Awesome Cheyne wants to build up her business helping lawyers, but can’t figure out what to “do” next. Listen in and watch as I share some examples from my own business and how I attract the clarity I want, and as we explore how to break through our upper limits. Oh, and I also threw in a bit about how lawyers can actually change the world! Yay!


Hey, my happy shiny puppies, this is Melody Fletcher, your go-to for everything Law of Attraction and Reality Creation. And today, I’ve got a treat for you! What follows is an excerpt from one of our live Q&A calls, where people just like you, students just like you, were able to ask me questions, and I answered them. And today, you’re going to get one of those. And, as you’ll see in the coming weeks, we’re going to be rolling out more and more of these.

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Melody – Yes, we have spoken before! Not for a while though.

Caller – Hey Melody, how are you?

Melody – I’m good; how are you honey?

Caller – Good! Good. So, I have one question, but you, kind of, changed my question, so I’m going to ask about something else. So, you talked about, that you had some time you took away, to get inspired, to figure out where you wanted to go with your content and your business. So, as you know, I’d started a business a couple of years ago, trying to help lawyers, stressed out lawyers, and by doing that, I, kind of, discovered that I really like being a lawyer; which was kind of strange. And, I’ve been more focused on that now, and I haven’t been able to really focus on the business. But, I, you know, I’ve done like, I’ve written stuff, in like lawyer magazines, like The American Bar Association. I’ve talked at seminars. So, I know people like it, but I can’t just get myself motivated enough to really, like really take the step to make it into something that is actually bringing in consistent income.

And so, I guess, my question for you is: What did you do to, kind of, like, take a step back, and figure out what you needed to do to figure out what steps to take, and to stop getting so – like, I’m so in my head, about, like I have all these ideas; I’m passionate about it, but I don’t know where to go.

Melody – Yes, so when I’m in a situation where what I’m doing, whatever I’m doing, isn’t really working for me anymore – and it happens frequently – for those of you who’ve been with me for a long time, you can see my entire blog go through this iteration, again, and again, and again, where I’m posting regularly, suddenly I stop posting. I came back, and we’re doing something new now. And then I’m all excited again. Right?

Caller – Right!

Melody – Because things change, sometimes suddenly, sometimes big. Sometimes we’re doing something completely different. But, when I find myself in this situation, which doesn’t feel good, by the way, because it feels, sort of, frustrating, kind of unsatisfying, where I’m just not inspired. First of all, I have to recognize this is not working. Whatever I’m doing here, is not working. I don’t know what else to do, which, that’s the uncomfortable bit, I don’t know what else to do, but this is not working. And, that’s a big step; that’s a big part of it, is coming to that realization, where you realize: “What is bothering me? Oh, it’s this! I don’t want to do this anymore.”

And then, I go from really general, I start with really general, so I let myself get into that general feeling of, I will figure it out.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – I know that something will come in. How do I want it to feel? I want it to feel really good. And, I get back in touch with the excitement I have around my big vision. What is the big reason, my big WHY?

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – What is it that I want to affect in the world? And, I take out anything that might come in there about what I might have to do to do that.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – So, all my action gets taken out because I don’t want any of it to become like – “Oh! And then, I have to do this; and I have to do this. And, maybe I don’t want to do this right now, but I have to.” No, I don’t have to do anything. I have this big vision, so I see a happy shiny puppy army just taking over the world, like a wave of light. And, there’s all kinds of visuals along with that, but really, just like a lighting up of the world. And, if I can do my part in helping people understand this, and make it easier for them, then I’m very, very happy to do that. But I don’t need to be very specific in exactly how I have to do that because it changes; it’s malleable.

It’s changing again now, I’m like, I want to talk to you guys. I’m sick and tired of sitting in my office by myself trying to come up with content. Like, just fucking ask me something! Right?

Caller – Right!

Melody – It’s way more fun for me; and I think, its way more fun for you guys too. So, yay! And hopefully, we’ll create even more valuable content.

But, that kind of step, for me, it occurs to me. I have to create that void where it can enter. So, I have to stop trying to do things in a specific way because that’s the only way I know to do that in that moment. And so, I back off, and go, “What do I want to do?” Because, it isn’t about finding the thing that you should do, or the thing that will work; it’s, what is it that I really want to do, how do I want to do this. And, that’s not always going to be logical.

