I was watching the into to one of my favorite TV shows last week. It’s a fantasy show called “Grimm”, and in the intro, the voiceover was talking about the main character’s ability to “see the darkness” in others. It was his job to seek them out and, um… deal with them. Ahem. Anywho… that little voiceover gave me an idea about the superpowers we lightworkers (or lightbeings) have. And I share that idea with you in today’s video.

So, of you want to know your superpower, watch the video!


Did you know that you have a superpower? Let me tell you all about it. Just stay tuned!

Hey Guys, its Melody Fletcher here with another little bit of LOA inspiration.

Grimm – the TV show

I was watching a television show the other night; I don’t mind sharing what it is. I’m re-watching Grimm. I love that show. I have only seen, like the first 3 seasons, and now I’m re-watching the entire thing. In season 2, they had this little opener that I noticed in the first few episodes of the season. And, if you don’t know the show, Grimm, it’s essentially a re-imagining of all the Grimm fairy-tales, with the main character being a Grimm who can see who people really are. They look like humans, but underneath, they’re actually these creatures from folklore. It’s a real fascinating show, and I really, really like it. I like those kinds of fantasy shows.

The superpower that we all have

But, what I wanted to talk about was something that gave me this amazing idea. A little bit of a aha-moment, that I had just last week when I was starting to watch season 2. In the opener there’s this voiceover, over all the images, and it talks about: “Only he can see what no-one else can! And the darkness inside; the master within. And, he’s the one that must stop them. This is his calling.” Right? Because, there’re basically looking for the evil inside people. And, that’s kind of like a superpower. Right? That you can see what lurks underneath the surface. I thought about it for a second, and I realized: Well, we lightworkers, and if you’re watching this, you are one, because you’re waking up, and you’re engaging with this kind of information. We have a superpower, but it’s not to see the darkness within, it’s to see the light within. We can see what no-one else can. We can see the light inside; the master within. And, we’re the ones who have to stop them. We’re the ones who are here to remind them to demonstrate the light. To help the light in them light up, because we’re demonstrating our light so brightly that they can’t help but light up.

I thought that was really neat to start thinking of yourself as a kind of a superhero, whose secret superpower is that you can see the light in others. And I know that for many of us that ability can be confusing, because we tend to see the best in people. We tend to see what people are really capable of. But, sometimes, people can’t show us that, and they don’t necessarily treat us accordingly. That has to do with our own vibrational stability, by the way, because that is your manifestation.

Setting our own boundaries

If you’re having people crapping all over you, because you’re trying to show them your light; that just means that your vibration isn’t yet very stable. But when it is, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience at all. In fact, it can be an absolutely beautiful experience when the light in you recognizes the light in them.

And so, you do want to differentiate between what you see in people, and then how they’re treating you. If people aren’t treating you well, that’s when you want to set boundaries. You can see the light in someone, and still set a friggin’ boundary and say, “You don’t get to shit all over me, but I can see who you really are.” That’s not to say you use it as an excuse to allow people to treat you differently than you want to be treated. That you let them off the hook because: “Oh, he’s got so much light inside of him.” – He’s a dick!! – “But, he’s got so much light inside.” Nah! He’s a dick!! He’s a dick; deal with that.

See the light in others

But, go ahead and allow yourself the pleasure of thinking of yourself, a little bit like a superhero. And your secret superpower is to be able to see the light in others, and foster and inspire that light in others.

We don’t have to be afraid of people’s darkness

We’re not looking for the darkness in people. We don’t have to be afraid of the darkness in people. They’re already showing us their darkness. They’re being as evil as they’re ever going to be. What we can see inside them is their light glowing inside them. Sometimes, there’s just a little flame; sometimes it’s big, bright and shiny. And, of course, the more you let out your own light, the more you begin to really glow, and the more you really begin to shine; the better your life becomes. So, it’s really quite self-serving!

Bottom Line

But, I just thought that that was a really neat thought, and I wanted to share it with you guys. Let me know what you think about this. Or, what you think your superpower is, underneath. A positive superpower!! And then, let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear them.

