see what comes to us? It may be valid, but it may block us from experiencing something that is being offered up to us…just tossing this around.

  • I really like this, Melody. Thanks for sharing. I just had a big realization for myself (it seems like two realizations, but I think it’s the same thing from different angles): I am really afraid of people disapproving of me. REALLY afraid. Like crazy levels of fear around it. (I actually emailed you about it earlier, which is what led to me realizing that “fear of people disapproving of me” is probably the most succinct way to say it)

    And so this post makes me realize, wow, in an intellectual way I believe that I can, could, should make my own choices. But in a body/emotional/energy way, just thinking about having The Wrong Opinion that people disapprove of, oh wow, bad times.

    I’m hoping that maybe identifying that I have this will let me move on it, because it feels so deep in my mind, it’s hard to move in any intellectual way.

  • “You’ll no longer be making anyone else responsible for your happiness, for your success, and for your reality”.

    This is what I am struggling with. I know that I am responsible for my own happiness, success and reality, but sometimes, when I am tired or something I find it just sooo annoying that it always depends on me. It’s MY responsibility to hold a high vibration. Sometimes you just want to blame someone else, some organization or force or whatever. But I hold the key to my own success and this is a big responsibility. Once you have embraced this loa thing, you cannot go back. It is wonderful, but also…freakin’ hard. Sometimes.
    You know, when you are tired and your kid takes of his diaper and poops in the middle of the room and the dog keeps barking because she has to pee and the cat puts his paw in your glass of milk because you forgot to hide it because you had to clean your poop floor first. Anyway, you know what I mean 😉 When that shit happens I do not like the awakening process. I feel anger towards something external, but in my heart I know I cannot ‘blame’ anyone but me. This is especially difficult when you are dealing with babies or animals. You cannot reason with them. It’s all vibrational. And it is me who needs to do the vibrational work because they are still pure (if that makes sense). I find this the hardest part of the journey.

    • Hey Lisa,
      You’re so right. It IS hard sometimes. And it feels unfair that it always has to be YOU (although, who else is it gonna be, lol). Don’t forget that you DO get to throw your own tantrums when needed. Don’t suppress that frustration, let it out. That’ll make this all so much easier than if you’re always trying to get back to Zen, while actually feeling like you want to drop kick someone. Don’t deny yourself that release because you KNOW it’s not their fault, and that you manifested it somehow. That doesn’t preclude you from letting your emotions out. Constructively, of course… 🙂

  • This long, full-of-insight writing made me smile. I couldn’t really remember since when but I’ve always be the only one in my family (from both sides) that never accepted one’s data/information/teaching/else just because community “baptized” them as one’s with authority. It often made me felt like something was wrong with me but turned out I just had a more specific filter for many situations and conditions in life. Thank you for bringing this topic to the light, Melody. ♡

  • Once again a wonderful post and such an important message, one I agree with completely. My life got a whole lot easier after I realized that since my vibration is the only thing that determines my reality, other people’s opinions and actions have absolutely no power over me. It is what I decide what it is. And facts and ultimate truths don’t really exist either. It’s all just different perspectives, different truths for different people. What you believe determines your reality, no matter what the rest of the world is doing. Abraham claims that it’s possible to grow back amputated limbs, the only reason no’one’s doing it is because no’one believes it’s possible. Because we were told it’s not possible. I read about this around the same time I lost a tooth, it had to be pulled out because it was half-rotten an infected, and I decided that I’m going to grow a new one to replace it. It took me around two years but in the end I did. So no, you shouldn’t trust dentists who tell you it’s not possible, or doctors who tell you you’re never going to get better, or anyone who tells you it can’t be done. You decide for yourself, and your opinion has power over all the others out there because your perspective creates your reality and that’s the only truth you need.

  • If someone is coming to realize that the people and events we encounter in this world cannot be completely trusted as they appear,
    (being merely holographic images mirroring our vibrations back to us),
    and that what we see and hear with our senses is not completely accurate, but just a perception, wouldn’t that person encounter situations in which what they see and hear is untrustworthy and not to be completely believed? Those situations would mirror back the person’s suspicions that things/people should not be accepted or trusted or believed as they appear.
    It distresses and upsets us when it happens, but maybe it’s not a bad thing at all. Maybe it just indicates that we are realizing we should not believe/trust much of what we encounter because it’s only an illusion.