So, I’ll give you another example from my own business, which is going to make sense to you guys. But, you know, everyone’s on social media; social media’s really big. I completely and totally suck at social media. And, every business conference I go to, my colleagues would go: “You really need an Instagram account. You really need to do this; you really need to do that. You need to overhaul your Facebook strategy.” I know we don’t have a good Facebook strategy, but guess why not? Because, Melody doesn’t fucking use social media!!

Caller – Yeah!

Melody – I am never on Twitter. I am only on Facebook for professional purposes. I do not give a shit what you had for lunch yesterday. And so, I use it to keep in touch with a few people, but I don’t go on their feed and see what they’re doing. I’ll just message them, or it’s a great way to keep them in my rolodex, so to speak.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – And so, it’s very difficult for me to have – to get any enthusiasm up for social media, particularly when so much of it is so fake, and I don’t want to buy into any of that.

Caller – Right!

Melody – And so, logically, I should be having a social media strategy. We should be posting, I should be Instagramming all over the place. I should force myself to do that.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – But, that’s not what I want to do. I’m not drawn to that. It’s not that I don’t see the benefit of allowing people into your life, and sharing your life, but also, you guys got to realize that when I’m not travelling, my life is not that exciting; it’s a lot of sitting at my computer. How do you Instagram that?! Well, you fake it. Right?

Caller – Right?

Melody – You go look for opportunities to take that cool selfie, so that, oh, it looks like I’m having an exciting life. I’m not willing to do that; that’s not integrity for me.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – But, I also know that in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t going to hurt my big vision because if it was necessary I would be inspired to do it. If I’m not inspired to do it; it’s not necessary.

Caller – Ok! And, as a follow up to that, how do you get past, like, your upper limit? So, for example, I’m a lawyer, and I have a lot of guilt, and, I’m figuring out that a lot of the reason that I’m not moving forward with the business is, I feel like I can’t have both, or I’m not allowed to have both. Or, that people will view me in a certain way; like, you’re a lawyer, why do you want more? So, how do you, kind of…

Melody – Oh, I don’t think anyone’s going to say, “You’re a lawyer, why do you want more?” Because your profession has a real reputation for being greedy bastards, so I think, even the greedy ones will get it.

Caller – Ha-ha!

Melody – So, I don’t think anyone’s going to have a problem with that. But why do you think that you might not be allowed to have more?

Caller – Well, I think there’s a maybe, like a perception, and not even necessarily an accurate one, that lawyers are just like super rich, high rollers, – like you said, greedy bastards. And super selfish. And so, if I’m trying to bring mindfulness, and stress management into the profession, which is fairly new.

Melody – But, why are you buying into that? That’s them; that’s their view that lawyers are greedy bastards. Why are you buying into that?

Caller – Well, I guess, I feel like, I won’t be taken seriously, because it will be seen as disingenuous. Like, this person just wants money. Like, they’re already, you know, a lawyer, so why do they want more?

Melody – You’re discounting the fact that they will either resonate with what you’re saying, or not. And, if they’re resonating with what you’re saying, and they’re resonating with your energy, and they’re recognizing the intent behind it, and what’s happening, and it’s their manifestation, they won’t question you.

Caller – Boom! That’s true!

Melody – It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe it, they’re not going to believe it from you or anyone else.

Caller – Wow!! Yes!

Melody – And, if they’re ready for it, and you put up your hand, and go: “Anyone’s who’s ready for that manifestation, I’m happy to volunteer to bring that in for them.” And then, the Universe brings you two together. I have had plenty of clients who are lawyers.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – Plenty of them!! And, they’re wonderful people; high vibing, and struggling to bring that energy into their practices. And, that’s what we worked at – how do you bring this into your practice? You’re a lawyer, and you called me!!

Caller – I did!! Hehe!

Melody – Do you really think that you’re that much of a unicorn?

Caller – No!

Melody – There are others; they may not be talking about it publicly.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – I have doctors, I have lawyers, I have bio-chemists, I have PHD’s. I mean it, kind of, fucking blows my mind, quite frankly. But I have Harvard – Ivy League educated (yeah, some of them Harvard), Ivy League educated clients. Now, many of them will not go to their colleagues, and go, “I’m into the Law of Attraction!” But, they’re super into it.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – So, there may be a lot more lawyers than you think who are into this, and who are really happy for somebody to translate it more into their language, so that they don’t have to go, “I listen to Abraham; I listen to Melody Fletcher.” Which, I’m not quite as wiggy as Abraham, or somebody else who channels, but still weird enough. Right?

