Do you ever get frustrated because even though you believe that you can actually create your own reality, and you’ve even had some success with it, the thing you want THE MOST, is just taking its sweet old time!? Well, then today’s video is for you. We’re going to be talking about time, and why the more important and significant something is for you, the longer it seems to take. So, stay tuned.


So, there you are. You have your one big desire, the thing that’s been driving you forward for years, the thing that maybe even motivated you to start searching for “alternative” information such as reality creation and the law of attraction. You want this thing SOOOO much! The idea of possibly never getting it causes you physical pain. Life isn’t really worth living if you don’t get this thing. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to stop NEEDING this thing, even though you KNOW it messes up your ability to attract it. But, you’re doing your best to line up your energy. You’re aware of your neediness, and you’re working through it. You keep shifting and releasing belief after belief. Or, you might have already shifted every belief you can find. Your energy is totally aligned, you feel good, there’s no more need, and… nada. Your manifestation just won’t show up. Oh sure, you’ve seen some improvements. But the big Kahuna isn’t here. And it’s not on the horizon.

What the hell is going on? If you line up your energy, you’re supposed to be “rewarded” with a manifestation, right? You did the work. Where’s the payoff? Is the Universe just denying you your biggest dream, because it doesn’t like you? Did you do it wrong? Are you being punished?

No, no, and no. No one’s punishing you. Remember that the Universe isn’t a person. It’s more like a computer. It truly doesn’t judge you or your desires. Think about it. You can write the smuttiest, dirtiest, filthiest letter on your laptop, and it won’t once chastise you for your degenerate ways. It wouldn’t even occur to the laptop, because the laptop is not a sentient being with opinions. It’s a machine. And so is the Universe, although the technology is just a teensy bit more advanced. So, it’s not the Universe denying you your holy grail of manifestations.

And yes, you might still have some resistance left. If you focus on what you want and stuff starts to come up, you’ll need to clear that. I’ve talked a lot about that in other videos, so we’re not going to cover the basics here. This video is for those of you who’ve been doing all of that, and still aren’t getting what you want.

So, I’m going to assume that you feel pretty damn good when you focus on your desire, and that you’ve been clearing your resistance, such as fears that you might not deserve that thing, or that something bad will happen if you get it. If you haven’t done that and you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I’m going to link to all of my blog posts and videos on releasing resistance below, so you can check those out, as well.

But, for the purposes of this video, you’ve been releasing like a champ! And… no joy. Now what? And why is this happening?

Allow me to break that unbelievably frustrating shit down for you.

Are you tantruming fully?

So, first of all, you’ll have realized that no matter how dedicated you are to this work, every once in a while, you’re going to notice that you STILL haven’t received what you want, and you’re going to throw a tantrum. The more savvy among you are going to immediately recognize that the fact that you’re throwing a tantrum means that there’s still a part of you that NEEDS this to happen. In other words, you can’t fully feel the way you want to feel until you have this thing. Maybe you no longer NEED it to survive, but you feel that you NEED it to be happy. Or maybe you NEED it in order to fully believe that you can, truly, create your reality. If you’ve been working on something for a long time, you maybe NEED that thing to manifest just to justify all that time and effort. It might just be the principle. Whatever the case, if you’re throwing a tantrum, you’ve got a NEED.

And then, you might be tempted to shut that shit down and try to analyze that need. And I would suggest you do something else. In fact, I would suggest that you throw a MASSIVE tantrum. Even if you’ve thrown tantrums before, just REALLY go for it. Be childish. Be ugly. Wail and scream and cry, if you have to. Keeping in mind that a tantrum doesn’t have to be expressed with that much volatility. You can throw an inward tantrum, as well. Whatever works for you. But whatever your style and whatever the situation calls for, really give in to it. Totally surrender to it. Feel sorry for yourself. Get angry at the Universe, at God, even at me. Anyone but yourself, of course, if you remember the 3 rules of a successful anger release, which are 1.) do it by yourself so you or others won’t shut you down with guilt, 2.) don’t censor anything that comes out; think of it like taking a big, ugly, emotional poo. And 3.) you can get angry at anyone, or anything, EXCEPT yourself. That turns the energy back on itself and then it can’t release. I’ll link to my videos and blog posts on anger below, as well, if you want more education.