Until next week; I’m Melody Fletcher. I’m sending you smooshy, smooshy hugs, and thank you for bringing your light to the world. Bye.

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  • Thank you, Melody for this Wonderful message!
    My second superpower is that I can be invisible in a room full of People.
    It was extremely helpful and unnerving in my youth.

  • Thanks for replying! I feel really triggered for some reason. Very powerless and sad about the fact that a man’s career is considered more important than a woman’s safety and right to not be sexually assaulted. I guess I feel like it’s pretty obvious that he’s lying and it feels sickening that his life is more valuable than hers. It makes me wonder what year this is. (My reasons for believing Ford are: if she were fabricating the story and it was totally false, why would she include a witness, especially his best friend. Why would she tell her therapist about this incident back in 2012? Why is Kavanaugh so defensive about his drinking and yearbook? Several of his classmates have stated he loved to party and drink)

  • Hey Melody! I was wondering if you could do a blog post on the Kavanaugh/Ford situation. I feel like I can’t find a good feeling perspective on it and it just seems awful.

  • Ooh I know what you mean. I’ve been telling myself that this is the biggest reason I stayed with my ex for seven years, despite the way he treated me. I could feel the person he was underneath all that fear and loneliness and resentment. I thought I could make him feel it too. I couldn’t. I have another superpower too, I make people cry when I sing. I wasn’t very successful as a bar pianist because people didn’t order more drinks and party while I was playing, they would just sit and listen. And yes, cry during ballads. My boss wasn’t exactly happy with me, lol. “You’re supposed to make people happy but you make them sad!”

    But I still have to add, just because I find it weird; I still don’t resonate with the term “lightworker”. I don’t know why it feels off. I also don’t know if it’s resistance or if I genuinely don’t just resonate with it. It feels weird because it’s pretty much the only thing in your blog I don’t resonate with.

      • Thank you for your reply, Z! I expressed myself a bit poorly in the previous message; it’s not the exact choice of words as such, but the idea of a being of light. I was pretty much all game when Melody did the “do you have a feeling you don’t fit in” post before the one you linked, but when the concept of a lightworker came up, I didn’t feel like I belonged there either. I gave this a lot of thought today, and I think it’s the word “light” I have a problem with, because light is binary, but 5D is quantum. So polarities like “light” and “dark” don’t exist. Calling people who are more attuned to the higher frequencies and pulling the rest up with them “lightworkers” feels wrong because it’s only half the truth, light is not complete without the dark. One can not exist without the other. 5D is not about contrast, it’s about harmony, about balancing light and dark. Also I think it’s because I dislike labels in general. Using labels hinders growth because eventually you’ll grow out of all the boxes you’ve put yourself into, but if you discard the boxes altogether you don’t have go through the birthing pains of outgrowing a box, and expansion gets a lot more effortless and fun 🙂

  • Melody, thank you for this awesome video….here is my superpower….anyone I come into contact with, I am OPEN, to connect, even for a second…. I yearn to see them, and even a smile or eye contact excites me. Doesn’t matter if I ever see them again. I’m not closed down. I don’t invade space but am quietly open to connection. Yes, I temporarily lose faith in humanity, but individually, I’m there. Thank you for posing this question.

  • Loved that show, watched every season of it when it aired in Prime time on NBC. I now tend to gravitate toward shows and movies about parallel realities and super heroes. The extraordinary rather than drama filled shows where it is portrayed that the “other” person is the “problem.” That doesn’t seem to resonate with me as it once did. I love your message in this video. I feel that If I BE lifted up (in consciousness), I will draw all men or manifestation unto me. Thank you, Melody

    • You’re so welcome Carla! I’m finding myself going more and more for fantasy shows too. And shows that just show the negative side of humanity have left completely. I love how there are now so many shows that cater to my taste! Yay!

  • Thanks Melody – SUPER helpful, especially bringing in the boundaries aspect. I’m currently trying to get my head around how I could have stayed with my sociopathic ex for 18 years. My initial reaction to the video was: “aah, I could see the light in him!”, but then again, perhaps it was just his charismatic act that I was seeing (which everyone falls for) … oh, I don’t know!…. Can this apply to sociopaths Melody?

