So many of the questions I get are from people asking how to manifest “stuff”. We’re talking about houses, money, cars, beautiful clothing and more. These are the physical manifestations that you can touch, feel, and even smell.

Is it wrong to want stuff? No at all! In fact, by manifesting stuff successfully, you’ll get a glimpse of your power – what you’re actually capable of, and how easy it can really be.

In today’s short video, I’m going to tell you a story about a client of mine who, in the early days of our coaching relationships, manifested a car. Easily. Super quickly. Effortlessly. Find out how she did it and how that manifestation has just been a gift that kept on giving over the years.

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  • Lovely story! My touch-stone story was me getting my awesome job! The BEST things of my life (yet) have happened there ♥️♥️ And everything’s only continuing to make more sense 😊😊 I love you all for being awesome and I love you all for being with me ! ☺️♥️♥️♥️

    HUGS! 🤗🤗

  • So I just had a wild experience.
    One of the places I work hadn’t sent me my schedule for the Fall yet. I was getting a bit concerned, and so today I did some energy work on it. Eventually I was inspired to send an email. I got an email within minutes later with my schedule…. but then I also got a reply to my email in which my supervisor said she had sent the schedule and then right afterwards saw the email I sent. So we were writing each other at the same time. As I was reaching out to ask about my schedule she was sending it.

  • Hi Melody – I’m new to your site and was so excited to see three recent posts – was resigning myself to fact that maybe they only come once a month. Also am excited and signed up for webinar! I’m going through a tough time. I was in a job I just knew wasn’t right for me ( or maybe so I thought!) but at the time I wanted to leave so badly that I actually was fired. So I basically manifested that and on the very day I was fired my friend called and told me the job I had applied for at her company that I didn’t get ( I was #2 pick) was open again – the girl who got it gave her notice that very day I was fired! Well here’s where the story gets even more twilight zone-y. I got the job and I thought it was the job of my dreams – everything I had ever been working toward my whole career – and I proceeded to enter the worse working environment I have ever been in – obstacle after obstacle and nothing at all going right and things going from bad to worse and worse until I basically had to quit or take a demotion. Sadly, this mimicked my previous two jobs and I was really starting to doubt myself. Of course I shouldn’t have quit before I had something else in place and now I have been job hunting for weeks and weeks and nothing seems to be opening up for me – not even contract work. I’m not sure what’s going on only that I have manifested several things in my life but it seems I have yet to manifest the RIGHT things. So I’m using this time to try and get on the right path – while licking probably 40 years of wounds… but your website has been a godsend and I’m SO happy that I found it!

  • I’ve referred to the incident – that really made me a little bit afraid of my manifesting power – many times in the comments but still, it’s such a textbook example that I figured it’s worth bringing up here. It’s not exactly a success story either. But it’s funny. Or well, I thought it was funny at the time but I was pretty high on painkillers.

    Back then everything I knew about LOA came from the Secret, and so I was stubbornly focusing on winning the lottery. All the LOA teachers were writing about it being a bad idea but screw that, I was determined that I can do it. Week after week I was visualizing with this stubborness bordering insanity because I was THAT DETERMINED that winning the lottery will solve all my problems (yeah right, what I really needed was a divorce) the thing was, since I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, gathering all that energy around big, sudden life change without understanding anything about resistance was like sitting on a huge slingshot aimed at a mountain and slowly winding the rubber band tighter. So this one morning I was out for a walk, just like every other morning, and I was thinking about how I just couldn’t seem to once again avoid moving to yet another country after my husband’s work, no matter how hard I was trying to manifest the money, and that maybe I should just get hit by a car instead so it all would just stop (here’s the surrender part…stop winding the slingshot and prepare to release it). I was able to run a lot longer that morning, and I stopped in the traffic lights feeling pretty amazing and wondering if I’d be able to run all the way home after I’ve crossed the road (raise your vibration to speed up the manifestation, launch yourself into the air by firing the slingshot) and… I was hit by a truck. I had the green light, the truck driver didn’t, and it shall forever remain a mystery why he didn’t stop. I don’t remember even seeing the truck, I never regained my memories I lost due to shock. The truck hit my left hip and shoulder and there were big fractures all over but miraculously enough my neck was not damaged. After seeing the MRI scans the doctor said that the odds of surviving and accident like this are pretty much the same as winning the lottery.

