As we do this LOA/Reality Creation work, we tend to focus on the BIG STUFF. You know, the house, the car, the world famousness, etc. And that’s not wrong. In fact, those big desires can really help us align our energy with who we really are, and everything we’ve ever wanted.

However, our lives aren’t filled with BIG MOMENTS. In fact, big moments are few and far between. Our lives are actually made up predominantly of small moments. Oodles and oodles of small moments, which we often won’t spend any time at all on, because, well, they seem so insignificant. And perhaps they are, individually (well, nothing is really insignificant…), but COLLECTIVELY, those moments are your life. So, if we recognize that, why wouldn’t we fill those small moments with magic, each and every day? Well, we would! And we should! And we’re going to!

Watch today’s video to find out how! Yay!


Hi guys, its Melody Fletcher. And, today I’m going to be talking to you about how to fill every day of your life with moment after moment of magic.

So, if you’re interested in that, stayed tuned!!

Alright, so when we’re doing this deliberate receiving work, this manifestation work, when we’re stepping into our power, we usually start by asking yourself the big important question of: “What is it that I want?” What do you want? And, when I ask clients what is it that they want, they usually come out with a really big thing, and if it’s not a big thing, I challenge them to go bigger.

So it’s: “I want the house. I want the car. I want the once in a lifetime trip to Paris. I want the relationship. I want my own business. I want, I want, I want.” And, that’s not wrong to do that, of course; it’s wonderful to do that. We always want to find that big vision that makes our heart sing. But here’s the problem with doing that exclusively:

The smaller moments in life

We have few big moments in our lives. We have graduation; we have marriage, our wedding day. We have the birth of your children. You have, you know, when you first step into your new house. You have these really big moments that happen, but they’re kind of few and far between. Most of our lives are filled by much smaller moments. We have gazillions of those!! I don’t know if you can do the math on that, but gazillions of little, tiny moments in your life, and then, a few really BIG important moments. And, we do tend to focus on the big vision, on the big important moments that we want. But today I want to talk to you about those little moments that are in-between, because there’s way more of them. And, that’s usually what shapes our experience, and the two do go in tandem. Because if you’re just going for really big moments, and you’re willing to settle for a crappy or mediocre life in-between, you’re probably not aligning your energy fully with that wonderful big energy that you think those big moments are going to give you.

And, just, as if you’re not willing to focus on those big moments, and opening your heart, and letting your heart sing about those really big moments, you’re probably not fully stepping into your power either. But we do spend a lot of time focusing on the big stuff; today we want to focus on the little stuff. This can get a little bit confusing, which is why I wanted to make a video about it.

Make the intention to have your day go the way you want it to go

So, when was the last time that you intended how your day was going to go? When was the last time that you intended something small? We tend to intend for the really big stuff! “I want the house. I want the car. I want to be a movie star.” Ooh, that rhymed!! Ha-ha!! Anyway – so, when we start to intend into the details, it can get a little confusing because it can feel very quickly like we’re intending the how. How’s it’s going to come about? We don’t really want to do that; we don’t want to intend the how. So, how can you tell the difference between intending small moments and intending the how? How something has to come about.

So, let me give you a great analogy. When it comes to parking spaces, manifesting parking spaces, most of us are pretty good at it. For me, it’s completely automated; I don’t have to worry about getting a parking space anywhere anymore. If I’m in the car, I don’t even have to be driving, there’s always a parking space in a very convenient place, close by, right up front, in the shade. We get great parking spaces. Now, that’s completely automated. That is an intention that I set a long time ago, and I kept setting that intention, which is why it started to automate. That’s what happens – then, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

It’s the what not the how

So, when I set the intention to get a parking space, I set the intention that I wanted a parking space in a convenient place, close up, didn’t want to have to look for a long time. I did not intend which space it had to be. So, intending the specific space that it has to be, saying, “This is the space that will – this is the only space! This is the space it has to be in order to give me what I want!” That’s intending the how. I just want a parking space, and I want it to be – how do I want it to be? I want it to be convenient. I want it to be close by. I want to find it easily. That’s not the how; that’s the what. That’s what you want.

