Do you want to know the future? I bet you do! But in today’s video, I make my case for why knowing the future is actually not usually a productive thing, and how it can even backfire and slow down your wanted manifestations. I’ll also explain how you’re already getting glimpses of the future and why this often so unsatisfying (even when it’s an awesome future!).


Do you want to see the future? Do you want to know what’s going to happen? I bet you think you do! Well, today, I’m going to talk about if it’s even possible to see the future; and why you may not want to. It’s going to be an interesting video!

I’m going to talk today about why you may not actually want to see the future. Why it can be kind of detrimental, and even unwanted; and what the pitfalls of that are. So, let’s get started.

So, I was having this conversation the other day about seeing the future. Is it possibly to see the future? First of all, let’s start with that.

Can you see into the future?

Yes, it is possible to see the future, but – you know there’s going to be a big but in there, or a fancy but. However, you cannot see the absolute – 100% for sure – future. All we can ever see – and it doesn’t matter how psychic you are, it doesn’t matter who you’re working with – all you can ever see is potentials. You can read – if you’re able to read someone’s energy – you can read the potentials. There might be a very strong potential that something’s going to happen in their life, or they’re going to manifest something. They’ve got some kind of progression going; it’s got a lot of momentum behind it, and you can, kind of, see where it’s going to go. But always remember that no matter what the prediction is, somebody can make a new decision and completely change their energy, and then the potentials may very well shift quite drastically. And even just telling somebody what’s going to happen to them, can actually cause that future to become invalidated.

So, all we can ever see is potentials. What is potentially going to happen and how strong that potential is. How much momentum you’ve got going, how much energy you’ve got behind that; how aligned you are with that potential, or not. Now, a good energy reader can definitely do that, however, there may be a reason for you not to want to see your future.

Now, I’m going to talk about it a little bit differently here, in terms of not just you working with psychics, or people who can read your future, but you, yourself, in your own life. Because I’m all about empowering you to do this work yourself, and not to require assistance. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with getting assistance, but not to require it all the time because you, yourself, don’t have the power to do this. You absolutely do!

A desire is a manifestation that’s part of a progression

So, you may have never thought about it this way, but a desire is actually a type of future prediction, because a desire is actually a manifestation. You manifest desires; you must be a match to a desire. And this is why you can never actually desire anything, without having the ability to manifest that thing, because it’s already part of your progression. It’s already something that you’ve manifested. You’ve manifested the desire, which is, kind of, the first step to manifesting the whole thing, the actual experience into your physical reality.

When you get a desire, that is like a glimpse of what’s to come, or what’s potentially to come. Now, people get very frustrated and very impatient when they manifest a desire, and then the desire doesn’t come to fruition instantly, or within a very short amount of time. And when I say people, I mean all of us; it happens to me too. You get a desire, you get really excited about it, you get really turned on by it, you’re wanting to take action, you’re ready, and then nothing happens. Oooh, crap; is the Universe just messing with us?? No!! The Universe is not an asshole.

So, what’s happening in that moment when there is a big delay between desire and fruition is, well many things can happen. Because the desire coming in does not mean that this thing is going to come to fruition in the next 5 minutes. What it means is that a process has started, and it’s started enough for you to already manifest the desire. It is part of a progression that is going to build, so what you want to realize is: It’s started off the process; you’ve kicked off a process. But that doesn’t mean that process is complete.

Lining up to your energy with your desire

So, there may be some things for you to look at, maybe some resistance for you to get rid of, some fine-tuning to do, some re-focusing to do. These are all things that may need to happen as you get there. But what I want to talk to you about today is that when you get that desire, and then it doesn’t come to fruition, it’s like you’ve seen the future. You’ve seen the future; you’ve seen a possible future, a potential future. One that you may want to choose, and then can bring about, but you’ve seen the future, but it’s not in the present yet, is it? It’s not actually here yet. And, that doesn’t feel good. It feels frustrating. It might even feel depressing. And, what that is showing us, that feeling when we get a desire and then it doesn’t come to fruition, is, the longer that gap, and the more frustrating that gap is for you, the less you are trusting that you’re actually going to get what you want. So, the less of a match you are to it in that moment. That doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong, it just means that there’s some more aligning to do. There might be, again, some resistance you have to get rid of, some negative beliefs that are blocking that, that you might want to shift out.