One of the things that may well have been holding you back a little, could be that you haven’t quite allowed yourself to FULLY let out your frustration, to FULLY throw your tantrum, whatever that means for you. There may well be some unexplored, unreleased pain in there that you haven’t admitted to. Your tantrums will help you let that out. So, releasing energy is like a detox, and releasing anger is like taking a poop. If you’ve ever physically detoxed, you’ll know that there’s a lot of pooping. Don’t analyze it, don’t dissect it (ew!); just let it go. It’ll make a world of difference. And yes, this will clear the issue that’s causing the tantrum in the first place.

It’s not JUST about releasing resistance

Another thing that trips so many people up when they’re going for their BIG HOLY GRAIL manifestation is that they don’t understand that it’s not JUST about releasing resistance. Now, I know that we spend a ton of time talking about resistance, and it can make it seem like that’s the only thing we need to do. But, I’m sorry to tell you, it’s not. It’s just the part that’s the most work. And it’s an integral and necessary part of the process, so we do have to bang on and on about it. There is, however, more.

You see, in order for you to manifest what you want, you have to become the version of yourself that lives in that reality. Now, you’ll probably understand part of what that means for you. As you envision what you want, and see yourself having it, you get into the feeling of how it will feel to have it. You begin to see yourself differently to at least some degree. But you may not have any idea just how different you might be, or exactly in what ways. So, there’s a process of discovery, and that takes a bit of time. For example, you might want to be rich. And you’ve realized that as a rich person, you won’t be afraid of bills anymore. You won’t worry about money. And you always know there’s more coming in. And… you work on those things.

You might have some fears to clear (aside for things like unworthiness and the like), such as fears that you might not know how to handle a lot of money, how to invest it, what to do with it, etc. You might actually find yourself hating the IRS more than ever before, because you’ll have to cut really big checks to them. And of course, you’ll want to work on those things, as well.

But you also need to level up. You need to expand your view of money, not just shift it to a more positive place. You need to allow yourself, through this process of discovery, to see money not just in a way that feels better, but in a way that you may have never even known about before. You need to allow yourself to discover a completely different point of view. These are going to be things that are well outside of your ability to imagine, so you have to let them come in incrementally, at exactly the pace that you can accept and integrate.

So, just as an example, if you want to be super rich, you may have not considered that you’d better get real comfortable with having staff in your home. You might have housekeeping staff, and a cook, a gardener, a pool boy, a personal assistant, or one or any combination of those. If you didn’t grow up with staff, you may not be at all comfortable with people serving you – especially in your own home. This would be an example of something you hadn’t considered, but which definitely plays into a really wealthy abundance vibe. Because I promise you, if you make $100 million a year, you’re not going to be scrubbing your own toilet. Unless that’s your thing, in which case, no judgment.

A lot of the time that passes as we wait for our BIG Manifestation is about us becoming the version of ourselves that has that. In fact, that’s what takes the most time. Everything else can be pulled together pretty quickly by the Universe, but we’re the stubborn ones. Always. So, throw every tantrum you want, and also trust that you are in the process of becoming a better version of yourself, one that you can’t yet fully grasp or see, but which does match what you want. The better you become at allowing that to happen, the easier and faster it will be.

Incremental change can be fun!

And finally, I want to talk about the joy of incremental change, and how we’ve basically been trained to hate and fear it. I know I talk about the education system a lot, but there’s a reason. Now, before I get on my soap box again, I want to make it clear that I’m not bagging on teachers. I know that many, many teachers are just as frustrated by the education system as the rest of us. My beef is with the system. And the way I see it, the Education system actually destroys our love of learning, and instills in us a deep fear of incremental change. Here’s how:

Most of our schools don’t really teach. They reward people for being naturally good at something, and punish those who aren’t. When I was at school, I was naturally good at the academic fields, especially Math and English. These things came easily to me, and I couldn’t understand why some kids struggled. But my least favorite topic was P.E., which is physical education. Because it was just an exercise, if you pardon the pun, in torture and humiliation and basically taught us to hate exercise. Which most adults still do.  Years later, I realized a few things:

  • The kids who were naturally athletic loved P.E., because they were already good at it. So, they got the A’s, while the rest of us were graded on our lack of natural ability.
  • Those same kids felt just as tortured and humiliated in Math and English as I did in P.E.
  • No one was really ever taught how to do Math or taught how to exercise. You either “got it” or you didn’t. I realized this when, and I was well into my adulthood by then, I was trying to climb down from a big rock while hiking with friends, and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t figure it out. That kind of thing doesn’t come naturally to me. But when a friend came to my rescue and simply showed me how to do it, it clicked for me and I climbed down easily. I simply didn’t know HOW, and no one had ever shown me how. No one showed me how throw or catch a ball; how to actually run properly so you don’t hurt yourself; hHooowow to move your body joyfully. I was expected to already have those skills, or, well, I just wasn’t good at that.

