Wooohoooo! We did it! We made it to 2020! Which means… we effing survived 2019.

2018 and 2019 were mostly cleaning up years, where we prepared for the massive energy to come. So, in 2020, we can look forward to even faster manifestations and more clarity. Of course, with the energy higher and faster than ever, we can also look forward to getting slapped faster and more thoroughly if we resist the energy of our own awesomeness, or “our power”.

Basically, we’re about to be hit by a giant tidal wave of energy. This Tsunami is coming and there’s really nothing anyone can do to avoid it. How we experience it, though, is entirely up to us. We can either stand against it and get crushed by the wave, or we can turn around and go with it, letting it pick us up while we surf that wave like a Boss!

Getting crushed won’t be pleasant. Not deadly or anything, just a real bitch. Imagine trying to swim for your life against a massive current. It’ll feel like that. Surfing that wave, however, will be pure awesomeness. It means that things will be easier for us, come together faster, and there will be less obstacles to clear than ever.

What determines which option you line up with? Well, your intentions, your energy, and your willingness to accept who you really are in all your shining glory. So, self-worth issues, playing small, and trying to force yourself to do things you really don’t want to do, will be less supported than ever. And if you continue to insist on holding on to these things, you’ll square off with that wave. And then… WHAM!

And you know, you can insist on living like that. You have free choice. But… if you’d like to begin reaping the rewards of lifetimes of hard work, if you’d like to surf the wave, dance with it, and enjoy yourself a whole lot more, you’re going to have to make sure you’re facing the right way.

And that’s what today’s video is all about! I’ve put together 7 steps and intentions to help you get aligned with the most awesome 2020 ever!

Now, keep in mind that when I say “intentions”, I don’t mean that you should intend to do something, but then you never do it, as in “I intended to keep my cool, but then I lost it.” Powerful intentions are doable or within your control. You can’t intend to feel a certain way, for example, because you feel how you feel. A powerful intention is a decision which you make to the best of your ability, and then make over and over again. Each one of these intentions will help you have a smoother ride. If you can’t do them all, that’s ok. Just do what you can and let that momentum build.

Now, this video is a little longer than most, but that’s because I’ve squeezed in a buttload of juicy, practical information. As you may have noticed, I don’t really do surface teaching. We go deeper around here and give you the real nitty-gritty, so you can use that information to actually become more empowered, instead of just learning a bit of nice sounding theory.

So, are you ready to find out how to align yourself with an awesome 2020? Here we go!

Intention #1:

Don’t take Action too soon. We all love action – delicious action, that is. We love it when action leads to results. We all adore the amazing feeling we get when we’re in the flow, when action is successful. In other words, we all love Inspired Action. But you have to wait for that action to be inspired. Remember that action comes at the end of a Progression of Manifestation. I’ll put a link to a video explaining this Progression in more detail below the video, but here’s a quick recap. Manifestations happen in 5 Stages.

Stage 1: Focus

Stage 2: Emotions

Stage 3: Thoughts, Memories and Ideas

Stage 4: Synchronicities, and..

Stage 5: Action and Big Manifestations.

So, if you’re trying to change your reality using action, it’s like trying to get healthy by putting vitamins in your poop. It’s too late in the process. So, when you’re trying to make things happen by using action, it doesn’t really work. The only reason people ever get any traction this way is because they BELIEVE that it will work, so it does. A little. But that way of working doesn’t even hold a candle to the leverage you get by building a progression and allowing the action to be inspired. And inspired action feels completely different from the frustrating, uphill battle that is trying to create change through action, when your energy isn’t aligned with your wanted result. The Hustler’s journey is going to be less and less supported, as you are being challenged more and more to step into your power, and let go of the pseudo results you can achieve by working hard.

So, when you’re tempted to take action, ask yourself these questions: do you want to do this? Does it feel like fun? Would you do this action even if it yielded no results? Do you have to push yourself to take this action, or are you so enthusiastic about it that you can’t really help it?