    Well yes. But because I didn’t deal with the resistance, I didn’t manifest a lottery win, I manifested a traffic accident. Sudden drastic life change, check. And it was triggered by the energy I released earlier that morning when I finally admitted to myself how I really felt and let all that energy go. So this is my first experience of my own power, the day I learned that before you fling the huge ass boomerang with full force, you better know how to catch it. Otherwise it’s gonna hit you in the face. Or with a truck.

  • Whenever I’ve done a high level manifestation it’s never been deliberate. It’s either about something I’ve been reading and thinking about intensively for at least a whole day… or a thought that happens when the mind is quiet and has no resistance.

    Yesterday I thought of a client who I hadn’t seen for 3 years. Random, no intent, no desire. She came in today. Chances are miniscule.

  • Hi Melody,
    I have been following your blog since the deliberate receiving site and I had the weirdest realization one day standing in the empty apartment I was about to call home. At the time I didn’t know much about the law of attraction but it seems i was already using it.
    I live in South Africa and anyone living here knows apartments in complexes are a bit higher rent-wise than regular standalone flats. So I had moved out of home and sharing a flat with a nice couple. It was comfortable and I loved the place yet I couldn’t stop looking at the complexes on my way to work. I always saw myself in one of those but had some doubt about whether or not I would afford it.
    I even started designing my apartment on roomstyler online, picked a 3seater couch and some things I always knew I’d have in my apartment, I even picked out the art I would have on my walls.
    I forgot about the designs and the couch in a while and I soon moved out of the flat and found a nice apartment in a lovely complex. It was on the day I collected the keys that I stood there in disbelief, that I had made it. I had found a nice apartment in a lovely neighborhood when all along it was just a wish, when all along I had just been imagining myself in a lovely complex. Anyway I started filling it up with furniture and even put up a canvas piece I found in town.
    I couldnt find a couch I liked so I went online and got a picture of what I wanted, found a custom furniture maker and had them make me the couch.
    It was later that i looked at my lounge and the layout looked eerily familiar, like I had been there in another lifetime. It was then that I made the realisation, I quickly went into my roomstyler account and found everything was laid out exactly the way I had designed it there, my couch, book shelf, study desk, heck even the canvas piece on the wall had the same colors as the one on my actual wall. When I bought these things, I was not conscious of the designs I had once made, I had forgotten about them, I just bought them because I liked them and the layout of my living room was just me trying out different ones and I found I liked this particular one. When I was shopping for a couch I wasn’t looking for a particular design but the universe brought me the couch I had put up on my roomstyler design and made me find the perfect designer for it and it was so easy getting it made, no hassles whatsoever. I was blown away, I brought all this into existence, without being aware of what I was doing. A long buried desire and imaginary room came to life, all because I believed. That’s my touch stone and when I heard you talking about it, I couldn’t wait to share mine.

    Smooshy hugs,

  • Hello Melody! I have a question about deliberate manifesting. Often you are told to ask for a sign from your guides/angels/the universe just so you will know that they are there for you. I have done that several times but I never ever get this sign, I mean never. That makes it hard to believe that there is something out there that has your back. Why is it so? And then you are told that you ask for signs but you don’t bother to see them. But if I ask for, let’s say a feather as a sign, but I don’t see any feathers at all, how can I continue to believe in this stuff? (Still I do!) Maybe this was a bit OT but anyway…😊

  • I appreciate how you went back to LOA basics and real client stories. I love real life Question and Answers that we can all relate to. I had forgotten the simple ways of manifesting and how I started this journey with you as my guide so many years ago.

    My manifestations have been so mammoth that I look back on photos of me and relationships I had and compare them to now and I feel like I’m actually in a parallel universe. Even my husband and children look at old photos and say it doesn’t look like me. People who haven’t seen me in decades, dont recognize me or say how can it be I’m getting younger. My energy has changed.

    Looking smoking hot Melody.

    • That’s awesome Ess! Thanks for sharing all your changes!
      Yep, I’ve rediscovered the foundational stuff and just how exciting it is. I’ve also realized how valuable it is to talk about it, not jut for beginners, but for all of us.

      Huge hugs!

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