And that’s the point. We expect ourselves to be good at everything right away, or we drop it. Or, perhaps, we push forward begrudgingly, but we certainly don’t enjoy it. We’ve forgotten how amazing and fun it can be to suck at something and then get better at it over time. We’ve forgotten that we can actually love this learning process, this becoming process. Because we were shamed heavily for not getting it immediately right, and already knowing exactly how to do something.

And yet, we’re always in the process of becoming. Even the things we’re good at, we’ve only become REALLY good at by getting better over time. Incrementally. We practice, we try stuff out, we experiment, and we pay attention to what works. It may be more subtle when we already have a natural talent, but the process is the same.

So, let’s give up on the idea that everything has to happen right this second. That we are either immediately a star at something, or we’re crap. Let’s focus on our progress and celebrate it the same as we would getting the BIG manifestation. Let’s look for improvements instead of perfection or doneness. How about we stop being the annoying dick in the backseat yelling “Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!” over and over again, and just enjoy the ride, trusting that we are on our way and that we will get there? Because we always do. Eventually.

And I know that at least some of you are sitting there right now wondering how I can sound so confident about this, when my BIG manifestation, my weight, hasn’t been resolved. Well, it might be hard to tell on camera, because I mostly shoot from the shoulders up, but it is actually resolving. As of the shooting of this video, 70 pounds have simply melted away. And what’s even more exciting is that it’s happening exactly as I always wanted it to and knew it could – through no torture and no effort on my part.  There’s no diet, no exercise, no deprivation, no anything.  The fat just continues to melt away to the tune of about 3 pounds a week. And yes, I know that doesn’t sound healthy, but I’ve given up on those arbitrary definitions. My body knows exactly how to do this, and it’s in charge now. And yes, I will make a video on this subject, I promise, I’m just waiting for the inspiration. But I couldn’t not tell you. I mean….

Speaking of announcements…

I hope this video gave you some useful information on what to do if you’re getting really impatient about your big manifestation.

But, I’ve got another big announcement for you, and that is that after launching Reality Academy, which is a super down the rabbit hole, advanced energy shifting course, it became really clear to me that what people also really needed was a foundational course. A framework that covered all those things we tend to forget and which I have to remind even my most advanced clients (and myself) of over and over again. You know, those foundational principles that, if you don’t understand them, can sabotage your chances of manifesting deliberately. And of course, if you do understand them, it will mean that your success comes easily and nearly effortlessly. This is the stuff that I haven’t seen taught in any other LOA courses, the stuff they keep leaving out, which frustrates me to no end. And, of course, as with everything I teach, the information is finally going to make some freaking sense.

And so, over the last few weeks I’ve been putting together a new program called LOA Academy, which we’ll be opening enrollment on in the next couple of weeks. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, and if you are too, and if you’d like to know more and be among the first to get notified about the program, what’s covered and how it’s going to change your freaking life, then click on the link below and sign up for the wait list. Since this will be the first time we launch the program, I’m going to be adding in all kinds of special goodies, so if there’s even a chance you might want to take a look at the class, then click on the link and sign up.

And, in the meantime, I want to send you all smooshy, smooshy hugs (I’m a hugger. Just let it happen), and thank you for bringing your light to the world.

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  • Yay!! So happy that your biggest manifestation is coming to fruition. I noticed the changes right away. You look healthy and your skin is glowing. Thanks for all you do. You were my first ever introduction to LOA and reality creation. Before that I just felt a victim of the fate. So, seeing you manifesting something that’s your big wish is really cool. Onwards and upwards!!

  • I really needed this video at this time, I had a great anger release shortly after watching. I needed the reminder big time! And I immediately noticed your weight loss as soon as the video began, you look AMAZING!!! I do have a question about an anger release when it relates to physical pain or frustration with a physical aspect of the body. Since I know I’m not my body, can you do an anger release or be angry at/with your body without “blaming”yourself? Does that make sense? I’ve done a little releasing with this and it seems to work but then I stop myself as I start to overthink it. Thank you, Melody, soooooo excited about LOA Academy!