    • Hey Mari,
      You’re right. It’s not a bad thing, and all of this is very much serving the purpose of helping us to trust our own guidance.
      But simply realizing that you can’t trust an outside source won’t create more liars in your world. Pushing against it is. And insisting that you can trust certain people because they have authority, is pushing against the idea that you can’t and shouldn’t trust someone outside yourself ABOVE yourself. So, you can accept the inherent untrustworthiness of anything outside of you, while trusting yourself, which means that you won’t feel at all bad about THEM, or you can look at the untrusworthiness of the outside and judge it to a horrible thing, and wish people would be more honest (which will feel bad). Does that make sense?

  • Right before I opened my email and saw this video in it, I literally just finished a conversation wherein I found out that a friend of our family’s has been lying to us for a while now about some very major shit. I just had lunch with this person last week, and almost every word she said to me was a lie built upon lies she’s been hiding throughout the course of the few years that we’ve known her.

    My first reaction was to be angry. I resisted the urge to text her a giant “WTF”. Because I realized that I’m more mad at myself for not fully trusting the weird vibes I’ve always gotten from her. Thankfully, we weren’t particularly close and I never really formed a solid connection with her… now I know why! So, this video and what I learned today about someone is a very timely lesson on trusting my instincts and the information I’m receiving.

    I do wonder, though… what about the people who aren’t evolved enough to discern things for themselves? The Fox news addicts and the zealots (and my parents)? They absolutely trust and believe everything that comes out of the pulpit or the press box and I do wonder sometimes if they’ll ever “level up” in this lifetime… how can we help people like them?

    • Hey Elle,
      Unfortunately, we can’t force people to wake up. And really, we wouldn’t want to. No one could force you to do it, either. What you can do is trust them and their journey. Hold the energy of who they really are (who they can become), while accepting them where they are. Don’t judge their pain as “bad”. For a lot of people, it still has to get bad before they’ll make a change. Change can be so scary. Those of us who have been at this a while tend to forget just how scary… People will trust outside authorities until it really doesn’t work for them anymore.
      And some people will not fully wake up in this lifetime. But they’ll do it in the next. 🙂

      • Hi Melody, I’m curious. Elle referred to some people as ‘those who are not evolved enough”. And while, I understood what she meant, if we’re all already perfect, and whole, well, in the non physical, then there’s no such thing as ‘spiritual progress’ or whatever you want to call it. Yet, on Earth, clearly the planet, and humans are evolving. But, spiritually speaking, we’re all equal.

        So, I’d be curious on your perspective on why some of us (like myself) have woken up and are being called to do a 180 and turn around and look at ourselves, and learn to love ourselves, while others who are dealing with similar ‘problems’ (people I know), that I have had throughout my life, but yet are likely not going to have this ‘wake up’ in this life and are still in that place of resistance. You can see that they’re struggling and struggling with resistance, but they’re just not getting it.

        Wondering if you have any thoughts on why some of us wake up and others don’t?

      • And also, to add one more thing, I know you’ve been adamant, that we are not here to progress or evolve (spiritually that is), and I love that about you, so that’s why I want to understand why we’re all seeming at different places, but yet, some of us are clearly exploring the same themes. Thanks again for any feedback

      • Hey Derek,
        So, our souls/ higher selves do not need to evolve. This is not some kind of soul school. We are all masters. That’s why we forget our mastery – otherwise this would be a very different game. We started off on this world in a very dense vibration. It was all about survival. Animalistic, even. And slowly, we’ve brought more and more consciousness into the human experience. We’re streaming more and more energy through our human bodies, basically. This is how humans are evolving. And our challenge, the game basically, is to express more and more of who we really are (our perfect, master souls, if you will), through our human experience. To BE who we really are, more and more. So we’re pulling ourselves out of this thick, molasses like energy towards full consciousness. Even those of us who have woken up aren’t FULLY awake. We have a long way to go to become FULLY conscious (at which point we won’t be physical anymore).

