Have you been feeling rather unmotivated lately? Maybe you’ve not really wanted to do anything, but you’re afraid of being “lazy”. But you’re not getting much inspiration to do anything, go anywhere, or create anything in the way of awesomeness. Perhaps you’ve even worried that you’ll always feel this way, and positive inspiration will never come.

If this is you, then I have a great trick for you. And it involves using boredom in a constructive way. Ready to find out what it is? Watch the video!


Are you having some trouble being inspired to positive action lately? Maybe, you’re feeling a little bit uninspired; you’re feeling, maybe, even a little bit lazy. And maybe, you’re even criticizing yourself for not having all that much motivation lately.

Well, I’m going to teach you how to use boredom, and why boredom is so important in order to help you fuel your creativity, your productivity and your fun.

Hey guys, its Melody Fletcher, and I want to tell you all about how to use boredom in order to fuel your fun and your productivity.

Stop running

So, here’s the thing that I’ve come to realize, and a lesson I had to learn over, and over, and over again, and just had to learn again recently, because I have such a tendency to get stuck into big projects, to just run, run, run for a long time, weeks on end, and at the end of it I forget to stop running.

So, what happens is that, there’s like this train that’s moving, and I’m right in front of the train, and I’m just trying to run a little bit faster than the train, just pushing ahead, pushing ahead, pushing ahead a little bit. Now, this can be very, very subtle, but what I have learned is if I then remember, after I’ve come off of a big project to just relax and wait; what basically happens is like, here’s the train, and here’s me running in front of the train, and now I stop, and then that train catches up with me, and then just carries me forward. Everything becomes really, really easy, that’s why I’m inspired to new creativity, to new projects, to whatever. Right?

That’s also when I’m inspired to have fun. So, I’ve been testing this out with a few of my clients, and it seems like this isn’t just a thing that works for Melody! It’s a thing that works for a lot of people, and it might work for you as well.

Allow yourself to get bored

So, what you have to do is: You have to allow yourself to get bored. You have to allow yourself to actually slow down and recover from whatever stress you might have been under before, or recover from some big project that you may have worked on. Even if you’re coming off of really positive inspiration, you still have to do this, but definitely if you’re coming off, sort of, a negative situation.

Being in the recovery mode

Now, the first thing that happens when we slow down, is we go into recovery mode, and this is generally where we don’t want to do anything. You really just want to sit on the couch and read a book, or watch Netflix, or something. Right? And then, we can feel really, really lazy, because, “Oh, shouldn’t I be doing something?” So, what we have to do is: Is we have to sit with it long enough to let that discomfort of “Shouldn’t I be doing something?” come up. Now, that is NOT positive inspiration. That discomfort that makes you want to get up and just do anything; ANYTHING, but just sit here, that is fear. It is not positive inspiration. It feels uncomfortable. And, what you have to do is, you have to actually wait through that. You have to stand your ground, let yourself be super lazy, as much as you can. Give in to that fully, which means, that you let yourself enjoy the laziness. You’re not beating up on yourself the entire time, wishing that you were doing something else, or thinking that you should be doing something else. You’re actually letting yourself sit, and be lazy.

Allow the discomfort

And, allow that discomfort to come up. Allow yourself to feel it because it will pass if you do, and you will come through to the other side. How long that takes really depends on how stressed out you were. Back in my corporate days, it would take me a good week and a half, to two weeks, of just doing nothing to get into a bored state. Since I hardly ever took vacations longer than that, it didn’t happen very often.

Now, it might take a day or two for me to get into the bored state, because I do manage my energy much better. And, like I said, if I’m coming off of a big project, I need to remember to slow down, really to a stop, to give myself some time to just do absolutely nothing, and then, the fun and the inspiration will be inspired; the creativity gets inspired.

Getting insights

And, I’ve been using this with my clients. Maybe they’re stuck on having some idea and they actually, when they are honest with themselves, they say, “Well you know? What I really want to do is just go and lie down. What I really want to do is just sit on the couch all day and read a novel, and I don’t really want to do anything else.” And then, I always say, “Go do that.” And, if they give themselves full permission to do that, I always get an email 2 days later going, “Oh my God! I had a huge insight!” There you go!

Positively inspired action feels good; it feels delicious; it’s something that you actually want to do, it’s not something that you’re forcing into action or into being. And that’s where, really, the trick is. Like I said, don’t run in-front of the train, running just a little bit faster than the train, always trying to stay ahead of it. Let the train carry you. It is so much easier. Again, we all need to learn this lesson, me included.