  • Oh, Melody- this video could not have come at a better time! Not only does what you say resonate strongly with me it reminded me to “breathe, feel what I am feeling without criticising/judging myself” AND it came at the perfect time to help a friend in need of some comforting and support (not to mention a reminder of her own).

    THANK YOU for your time, words, and for being AMAZING, LOVELY YOU!!! Also, congrats on the weight loss manifestation (No effort/ no diet weight loss has ALWAYS been my go to, but a lot of non-believers get stuck in my “business” from time to time making it difficult…but who wants to get in to that- no one! YAY for you!!) Thank you for continuing to inspire!! Love love love, S

  • Congratulations on your big success!! I’m also looking forward to hearing how you did it, true stories about LOA successes are really the best because you can see the theory implemented into practice. The timing of the post was perfect (honestly, why do I even mention this anymore? I mean, it always is) because the good ol’ Universe has been slapping me with the lesson of trying to have fun with learning things and enjoying the journey of discovery, instead of throwing a tantrum when I suck at things I haven’t tried before. As a direct consequence to this I’m finally making progress with my financial issues and I’ve had some big breakthroughs and long story short, I don’t worry about money anymore, at all. The massive shift I had last Spring really started all this momentum, and it’s just getting bigger and bigger. I also realized that the “go to work so you’ll earn money so you can survive” thinking is just another limiting belief, and recently I’ve had fun exploring and experimenting with different perspectives, seeing how far from the original concept I can take the whole thing. I can feel the energy shifts physically, and they’re big, so it’s pretty exciting to wait and see what the manifestations will be like.

  • Hi Melody – I also want to add to the chorus – you look amazing and radiant – you always have, but there is a new “fun” shining through. And I have to admit, struggling all my life with my weight, – fat baby, chubby toddler, biggest teenager in high school, losing, gaining, losing gaining, remembering how great I felt at age 7 for having lost 2kg after stomach flu – after all I thought – if Melody can’t do it, how can I? And you did it and you are doing it and I have new hope. I feel anger, and throw tantrums and cry but I cant seem to be angry at anybody or anything else than myself. I feel deep anger and resentment and sadness and nobody is to blame but myself. My weight represents soooo much, how confident I am in interviews, my love life or most often lack of… I can for the life of me not imagine how anybody could find me attractive as and I blame myself for it. I am sure your video will address a lot of it and as always come at the right perfect moment in a massive co-creation process with all of us in your community

    • Hey Mary,

      I totally get it. I used to feel the same way. But I realized something – people are not fat because they eat too much. They are not fat because they are weak willed, or because they did anything wrong. You didn’t ask to be fat, and I’d bet that you’ve worked harder than almost anyone did at anything to try and lose that weight. It’s not laziness, or slothiness, or punishment. Your body has, through no FAULT of your own, been put into a state where it CANNOT burn fat. It won’t. And if you force it, you can lose some (and in really weird ways), but you’ll put it back on. Your body is fighting you, and your body will win. But it’s not fighting you because it’s an asshole, and it’s not fighting you to punish you. It can’t help it. Because there’s something in your energy that keeps sending your body the information that it MUST STAY FAT. And so it does.

      I was mad for years. I was mad at my body for “failing” me. I was mad at myself for being too weak to lose the weight and keep it off (I actually lost weight many times. I was just never able to keep up the torture indefinitely). I was mad at society for teaching me I was broken because I was fat. But then, it was just me, alone in my shit pit. Cold, smelly, dirty and miserable. And there was my fat, keeping me company. There was my fat, protecting me. There was my fat keeping me warm. There was my fat. It had always been with me. Not to torment me, but like a warm, squishy friend who had comforted me, supported me and protected me through so much pain. And my heart broke open. When there was no one else, my fat was there. And I learned to love my fat. It didn’t immediately start to melt away, but that helped A LOT. I saw it as a friend who had been with me a long time, and who would leave when the time was right. That’s when the self-flaggelation stopped. So, maybe see if that helps. For now… lol. <3

      • Thank you so much Melody. I already felt huge relief reading your answer. And I realised that loving myself and my fat must be a key or a start at least. You are right, I have also lost and gained a lot, probably 200kg from when I started getting conscious about it. Working hard, exercising until I want to collapse and not eating anything 9 days in a row and being devastated to lose so little weight and looking the exact same. And what I realise – when looking at old pictures being 20kg lighter – I felt then just as I do feel now. The anticipation for your weight loss video is great. I hope you still have your kick-ass bomber leather jacket – and looking forward to when you will make a video in that. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • You can definitely see your weight loss Melody – all totally awesome stuff! 😀

    I have two of these big-never-seem-to-get-there manifestations and one of those is also around my weight (resistance I have been dragging around since I was a small child).