    • Hey Rachel,
      Yes, it does. That’s why I threw in the bit about boundaries. Because we do often use this ability to excise abhorrent behavior in others. We can see their light and still have boundaries. But of course, if you stayed for 18 years, it wasn’t JUST that. There would have been a lot of powerlessness in you to lock you into such a situation. But obviously not anymore! 🙂

  • Hi Melody.

    First of all, the picture really resonates with me. Like so much. I can’t even.

    Second, it’s funny you posted this because I JUST found a friend and we both read each other’s energy I’m super good at it. I’ve mostly been practicing by myself and using it as a tool to feel really secure and using it to feel like I can trust myself fully. Like, when I know what’s going on, and I can see others for who they are, I feel better myself because “it’s not about me.” It was cool to manifest an even more positive external reaction through someone who was accepting of that, and appreciated it and benefited from it.

    Now that I feel really confident in my abilities to read energy, I do wonder how else I can use it. I feel like I’m not taking full advantage yet, but I don’t know what opportunity I’m missing out on using it.

    • Also — I want to add, I feel like I’m living a double life a little bit. It’s not really double; it’s like there’s the more enlightened version of me, and then there’s the me in my body in the present that is attaching and reacting to things. I didn’t realize it until now, but I started to feel pretty uncomfortable after I let all the energy flow while I was giving the reading for that long. I felt light-headed and kind of sick, and I thought it was something I ate. But I don’t think it’s is; I think it’s like being sucked back into the lower vibrational version. I’m not sure how to integrate myself with my self yet, but I feel kind of horrible right now. It’s like, I want things in the present moment that are 5 steps behind what the other version of me actually wants. Like present me misses someone and wants to see them more than anything, but the other version is like already over it and moved to another city. I know it’s not “bad” to reach for a higher vibration but I’d like to not feel terrible please. I didn’t sign up for an ayahuasca ceremony. I’d appreciate the advice. Thanks. 🙂

      • Hey Amanda,
        This is part of a big leveling up. We all go through it. In fact, I kind of am still going through it. When I stretch myself too far, l like when I stay in a channeling state for more than 4 hours at a time, I have a crash afterwards. The best way I can describe it is this: when I’m channeling, I’m firmly grounded in 5D. But then I have to come back to 3D (actually, it’s more like a combination of 3D and 5D, like a bridge). But after I’ve disconnected from 3D for too long, I have trouble coming back in a stable way. I don’t feel bad anymore, I just feel kind of floaty, detached and tired. I can do some grounding work and that helps, or I just let myself be floaty until it stops and I find my way back naturally. And I keep stretching because the time that I can go before I have this crash is getting longer and the transition is getting easier and easier.
        So, that’s my advice for you: first, understand that as you learn and become more stable, this transition will be easier. And second, when you do fall into that hole, do some grounding work. For me, taking a shower helps a lot (running water helps). As does doing grounding exercises (you can see yourself as a tree and plant your roots deep into the ground). You can go out into nature. Or, I’m often drawn to eating meat (beef, in particular is very grounding for me. Chicken and fish don’t have the same effect). These are my personal solutions, so you’ll have to find what works for you. Or, you know… time will do it, too.

        Hope that helps! <3

  • I’ve always said that I have two definite superpowers, and am willing to discover others.

    1) I find parking everywhere I need it – from the busiest city street with conflicting parking regulation signs to airports infamous for ticketing and towing – and if I’m a passenger in your car this power is transferable.

    2) Complete strangers choose to share incredibly intimate and secret personal stories with me – unsolicited, holy sh!t…what did you just say? kind of stories. I didn’t always see this as a positive thing, because keeping their secrets felt burdensome. Now, that I have a few transmutation tools on standby, I listen to these stories like I’m receiving a gift.

    • Hey Stacie,
      I think we have the same superpowers, lol. Whenever I’m in the car, even if I’m not driving, there’s a parking space right up front. Guaranteed. And I’ve always attracted people telling me their problems. Now, it show I make my living, lol.
      Thanks so much for sharing!

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