Awesome Lisa would like to manifest more travel, but doesn’t currently have the funds to “make that happen”. Listen in and play along as I explain why money (or lack thereof…) isn’t the obstacle she thinks it is, and guide her through the process of manifesting what she wants.


Hey, my happy shiny puppies, this is Melody Fletcher, your go-to for everything Law of Attraction and Reality Creation. And today, I’ve got a treat for you! What follows is an excerpt from one of our live Q&A calls, where people just like you, students just like you, were able to ask me questions, and I answered them. And today, you’re going to get one of those. And, as you’ll see in the coming weeks, we’re going to be rolling out more and more of these.

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Caller – There! Can you see me?

Melody – Yay! Hi sweetheart, I haven’t seen you in ages.

Caller – Hi! Oh, ok – I don’t know, you know, all these questions are really great, and it kind of is answering my question; so, hopefully, this will still have some substance. So, I really love travelling, as you probably know. And, I did a lot earlier this year, and then, I kind of started panicking, like – oh my gosh, I don’t have any funds left, and, let me focus on making money.

So, the rest of this year I’ve been really in that mode; and, I’ve been squeaking by. It hasn’t been like, you know – it’s been ok. Hasn’t been like, wow, I’m raking in the dough! So, it’s kind of hard for me to feel like I’m ready to go back to travelling again, which is really, really, really what I want to do. Even though, I don’t really totally understand why I want to do it. Like, I know I want to meet people from other cultures, and know their stories and stuff like that. But, it’s not clear to me yet. And, I’m just, kind of; oh, what’s that exact question – it’s kind of like will it just happen when it’s supposed to, or is there something that I need to do to really push myself into that? I think, I already know the answer, but!! Ha-ha!!

Melody – I think, you just gave yourself your answer right there! If you’re ever asking, do I/should I – what do I need to do; do I need to push into this? No!! No! Definitely not!! You never want to push anything. You never want to force anything. And, you don’t need to. And it’s really the long, slow, hard way of doing things, and it will be less and less supported; which means, it will become more and more uncomfortable faster and faster. Where you’re like, “Ok, this just isn’t working!” Like straightaway. “I can’t force myself to push.”

And so, will it happen? Yes! But, that’s also not a satisfying answer because then, it’s like, “But when? How long do I have to wait? How long is it going to take?

Caller – Right!

Melody – ‘Am I supposed to sit around and do nothing? I don’t get it!” And so, what you want to really look for is that you are not making money responsible for your ability to travel. That is putting one manifestation in front of another. You know that when you activate the frequency of what you want, whatever needs to come in to bring that about – will; which includes money. But, if you focus on the money – “Oh; I can’t do this until I have money, now you’re putting it in the way, instead of saying, “Yeah, the money will be part of it, but I don’t need to worry about that because that’s a how; that doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

Caller – Aaaahh!

Melody – We always want to be really careful with money, because we do tend to do that with money. “I need to get the money, so that I can….” Yeah? Or we want, just in case money. We don’t even have a manifestation; we just want, just in case money. I want money in the bank, just in case something happens. Or, just in case I want some money.”

Caller – Right!

Melody – Right? That very rarely works either. And, you can have extra money; it doesn’t mean you can’t have money in the bank, but not that way. So, what you want to do is: You want to focus on the feeling of travelling. Maybe, build that out a little bit more. Kind of, figure out what specifically feels so great to you about that. And then, I would look for – actually, look for the ways in which it’s starting to come into your reality now. Which will be much subtler; which probably won’t be trips and that might already be coming in. But, where you get that flavor through, maybe smaller ways; in ways that you hadn’t even thought of.

You don’t know why you’re not travelling in this moment, but let’s assume that it’s for a good reason. Maybe, you’re stabilizing; maybe there’s something that’s going to hit you that you need to clear. Maybe there’s something that you’re going to learn, or something that you’re going to discover. “Oh, I thought I wanted this; I actually want a slightly different angle – that!” It’s refined a bit.

But, it’s for you; because it always is. But also, so that you don’t get dissatisfied waiting for the travel, you start to bring that energy into your life more and more, as you can. Which also helps to really strengthen and speed up a progression.