What do you want?

So, as we go through our everyday lives, we often have things happen to us that show us what we don’t want. Somebody is a little bit rude to you; somebody steps on your toe. Somebody says something that triggers you, and you feel bad, and then you take a look at that, and you usually figure out: “This is what I don’t want! So, what do I want instead?” And then, you begin to focus on that.

Don’t wait for things to trigger you

Well, here’s a little bit of a more advanced way of doing that. As you’ve been doing that work, as you’ve been cleaning up stuff, here’s something that you can do that’s going to turbo-charge how positive and magical your experience becomes. Which is: Don’t wait for things to go wrong!! Hehe! Sounds so logical, doesn’t it?!

Don’t wait for things to trigger you. All you really have to do is, the night before, or in the morning, take a few minutes and intend how you want your day to go. If you have a big meeting coming up, or even a small meeting coming up, intend for that to go well. How do you want it to feel? What is the thing that you want? What is the outcome that you want? You do not have to hold people responsible for doing very specific things, but you want the outcome – “What is it that I want?”

So, that’s a little bit of work to do; it’s a little bit of extra work to do in the beginning to kind of get that going. But it’s also going to put you in the habit of always focusing on what you want. Always choosing what you want, even if you haven’t yet been triggered by something not going all that well.

Be proactive with your intention

So, you’re switching from living in a reactive mode, although you’re aware, you may still be in reactive mode where you’re reacting to things happening to you. “Oh, that happened! Ok, that wasn’t great; let me clean that up.” Oh, that happened; that was great, fantastic!” And, going into proactive mode where you’re actually spending every day, not all day, just a couple of minutes a day, the day before, the night before, or in the morning, really intending, or if you’ve about to head into that meeting – intend. Take the time – it’s better to do it at home because sometimes you’re going to need time to kind of figure out what is it that you actually want, and you don’t want to be rushed in doing that. You want to give yourself a few minutes to do that.

So; “I’m going to go with dinner to my family; how do I want that to go? Oh gosh, as I’m thinking about that – Oh, Aunt Mary’s going to be kind of a bitch. And, you know, Uncle Joe, he’s so negative all the time. Ooh, is that what I want? No it is not!! What do I want? Oh gosh, I want to be – I want to feel really good; I want to see us laughing. I want to feel really relaxed; I want it to go really positive. I’m going to see my family through the eyes of love for a couple of minutes because that’s how I want to experience them.

Now, it doesn’t take very long, but that intention that you’re setting there, of course getting into the feeling of it while you’re doing it – you can’t just say the words – you can’t half-ass it. You’ve got to full-ass it; bring your entire ass to the story!! Which means – get into the feeling of it; don’t just think it, actually feel it.

Magical moments

And, if you do that, you’re going to notice that your life starts to get a lot smoother. Because it’s all those little moments that determine, whether or not, you have a really bumpy ride, or kind of a smooth ride. The big moments get our attention a lot more, but there’s a lot fewer of them. And, this is how you can fill every day of your life with magic. And, what do I mean by magic?

Those magic moments are those moments where everything just comes together, where you get to be surprised and positively surprised by the Universe and how things are coming together. You’re really taking responsibly for your energy now. You’re really taking control of your energy and saying, “In this direction! In this direction! In this direction!”

Now, that does not mean that you should judge yourself if you have a moment that is not so magical. Because things are still going to come up to get your attention, and you do want to work with those things. “This is what I don’t want; what do I want instead?” Turn the energy around. But you don’t have to wait for things to go wrong, you can actually, proactively, start shaping your energy, and start intending moments of magic; moments of fun, moments of silliness, most of giddiness – where you get to have a much more fun time on an everyday basis.

So, I hope this was helpful for you. I have been Melody Fletcher, and I will see you next week, ciao.

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  • Sorry I have to post this question on a different blog post. But this post – – is no longer open to receive comments.

    You said that you will answer this question in a separate blog post.


    But when I saw that you are selling your stuff or trying to make money of it, it does question your credibility that you are just trying to help people. You know this is one of the main complaints of anti-LOA people. Seriously, why do you guys try to sell the stuff?