And so, it’s good to have more people to build that bridge of how do you engage with this information? And, you know – one of the big things that I always get is, people say, “You know, I don’t have anybody to talk to about this. I don’t have anybody to talk to about this.” And, when you become the person that they can talk to about this, it’s such a gift, because they want to – they want to strengthen that belief. They want to talk to people about this; they want to get that point of view. They need that point of view from somebody in order to help them believe it more. Believe in their own empowerment, whatever angle you want to take on that.

And so, do not think for a second that they will go, “Oh, God, what is wrong with you?” It’s much more likely you’re going to have people coming out of the woodwork going, “Thank you! Thank you. Finally!! Yeah? You give me courage.”

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – And, why would you expect them to come out of the closet, so to speak, with this, if you are not willing to?

Caller – Absolutely!

Melody – You’ve got to do it first. You’ve got to do it first. And, we just sat here, in the comments, Samson, “Non-greedy, non-rich, non-bastard lawyer, here!”

Caller – Hehe!

Melody – So, there’s at least one.

Caller – Ok!! You found another one!! Hehe!

Melody – Exactly! There’s plenty of them out there; I meet them all the time. I mean, just because that’s a reputation; you know that, that’s not true. Come on!! You know that, that’s not true.

Caller – Yes!

Melody – You know plenty of lawyers who are really good people.

Caller – Absolutely!

Melody – You know, in my experience, most people who become lawyers do not become lawyers, just for the money.

Caller – Right!

Melody – They become lawyers because they want to advocate. They want to help people. They want to right wrongs. They want justice. For the most part – now, of course, that can get twisted over time – and then, if you feel like you can’t do any good, and then, you know, “Fuck it, I guess, I’ll just get mine.” Right? But, for the most part, lawyers are helpers.

Caller – Yeah!

Melody – And, that is where, you know, in another languages, in Spanish, it’s Abogado; it’s advocate, it comes from advocate. What is an advocate? Someone who stands up for other people.  Caller – Hmmm! Melody – And, isn’t that what lawyers do?  Caller – Right! Melody – When you defend someone in court and you know the court system, and your client doesn’t, and they wouldn’t ever be able to navigate that; but you know exactly what to do. You are advocating for them.  Caller – Hmmm! Melody – You’re their protector. You’re their gladiator in that moment.  What a noble profession. It just got a bad reputation, because, yes, a few bastards mess it up for everybody. And, that’s usually true.  Caller – Yes! Melody – It’s true for police officers, it’s true for politicians. It’s true for all kinds of, anybody who has a bad reputation, is because, we take those few and we say, that’s it. And, these are all a huge group of human beings, varied experiences, varied belief systems; we can’t just lump them all into one, and say, “All lawyers are bastards.” You know they’re not!  And, they’re human beings, and just like all other human beings; they’re waking up too. And, imagine what a woke – and I hate that word woke by the way, because it’s so misused, but an awakened, conscious lawyer could do in our society!  Caller – Hmmm! Melody – Imagine what good you all could do! Because you know the rules; you know how it works. You start fixing that from the inside-out; are you kidding me? That is world-change right there. We need you; we need you and your kind!! So, step the fuck up!!! Go get those lawyers, create a happy shiny puppy lawyer army, and change the world. We need you guys.  Caller – Yeah! Yeah!! I think, I’m so caught up in the how, but I know I can’t get caught up in it. You know? I can’t get caught up in it. Melody – That’s your big vision. So, you hang onto your big vision, and from that place, through enthusiasm, the next step will appear; the next step will appear, the next step will appear. But, do not think for a second that you’re not doing important work here, and that you get to bow out of this. You do not get to bow out anymore.  Caller – Hmmm! Melody – You step forward, or you’ll be dissatisfied – very dissatisfied.  Caller – Thank you so much as always.  Melody – You’re welcome. Didn’t think, we were going to have a positive rant on lawyers today, did we??  Caller – Hehe!  Melody – Never know where it’s going to take us!!  Caller – Alright! Thank you so much, Melody. Have a great one. Melody – You’re so welcome. It was so great talking to you again, Jane.    Look at you; you made it all the way to the end of the video!! Good for you!