And so, you might be inspired to get something for your home that is really travelly, for example. So, every time you walk by it, you’re like, “Oh my God! And, it’ll elicit that feeling. Right? You might decide to throw a party where everybody comes from a different country, where you’re like, “Yeah, bring it in!” You can invite foreign friends, but, even if they’re not foreign, they’ve got to dress like they are; and maybe learn a little bit something about their country.  So, when somebody asks them, like, “Oh, you’re from Ecuador! What’s in Ecuador? And then, they’re not like, “I don’t know!” They’re like, “Oh, actually, we have banana exports.” Or, whatever!

You could do it like that; make it really fun, so that people – I mean, not racists, obviously. But you learn a little bit something about a different culture, and maybe share that with each other. Maybe they have to bring a dish with them. I don’t know!! Or, you do a theme of a different country every month, and everyone knows – Lisa’s parties are legendary. Because this time we’re doing Mexico, and now we’re doing Singapore.” I don’t know what the Singapore theme is; she figured it out!

And you share those cultures with your friends. Maybe some of the one’s that you’ve visited, where you learned some things. And, you’re like, “Did you know that they did that?” So, if you go to Japan, and you experience a tea ceremony, maybe you want to show somebody a tea ceremony, and you get some really good Matcha, like the really good stuff, not the brown, orangey crap, but like the bright green one. Right? They may never have experienced that, and they’re like, “Oh, this is really special.”

You can already bring more of that, your love of cultures in to where you are now. If there’s a museum exhibit on; go to that! And bring some of that energy into your life in a really fun way. That will also keep you from getting too impatient about: where’s the big trip, where’s the big trip, where’s the big trip?

So, the last 3 years, I haven’t travelled at all, and I’ve travelled heavily before that. And, I mean, not at all, but just within the United States I’ve travelled for conferences and stuff, not for, “Oh, I’m going to go to here for a week, and just see what I see.” And, in a conference you don’t see anything; you’re in the hotel. And, even though, that gets me together with all kinds of people, and it’s always really fun for me, it’s not the same as travelling. And, vacationing is not the same as travelling. I know you know what I mean. Right? That’s what needed to happen though, because when I look at the last few years and what unfolded, and everything that I created, I couldn’t have done that if I was travelling all the time. It would have been really stressful. It was hard enough as it was; kind of kicked my ass a couple of times; but that’s what needed to happen. And now, next year, I’m already booking trips galore. Like, it’s just opening up and the Universe went: “And, here’s your passport back. Now, go out into the world.” And, I’m like, “Yes!! Woo!” Right?

But that needed to happen. And so, sometimes, we need that downtime, even those of us who love to travel, we need to stay put for a little while, to let some shit come together. That needs to happen; that often isn’t clear until hindsight.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – Does that make sense?

Caller – Yes it does! And, it’s kind of funny because yesterday, I got, as a Christmas present from my mom; it’s this Lonely Planet travel book. It’s got, like, every country in the world; and I had thought about that the other day, I was like: “Oh, I used to have it, but now I don’t have it. And, it would be cool.” And then, my mom sent it to me.

Melody – Bam! Yeah? I don’t really feel like there’s anything going wrong. I feel like you’ve been put in the timeout chair for a little while.

Caller – Ok!

Melody – And, not as punishment; as a – you need to sit down for a second, and let something happen.

Caller – Right! Ok.

Melody – Not, as a – Oh, you don’t get to travel anymore because you have resistance to it. It’s not like that. It’s just something needs to happen and nothing is going wrong here at all. And, I think, that if you look for the signs, the Universe will absolutely show you that; that you’re absolutely still very supported. Nothing is going wrong here. It’s just like, you don’t fully understand. So, it’s like you’re at Disney Land, and you want to run into it, and you’re mom’s like, “No! Wait a minute; we’ve got to pay.” And, you’re like, “I don’t need to pay!! – “No, you have to stand in line, and…” – “No, I just want to run in there. Why can’t I just do it now?” – “Well, you just give it 5 minutes!!”