    Only in the past year I have made peace with the fact that dieting doesn’t work – as in torturing myself with various plans and eating strategies, although I try and convince myself that I’m enjoying it for the first few days at least, has never actually been anywhere near enjoyable. So I decided, I want to be slimmer, the universe knows about my desire, and when it’s time to make that happen and I’ve shifted enough to clear the way, I’ll be drawn to the right things.

    One thing that I realised a while back is that I’ve never really come across anyone who has lost weight using LOA; not in a satisfactory way anyway. People who have claimed this before have always seemed to me to be following some kind of diet but using visualisation to ‘will’ themselves on, using a lot of action throughout the process, and this just never resonated with me.

    And then afterwards I realised that I hadn’t come across anyone who had lost weight using LOA in a way that resonated with me as I wasn’t ready to let that possibility into my reality yet, and when I was, it would be there….and well, here you are!!

    • I had the same experience Caz. I KNEW it could be done, but I didn’t see anyone actually doing it. Just last year I met someone who had done it, and I paid close attention to the energy. What also helped was hanging out with people who have always been thin, and never had that issue. I noticed how they thought and felt about food, about clothes, about their bodies. But nothing beats the validation of actually experiencing it. Yes, it can be done. And it’s easier (once you’re there) than we can often allow. It’ so ingrained that weight loss has to be hard, that allowing it to be easy is actually a challenge by itself. I’ll make that video soon, I promise. Inspiration is already starting to pour in…

  • Great video Melody, and you look stunning! The weight loss is very noticeable but it’s not just that – you’re glowing 🙂

    So this video/article came at the perfect time for me. I’ve already manifested a couple of my BIG things that I thought I’d never get (dream job and dream guy), but I’ve been stuck on the money thing for ages. I had a huge breakthrough last month when I started just releasing all the fear and anxiety I held – and ended up making more in that month than I ever had – but then things slowed down again. It got worse and worse, as if I’d never made any progress at all!

    Today was one of those tantrum days for me – I had actually read this post yesterday, and today I just had one of those days where crap keeps on piling on crap. I ended up sitting at my meditation altar sobbing my eyes out, ranting and raving, even having a good go at my Higher Self for incarnating me into this life and into this brain with all its limiting beliefs (and yes I swore at her, really badly – it felt damn good, I’m sure she understands). And then when I had calmed down, I sat and had a releasing session (just feeling the emotions without judgement or resistance). A few sessions of that, and I realised that these releases had different flavours to the ones I did last month. Last month it was all about fear and anxiety, this time it was about frustration. I thought that I had regressed, as if I’d never made any progress, but I realised that this frustration energy was always in me, and the Universe had to cut off the money flow in order for me to really deal with it. There was no fear or anxiety any more, just frustration, so I knew I had made progress after all.

    Feeling much better, more hopeful, and with more trust in the Universe now. Now I need to focus on the last part of this post – “feeling it real”. This feels a little harder, but maybe I still have resistance. I’ll keep practising and releasing. In any case, I’m glad to have regained my trust in the Universe. It’s like I always always always forget how perfect the process is 🙂

    Huge hugs to you Melody, and to all the readers of this wonderful blog <3

    • Hey Karin,
      Thanks so much sweetie! People keep telling me that I’m glowing… how awesome to know the energy is shining through more and more.
      Congrats on your tantrum and breakthrough. This work really is all about gaining more and more trust. And often, when we hit the next wall, it feels like we’ve gone backwards, because in that moment, we don’t have clarity. But it always leads to even MORE trust. And yes, swearing at your higher self if totally ok. She doesn’t judge. And you’d be amazed at how honored they feel to be able to hold the energy for us as we purge out the old energy and let in the new. Your higher self is cheering you on, even as you swear at her. 🙂
      Sending you huge, smooshy hugs!

  • I remember you saying some years ago that you would lose weight with little effort …. you’re doing it!!! Well done. That also gives me hope I will get my big manifestation too.

    You are a wonderful teacher and also a brilliant receiver.

