Do you ever wonder WHY something happened to you? Why have you been single for so long? Why did you manifest a crappy boss? Why did you stub your toe?

Today’s client story will shed some light on manifesting this type of clarity. There’s so much POWER in actually understanding your manifestations, because when you understand how you’ve manifested your past, you truly begin to understand how deliberately manifest your future.

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  • Hi Melody.
    I was wondering… I was pretty much able to manifest my exact dream partner down to astonishing details (unknowninglly I was manifesting since I was a child) except that… she didn’t want to date me. Not only that, but very very very soon after that she started dating someone else that on paper is much better than me (which was even more hurtful). I was wondering why I was able to manifest every single detail but her love for me… I have absolutely no will to live anymore.

  • You’re really on a roll lately, and you’re glowing! Also I thank you for occasionally posting videos without a transcript, because I have this weird handicap with watching videos (be it a vlog, a tutorial etc. my concentration just runs away every five seconds so I have to keep rewinding and rewatching and it takes forever) so I always read the transcript instead, but every time I’m forced to watch a video I’m happy I did because your enthusiasm is so contageous.

    Speaking of relationships, I actually had a question for you; what’s your perspective on the twin flame phenomenon? Is it just a new age version of the Disney prince scam, or is there something real behind it? I mean, there’s loads of misconception and outright lies out there about LOA, the awakening journey etc. but that doesn’t mean the phenomenons themselves don’t exist. I’m deliberately avoiding the whole ‘it exists if you believe in it’ argument here because that tends to render 99% of pretty much everything just pointless. I’m not yet enlightened enough to live in a quantum universe, lol.

  • One of the best vlogs so far but I’m a sucker for conversations on Deliberate Receiving and Love/Lust!

    Oddly, I knew this despite all the advice that if we were lined up to it, it would happen.

    Man, how do you get any better?

  • What a cool video! Not just because I am the Kelly to which you are referring, but because I felt a big jolt of smooshy puppy hugs when you called me a light worker. Thank you! Everything you said was true, and I did (and still do) feel SO MUCH relief from your insights. It all make so much freaking sense! I would not trade a mediocre, ill-fitting relationship for the expansion I have gone through. I’m still growing, and when I take a break from growing, I am aiming for the stars relationship-wise!

  • Holy freaking cow Melody, clarity just flowed in while watching this vid. Like your client, I’ve been single for a looong time now – 11 years to be exact – and now I realized it has been so because of the very same reason. My own growth and my own evolution would have been stunted had I chose to settle in a relationship. And, truth to be told, I’ve never been a particularly relationship-oriented person, mostly because I personally have zero desire to have the traditional family life with kids and nosy mother-in-laws 😉 One of the criteria for my potential future partner is that they have to be on this spiritual path with me, that they have to be willing to become their own best self and shine their light into the world. A sort of Bonnie and Clyde: Lightworker Edition, if you will xD
    I managed to apply the same clarity to my employment situation as well. I’m currently unemployed and have felt guilty that a “smart girl” like me can’t seem to succeed in job hunting. Now I realized that a mainstream working environment would most likely stunt my growth as well. I’m very much attracted to helping people but many workplaces in that field are pretty hierarchical and strictly conformist in nature. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve personally met many wise, wonderful and passionate individuals working in e.g. education, healthcare, youth work and such, so it’s not that all the people working in the industry would be narrow-minded dimwits. It’s just the framework in general that doesn’t suit me. So I think I’d be best serving both myself and the world by being self-employed, by creating my own framework and approach, and then letting anyone that resonates with what I offer come to me 🙂

    See you on the webinar on Saturday!

    Lady R

    • Thank you for the examples you expressed in your response. It mirrors a lot of what is going on for me at the moment as well. I just walked away from a job that was hostile in nature and was wondering “why” … I’ve not experienced THAT in the workplace over my 40 years of working. My adult children are insistent that I work for myself in a Lightworker capacity and that this “shit job” was a way for the Universe to get me back to what I was supposed to be doing instead of the 9-5 grind that left me too exhausted to shed any light anywhere. I am grateful for your sharing as it helped me see a light at the end of the tunnel.

      • You’re welcome Debi! I’m glad that you gained clarity thru my comment 🙂 And well done for walking away from that toxic job. Far too many of us tend to or have had the tendency to cling to unhealthy jobs and work environments out of fear, or the pressure to “settle” (yours truly included).

        Lady R

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