Glimpses of your future may not always be fun to see

But also, I want to point out to you that it’s not actually that much fun to get a view, a glimpse of the future when you don’t believe that you can actually have it. When you don’t really trust that you can have it.

People are always wondering: “I want to know the future; I want to know the future.” And then, when they get a glimpse of the future and they’re not aligned with it, it’s not actually that positive of a thing. It can become really, really frustrating. And, it is going to show you how much doubt you have, and that doubt is going to be brought up, so even that is a valuable process. But, think about that the next time that you really want to know what’s going to happen. Understand that you get glimpses of the future all the time. You may not be recognizing them as such. Your desires are essentially glimpses of the future, a potential future that you can line up with. But, if you don’t have that belief that you’re going to line up with it, then that glimpse of the future is incredibly dissatisfying.

A desire and a manifestation happening at the same time

So, we don’t actually want to know too far ahead what’s going to happen, because we don’t really want to wait for it; we want it to come in now. And, of course, the more trusting we are, and the more belief that we have in our power, the more we are in our power, the shorter that gap gets. Because, ideally, desire and manifestation come in pretty much at the same time. And, if you’ve never experienced that, that is delicious. I bet you have at times! It’s when something comes in that is amazing, and you didn’t even know you wanted it until you saw it. And, you went, “Oh my God! That’s great. I didn’t even know, but now that I see it, I’ve wanted this. This makes perfect sense to me that I want this, that this is a match to my desires, but I hadn’t actually crystallized them out in detail yet – until I saw it – but here it is.”

That would be a desire and a manifestation happening at the same time, which is, of course, ideal. But, most of us don’t experience that all day, every day. Most of us are getting glimpses, and then there’s a gap; sometimes, there’s a big gap between desire and actual manifestation – stage 5 manifestation.

You don’t want to be bored (really you don’t)

Now, there’s another reason why you don’t want to know the future well ahead of time. And that is: Boredom. If you knew exactly what was going to happen, every step of the way, for the rest of your life, you would be bored out of your mind. We want adventure – even those amongst us who are really, really afraid of change. Essentially, we want adventure. Because it’s not that we’re afraid of change; we’re afraid of negative change. We’re afraid of bad experiences. We’re not afraid of the good experiences.

A lot of people, when they go on vacation, will actually embody this. They don’t plan everything out when they go on a trip. They might plan some big things out – what hotel to stay at, the flight gets booked, that kind of thing. But they like to leave a little bit of a gap for adventure, some flexibility. You’re walking around the city, you see a beautiful café, you decide to take an hour or two, and go into that café, and have a cup of tea, and people watch. We want to be able to do those things; we want, when somebody says, “Hey! Let’s go to this amazing thing I heard about tonight.” – that you actually have the flexibility to go do that, and have adventures and experiences, and awesome experiences that you wouldn’t have been able to plan for; that you didn’t even know where available to you.

It’s more fun not knowing your future

Well, if you start looking at life that way, then it doesn’t make sense that you would want to know everything about your future. Because, again, you want to know everything about your future to mitigate the danger. But when you understand your own power, it actually becomes really boring if you know the future. You want to be able to come into an environment and go, “I don’t know why I’m here, but I know it’s going to be amazing. Bring it, bring it, bring it!!” And then that is super, super fun, and that plays right into the happy shiny puppy metaphor; the symbol of the happy shiny puppy that you go into experiences expecting them to be awesome, and then they are. And you just play, and you have a great time. But you can’t have that kind of experience if you know precisely what’s going to happen, and you’re just ticking off the boxes.

Again, the only reason that we really want to know the future is because we’re afraid it’s going to be bad. When you come from a place of knowing, or believing, or trusting, to the best of your ability, that it’s actually going to be good, that it’s going to be awesome, that it’s happening for you, for your benefit, you can let go of that fear bit-by-bit. This is not a one-off process; this is something that happens incrementally over time. But you can let go of that fear bit-by-bit until life becomes one big adventure.

