Does a successful gambler, for example, someone who bets on a winning horse, cause the horse to win? Are they “holding the energy” for that horse? And what exactly does “holding energy” mean? What about holding energy for the planet? How do we actually line up with a “win”?

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Caller – So, I have a question about gambling on horses. So, rather than saying that the professional gambler predicts which horse wins, is it correct to say that a successful gambler is an extension of the mysterious cosmic order and chaos? So, he’s plugged into a different dimension outside the linearity of time? The choices he makes are something he can focus on to bring it from the non-physical to the physical. But this sounds weird, unless it is true that you send part of your consciousness to the horse you’ve chosen as you’re watching the race. Or rather, is it that the winning horse in the future meets you in the present moment?

And also, in one of your blog posts, related to Peru, you said you felt you could hold the energy for the entire planet, and a successful gambler who focuses on horse gambling seems to be holding energy for both the human and animal consciousness.

So, what exactly does holding energy for the entire planet mean? And, what does holding energy mean in the context of horse racing, gambling?

The second question is a very quick question. So, there’s this scale of empowerment which you call the x-axis in one of your phone recordings, and also the y-axis which says something like, you can be joyously angry? So, what is the z-axis? You mentioned that you were in the process of downloading. You didn’t give it all away.

Melody – I still am!! I still am. I don’t fully understand the z-axis yet. I’ve had glimpses where I had perfect clarity on it, but I couldn’t hold onto the clarity.

Caller – Ok!

Melody – And so, it’s still coming; there’s more coming. I don’t have a full explanation for you yet, which is why I don’t teach it yet, because it’s not helpful yet.

Caller – Ok! I see.

Melody – So, I still don’t; this is in the process of becoming. Unfortunately, I can’t control it and say, I’m going to do this in a day. It happens as it happens. We have the x-axis with the spectrum on it; and then we have the y-axis with the spectrum on it, and then there’s a z-axis and I think that that is: We have to understand multi-dimensionality a little bit more before that really starts to come in and make sense. But, honestly, it’s not something that I have any real clarity on yet. It’s just something that I know exists. Something I’ve had glimpses of. I know, one time I fully understood it and went: “Aww”, and then it was gone!

Caller – Ok!

Melody – And, I just got a glimpse of it, but I need to get there again. And, I will teach it when I have it.

So, great question about the holding the energy, and the horse gambling. You have to understand that holding energy is not controlling other people. Holding energy for the world doesn’t mean I control the world. It doesn’t mean I have power over the world. Holding energy – so, we’re going to talk about like a one-on-one basis. If I’m holding energy for you, that means I’m stabilizing my vibration as I focus upon you. So, as I focus upon you, I want to, because it feels better for me and it’s also going to be more beneficial for you, I want to get into a vibration of seeing your power, of seeing your future bright, of seeing you getting everything that you want; of seeing you being fully supported. Basically, I want to get into the vibration of your higher-self. And, see you that way.

Now, what does that do for me? Well, for me, it puts me in a nice, high, stable vibration that benefits me. What does that do for you? Well, it doesn’t do shit to you if you don’t let it. But, what it does – it makes that energy more available. It strengthens that energy more, and so, it makes it more available for you. And now, it makes the choice for you to choose that frequency easier. So, it’s like bringing more light into the room. It’s harder to ignore the light; it’s easier to move towards the light because you can see it better. But you still have to choose to move towards the light. Nobody can do that for you.

So, it makes it more available. When I hold energy for the world I get in touch with the, basically, the highest version of the world that I can find, and I hold the energy for that, and stabilize as much as I can, and turn up my light as much as I can so that other people can find that energy more easily. And, I’m not the only one doing that; there’s a bunch of us doing that. Adding more light, adding more light, adding more light, which will make it easier for everybody else to wake up, and see the light and move towards the light. They still have to choose to do it; can’t do it for them, that’s freewill. But it makes it easier, it makes it more accessible. It is not about controlling the world because, now I’m the master of the world, and now I can tell everybody what they should do. That’s not like that.