    Im grateful for all the incremental steps along my life with your guidance but I thoroughly enjoy the leaps especially when related to romance and sex.

  • IMO, the hardest part of manifesting is getting in the “state akin to sleep” as Nev called it. Thoughts held in the normal waking state are powerless to create. Would you have any tips on how to move the assemblage point? Thanks.

    • I take a little bit of a different approach Cj. In my understanding, thoughts don’t create. They are manifestations, too. It’s all about the emotion, the feeling, which is an indicator of the energy. So, you want to create what you want? Focus (on anything, honestly it doesn’t matter that much) in a way that creates positive emotions (you can’t fake this…). You want to turn up the power? Focus in a way that makes you feel that positive emotion with more intensity. You don’t have to check out and go into a twilight state (although if you want to, you can do that. I suggest trying Bi-naural beat recordings to help you). But you can also be part of the party. 🙂

  • Hi Melody, the slimmer you was instantly noticed, and you look fab. So inquiring minds wonder if you will produce a video about your process to shed unwanted pounds? ~ Thanks for all you give!

  • Thank you, Melody!! This is EXACTLY what I needed! I’ve removed SO MUCH resistance over the past few years, and I feel like I’m almost at my goal. BUT it feels like there is a wall in front of me ( a thin one) and I’m ALMOST there. But not quite. And I’ve been cranky. So tantrum time it is! 🙂

  • Hi Melody!
    I noticed the weight loss! You look as though you feel more powerful and more in control. I knew you could do it! You’re such an inspiration. The part about accepting incremental change is what I really needed to hear and I’ll tell you why. A while ago, in one of your comment sections, I set the intention to write a novel. Well, tadaa! I’ve written it. Initially it was posted for free online on a writing website where it became so popular it was featured twice and earned me a spot as a featured author. Based on people’s responses, I knew I had something. So quickly, I edited the book and sought a traditional publishing deal. Impatience forced my hand. After finally getting a publisher to read an excerpt and thoroughly consider it, I reached out and warned them that I’d publish the book through my own small press within a month if I didn’t hear back. Needless to say, they promptly stopped consideration and wished me luck. I rushed to get it published via Amazon and Ingram (for retail). I received a huge surge in the first week, giving away over 7,000 copies. That kind of attention put my book in the #1 bestselling position in 5 categories and earned hundreds of paid book sales in the next two months. Shortly after that, I learned from an honest, kind-hearted reviewer that the book had a ton of errors. In my rush to publish, I had the novel reviewed by a developmental editor, which as a newbie, I thought was good enough. But it had not been reviewed by a line editor or proofread. I was devastated. Here I was promoting my unfinished book as a polished product at book club conferences and giving out print books to real celebrities! Rushing to the finish line has only caused me to have to circle back once more and cover ground I wouldn’t known to cover had I just slowed down and enjoyed the incremental change instead of whine and question why I wasn’t there yet. I’ve now had the book reviewed by a professional line editor and it’s in the process of being proofread. I’ve continued to hand out the print books I’ve printed, calling them Advance Reader Copies instead of the final product. I feel I am on my way. I’m taking my time with the process, knowing that once the novel is officially polished, it will be that much easier to sell and knowing I can replicate the earlier success I experienced when I first launched. Accepting and enjoying incremental change is paramount to this process. Every time I rush, I fumble and end up embarrassing myself, or worse losing out on an opportunity. It’s time to enjoy the journey, I’ll get there either way, right? Thanks so much for your perfect timing in delivering this message right when I needed to hear it. You’re AWESOME, Melody! You’re like a New-Age Oprah. I see you going so far! Take care, Love!

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments Angel, and thanks so much for sharing your story! I finally learned this lesson when I got tired of hurting myself. Rushing turned me into a massive klutz. I’d trip and fall and bump into things and cut my fingers when cooking. Nothing major, I’d just be banged up a lot. When I slowed down, all that stopped. Sometimes I feel like I’m holding a very eager puppy on a leash, lol.

  • This video made me so happy! It gave me hope 🙂 I’m glad for me and I’m glad for you too! Big hugs back to you <3

  • Thanks for the video/post, Melody. My “big thing” is a relationship. I feel like I have little breakthroughs and then hit a wall. (I think that is quite common with the LOA work). Sometimes I get really frustrated. I like the idea of tantruming fully. In recent months I’ve been focusing on my emotions and expressing them.