If you’re not fully inspired to do something, don’t do it. Wait. Stop forcing yourself to do things you don’t really want to do. Stop trying to do things simply because you believe that you SHOULD. When you try to do things you don’t want to do in order to affect an outcome, you’re not fully in your power. This will be a challenge, to be sure, but with a bit of practice, by making this decision over and over for a little while, it will get much easier and eventually, it will become automatic.

Intention #2:

Expect things to go well! This may seem like one of those no-brainer principles, but it’s not. It’s surprisingly challenging to trust that things will work out when you’ve been trained over many, many years to expect the other shoe to drop. Expecting things to go well can make you feel like a deluded child, unwilling to comprehend the ugliness of the world. I’m not asking you to deny that things haven’t always worked out for you. I know they haven’t. But understand that things didn’t always work out because:

  1. You had a belief system that said it couldn’t
  2. There was more dark energy on the planet than light, which meant that any time light appeared, the dark rose up to crush it. That really happened and it wasn’t your imagination. Coming into the light has historically been much, much harder than it is now. Now is the time in which you can make this choice, and that choice will be supported. And yes, this is very recent. So don’t let your past experiences dictate what’s possible for your present and future. Once again, I’ll link to a video on dark energy vs. light energy in the description, if you’d like to learn more.

While you can certainly build a general positive expectation that things will always work out for you, you’ll find that you’ll often be challenged in very specific ways. You may have this locked in on one topic, but not on another.

How do you know if you have a negative expectation? How do you know if you’re making things harder than they need to be? Perhaps you’re no longer lining up with a total shitstorm, but you’re not yet letting things be as delicious as they could? A surefire way to know that you have any kind of negative expectation is if you feel dread. Are you dreading that meeting tomorrow? Are you expecting and even telling the story of how that bitch from marketing is going to take over the meeting (AGAIN!), and try to take credit for everyone else’s work? What story are you telling about this upcoming event? Try telling the story you want to tell! After all, if you can script the movie of your life, why the hell would you include a bunch of sucky scenes?

Also, keep in mind Intention #1: If you’re dreading that meeting or party, is it because you really don’t want to go?

Intention #3:

Simplify, simplify, simplify. One of the most common issues that people in the Western world deal with today is Overwhelm. Our issues are becoming more and more complex, there seems to be more and more to do, and we often not only can’t see the forest for the trees, we forget there’s a forest there, at all.

Overwhelm generally results from having a lack of priorities. When you’re not clear on what you TRULY want, it’s really hard, if not impossible, to find the way there. After all, how successfully do you think your GPS would guide you if, when it asked you to enter a destination, you typed in “I don’t know…”? Often, we get totally overwhelmed when we haven’t aligned our energy with the desired outcome, and we’re trying to make something happen. See Intention #1. We flail around and, in our desperation, we compile a list of everything we think COULD work, and everything we and others think we SHOULD do. This can be a really, really long list. Then, again in our desperation, we often think that we, and we alone, must perform every one of these actions, because, God forbid, we should burden someone else with this shit pile of a To Do list. And then we wonder why we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning! Yeesh!

In order to combat this sense of overwhelm, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is you truly want? What do to you want the outcome to be? Make sure you focus on the END outcome, not HOW you’re going to get there. For example, you need to clean the house. Why? Because you want a clean house, dammit! But why do you want that? What is it that you really want? Perhaps you want to be allowed to sit down in peace for a few minutes, and you can’t allow yourself to do that until you clean the house. Perhaps you’re worried about what your Mother in Law, who is coming over tomorrow, will think. Maybe you’re resentful that your kids never help you clean, and you figure if you just do it, there can be harmony; but what you REALLY want is for there to just be harmony. Once you find your end goal, go on to question #2.
  2. Is this action you think you need to take REALLY necessary to bring about this outcome? For example, can you actually control what your Mother in Law thinks? Why do you care? Are you actually not as unhappy with the condition of your house if you take her opinion out of the equation? Who’s running your life – you or her? If what you want is to be able to sit down in peace for a minute, can you give yourself permission to do that without getting the house spotless first?
  3. If action is required, what’s the least amount of action you need to take to bring about that outcome? Again, with the housecleaning example, let’s say people are coming over this weekend. Do you really need to spring clean the whole place, or would a surface cleaning suffice? Maybe all you need to do is tidy a little and that would do it? Are you working on the principle that if it’s not perfect then it’s crap? Can you allow yourself to see the beauty of your home even if you know the junk drawer that no one will see is a mess? How much unnecessary action are you heaping onto yourself, you slave driver, you?