        The reason why some people are waking up faster than others is because it’s all part of the game. We’ve all come in to play different characters, if you will. Some of us, for example, are teachers and helpers. We wake up earlier so we can support the rest. Others are just here to hold the light (which is what we’re all here for…). We’re all playing the game, but not everyone is playing it in the same way. We each have our own journey, we each have our own game board and our own game pieces. But all these individual games are all part of the big overall game – the evolution of humanity. Some people play a small part in that, some a bigger part. But we’re all participating in some way.

        If you’ve woken up earlier than the masses, there’s a reason for that. You’re here to shine your light in some way. This will allow others to follow. This is not an obligation. It’s who you are. And it’s what’s happening. It might be directly, or indirectly (just by being you). But your light is bright because that’s what level you’ve chosen to play this game at.

        Does that help? <3

      • It does help me a lot Melody. Thanks so much for clarifying that. My last question . I’ve read your older posts about the evolution of perspective and how we choose life themes to experience and explore. That stuff so deeply resonates with me. There were two posts on that subject matter of yours in particular which I love and refer back to from time to time.

        I’m curious, how the planetary/global awakening/ shift correlates with the idea of ‘life themes’ and the idea that we are here to experience perspective. Thanks so much Melody

  • Melody I am so glad you got on your soapbox! You should get an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony. I been feeling for a long time the same way. Its wonderful to have someone say it. People seem to follow the text books about things sometimes instead of being IN-spired from within. What flight school did the Wright brothers go to? What DMV did Henry Ford go to? And what auto mechanic school did he graduate from? For that matter what University of Talk Show Host did Oprah attend? I went to culinary school and now I have let go of a lot of that training because some of that information was steeped in lack and limitation. There is certainly not just one “right” way of doing anything. I mean I AM Infinite and Unlimited so why would I create for myself just one way of doing or being anything? So thank you. I have check myself when telling my children how to do something and basically now tell them to follow what they feel. No right wrong good or bad just Isness. Their adults now but still there was the tendency to want to teach what I was taught. I must know that they are Infinite Intelligence. So thank you Melody for this video. Much Love, Carla

  • I love you, Melody! This is SPOT ON! I am right there with you; I’ve been saying something similar for years now. Thanks for this AWESOME post; I loved having this sentiment mirrored back to me! xo

  • Hi,
    Surprisingly, I didnt feel helped by the post. Surely, I wasnt aligned with todays’ vibration.Mine is gloomy, I must confess. I’ll share my point, in case it’s useful: your post seems to focus on “decision” and “decision making” when my disappointment with people usually comes from “their not acting” or “their not doing their part as promised”. I dont rely on people for “thinking” or concept-building. This, I usually do quite nicely. I already dont trust others (which is not so good). But sometimes, I try to do something with people, and share responsability for a job. For example, let’s say I’ve cut wood for 10 years for my husband who shares my roof and declared once he wanted heat but didnt know how to get it. Let’s say I took on 98% of the burden of the heating task (of feel so) because it was obvious I was more capable of swinging the axe. Of course, he takes on other tasks. He does the cooking. As for these tasks he endorsed, I’d always support him. I often help him and sometimes, I’d take it all so he can have a complete break. But as for my tasks, like the woodcutting, he rarely or never comes spontanuously to support or share the burden. I seldom ask for help, though once every year, I may ask him a little help: “please, buy that new axe on this internet page” (I give him picture, price, and the exact web address – where he has only to move his finger to click to buy). But for mysterious psychological reasons I cant understand, he would answer “uuuuh…. maybe….. I’ll try, but I have to finish my beer and it may take a decade before I get my ass of the sofa”.
    What a let-down!
    Today, I feel furious. why have I given so much to an ungrateful egoist? Apart of taking actions (stop the woodcutting so he gets what he desserves), I also wonder what is it that I dont see? I know the outside world I perceive, comes truly from me, from the inner l world I live in. Of course, this husband is the one I chose (though opening the box was a surprise). Surely , the disappointment I suffer from comes from within myself. What did I miss?

