We all LOVE manifestation stories, don’t we? They help us understand and believe that we, too, can truly manifest our reality.

I get a lot of questions from readers asking me if they can manifest this or that using the Law of Attraction. And, of course they can (no matter what it is)! So today, I’m going to tell you about a client of mine who was able to heal some pretty deep traumatic wounds, PTSD and panic attacks using the energy shifting techniques that I teach.

Needed some inspiration? Yeah… you’re welcome.

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  • I love love love LOA true stories. I had a very similar experience with panic attacks, they were never really part of my mental disorder in the past but last year they suddenly started as a part of the anxiety and fear coming to surface to be released. I was able to surrender enough to let the fear out, and eventually they stopped and disappeared altogether. I think one of the key elements for my success – as with your client – was that I had my boyfriend there to anchor me, just as she had you. He doesn’t believe in any of the “energy stuff” but he has more empathy and humanity than anyone I’ve ever met. That’s probably what the healing power of love is all about, that there’s someone who believes in you even you don’t, and pulls you through. And yes, I completely agree that anything can be healed. I remember when I found you blog and really started to understand the scale of the whole thing, having only been familiar with the Secret up until then, I thought “using this method to manifest a house or a job or a car is like using a nuclear plant to power a coffee maker” I mean, we live on the physical plane and the material stuff is nice to have, but really, there’s no limit to what you can do.

  • I just wanted to tell you that your speaking is so clear that the auto-generated subtitles are 99.9% accurate. I’ve never seen this happen before on anyone else’s videos. Haha.

    Also this is a good video. Thank you for sharing! I love client stories!

    • That’s awesome Amanda! We usually caption all the videos, but didn’t have time for this one (it was a spontaneous idea…). We want the captions to be accurate (it’s part of a commitment I made a couple of years ago to make my work more accessible). It’s good to know that the auto captions are getting better (or maybe I’m getting better at speaking… lol)

  • Great video. I’m working on letting go of some deep trauma, myself. I’ve made a lot of progress, but there are big things that still come up for me, and like your client, there is definitely an elevated background level of fear much of the time.

    I appreciate that you teach that the work isn’t “think better thoughts” but “feel how you already feel, man!” Sounds so simple, is so challenging!

    • Thanks Cordy! And you’re so welcome.
      I started teaching in part because I was frustrated that so many teachers were just trying to get people to think (or pretend to think) positive thoughts. That actually doesn’t fix anything, as many have now found out. I figured, I could bitch about them, or get off my ass and do something about it, lol.

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