    As I looked through your archives, I am not able to pinpoint which blog post it is. Can you share the link please?

  • Hi there Melody

    Can i ask you something?

    How can we stand critism if we are very easily hurt or very sensitive.
    Very often people tell me “you are too sensitive , learn to accept what other people has to said to you” but even they are good intent ( i want to believe) even if what they have to say is very accurate even if myself i ask first an advice many times i end up feeling dissapoint , or even broken , or like want to crying or like i want shut off. Many times i consider to end up my life either by intenting to the universe or suicide because i don’t want to face world itself and it cruelty.

    • Hey Elizabeth,
      You need to understand something: there’s nothing wrong with you.
      Your reality is like a mirror for your energy. So, if you BELIEVE that you’re broken or not good enough in some way, then you will manifest experiences that feel that way – to SHOW YOU that you have this belief. The belief is not true, though. If it was, it would feel good. When something feels bad, it’s not your truth.

      When someone criticizes you, ask yourself some questions: Is this true? Does it feel good? What if it’s not true at all? What if they’re totally wrong? What if you’re actually much better than you think you are?
      Ponder these questions and let your mind begin to answer them (might take a few minutes, and you’ll probably feel a little fight within yourself at first, but hold your ground and keep asking the question. You should feel movement towards the positive within 2 minutes).

      There’s some work to be done, for sure. And this is what I teach people to do – to step into their own power, where the opinions of others don’t matter and can’t derail you anymore. They can’t hurt you anymore, because the hurt part inside you has been healed. You can begin the healing process by standing up for yourself in your own mind, and deciding that you are not broken at all. And that you don’t deserve to think that you are. You deserve love and acceptance. You deserve to know your worth and your value. You are worth all of those things and so much more. Make that decision and your life will begin to change pretty rapidly.

      Smooshy hugs!!

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I know you directed your question to Melody but if you don’t mind me chiming in, I’d be happy to respond too 🙂
      First of all, you’re not responsible of other people finding you “too sensitive”. It’s first and foremost their own interpretation of you, influenced by their attitudes, judgments and experiences. It’s pretty likely many of them had to squash their own sensitivity at some point hence get remarkably uncomfortable and even triggered should they encounter someone who is more open about it. Secondly, we all define the word “sensitive” differently and it might even vary from context to context. I am a true crime aficionado and enjoy a good horror movie every now and then and yet, I’ve been called “overly sensitive” as well! (The situation it happened in: I asked someone to please stop mocking me because of the fact I’m not in a relationship. Seriously, being single is not that horrible a “defect”. They took offense and called me overly sensitive. 😀 )

      Last but not least: NEVER accept anything other people have told you without questioning! It’s a very widespread belief that other people know us better than we do and that being able to accept “feedback” – no matter how absurd or abusive – is somehow a sign of maturity. If anything, I’d recommend you to sit with your feelings for a while and see what comes up. How does this make you feel? Angry? Unworthy? Ashamed? Why does it make you feel the way you do? Is it possible you’ve adopted a belief that isn’t serving you (e.g. “being sensitive is bad”) and the statement you just heard kinda highlighted it? Do you consider the “source” reliable or could it be this person is just trying to manipulate you?

      Here’s my two cents 🙂 Take what resonates with you and leave the rest – after all, you’re the expert on your life. Best wishes to you and hope to hear from you on this blog again!

      Lady R

  • Great video, Melody! I really like this kind of “small”, practical tip as a video topic.

    Hey, have you ever read the book Busting Loose from the Money Game? Cheesy title, but very down the rabbithole content. I know you’ve talked about the hologram, so you’re the only teacher I can ask: ARE OTHER PEOPLE REAL? I like a lot of what he’s saying in the book and find it freeing, but that’s some heavyduty mind blowing stuff. Am I “real” in your hologram? He would (I think) say no, but I guess I have the sense that yes, I’m real (although I guess on a high enough level we’re all one energy?) but I can get matched up to your hologram if I’m a frequency match.

    I’m sure you’ve written about this before, but I can’t find it.

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