Caller – Ha-ha!

Melody – It’s more like that! Yeah?

Caller – Hmmm! Yeah, ok.

Melody – Helpful?

Caller – Yes! Yes! Thank you so much, Melody, appreciate it.

Melody – You’re so welcome. You’re so welcome! Good talking to you again!

Look at you; you made it all the way to the end of the video!! Good for you!

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Thank you for bringing your light to the world.


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  • Hey Melody

    There is a huge topic, that has veen very relevant for way too many people, but you haven’t addressed it yet. It’s too big for a simple Q and A, and it’s something that needs to be given a lot of thought, instead of just quickly cramming it into a short Q and A. I would really appreciate it if you would give us your input on this.

    It’s about creation, ownership and copyright. Just recently, a European “Article 13” passed. People say that its implementation is going to censor the internet for us Europeans a lot, by implementing strict copyright policies. So very likely, memes, fanart, use of copyrighted music for youtube videos (or segments) etc. are gonna be forcefully deleted, all for the sake of big companies and protecting their IP (Intelectual Property). This whole thing is a huge restriction and control over our creative freedom, and free internet in general. There have been other (so far unsuccessful) attempts of doing the same thing in America.

    Big companies and famous content makers want to subdue piracy, because they believe that they are losing money due to that. And they probably feel hurt by others using something that >theybelongs to themshetheirtheir< belongings from them".

    I would really appreciate your view on this, because it's been very important and relevant to me and so many people in the world, especially recently due to all these censoring / controlling attempts by "the big butthurt guys".

    • Hey Z,

      I don’t worry about piracy. At all. I’ve personally benefited from being able to get access to things for free when I lived in Barcelona and a lot of content simply wasn’t open to me due to copyright laws. So, it would be immensely hypocritical of me to now have a problem with that, lol. But I’ve also torrented stuff that then led me to spend a lot of money with the person who created that thing. I was introduced to their work for free, and that led me to becoming a customer. Their work found me. It doesn’t matter how.

      You’re going to see these fear based control attempts coming out more and more. It’s just the old energy trying to reassert control, because it doesn’t yet know what else to do (or people in the old energy. The energy itself has no consciousness or power. It’s all humans…). It’s just resistance coming up, the same way that resistance comes up within us individually as we raise our vibration. So yes, they can try to censor, but people will always find a way around that. And in the end, they can’t censor the internet. It’s just not possible anymore. Oh, they’ll try for a while, but they’ll lose control more and more. They already have.

      Personally, here’s how I see it: If someone takes a program that I’ve created and tries to sell that and make money off it, I’d probably step in (I’d say probably, because I take everything on a case by case basis, and I’d see first how I felt about it). But if they take my content, which I publish for free, and they disseminate that, that’s only helping to spread my message. If they take my work and create something original with it, I’d be more than fine with that, too. Again, my big goal is to get people this information, and anything that helps to do that is something I’m on board with. I would step in if someone repackaged my work and twisted it so the message was distorted. That’s never happened, though. But even if that did happen, it would be my manifestation and something that I’d need to then address within myself. If I’m afraid of people “stealing” my work, that’s MY shit. And I can address that (and I have).

      As you’ve said, the amount of money a content creator makes is actually not dependent on keeping control over their content. It can actually be totally separate, if we let it be. It has become for me. So, I know that my finances have nothing to do with whether or not someone “takes” distributes my work. And censorship of any kind inhibits creative energy, so I don’t support that. I see these attempts to censor as an old energy guard throwing a tantrum. Nothing more.

      Does that answer your question? <3

      • Thank you so much for answering so fast, Melody! 🙂
        I’ve been struggling with these things for quite a while now, and I really appreciate your view on this. There is just one portion of my original message that got lost (cut out) due to bad formatting lol. So, there are many content creators, that have made popular games, movies, tv shows, etc. They have their official merch, and they make money off it. There are also many people (usually fans), who use their own creativity to make new (unofficial) merch, like T-shirts, or other items, and they then make money off it. (the money doesn’t go to the original creator(s)). Surely, there are people who will create and sell unofficial stuff, just for the sake of making money, and the content can be poor. However, there are also people who will use their joy, passion and creativity, to create new stuff (fanart, T-shirts, plush dolls, etc.), that is actually very good.