And so, when you are talking about horse gambling – it is an individual thing. The successful gambler who knows which horse is going to win, he picks the horse, and it wins. Now, that is a manifestation for him in that moment. He has to be a match to winning on that game, which means, whatever that represents to him, him winning, he has to be a match to. He can’t be blocking that in some way – thinking that he doesn’t deserve it, or thinking that gambling is wrong, or whatever bullshit he might have in there. He’s aligned with that win. So, out of being aligned with that win, he’s going to be inspired to know which horse is going to win. The horse doesn’t have to tell him, the horse doesn’t even consciously know. It’s like he can see his own future based on the energy that he is projecting at this very moment. So, the probability – the future’s all probabilities, but some probabilities are stronger than others based on what we’re doing with that energy. And, this is all a psychic can ever read, by the way, there’s no guarantee that what a psychic says to you, no matter how good they are, will come true. They can read probabilities. But, if you make a different decision, the probabilities change. And so, sometimes, probabilities are very, very strong. So, based on the energy of this individual where they are now, if they can see their own probabilities, they can see, oh, this horse feels really good to me, I’ve just gotten a hunch right now. Because they are aligned with the experience of winning, they’re going to then be inspired to pick the right horse by seeing that future in some way. They just get some of that data. That probability that matches the energy they have right now.

Whereas, if you’re matched up with losing, then you’re going to pick a loser, even if he’s the favorite statistically. Even if it’s the best horse, you’re like, “This is a sure win.” But, for some reason, that day he doesn’t win. Right? Because that’s what you’re aligned with. So, instead of thinking, I’ve got to be able to see all this stuff so I can make better decisions – the decision comes first. You made the decision that you’re going to win. You get into that feeling, you clean up whatever energy you have, and you see what you’re inspired to pick. Rinse and repeat. Does that make sense?

Caller – Yes. Yes. So, can you still influence the race after you’ve place the bet, after you’ve paid?

Melody – Yes!! Yes, because you’re not influencing the race, you’re shifting into a reality where the outcome is what you want it to be.

Caller – Ok, so, you’re like, so, it’s like, there’s a flux, there’s are many, many probable realities, and..

Melody – Yes!

Caller – You are aligning to the probability, the particle of probability that you want.

Melody – Yes! And that’s why you can change the outcome even after it’s already started because you can just flip into a different reality where that outcome is there. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s already started. But you might not believe that you can once it’s already started, and that would hamper you.

Caller – Ok.

Melody – Yeah? If you don’t think it’s as likely – well then, it isn’t. But, that’s you, you see, not the system. So, of course, you can change it. You could even change it in hindsight, you could change the past. That’s a whole different discussion. But, you absolutely can; when you shift the energy, you’ve shifted along – because time doesn’t really exist in the linear way that we think it does. So, when you change energy, it changes the present, the past and the future. It just goes all the way through. So, you absolutely can. It’s what you believe that you can do that’s really the limiter.

Caller – Ok!

Melody – But it isn’t about saying, I’m changing the outcome for all these people. I’m switching into a different reality where that’s the outcome. So that, it really doesn’t have anything to do with anybody else. It doesn’t have anything to do with the horses, the other people who bet; it’s just you; it’s always just you.

Caller – Ok! Thank you.

Melody – Make sense? Good! That was a nice, little down the rabbit hole question!! Thank you, Iona, I appreciate it. Great to talk to you again.

Look at you; you made it all the way to the end of the video!! Good for you!

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  • Wow! What a fantastic and enlightening video! It’s always wonderful to hear a confirmation about something that has been revealed to me from within and to then have it confirmed, is just absolutely awesome! So thank you sooo much Melody. Much love, Carla

    • I would like to know to shift the energy to come into alignment for such a thing.
      I like gambling, especially lottery homes. I’ve bought a ticket and I feel great about it. I want to say in energetic alignment with this beautiful place, I don’t want to ruin my chance. Usually a lot of doubt comes out, negativity and I am not sure how to turn that around.
      On another note, I did have a negative manifestation with my daughter happen recently and wondered because I felt good about it by sitting with my emotions and listening rather than burying – does that mean I am getting my energy in order?

      • Hi Viv! When we are in that space that feels wonderful and stuff comes to the surface, remember it’s coming up to leave. The light has shined on it to release it. It can’t stay hidden because you don’t resonate with it anymore. Observe it and let it go. And even with your daughter, don’t label it a “negative” manifestion, recognize that wholeness and perfection are here right now and focus your attention on that and watch the shift happen instantly. And as far a winning, come from a space in consciousness that you ALREADY have what you want. When one assumes that they don’t already have it, one can wonder why they don’t see it. Come from the invisible reality that you’ve ALREADY WON!

  • If we hold the energy for someone (view them as who they really are, bless them, send them positive energy, etc.), is it possible that it could force an overwhelming ammount of resistance for them to come up (and screw them over)? When we reaise our own vibration, the resistance starts coming up increasingly, because of the vibrational discord. So, if we view someone as who they really are, could that cause damage to them (by helping them raise their own vibration, which would pull up all the resistance in the way to the surface)?

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