Bottom Line

So, hopefully, this was beneficial to you. Try letting yourselves be bored. Not, for ages, and ages, and ages; but just try letting yourself be bored. And, one more quick tip about that is that, when you are first inspired into recovery, which means you are inspired to really, kind of, do nothing; do not be afraid that, that’s how it’s always going to be. Because, when you get through that recovery period, you will be inspired to all kinds of things that, maybe don’t appeal to you right now because you’re needing to recover, maybe don’t feel right, right now, but will when you get there.

So, they might not feel joyous right now. Don’t try to come up with a list of things that you might be inspired to do – that’s not how this works. Let the energy settle, let yourself get into a state of boredom, and suddenly inspiration will strike. It’s a great little tip that seems to be incredibly effective for a lot of people and so, hopefully, it will be for you too.

Try it, let me know how it goes, below in the comments. If you also have any questions, or anything that you’d want me to answer in a video like this; then, go ahead and ask me that, below as well.

I will see you soon. Thank you for bringing your light to the world. Bye.

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  • You have pretty impeccable timing! It wasn’t until this morning that I had the time and focus to watch this and your NYE post. Lost my job last Friday due to budget cuts and spent New Year’s Day feeling like I needed to be doing something, anything, to find a new one, despite it not being a desperate or urgent situation. It WAS fear. The job was not a good fit for me anyway and I know something far better is on its way, although that faith sometimes wobbles. Your posts always seem to touch on the essence of whatever I’m bumping up against. They really help me recenter and keep moving forward. Thank you for all you do and how you do it!

  • Tada! December the boredom time has come ! Yea I’m seriously bored right now and actually feel like doing nothin . Just lying down on the bed 🛌 and staring up and feeling relaxed . The funniest thing is I. This state since we don’t know exactly what we want and may be others around us do know their wants , I kinda end up beating up on myself for not knowing what is it that I want other then the fact that I just wanna do nothing , be relaxed and lie down. And I Also realise that I am feeling angry 😡 for not being able to figure out what it is that I actually want apart from the relaxation and do nothing part and the truth is this do nothing phase feels like it’s gonna be perpetual and like a shell until some external situation forces me to bust out of it and take that thing called life into my hands and do something to it!

  • It’s the shift. I blame the shift. And also all these people waking up, and I’m waking up and I’m shifting. Big time. And the 5th Pleadian dimension – gets me every time.

  • Haha! I thought you were going to say if the train is chasing you and you stop that it will run right over you and squash you dead so move faster! – so its a relief to know that it will pick us up and make the journey easier!
    Its interesting what you are saying about letting the boredom in. I did the Barbara Brennan energy medicine training and in one of her books she says we have inspired creative actions that sprout from our core and come into manifestation and that once they are ‘complete’ because WE think they are ‘finished’ they are actually AREN’T complete until we take the creativity back in and return it to the core. This can feel like a kind of bored, empty, depressed , anti-climax feeling as it journeys deeply back in but this part of the creative process is totally important to the completion of the creative cycle and to allow the next burst of inspiration to be able to form. The returning of the gifts of the last creation nourish the next.
    Your blog reminded me of this and how we rarely take the time to bring the ‘gifts’ of our creations back into our core before expecting ourselves to burst forth with the next thing. I forgot about that until i heard your blog.
    Well done on the new intro – might take some adjustment to not hearing the old tune but its a good move.
    Infact i just want to say how much i value the integrity of your site and how it isn’t full of pushy marketing – hard to explain really but it just feels really authentic and the energy of it feels really straight and honest and clear. I really value that. YOU f***ing ROCK !
    Thank you Melody.

  • Thank you, thank you, Melody! Awesome insight that teaches you that you should take care of yourself and how to do that. I am always inspired to look at your videos, and this particular one had great timing for me. Thank you for your reminder to always feel good.
    Love ❤️.

  • Great video! And very timely for me. I definitely had a lower energy day today and definitely had a lot of the “shouldn’t I be doing something??” thoughts. Thanks for speaking to this!!

    I have a related question. What do you do when there’s a situation/negative manifestation you’re trying to shift, but you don’t feel at all inspired to do the inner work?? When the inner work feels like a chore or a “should” rather than an inspired action.

    Thanks! And lots of love

  • I feel like I’m getting this message from many different messengers! It’s also appropriate–for those of you that follow astrology–and timely since it’s Mercury retrograde. I feel that I have had this pattern of denial around my responsibilities and sometimes I wonder if that same voice telling me to rest is self-sabotage. What advice would you have for someone who wants to be sure that resting isn’t self-sabotage and is self care?

    • I share this question! I’m finally starting to see that you have to trust the feelings to get through them… but it’s still difficult for me to see the difference between, say, “fully experiencing a momentary sadness” and “unproductive wallowing”. Are we just brainwashed to think we won’t naturally move through and out of these feelings? There’s such a big drive to actively manage them, in me…

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