A student wanted to know if she should go back to school or start a family. She’d been going back and forth and just couldn’t get clarity on which decision was right for her. It turned out that she was asking the wrong questions. Once we took the time to figure out what she truly wanted (and knocked out a couple of false assumptions), clarity was much easier to manifest.

If you’re struggling with big life decisions, this short video can help you get the clarity you need.


Hey, my happy shiny puppies, this is Melody Fletcher, your go-to for everything Law of Attraction and Reality Creation. And today, I’ve got a treat for you! What follows is an excerpt from one of our live Q&A calls, where people just like you, students just like you, were able to ask me questions, and I answered them. And today, you’re going to get one of those. And, as you’ll see in the coming weeks, we’re going to be rolling out more and more of these.

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Caller – Hello! I’m looking for a scholarship, but I’m also looking for a family. So, I don’t know if I should just skip the idea of the scholarship because on a scholarship you’re obliged to move to another country, and, I want to have a family in my country. So, I don’t know if I should just skip, because I’m 26, and probably it’s a good age to have, to create a family, to plan for that.

Melody – Ok, so, why do you want the scholarship?

Caller – Because I’m an engineer and I really want to be, to create my own, my own business. And, I think that this can help me.

Melody – So, a scholarship for a master’s degree? Or…

Caller – Yes.

Melody – Ok! And, do you want it for any other reason than that? Are you excited about going into a master’s program? Are you?

Caller – Oh, no; it’s kind of my dream, or something.

Melody – So, it’s your dream to get a master’s degree or it’s your dream to have your own business?

Caller – Also, but I want to have my, a family also.

Melody – Yeah, yeah, yeah! Family; whatever! Let’s put a pin in that for a second. But this going back to school thing, are you excited about going back to the school, or are you excited about what it would give you if you went back to school?

Caller – Yes.

Melody – Which one?

Caller – I mean, that, it’s a personal goal that I have.

Melody – Ok! Still not really feeling it here! So, I get that it’s your dream, but, you; oh honey, you are holding back. You are really holding back; you’re holding back some desire here. Being very careful about it; so, we want to get at it.

So, what do you like about being an engineer? Let’s start there.

Caller – What?

Melody – What do you like about being an engineer?

Caller – Actually, it’s like a tool for me. I really want my own business. So, as an engineer I can get more work clients. And, I mean, I want to be consultant engineer. So, it’s a good tool for me.

Melody – So, you sound to me like you’re much more excited about having your own business rather than engineering.

Caller – Yes!

Melody – So, then, I would say, do not go back to school to learn more engineering because that’s not what makes your heart sing.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – I would focus on the business part of it. So, the feeling of what it is to have your own business, the freedom of that, the empowerment of that. The pride of that. The success of that; having your own business.

Now, let me ask you this question. What makes you think you can’t have a family and a business?

Caller – Because if I go to a scholarship, I will be in another country.

Melody – And, there are no men there?

Caller – What?

Melody – There are no men in other countries?

Caller – Hehe!

Melody – Only in your country? You have a monopoly – Is that where all the men are?! Ladies!!!

Caller – Hehe!! Yes, of course there are, but I don’t want to be with someone, probably, they don’t want it.

Melody – You don’t what?

Caller – Probably if I met someone, if I meet someone there, they don’t want to come to my country.

Melody – Well, how about you make that part of your vision?

Caller – Yes!!

Melody – The question’s not where you meet him; you get to have what you want. You see, you’re trying to control the how; all along you’re trying to control the how. “Do I have to go to school? Do I have to get my Master’s? I don’t want to be in another country.” Whenever you’re having these kinds of arguments – “Well, yeah, but I want that, but then this’ll happened. But then, I want this, but…. Then, I could do this, but then that’ll happen.”

Caller – Yes!

Melody – That’s you in the how. Every time! You’re bringing too many elements into the web that don’t belong there. So, what do you want? You want to have a family?

Caller – Yes!

Melody – You want to have a family in, whatever country you’re in?

Caller – In my country.

Melody – What country is that?

Caller – Paraguay.

Melody – What?

Caller – Paraguay.

Melody – Paraguay; ok. You want to have a family in Paraguay. So, you know this; you love Paraguay. You want to ultimately be in Paraguay and raise your children in Paraguay.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – Right? Fantastic! That all feels very good. We haven’t hit any snags yet. Yeah?

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – But now, you’ve determined that you must be in Paraguay to meet somebody who will be married to you and have a family in Paraguay. You don’t know that.

Caller – Hmmm!

Melody – You don’t know that. You could be in another country; you could be traveling. You could be at the grocery store, you could be anywhere and suddenly you fall across somebody, and he’s like, “You know what? I don’t know what it is, but I have always felt a kinship with Paraguay, and I’ve always wanted to move there. Oh my God!” And, you’re like, “And, you’re so good looking, and amazing, and funny, and intelligent; AND you want to go to Paraguay? I had no idea!” Or, you might fall across somebody who’s like, ” I’m from Paraguay; You’re from Paraguay; Oh my God!” Love!! Right?

So, you don’t know. That’s the thing; you don’t know. You don’t know how this could happen. What path it would have to take. You just decide: “I want to have a family.” What does that feel like? “I want a family, and also I want my own business. That’s what I really want.” Well then, stay out of that and go straight for: “I want my own business and let me see what I’m inspired to do once I’m in that energy.” Simplify this; you’re bringing too many things into it that don’t belong there. You’re arguing with yourself, and you’re arguing yourself right out of your big desires. Does that make sense?

Caller – Yes! Exactly! Completely; yeah! Ok!

Melody – Good! Well done! And, I love that you ladies – I mean, I know, you’re not that old yet, that you’re into this at this age. Makes me feel really good.

Caller – Yeah; we love you. Hehe!

Melody – Love you too! Love you too!! Gracias amigos.

Look at you; you made it all the way to the end of the video!! Good for you!

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Thank you for bringing your light to the world.


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  • Hey melody ! Could resonate a lot with this call as many parts of it soo me !. I too want to complete my chartered accountancy , and settle down with an Asian man. Being an Indian myself , I want to be with someone who is from a different Asian culture . I also want to continue my practice and want to extend it at an international level (having international clients), whilst being happy with my partner . Don’t know how all of this could work out … but yes , I’m fat too and recently put on pounds during my exams as I stress eated my way through it . I feel like men of other cultures won’t find me attractive , due to my fatness and also how will I be able to have an expanding international practice coupled with an overseas partner , whilst I’ll be stationed In india ?

    • Are you kidding. There is shortage of women in Asia!!!! The one child policy has given you a favourable ratio. You could have a fetus growing out of your head and still attract millions of Asian men. And even if there was a shortage of men you only need ONE.

      Your wish is my command.

      • Seems a point , unless I want more than ONE at a time 😉. Well , I knew that the one child policy had an effect on the birth ratio , but dint know that it produced more male than female . Yes may be I do stand a chance then at other Asian men 😂

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