Awesome Courtney has a whole bunch of ideas. Too many ideas! How can she know which one to choose? Which one will move her closer to her desire, and which ones will only take her further away? How can we know which ideas are the “right” ones and when to take action?

Watch today’s video to get the answer!


Hey, my happy shiny puppies, this is Melody Fletcher, your go-to for everything Law of Attraction and Reality Creation. And today, I’ve got a treat for you! What follows is an excerpt from one of our live Q&A calls, where people just like you, students just like you, were able to ask me questions, and I answered them. And today, you’re going to get one of those. And, as you’ll see in the coming weeks, we’re going to be rolling out more and more of these.

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Melody – There she is!!

Caller – Alright!! Good! So, my question today is: How do you choose an idea that pops into your head when you are being bombarded with ideas? For example, I have recently been really focusing intensely on my career, and also on doubling my income over the next year. It’s been feeling really good, and been keeping things kind of general, and just, kind of, allowing the Universe to bring me the ideas that will help with that.

So, now, I’m getting a lot of ideas. And lots of synchronicities – which is just great – but it’s confusing. So, most of these ideas resonate really well, in some ways, maybe not in all ways. So, I guess my question is: How do you pick the right idea that will help you manifest what you want when you’re being bombarded with ideas? Is there a right choice, a wrong choice? Or, does it matter? Or should you wait longer until a better feeling idea comes in? Or, what’s the – I guess – yeah, I see, ok!!

Melody – So, yeah, I’m already nodding because yes, usually what happens is that those ideas come in and we try to take action too fast. We get so excited because finally something’s moving and good shit’s coming, and it’s happening!! And then, we just want to get in there and participate. And we try to grab any old idea that comes along and go: “Maybe you!! Are you the one? Should I take you?” And we want to get into action too quickly. Whereas, really, when ideas start to come in, it’s your job to play with those ideas. And, as you’ve found out, some of them aren’t really spot on. They contain elements of what you like, and so now you’re doing some catalog  shopping. “I like this, I like that. I like that, I like that.” What you’re doing is, you’re sort of locking in your energy; you’re fine tuning. You know, what you’re focusing on through this extra data that’s coming. So, you’re like, “Oh, I like that, but I don’t really like that 100% yet. So, what would I want instead?” You’re being given a chance to fine tune the plan. You know, the architect has brought the plan. “Like this?” And, you’re like, “Oh, actually, two bedrooms, and a closet over here, an outlet on this wall.” You’re still making some changes.

Caller – Ok!

Melody – You can kind of discover the frequency that really, really hits it. When in doubt, don’t take action.

Caller – Ok! That’s what I’ve been doing. I haven’t really taken any action yet.

Melody – So, play with it; do the energy work. That’s action too. Right? But people always want to take action too quickly. Then they, not always, once in a while somebody doesn’t take action when they should, but it’s usually the other way around. People wanting to take action – at least my crowd. You all want to jump into action too quickly. I do too, because delicious action is delicious. We want that! We love that ride. Right? We need to kind of respect the fact that this stage of the process, often, is not yet stage 5, we’re in stage 3, thoughts, memories and ideas. Where at stage 5 is big manifestations and action, synchronicities come in-between. Right?

And so, we want to let that percolate a little bit longer until something comes up that’s like, “YES! THAT!!” Doesn’t mean, it’s not, maybe a little bit scary, but you almost can’t help yourself.

Caller – Ok!

Melody – You don’t have to talk your way out of it. You don’t have to talk your way into it. You might have a tendency to talk your way out of it, because, maybe of some negative beliefs, but if you have to talk your way into something that’s a big red flag. That’s you trying to force yourself to take action. If you find yourself trying to talk yourself out of something that’s a red flag that maybe this is exactly what you want to do, you’re just scared of it.

Caller – Ok!

Melody – That’s a good little trick to use. Am I talking myself out of something, or am I talking myself into something? Because I notice when I’m trying to talk myself into something, as soon as I notice that, it becomes clear to me. I’m like, “Oooh! Ok, I – yeah, why would I have to talk my way into it if it really was resonating?” Or, what am I trying to justify here? What am I not paying attention to? Am I trying to force myself to do something because I think I should do this?

So, that’s a nice little indicator that you can use early on. But if you’re not sure what to take action on, if you’re not sure, it’s not time to take action because nothing has gotten your attention in a big enough way yet, in a sure enough way, for you to go: “Oh my God, that feels amazing. This is amazing; I’m going to go for it.” It’ll be scary enough; you don’t have to do it at this stage. And, particularly when lots and lots of data’s coming in, that’s usually a time to still play with it. Discern some more; discover some more in a delicious way. It’s not hard; don’t miss the drama. It’s play; it feels good.

And then, there’s always that voice in the back of the head saying, “Shouldn’t we be doing something? This is too easy. Shouldn’t we be doing something? This is too fun. Shouldn’t we be doing something? Shouldn’t we be working? Shouldn’t we be struggling; shouldn’t we be pushing?” NO!!!

Caller – Hehe!

Melody – Make sense?

Caller – Yes, that does make sense. Sounds great!

Melody – Good! Thank you very much. Wonderful!

Caller – Alright, thanks Melody.

Melody – You’re welcome; thank you!

Look at you; you made it all the way to the end of the video!! Good for you!

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  • Talking yourself into it… I like that. That’s a really useful check for me. I often find myself talking myself into things. I’m discovering (yes, I am reading your book again, why do you ask???) that I don’t know how to shift past/through the feeling that there are no other options. I’m noticing that I get stuck on “Well, this job isn’t perfect, but there are no others on the horizon.” I want to believe I have search filters on, but I don’t know how to REALLY believe it enough so I can start to allow other options to become visible.

  • I love this so much! I just recently had a situation where I had a bunch of job interviews and such for out of state and oh my gosh which would be the best one, what if this, what if that? I got the best job for me, moved back to the state I love, and couldn’t be happier! It was scary with so many options, but it worked out perfectly!
    Thank you so much Melody! You are a continuing source of guidance and inspiration to me.

  • Ha ha, the next time I overwhelmed by options and decision-making, I am going to have that pic of the kitteh in my head 🙂

    So, question, what about when it all just happens, so easily that it doesn’t even feel like action and it is all just flowing, and then the manifestation bites you in the butt? Like a job where you don’t even apply, they call you, and you sail through interviews and it all just fits and then you start working there and realise you are working with Godzilla’s bride? That seems so counter-intuitive, there were no red flags or ‘talking into’ the situation. Also no fears coming up. Just easy. And then, bam! That seems to contradict the energy. Or maybe not 🙂

  • Hi Melody,

    Wow! Are you talking yourself into something or out of something? This is genuinely new content on a topic you’ve been discussing for years! Great job!

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