If you’re still caught in the need to take some kind of action, which stems from your belief that what you want can’t come about without your direct involvement, then that’s ok. Shifting that belief takes some time and practice and it doesn’t happen all at once. So, no judgment. But if this is still you, then take as little action as you can, and challenge yourself to feel good about the outcome anyway. Feel good about the imperfect, yet perfectly acceptable home. Feel good about having fun with your kids, even if the dishes aren’t done. Allow yourself to enjoy the hot bath, even if the garage is full of boxes. Simplify your life by no longer taking unnecessary action, and you’ll be well on your way to one day no longer taking ANY action which isn’t inspired by a Delicious Desire.

If you’d like to learn more High Vibrational Time Management Tips, I’ll put a link to one of my blog posts on that topic in the description.

Intention #4:

Allow your feelings. All of them. If you want to insure that you’re not going to have a rougher than necessary ride in 2020, you’re going to need to accept and allow your emotions. Your emotions are your indicators of what you’re doing with your energy. Are you stepping more into your power? You’ll feel good. Are you accepting your powerlessness in some way? Then you’ll have a negative emotional response, which can, if you validate it, show you exactly what you’ve been willing to accept and how you’re doing that.

I’ve made a ton of videos on the specific meanings of emotions and have written many, many blog posts, which you can find on my site, because this is a MASSIVE topic.  But, in general, your emotions are a direct result of your energy in motion. E Motion. If your energy is flowing freely, you feel good. That’s like a green light. When your energy is split or impeded in some way, when you are not pointing the full force of your powerful focus towards what you TRULY want, you won’t feel so good. So, your emotions are incredibly important and can no longer be ignored. Oh, you can try, but the pressure will build until the energy just busts out of you. It’s a bit like trying to hold in a poop. It will work for a while, but when it has to come out, it will come out. Even if you’re wearing white jeans and giving a presentation to your entire board of directors.

You don’t have to let it get to that point, though. Pay attention to how you feel, even if those feelings don’t make much sense to you at first. Acknowledge the feeling and don’t judge yourself for it. These feelings won’t be comfortable, but you’ll be amazed at the relief you’ll feel just by being willing to finally allow sadness, anger, grief, or frustration. Negative emotions are not your enemy. They are not to be suppressed. That just makes them worse. All emotions are messengers and it’s time we heard them.

The subject of emotions and how to use them as valuable feedback to become much more empowered is way too vast to cover in a blog post. But if you’d like to learn more about that topic, then stay to the end of the video, where I’ll give you some information on how you can access that kind of education.

Intention #5:

Take the leap, already! The first intention we talked about today was all about taking inspired action. This doesn’t just mean that you shouldn’t do what you DON’T want to do, but also that you actually do what you DO want to do. When you expect things to go well, which was intention #2, you’ll begin to manifest positive, delicious and awesome opportunities. Now, you might think that all of these opportunities will feel ONLY delicious. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Usually, they feel amazing, and then, often within a couple of seconds, we dissolve into fear. Yes! We want this…OMG, what if it doesn’t work out? Ok, in this example, we’re not really 100% positively expectant, but who the hell is? We’re talking about real life here, not some ideal of perfection.