        So the big question is: do these people who make unofficial merch out of other people’s IP, and make profit off it, have the “right” to do so? If I draw a fanart of some popular franchise, and sell it as posters, T-shirts etc, en mass, and make money off it, is that alright? I feel that it should be alright. I personally would create those items with joy, without tying my income to the sales of them. I would simply want other people to have access to it, but also for myself to get money for it, because why not? I put in the work and time (and passion!) in it.

        For example, J.K. Rowling created Harry Potter. (I don’t know her policies about pirating, btw.) She created Harry Potter, but does she “own” it (the Universe, story, characters)? Many people have got involved with the energy of Harry Potter (the universe, story, characters), so it shouldn’t belong to anyone, right? If people want to make their own merch and sell it, it should be okay, shouldn’t it?

        I am planning to create games with stories, characters, etc., and I have been considering that once I release each game, I publicly declare that I allow everyone to create content based on it, and sell it. I feel that this giving of freedom to them would be invigorating. But also I partially wonder if I would screw myself over. lol

        • Hey Z.,
          In my view, yes it SHOULD be alright. Not everyone is on board with that yet, so check with your lawyer, he, he.

          There is always going to be an audience of people who want the “official” merchandise. And hey, if I see someone coming up with something because it’s wanted and I didn’t create it (like a T-shirt or whatever), I can always make one too and let the market decide. Or, I can be happy that people love my work so much, it inspires them to create and share. How is that a bad thing? Free advertising! Again, I don’t see it as me “losing” money. I see it as the message and love being spread. And I think if we try to inhibit that, it just makes your fans less able to love you. How tragic. And if you create something original, even if it’s inspired by someone else’s work, it should be compensated, too. Now, if you claim that this is “official” merchandise, that’s not ok. I don’t love the guys who sell band T-shirts and concerts, for example. But those shirts are also not the same quality, so there’s always a choice to make. And if I’m a real fan of someone, I go out of my way to support them. That feels good to me.

          We have no copyright in fashion. People can use anyone’s work and copy it, change it, create new things based on it. The fashion houses are still making bank, because some people want that brand name and are willing to pay for it. But the rest of us still get to wear great clothes. Restricting that create output only hurts all of us. I still won’t buy something just for the brand, so they’ll make no more money off me, I just won’t have as many choices. And if you’re the brand that made sure I won’t have those choices, I’m pretty much guaranteed to never buy from you. It’s not an honoring of what’s best for the customer in my view. But that only works if you’re not afraid of losing out on $$$.

      • Wow, you’ve really made my day! 😀
        Thank you so much, Melody, for helping clear things up for me. Of course, I’ll re-read your replies again, and form my own attitude, but what you wrote really resonates with me. I have pirated things in my life, but (almost) never because I thought that I should have it for free. It was always because I was lacking the money for it. But the idea of buying those things when I get the money feels really, really good and invigorating. I did manage to buy some stuff like that, and I felt really good for supporting the creator and the creation. That’s why I agree that people will naturally support the creator, if they have the money, and if the creator is at least a decent person/organization. 🙂 I love that it all boils down to the energy/vibration.

        Lots of love!

  • You know, I’ve had solid plans to participate in the Q&A every time the invite comes, but even if I’m free at the time, I never have anything to ask because whenever I come up with an actual question, I get it answered before I even get the chance to ask out loud 😀 I really needed to hear this, my life just seemed to stop around three years ago and sometimes I think my LOA skills are malfunctioning. Every successful release stirs up new resistance while on the outside nothing much is changing and it feels like I’m just going around the same circle. But on those moments of clarity I’m feeling that whatever is going to give me the feeling I’m after is going to be something huge and it takes a lot of faith and stable energy to manifest that. Maybe someday this all will make sense. I know I felt like this on the last weeks of my pregnancy when it seemed I’ll be achy and huge and heavy forever and it’s never going to end. Just need to stay optimistic 🙂

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