Awesome Judy is seeing synchronicities of the manifestation she’s working on (a car) all over the place. But why isn’t it showing up for her as a possession? Where is it already? How do you overcome the impatience you feel when your manifestation is maybe taking longer than you’d like?

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Hey, my happy shiny puppies, this is Melody Fletcher, your go-to for everything Law of Attraction and Reality Creation. And today, I’ve got a treat for you! What follows is an excerpt from one of our live Q&A calls, where people just like you, students just like you, were able to ask me questions, and I answered them. And today, you’re going to get one of those. And, as you’ll see in the coming weeks, we’re going to be rolling out more and more of these.

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Caller – Mine is, kind of, it’s a parent related one too. But, it’s, kind of, interesting, because I’m the bad guy here this time. And, like over the last year, you know, how you pull, reach down into our soul, and just pull these real heavy, dirty things out, and we’re left crying in tears, for like 3 weeks, so we get it all worked out! Ha-ha!!

Melody – You make me sound terrible!! It’s always done with love!

Caller – No, but it’s great, because, you know, you make us face things, or find things. Put it that way.

So, you know, in the last, over the last, since spring, or whenever, there’s been a whole bunch of things that have come up, that I’ve been able to release, get the blockage out of my life force system, and all that. And, one of the things that was interesting was I didn’t realize made such an impact on me – My big issue, my biggest issue has always been I’m not good enough. Ok? And, that was because of my parents. And, we had a meeting about this, a few months ago, and us kids decided, we have our boundaries and we’re not going to take it anymore.

So, I was able to tell my mother, she’s in her 90’s, and she just never quits, and one day when she just told me how fat I was and everything. I just told her, I said: “That was an ugly thing to say!” And, she’s like, “Oh well, it’s a joke. We just joke around here. And I said, “Well, go tell that to my cousin, she’s 200 lbs heavier than I am.” And, that just shut her right up.

And, since then, all the little things – all these little things have been coming out. When I was in 5th grade, a girl told me, I wasn’t popular enough. But instead of being devastated by that news, I’m like, “Wow, really?” And, you know, it’s all been just, I’m just releasing like crazy now. And, it seems like little stuff. I don’t know what that means. But I feel lighter; I feel like I’m floating through this world. I’m wondering about, like; I’m just having a blast; I’m taking trips, and doing all this. Man, everywhere I go, every time I step out the door, I see something awesome and incredible. And, I find things that nobody’s ever seen before. It’s just so cool. And…

Melody – So what’s your question Judy?

Caller – My question – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. My big thing that I want to manifest, I keep seeing them all over the place now. Why isn’t there one in my driveway? Hehe! You know, is this the Universe’s way, of like, “Well, here it is! I’ll let you see one every day, but you can’t have it.”

Melody – It’s not taunting you; it’s a pre-cursor that you’re shitting all over.

Caller – Ha-ha! Well, I enjoy seeing them. I point it out all the time. Universe, I love that!!

Melody – Yes, but, you also, very clearly, have the reaction: “Ahh, but where’s mine?”

Caller – No, I don’t, actually. I get excited. I want that; I see it, I keep seeing them.

Melody – You just said; you just said it!!

Caller – What?

Melody – Where’s – well, you didn’t say, “Where’s mine?” – But, that’s how – “Why don’t I have mine yet? I see them on the street, but I don’t have one yet.”

Caller – Well, I guess, I didn’t really say that, but I don’t really – I’m ready to go on a big trip with that, and i want to adopt another dog, so I need that to put in so, you know, I can take two dogs with me.

Melody – Ok! So, what is it that you’re seeing? You said, it’s a car – what is it that you’re seeing?

Caller – It’s a Mercedes Airstream luxury travel van, kind of a van.

Melody – So, it feels, kind of, a big manifestation to you?

Caller – Oh, yes! Yeah!

Melody – And so, here’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to respect the timing of it, and because, it isn’t big to the Universe, but it’s big to you. It represents several things.

Caller – Ok!

Melody – Yeah? And so, when you see them, keep celebrating. But I feel it, not just because you said it, I feel it. And, it’s not all of you, it’s just a part of you that is, sort of, like, and it’s normal. You get excited, and then, there’s that little bit of disappointment. And, you want to watch for that. I don’t think it’s big enough to stop anything; but it’s big enough to mess it up for you a little bit. I don’t feel it’s going to stop anything; I don’t feel it’s that big, which is why, maybe you weren’t even aware of it consciously, because it’s really subtle.

Caller – Yeah!

Melody – But I don’t think there’s anything going wrong, Judy; I think, things are unfolding. I think that part of this is just, not being impatient, which is not so easy to do. And, impatience, if you remember, is you focusing more on the idea that you’re not going to get what you want; than that you are going to get what you want. And so, if you re-focus back on, “I’m definitely going to get this!” That will start to mitigate that impatience when it comes up.