There’s a difference between something feeling terrifying, in which case you should NOT take action on it at that time, and something feeling really great but also scary. Consider the difference between jumping into an industrial sized blender, and bungee jumping. One will definitely kill you, so your terror is absolutely logical. The other feels exciting but also scary. You want to do it, but you’re also nervous. If the idea of bungee jumping feels like death to you, then feel free to choose a different example. Maybe going on that date with the hottie from the supermarket feels delicious but also scary.

When something feels like this, take the leap. Take advantage of the positive opportunities that present themselves to you. The more you do this, the bigger the opportunities will get. In other words, as your trust in the positive outcome grows, you’ll attract larger, more impactful, but also potentially scarier opportunities. So, no matter how far you progress, those opportunities will almost always be a little bit scary. The great news is that while performing to a stadium, for example, might feel like death to you right now, after you’ve progressed up that ladder a little and acclimated to smaller challenges, playing to a half-empty bar, for example, then a full bar, then a party at a club, a couple of weddings, and finally a festival, the day can come when playing to a full stadium feels amazing and scary, instead of terrifying.

My point is, that at every level, you will be challenged to say YES to what you want. And you must, if you want to have an easier ride.

Now, here’s where I want to debunk a massive misconception. If you don’t say yes to an opportunity, you will not be punished. The Universe will not be mad at you, and you haven’t missed your only chance. In fact, the Universe is really relentless that way. If you don’t notice an opportunity, or couldn’t quite say yes to it yet, maybe because it was too scary, it will come around again. And again. And again. Like a bus service. There’s always another one. Of course, negative manifestations work the same way – if you don’t pay attention and you miss some feedback, don’t worry, it’ll just slap you harder next time. And the time after that. Until you get it. How supportive is that?!

So, you’ve never missed your only chance at love, happiness, or wealth. But if you want to speed up your progression towards those or other manifestations, challenge yourself to say yes to the good feeling opportunities that crop up, even if they feel a bit scary, and even if you have no idea how this opportunity might be connected to what you TRULY want. Trust the positive feeling, expect it to go well, and have as much fun as possible. Then, see what happens.

Intention #6:

Accept that you are more than you were told. The time has come where you really can’t deny who you are anymore. It just won’t go well for you. If you’re watching this video, or reading my blog, and other content like this, you’re what I call a Gladiator. You feel and have always felt different; maybe like a freak or an outcast. The truth is: you ARE different! But, you’re no freak. You’re amazing! You are much more powerful than you can really comprehend, than any of us can really comprehend, and it’s time for you to remember that. We’re not going to pussy-foot around this anymore. Wake the hell up already. Your journey began long before this lifetime, and it hasn’t been easy. The Gladiator’s journey never is. But it’s been worth it. Because we’ve succeeded in our goal. The planet is moving into ascension status, and in time, the entire population will awaken. Gladiators have the harder but also more rewarding task of waking up first. That’s why you’re reading or watching this. That’s why you’ve always had this drive, this inkling that there was more, and often, a deep sense of dissatisfaction with how the world was run. It probably never really made sense to you.

Now, instead of trying to explain to you what a Gladiator is and what that means for you, and making this video even longer, I’ve created a video course for you called The Spiritual Gladiator. And the great news is that, right now, the whole course is FREE on my website, Or, you can find the link in the description below. If you’re ready to stop fighting the transition you’re so clearly in, go watch that course and find out who you really are, what you’re doing here, and what you’re TRULY capable of.

Intention #7:

And that leads me to the last intention, which is: Play More! As you may have noticed, all the intentions we discussed today help to point you away from what you don’t want and what doesn’t feel good, and towards what you do want and what does feel good. And nothing feels better than playing. As adults, we so often refuse to give ourselves permission to play. We have to be responsible first, which usually means, we have to do all the stuff we don’t want to do, before we can do a little bit of what we want to do. Never mind that our To Do list is usually so long that we never get it all done, so we never really get to play. And if we do manage to carve out a little bit of time for ourselves, we’re often so exhausted, that all we can do is recover. And while recovery is a good thing, it’s not even close to the same as play.