    • That sounds like a tough situation. I think Melody’s idea about trusting ideas actually spans over actions, too, if you look at it a little differently. When you are considering doing a project with someone else, then you are saying what you will do and hearing them say what they will do. And that means that your husband (or whoever else you might be working with) is basically saying, “I’m a responsible person who will follow through on X, Y, and Z. Take my word for it.” But the facts are that he hasn’t been following through, over and over. The data doesn’t match what he’s saying. If you trust what he’s saying (“This time I’ll be helpful”), you might be overlooking the data (months or years of him not doing squat, haha). I’m not saying you couldn’t decide to give him another chance, but you’d probably approach the situation differently if you decided this was his opportunity to earn trust rather than trusting him to do the job based on his word. To me, it doesn’t sound like he would be a very fun partner to do projects with.
      Maybe he doesn’t know that you want him to offer help without being asked. For a lot of people, they assume you’ll ask if you want it. Do you feel pretty comfortable with asking for help, or do you wait until you feel a little desperate? I had to learn to ask for help while I still felt cheerful, before I got all run-down and annoyed, so that I could get good results from people. I don’t know if that is your situation or not.
      To me, it sounds like you are doing a lot of “waking up” in your post. It sounds like there is a lot of awareness and recognition of your feelings. That seems like a great step, whatever happens next! I hope things will start working out better.

      • Hello RQ!
        Thanks a lot for your long reply! It’s so kind of you. Your remarks are very helpful. I am impressed by your insight. Each aspect you point at seems quite acute. I will focuss on these questions and try to “grow up” from this “topic”. In between, I found out (after a nap) that this situation resonates with some past issues. Sooo, yeah, I have homework waiting for me….Well, I am glad , too. 😉

  • I think this is great. I had a very important situation regarding my sons health. My ex is a psychologist. He told me to listen to him about my son’s health., To me, none of his expertise made sense. So, I decided to go with my gut and get another opinion, and my son was given the right diagnosis and medicine. That’s it! Common sense is very important!

    • Thanks Melody. I didn’t know I had it in me. I usually bend to anyone coming at me, this time I knew it was not a correct answer to the problem. My son just wasn’t becoming happier. Ex husbands can be hard! I love how you can control the situation by taking part in it. I am learning to take part in more scary situations with people I wouldn’t normally have a differing opinion with. I was taught at home, that one should say something like, I appreciate what you think I should do, and then do what I needed to do, but my ex won’t take a differing opinion for an answer. I did have to stand up to him. It WAS my gut that knew, you are right!

  • I just love you Melody! Your timing is always perfect. I’ve fallen off of the LOA train recently and have found myself ‘accepting’ that there’s only an A or B option. I felt that freedom as light energy in my solar plexus as soon as you said that there are unlimited ways that anything can come about. Thanks for always making the BIG information so accessible. Love YOU! ❤️

  • Aha! This comes at the right time. Somehow I have been thinking recently a lot about what it is to stay in my own space and not to mingle too much into the business of others (and of course to keep others out of mine). It’s funny because it’s something I am learning without having looked consciously for it. Your video helps because it’s once more about trusting our own judgement and dealing with other people’s opinions. Yesterday, I also read an interview where they talked about ‘people hacking’. Nowadays, knowing what happened with the American elections, people finally seem to realise the direct influence that others can have on our brains and decision making. Even though it’s not new. Nowadays, in my own life, I also notice that I am careful to choose what information I allow into my head. Because when I read an article of someone, I feel I allow another person into my head. Just the same as I feel that I can see much of the person that writes an article. it’s not so much looking into the soul of a person, but each garment,article, blog, product, does say a lot about the person who created it. It’s funny because all of this kind of information seems to accumulate. So yes, it was (at least for me) the right time to have a blog post on this topic. Thanks Melody! 🙂

  • I can relate to this. I work in 2 unrelated fields, and in these fields the acclaimed experts are usually a fair way off the pace. Sometimes they are worlds away from what the most accomplished are doing. The true leaders can be hard to find because they don’t tend to talk a lot. Also, to be able to even meet such people, you need to match their very high vibe.

    • I think you’re going to start seeing the true leaders emerging more and more in the coming years. There’s so much exciting stuff going on, though! I’m so looking forward to it all trickling down into the mainstream. 🙂

  • Not sure how practical trusting my own opinion all the time would be in the real world, but when I say I’m not sure, I mean I’m not sure. Something to think about.

    • Great point David. A big step is to realize that you don’t have to make a choice if you don’t have clarity yet. That’s another one of those manipulation tactics – that you have to make a choice RIGHT NOW, or else… It’s very freeing to realize that you can abstain from making a choice until you know what you want. 🙂

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