And I can tell you from personal experience, not that I live this way 100%, but I do it a lot, and a lot more all the time, because it’s something that I’m consciously allowing. I can tell you from personal experience that living that way is amazing. It means that you always have fun, because you’re always choosing to have fun! You’re always having a great adventure. You have lots of surprises, but they’re positive surprises, like birthday type surprises. Again, those surprises are often when a desire and a manifestation come in at the same time. When that happens, recognize it, celebrate it. “More like this please. More like this please.” And the rest of the time, maybe recognize that when you’re going in that mode of – I just wish I knew what was going to happen – that you’re actually focusing on it not working out well for you. “So Universe, just tell me what’s going to happen so that I don’t have to worry anymore.” That’s not how it works! You have to stop worrying, before you start having the manifestations that prove to you that you have no reason to worry.

I know – I wish it was different too, that we could just declare it and it would happen, but that’s not how our power works.

Bottom Line

So, ultimately, we don’t need to know the future, and that’s a good thing; you can be excited by that. You can be excited by the unknown and what’s to come. You don’t really want to be bored, and you don’t really want there to be glimpses of the future that don’t come to fruition in a short amount of time, because that’s frustrating. And, it’s just showing you that you’re not trusting. So, the more you trust, the more you believe – the more you choose to believe, the more you make that decision over, and over again, the more that becomes automated. And then life just gets filled more and more with unexpected awesomeness, and adventure that you didn’t orchestrate, that you didn’t actually deliberately choose, but your energy field brought them about because it is what you desired, and it just shortens that time between your desire and your manifestation coming in.

I know this was a little bit more advanced, but I hope it brought you some clarity about why knowing the future is actually not that great of a thing, and why ultimately in this game that we’re playing it’s not something that is incredibly helpful most of the time.

So, I would love to hear from you now, and hear what are some of the future glimpses that you’ve gotten. And, in hindsight, maybe you can see where desire came in, and then a manifestation came much later. And how perhaps you didn’t actually need to worry so much because it came about anyway, and the time gap between the two was just filled with unnecessary worry.

So, give me your experiences in the comment section; I’d love to read all about them. And, if you have any questions that you’d like me to answer, go ahead and put them there as well.

Until next week, I want to thank you for bringing your light to the world, and consider yourself smooshely, smooshely hugged. Those are the best hugs, the smooshy ones!! Ok, bye.

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  • Nice post . The second reason of boredom that you had mentioned , it somehow had struck me a few months back when I was pondering over a similar issue . If we knew exactly how things would unfold , it would get seriously boring to love and live , yet when we are afraid of something or we believe that we want something but it’s going to turn out negatively , we kinda start overthinking, trying to work out each scenario as to how much negative and bad can it become and how are we going to mitigate it in that case, much like a course in disaster management running on overdrive in our brains , 24/7. But I don’t quite get the first reason, where you talk about potentials, and if you don’t have a belief in support of it , seeing the future gets invalidated . Won’t it be more like wishful thinking or just some random wish or want that we state ? May be we may not get the desire coz we aren’t aligned it , but can’t it help us to reach for that which we truly want or if not anything , at least to get into a better feeling State? Frankly , I’m confused 😐

  • Hi Melody, awesome post as always. especially about that we are not afraid of change but the bad experiences.
    can you do a Q&A post next? i have a Q that been bothering me lately.
    1- how does LOA explain schizophrenia? even if someone is born in a “normal” family with nice childhood he can still suffer form it because its a genetic disease. what is the logic behind that suffering? like hearing voices – mostly evil, believing people are out to get them, even family members that have never threaten them before; believing they are the messiah, which this strikes me the oddest because that belief isn’t manifesting in the real world obviously, but its not a regression of some kind, like a woman that believes she is married to brad pit to hide the fact she feels worthless and unlovable so she is in her fantasy world. again, in the schizophrenic he genuinely believes it because some voice told him. a year before the illness he was a somewhat normative person like me and you.

  • Hi Melody, I really feel like you were speaking to me in this podcast/article.

    There’s something that you spoke about that really opened my eyes, lining up with energies.

    I know about the law of attraction and I believe it comes down to 3 core fundamentals for any manifestation.

    Thought, emotion, and action.

    The trouble is, I’m finding it very difficult to align the 3 things to raise my vibrations.

    I heard about a technique called ‘Destiny Tuning’ that is apparently helping others manifest with this one simple trick.

    I’m wondering if you have heard of it before? It was introduced to me on a blog post I found here at

    I was wondering if you could pleeeeease check it out and tell me what you think?