So, play is surprisingly difficult for many of us. Most of us don’t even know HOW to play anymore. Going to the gym and torturing yourself so you can be proud of having made it through another exercise session is NOT play. Neither is going to a work function cocktail party, which you don’t really want to go to. And, as I already mentioned, recovering from exhaustion, albeit necessary, is also not play.

Play is anything you do which feels really good to you, and which you’re doing for the sheer fun of it, rather than what it will lead to. Outcome based actions are usually not play, unless you’ve already dialed in the other 6 intentions, in which case the action and outcome are aligned, and it feels so delicious that you’d still take the action even if no outcome was tied to it.

We tend to think of actions as being in one of two categories. One is productive and the other is play. And no action can be in both categories. Productivity equals hard work, after all, so anything that isn’t hard work and even, God forbid, feels GOOD, couldn’t possibly be productive, right? Nope!

When you take the time to line up your energy with what you want, wait for inspired action, expect a positive, delicious journey and outcome, simplify the journey so you never do more than necessary and only that which you actually want to do, when you pay attention to and allow your emotional feedback, say yes to positive opportunities even when scary, accept that this journey is bigger than you, that you’re a very important, awesome part of it, and we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of the awesome possibilities to come – when you do all of these things, you open up your ability to truly play.

When you trust that you will get what you want without trying to make it happen, for example, you automatically give yourself more permission to play, and vice versa. If you only expect a negative outcome, you’ll never relax enough to play. And vice versa. Getting rid of overwhelm makes more room to play, while overwhelm itself makes play impossible. If you know these things, you can foster more play deliberately, and let that help support you in the other 6 intentions or decisions.

How do you foster more play? Well, first of all, give yourself permission to! I know that the temptation is always to get the most horrible tasks on your list done first, so they’re out of the way. But that just sets you up for misery from the start. By engaging with the biggest crap, you start your day off in crap energy, and it’s all uphill from there. What if you started your day off with the funnest task, set yourself up on a high vibration, and see what happens? What if you eat dessert first, rather than eat the main course, only to find out you’re now, once again, too full to have dessert? What if you JUST had dessert and enjoyed the hell out of it? What if you took a bath rather than did the dishes? Would the world really come to an end?

If these statements and questions caused your butthole to clench in resistance, because obviously Melody doesn’t understand your life and is now referring to herself in the third person, to boot, you can start small. Maybe you won’t eat dessert first at every meal. But what about once? No, you don’t have to take a bath rather than feed your kids, but what if you ordered pizza, let them play video games as a treat, and took the bath? Not every night… just tonight! And maybe every once in a while! What if you dropped the all or nothing mentality that keeps you from making incremental changes because if you can’t do something 100%, it isn’t worth it, and let yourself indulge in something delicious. Even if you can only do it once, why not?

Do something creative. If you’re not an artist, why not do something artistic? Let it be crap! Let it be imperfect! But let it be fun! Do something you’ve never done before, just because it feels fun to try. Don’t worry about impressing anyone, and for God’s sake, don’t worry about it being “productive”.

Intend now to make 2020 a year of play and you’ll be surfing that massive Tsunami in no time.

If you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, then you’ll love all the resources we’ve put together for you at Sign up for the free course The Spiritual Gladiator on my website, and you’ll also get access to a whole host of tools that will help you remember who you are, what you’re here for, and most importantly, how to wield your power. In other words, you’re going to learn how to manifest whatever you want.

Now, if you’re ready for a more in-depth education where you learn the nitty gritty of how the Technology of Reality actually works, basically the mechanism and processes that the entire Universe is built on, if you’d like to understand your emotions, their purpose and their practical meaning, and if you’d like to learn powerful tools to help you use all that data to shift into a different reality of your choice, then you’ll want to check out my Foundational Program LOA Academy. Now, enrollment is currently closed because we’re in the middle of a class, but we just scheduled our 2020 classes and the next enrollment for LOA Academy will open up in April 2020. Again, I’ll put a link in the description below, so you can check it out and sign up for the waiting list, if you like what you see.