Caller – I do know one thing I’m definitely getting, is because, I’m not on oxygen, 24/7 anymore. I can go on trips, and I can breathe, and…

Melody – Yay!!

Caller – I know; it’s just amazing!! My body is healing like crazy.

Melody – Wonderful!

Caller – I know it’s going to drive up in my yard, any day now, but yeah!

Melody – You just respect the timing here, because there’s a lot happening in your life, and you need to let all that happen. Some of it, you’re consciously aware of, some of it you’re not consciously aware of. All of it is serving you.

Caller – Yes!

Melody – And so, you want to go ahead and just let this unfold, and just look forward to it coming in perfect timing. Nothing’s gone wrong here.

Caller – Is it possible to be in a place though where you don’t have any major emotional epiphanies; where it’s all just like, “Oh really?!” You know, that kind of stuff; because I get a lot of that now.

Melody – Yeah!

Caller – Ok!

Melody – Yeah, absolutely. You see, I always tell you guys – waking up is a bitch; and it is. And so, in the beginning things are very volatile, very, very volatile. And then, they get less volatile, because then, we still have the big, sort of, when something big comes out, that it’s volatile, but it’ not volatile every day anymore. Right?

Caller – Right.

Melody – Then, we kind of like that. It can be quite enjoyable, for those big ones to come out. Right? Hugh relief, huge epiphany; because there’s a certain amount of drama in that as well.

Caller – Yes.

Melody – And then we enter into a state where, maybe we don’t have so much of that anymore, and we can actually miss that, where we’re like, “Oh, where’s my big oomph?” Right? This is all, kind of, subtle. And, it does even out; it absolutely does even out over time. The more allowing you become, the smoother the ride gets. And, when the ride gets smooth, you don’t have these big ups and downs as much anymore. Not like never, but, as in general everything’s much, much smoother.

The challenge now is to accept that as just as deep a work as it always was, but it isn’t, somehow, deeper or more effective because it was more volatile. It depends on where you’re at. Yeah?

Caller – Ok! Good deal. Good deal.

Melody – Yeah?

Caller – Because I’m done with the drama. I’m just floating through life, and it’s just so much fun. And, you know, it’s like; I hope there’s nothing wrong. I mean, I don’t think there is, but life is good.

Melody – No, it all feels really good Judy, and I’m really happy for you; really proud of you that things are coming together so well.

Caller – I know, I just love it!

Melody – All I can think of is; I think it was the last time I spoke with you, there was a snake – I don’t know if you remember this?

Caller – Yes!! Hehe!

Melody – But there was a snake, and we were all going – “Sign of big changes, Judy.” And, you’re like, “Aaaahh!!”

Caller – I know!!! I jumped up and ran!

Melody – It is happening.

Caller – It is; it really is. It really is – it’s just; I just can’t believe how much fun life is. You know? But, anyway; thank you so much.

Melody – You’re so welcome; you’re so welcome. Thanks for playing Judy.

Look at you; you made it all the way to the end of the video!! Good for you!

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  • Plenty of people wanting a vaccine for CV-19. If they do their LOA stuff right, still nothing will happen because of consensus reality. Correct?

  • What I want is a vaccine for the CV. Is one person’s reality independent of everyone else? (Hope you know what I mean by this). Thanks.

  • Melody, recently you’ve just been BLASTING clarity in your comment responses (at least that’s that I’ve noticed). Really cool and helpful.

    I just had something happen that freaked me out, wondering if it’s a precursor, or more like my vibration has shifted and so this is popping up to show me that it’s still in my vibrations mix. An acquaintance’s child died in a particularly scary situation. My child is of an age to start having some more freedoms, and a couple of not that bad, but a little bit nerve wracking things have happened… I’ve been really trying to release fears and be open. It’s a challenge.

    The death of my acquaintance’s child really freaked me out. I tried to hang in there and experience my sadness and an underlying fear that the world isn’t safe. It feels better to think “my response to this is just showing me something holding me back from feeling better” than to think it’s a precursor, but..? Hoping this makes some sense!

    Btw I just listened to your recent call with the woman who was having trouble cleaning her house. Man, just amazing energy and so much clarity for me there, thank you!

    • I’d just like to suggest/desperately request a post/video/something around this topic Cordy’s mentioned, of feeling that the world is unsafe, the rug will always be pulled out from under you. I’ve also gone umpteen rounds with this issue and my copy of your book has, like, three colours of sticky tabs, underlining, dogeared pages, etc. When I sit with the feelings, I get ahas, relief, and sometimes other related beliefs are revealed. And then some other nastiness hits the fan, usually within 24 hours and often in the form of a personal verbal attack from someone, out of the blue. That just reinforces the belief, grrr. Looking forward to seeing what sort of cat image this topic might spark, too ….