    Thanks heaps, Laureen

  • I experienced a true Eureka Moment when I read this excerpt: “… desire is actually a manifestation. You manifest desires; you must be a match to a desire. And this is why you can never actually desire anything, without having the ability to manifest that thing,”. This immediatly took off all the fear and pressure. You know, the “I really desire to have this experience but, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to manifest it” kind of fear. Thanks, Melody! 🙂

    Lady R

  • Hi, Melody!

    I loved this! The simple explanation of “why” if we can have a desire, it can manifest (is already beginning to), filled in a missing piece for me. I always heard that but never connected that having the desire itself was a manifestation! Duh! 😬 Thank you!

  • I have to agree that your energy is just delicious! I giggled when you talked about holidays because I plan most holidays like a military operation. I research and print maps and work out timings and fill every minute. Not beach holidays, but the ones where I visit a city and I want to see every building and museum and attraction in a short time. Guess I need to loosen up and trust more 🙂

  • Thanks Melody! Timely per usual, as I have been feeling incredibly unmotivated, quite literally have been hibernating (okay, I’m not actually in a cave with a clan of bears), and waiting til I get so bored I push myself over the edge. At least, I hope that will happen! It seems like it’s been so long, but maybe it’s not, that I’ve been feeling this way. Trying to keep the faith…but feeling quite lost. Hopefully that’s a good sign 😉 Hugs! Lisa

  • What a great video, Melody. Your energy felt really good here… so natural and kind, but funny! I appreciate you sharing that this isn’t an overnight process. I often assume that things must be quick and if they’re not, it’s because I’m doing it wrong.

  • 1. I felt inspired to tell you that your sound effects (like the ones you make vocally) are great. And I just imagined a puppet show. Like, if you made a puppet show for one of your videos with the puppets acting it out, I think that would be the best video ever.

    2. Sometimes people give visions for me of the future, but it’s really annoying because they base it on where I’m at now, and not where I’m going. Like, if something is bothering me, then they take that energy and they’re like, “Oh well if you lived in this other city and did this other thing then you would be happy” but they don’t realize how good I am at changing my vibration and I don’t just have to run away from everything.

    3. I find that when I have a really specific desire, I usually get it. It’s like the difference between “I want a watch” and ” I want THAT watch.” I’ll always find a way to get it. Sometimes it’s confusing when it doesn’t work. Literally I think it’s happened once or twice, and it threw me off so much, I thought maybe I was wrong about everything in the whole universe.

    4. I feel like I get visions of the future, and it’s not that it makes life boring, but I’m not there yet so it doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s someone else’s life and I’m just like, “Uh ok that’s weird whatever.”

  • Happy New Year Melody! This post is so timely for me. I have been consciously manifesting lots of great things lately and have really raised my vibration over the break but there is something that bugs me. I am divorced and someone I work with is a constant reminder of what I desperately wanted and thought my life was going to be like, but kind of went down the drain. He’s wealthy, smart, kind, nice looking, with a beautiful wife and children, lives in a huge house, has a beach house and goes on 5 star holidays. Exactly everything I always wanted down to the smallest detail, you have no idea. I feel like saying, hey your wife stole my life!! So I try to avoid him because it just depresses me (I’m single and live in a shoebox). But in the course of my job I keep having to do things for him regularly and details of his great life keep getting shoved in my face. Like today, I had to see him right after he got off a flight from skiing and on his way to his beach house. I know this is the universe telling me I can have that too and that this is a glimpse into my future- I just gotta have faith (as George M would say :))

    • I’m not Melody, but if it’s bothering you, it sounds like you need to have an anger release. Like go home, and call him a bunch of names (alone) and curse at him for stealing your life. It might take a few days to get it all out.

      Your future life is way better than whatever facade he’s putting on. It always is!

    • A,
      Another way to look at the whole situation is that perhaps you’re close to having what you want but something is not in alignment! I say this because over the weekend I was watching some older Melody videos (pure gold by the way!) and it was about whether or not we can make someone fall in love with us. She says that when we have something close to us but not ours YET it’s because we’re not a vibrational match. So we must accept and have faith that the Universe is going to bring us something much better. So hang in there and know that you are slowly coming into alignment and with a little more (inner) work what you want will be yours!! The Universe is showing you how close you are with what you’re seeing but it’s not right for you right now.


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