I really hope you enjoyed this video and the content, even if it was a bit long today, and that you found it really valuable. I’d love to hear what you think, so don’t forget to subscribe if you’re watching this on YouTube, and leave me a comment, question or even share your story.

Until next time, smooshy hugs, happy NEW Decade, and thank you for bringing your light to the world.

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  • This was really a good article, and the video was excellent, too. With the rate 2020 is going right now, it appears most people did not follow any of this – lol. I hope people will wake up and recognize just how powerful they are. Good stuff, Melody!

  • Dear Melody,
    I used to type in key words into the Google search bar, and be able to pull up old posts to reread and remind myself of things.. But unable to find links now in Google search. Could you please let me know how to search for your older blog posts? Thank you so so much!

    • Hey Archana, I’m sorry about that. We had an issue with our links and Google completely de-indexed the site. It will take time for them to re-index everything and for all the links to be found again. If you click on Blog, there’s a search option there that should now work fine.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • This is so true!!! I’ve always bribed myself with doing something fun after I do all the things I don’t want to. Problem is I was always to tired after to want to to do anything else, so the fun never came. Now I make time for me and what I want instead of catering to everyone and everything else.

  • Whoo-hoo we survived 2019 too, go us. To be honest I was expecting the shift from 2019 to 2020 to be a lot more noticeable, like back in 2012-2013 (felt like someone replaced my reality with different one during just one night, it was weird) but I’m feeling pretty much the same. I’ve finally managed to get my vibration to stabilize a bit, it’s been really dramatically up and down for the past six months at least, but then again the releases created big shifts, which in turn created big changes. I’ve been basically just trying to keep up emotionally while my life fixes itself. Also I get these “don’t look down” moments where I suddenly realize how well things are, and then I panic because you know things can’t possibly be this well and surely something will go wrong soon. And oftentimes something does indeed go wrong because I invited it but I bounce back pretty fast now.

    I still just don’t see myself as any sort of Gladiator though. But then again, if I am and we’re already doing what we’re supposed to be doing, does it really matter how it’s defined, all is well and good. I’m pretty happy right now. I don’t really have any need to be or do anything specific anymore, I’m just happy watching the scenery as it goes by.

  • Melody, I just love your down the rabbit hole, nitty gritty explanations! I’ve never been the one satisfied with staying on the surface and never getting to explore any subject in depth. I need to know the underlying principles and mechanics of a concept, theory or system or otherwise I find it pretty easy just to discard the whole freakin’ thing.

    Re the 7 Powerful Intentions: I personally find Intention #6 is my “Theme Intention” right now in this moment. To accept that I’m way more that I’ve been told. I still feel a certain amount of discomfort when thinking about it but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be willing to step up and own the amazing essence that is me 🙂 It’s basically the same as in trying anything new and exciting, yet still somewhat foreign. It does feel a bit odd and confusing at first but the excitement alone is enough to keep you on track. So despite the initial discomfort, I’m ready to take the first step (and the second, and the third, and the 303th,…) to begin my journey from being a “weirdo” to being a “Wizard” 😀

    Happy 2020 everyone!

    Lady R

  • Hey Melody
    I loved every intention on here, especially feeling the feelings and enjoying life now. If feelings are there, they are there…not much use in denying them. Like you said, they are just messengers. Hard to be a conscious creator if we’re not conscious of what’s happening inside. With personal growth work and manifesting ‘work’ in particular, it is all too easy to make that our focus all the time–we put our life on hold until this or that thing happens and are just constantly focused on what we don’t have and like. Set some intentions, deal with the shit if it’s there and then just go live our lives!

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