  • Hi Melody. What do you mean by a “snake is a sign of big things happening?”. I have been seeing snake all over recently and since I don’t know if they are poisonous, tried to kill them.

  • Hi melody ! Perfect timing of this video! In this video about impatience you were talking about how everything is firstly volatile and then the volatility gradually reduces as the process smoothens in due course . In this case the ups and downs in general don’t disapppear but reduce considerably and there comes a point when this volatility doesn’t feel dramatic , we don’t feel jealous (may be a lil bit but it’s subtle ). The drama that we create around our goal which is great big thing for us is mainly due to the volatility that we experience in the initial stages ?? I now realise that in the initial stages of my Caa dream I created a lot of drama, many that I now realise was inadvertent. Is it may be because of the volatility that I experienced and it felt overwhelming and out Of control ??
    Also my second question. As this drama that I created disappears in due course as I move closer to my big thing , you mentioned in the video is that the deep ness of this work is not to be linked with how much of this drama has been cut off from ur life , as in just because you have come here (eliminating considerable amount of drama from ur life and smoothening ) doesn’t mean that u have gone very deep and you have done a buttload of work and there’s nothing left to do now and the big thing has to come . My question is when we think or consider that we have done a great amount of this work on ourselves pertaining to this big thing we want and we have worked hard , what do we imply in relation to our big thing , when we say this to ourselves ? Are we indirectly adding the element of misery and sacrifice and it’s too hard and painful feeling into the scenario ??

  • Hi Melody,
    This is perfect! Shitting over the vibe that I want is me all over (yuck!)/
    I saw this car on display for a lottery. I loved it so much I went to buy some tickets in it. I saw these cars everywhere! Every second car was the one I wanted to win – it was awesome. I thought it was going to happen with the synchronicity showing up. But, somewhere in the back of my head I did not really believe I could have it. I’m not lucky enough, I’m not good enough to have one of these beauties and a heap of negatives after that. I tried to stop it, but, I think it was too late. Damage was done.
    Sitting here, I realise what I have done to change the manifestation. Now I need to think about how to avoid the negativity invading my space when I really want something.
    Always grateful for your advice Melody. Thank you!

    • Hey Viv,

      Don’t avoid the negativity! Look at it! It came right up to be released! Don’t push it way. Deal with it instead. Allow yourself to feel it, to sit with it, and to get the message that’s trying to be delivered. It will temporarily feel uncomfortable or even scary, but these thoughts were manifestations of beliefs that are holding you back. Go get em! <3

      • Can I jump in and ask: what’s going on when you’re doing your best to sit with the negative feeling and receive the message, and you just aren’t getting it? I asked below about having an experience that made me realize that I still have some heavy murky “the world is unsafe” vibes running in the background. So now that I’ve had that realization… what should I be looking to do next to support myself releasing that belief? Remind myself to look for evidence of the thing I’d prefer to believe? (I’ve read your book so often, I don’t know why it’s taking me a million go rounds to understand the practicalities of shifting a belief! It’s actually just recently that I’ve started to realize that I’m not failing by not shifting something instantly and permanently, I don’t know why I had that idea…)

  • Precursors my foot. What about kicks in the balls? I was recently feeling pretty good, better than I had in a long time, even pretty good about being single (which is a big deal for me). Then I met someone I thought was the perfect guy. It came easily and without effort, we clicked right away, he began chasing me without my having to agonize about it etc. Then it turned out he was married. Now my set-point is way lower than it was before: the contrast between how I felt being chased and admired and how I now feel being alone (and being an idiot) makes me feel horrible. Was this a precursor or just a kick in the teeth?

    • Hey Jodi,

      It was a precursor and ALSO, it showed you what resistance you still have. This often happens – we find a guy (for example), and he’s great. Better than anyone we’ve met before. But he’s not available (committed, lives too far away, gay, etc.). What you want to look at is your reaction to this. You feel like an idiot. WHY? You feel horrible because you’re focused on the idea that you’ll never have the relationship you truly want. Beware, this belief will make you willing to settle for far less than you want. You’ve gotten a glimpse of a feeling you want – to be chased and admired, but it’s still dependent on what a man does. Realize that you can generate that feeling all by yourself, if you choose, which will make you a match to that experience and will allow it to come in “for real”. It will manifest when you don’t NEED it anymore. But the fact that you were able to manifest it at all, even temporarily, means you’re close.

      So, see this as a good sign, and work through the resistance that’s come up for you. That will take you further towards what you actually want. <3

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