    I understand about PE, I was never that keen on it either! English was my favourite subject but I didn’t like Maths, lol.
    That’s great about the weight loss just happening naturally! Thanks for sharing about how manifestatuions can just happen easily. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Moonsparkle. And you’re right, that’s totally common. It took me a long time to learn how to smooth that out to a large degree. I still get waves (ebb and flow) but it’s not nearly as volatile now. Usually, anyway, lol.

  • The first thing I noticed was the weight loss from your the reduced breath of your shoulders and cheeks and the nail polish 💅 offcourse. 😜. Congratulations and please do share your journey to a healthy and lean body as thats been In my life starting right from teenage . I had Thus belief that as a girl you had to be thin so that you can attract nice and good men to you when you want to have a relationship. Also being thin increases your chances of having friends male plus females who are truly cool people and not the use and Throw types . I did lose a bout 15 kilos in 2015, and I thought the above beliefs would come true . Guess what , I did get a lot of attention from men , but for not the reason I wanted . I did wear the clothes that were only a dream during teenage but I was so conscious about my fat and weight that I was afraid of gaining it back . Afraid of being the fat old me . And that’s just what happened . I had to strive to maintain my lost weight and it felt like a struggle . Not eating what you would want to , constantly worried whether someone looked more beautiful and sexier than you , and instead of meeting men who wanted a relationship I attracted the ones who wanted a friends with benefits . Initially all the praises felt wow but soon the struggle both physical and mental outweighed the charm .
    Talking about impatience . Yes I do have a manifestation – my CHartered accountancy final exam that’s being going about for more than 3 years now and I haven’t cleared a single subject yet . It is a big thing for me and earlier it was about survival , now it’s more about being happy and satisfied . But yes when I cannot do my studies as per my time schedule or where a concept where I hadn’t anticipated would take time takes a lot of time it still pisses me off . Thanks also for showing the value behind tantrums as I had a big one post my result and now I guess that was paved the way for a good positive start to my studies .

  • I definitely noticed a change straight away too, you are looking great! Congrats on the shifts and changes you are making. I loved this video and think it is timely for me! Lots to think about. A video on using LOA to lose weight would be hugely helpful so a big YES PLEASE from me 😉

  • Exciting! That’s great news about your weight loss! Any idea how much your LOA Academy would cost? I’d really love to be involved in this! x

  • How fantastic it is to read such stuff just at the time when you need it. And you really understand that all these things are true, because not only Melody talks about them, but several other masters. No offence, just gratitude.

    • The more we hear this stuff, and the more sources we hear it from, the easier it is to believe. But yeah, this stuff is just coming out of all corners now isn’t it? So awesome!! 🙂

  • First of all Melody, congrats on the weight loss! Secondly, thanks for sharing your views about the education system and how that has been impacting our “manifesting patience”. I’ve been wondering for the last couple of months why I haven’t been able to make peace with the process and why I tend to have this feeling of fear and pressure most of the time. Reading this post definitely caused a major shift in me, so it’s likely I’m going to spend the next few days acclimating to this higher vibration. 🙂

    Lady R

  • Oh my goodness!! I totally noticed the weight loss right away! “Gee, is she getting skinnier?” YES!!!! So excited for you!!! I have released 70 lbs recently as well and it just feels great!
    Also wanted to share that I got to spend a week with a gal who is starting an Agile learning Center in your neck of the woods! Education which DOESN’t do all the things you mentioned!!! Woo hoo for empowering a generation of kids who embrace incremental changes!!!!! I’m loving doing it for our California kiddos, soon Idaho will have it too 🙂
    Excited to see what’s coming!

  • Congratulations on your weight loss! Also, I agree with your views on the educational system! Its very timely that I’ve stumbled upon the concept of the growth mindset 🙂 Also, can’t wait for your video on weight loss. It’s one of my goals too. Not a “holy grail” goal, more like, “I’m trying to do this for years and why hasn’t it manifested yet? What if I’m fat for the rest of my life?!” goal.

  • Woohoo!!! Congratulations!!! That’s so awesome!!!
    It’s synchronicity for me as well and this was a great and helpful video! Thank yous so much for sharing!!!