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Thank you for bringing your light to the world.


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  • Hi there Melody, great post! I have two questions about this one. First question: You say, “How do I want it to feel? I want it to feel really good. And, I get back in touch with the excitement I have around my big vision. What is the big reason, my big WHY?” and that is brilliant, but what do you do if you don’t have that overarching vision pinned down yet? It is difficult to step back and trust that the inspiration will come when you don’t quite know where you are heading in the first place.

    The other question is about resistance. Sometimes, when we are resisting doing something, there is an underlying thing going on. So, I am procrastinating doing a fairly small task, but if I really start looking into it closely, I realise that (e.g.) I have a belief that I can’t make decisions, and that belief is underpinned by a belief that nothing I do is correct, or whatever, and when I work with that belief and clear it (using various methods), I find that the task becomes simple and actually not a big deal at all. Or it disappears and I don’t have to do it anymore. So how do you know when you are dealing with resistance (work through it) and when you are needing to go general and allow the inspiration in?

    Huge puppy hugs

    • Hey Edelweiss,

      1.) If you don’t have your big vision yet, then just reach for things that feel truly good to you. That’s enough. And if you can’t reach “good”, then reach for relief. WHAT you focus on is much less important than how it FEELS, so if you can feel BETTER, you’re moving in the right direction.

      2.) You do exactly what you described. Only, before you do that, you might want to check why you are trying to force yourself to do this thing. Do you think it NEEDS to be done, or are you inspired? If you are trying to force yourself to do something that you don’t want to do and which it turns out doesn’t really NEED to be done (this is often the case, even when the pressure is high), then go general. But… if it turns out that you’re procrastinating on something that you would have no issue doing, but which you simply can’t do now, then feel into it.

      Sometimes, this work is just trial and error. If you’re not sure what to do, pick one way and go that way a little. See what happens. That usually brings some clarity pretty quickly, because you’ll either get helpful data, or it’ll feel worse. If it feels worse, try the other thing. 😉


      • Smooshy hugs! Thank you!! Oh, and I love the avatar your system has selected for me. The most gorgeous puppy ever.

  • Thanks both of you for touching on the subject of feeling alone, like the only one in your profession who ‘gets’ this. I resonate very strongly with this, but also with the message of being the one to stand up and openly talking about this new perspective on how life works. However, finding that at the moment it’s just so hard, there’s loads of fear there. It would be great to hear your thoughts on moving through the fear of standing up and shining a light when it seems everyone around tears strips off you for doing so.

    • Hey Helen,

      It’s really all about empowerment and vibrational stability. Meaning, if you do the work so that you feel comfortable being yourself and speaking your truth, no one will tear strips off you anymore… So, you move through the fear incrementally. You practice it in the hologram – imagine speaking to someone, maybe someone you normally aren’t totally yourself with. Now, figure out, in your imagination, how you’d rather show up. What do you want to say? Start with the extremes and allow yourself to just express. Don’t try to be realistic. Once you’ve done that, and it should feel good to do that, you can then find a more “real world” way of addressing it. If you don’t fully express first, you probably won’t find a satisfying answer. So make sure you don’t skip that step. Then, you won’t be so afraid anymore. 🙂


  • Can’t wait to listen to this, and this week’s call (I have such a similar thing around cleaning)!

    Another question for you, Melody, I’m reading your book again, every time I get a little closer to understanding. This time I’m able to start to hear the “four crappy beliefs” part. Wondering if you would be willing to elaborate on the “there is only one truth” but.

    I’m noticing that I have a lot of beliefs around “other people can somehow control me with their truth” and a general feeling that it’s a catastrophe if I strongly disagree with someone. Would you consider taking about this more? Seems so relevant to everything going on politically and socially at the moment. Thanks!!

    • Hey Cordy,

      So, sit with that feeling of fear. What catastrophe? Don’t just accept that. Ask your mind to elaborate on this BS, lol. So what if you actually disagree with someone? What then? What does your mind think will happen? Give it a little rope, even if it’s totally not logical. Sit with the feeling and you may just realize a new layer – why this idea of disagreeing feels so bad…

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