  • I totally thought you looked slimmer! I knew it! I can’t wait for the down low on how you manifested that. And dude I am SUPER EXCITED about the LOA Academy. As always this video came out when I needed it the most and just asked for guidance! I am so freakin stuck right now and cannot shift, dammit! I have been reading and re-reading the book, checking out the old posts, trying. I feel like I am doing something wrong or missing something. So much work I have put in for the last 4 years! I feel ready but nothing is changing. I love that you pop up whenever I am feeling like this! Woot Woot!

  • Ah, Melody! I really like the idea of calling it a “tantrum” rather than an “anger release”. I still have a deep/old/hard time with anger. A tantrum feels a little more feasible.

    I think one of my big manifestations is actually being able to move toward having tantrums, being angry, stomping around and feeling that things are unfair. It’s amazing to me how long it has taken me to uncover this (after many years of pretending to be fine). I suppose this is the incremental change you’re talking about, learning to be okay with this phase where I’m learning to be honest about how I really feel.

    It’s wild how much I still struggle with believing that it isn’t okay to feel how I feel. The other night I had a bout of doom and paranoia and “I’m probably going to die early”, and after a while I thought, well, I should probably just wallow in this, I’ll probably feel better tomorrow and trying to force myself to feel better right now just makes it worse. From my ego’s response to this, you would have thought I was suggesting that I die IMMEDIATELY.

    PS, Melody, you look great!

    • Oh, I have to add, you know how you, Melody, have talked about how things come up when we start to shift our vibration, in order to be released?

      Well, I’ve bad some shifts in my creative block, which I was in for a number of years. In the first few years of it, I was super action oriented, trying everything I could think of to fix it. Then I gave up. Then I wallowed. FOR FREAKIN’ YEARS, y’all. Eventually, very recently, something must have shifted, because I’m able to do some of my work again. Awesome! Then I noticed big feelings coming up that are all around being judged vs deciding for myself. Just today I fell down a hole of obsession about “what if this country turns into the Taliban and it’s illegal for me to make my art???” Big mood, big big mood, as the kids say.

      Doing my best to stay in it. I wish I had a better deep belief that things are always working out FOR me, you know? I often get stuck in panic and taking the representation of my vibrational block that’s coming up to be cleared as real. And by “often” I mean “about 99% of the time”, lol.

      • You’re in the process of building that positive belief! Allow even the panic, the freak out about the freak out. Don’t judge any of it. You’re doing better than you think you are Cordy. <3

  • Hey Melody! I did notice the changes, since the last video on not needing to trust people! Way to go! That is super exciting and super promising! Actually, when I do my one woman shows, my focus is on just doing it, perfection be damned and through my modeling, to encourage others to do the same, so yay!!! for that idea as well! Nice to be on the same page! 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa. I had to make that decision a few years ago, after I gained a bunch of weight. The decision was to keep doing videos and share info, no matter what I looked like. That was actually a big step in self-acceptance (seeing yourself on video really challenges us to do that, eh?).

  • Hi Melody!

    This was a very good post!

    I have a question:

    I was wondering if you have any tips for anger releases when they’ve become, erm… physically painful? I know it’s better out than in, but sometimes there are casualties. Like I scream into a pillow, but it feels like I’m damaging my vocal cords and they hurt immediately after. Or if I’m not somewhere I scan scream, I might stomp my foot, which when done with force, isn’t great on my knee, etc. It’s like, what if you’re taking a poo, but your intestines are bleeding? (ew)

    Also comments:

    1. I also agree with you about the educational system. You’re supposed to suck at things before you’ve ever done them. The best teachers I’ve had treat everyone like they’re smart and expect great things from you, so that even when you suck, you feel like you’re doing well. Like, it’s not a big deal, just fix it a little better next time.

    2. The last thing I want to say is, you don’t have to be at 100% resistance free to have what you want. I mean, you’re not going to be at 100% maximum awesomeness if you’re not at 0% resistance, but even famous/successful people who are proud of where they are have insecurities. There IS resistance that will keep you from feeling like you have the thing at all, but even if you get what you want, part of “the process” is realizing that even after that, there’s still a “process.”

    • Absolutely Amanda. You don’t have to ever be at 100%. If that were the case, we’d never get anything we want! LOL.
      And my advice for you would be, take it easier! If you were taking a bleeding poo, I’d say stop pushing. Same advice here. You can scream your anger out, but not so much that you hurt yourself. You can kick and stomp, but kick and stomp something soft, so you don’t hurt yourself. Protect yourself! That’s part of the anger release being constructive. So yeah, sometimes you have to pull your punches a bit, but go all out in your imagination. <3

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