Let’s talk about the Coronavirus! What the hell is going on in the world? Why would we manifest this crap? Are we going to be ok?!

I’m going to be answering 3 big questions in this video:

  1. Why or How did we manifest this situation?
  2. What can we do during this crisis to not only feel better but actually benefit from the whole thing?
  3. How is this whole situation SERVING us?


I’m Melody Fletcher, and I explain the Law of Attraction and the Technology of Reality in a way that actually makes some freaking sense.

And today, I want to talk to you about the Coronavirus or Covid-19 crisis. What is it? Why is this happening? And most importantly, what can you do to keep yourself safe?

Now, if this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos, let me just set the stage: this message is for those who at least resonate with the idea of the Law of Attraction and that you create your own reality, (which means that you’re interested in this topic and the idea of it feels good to you). You’re looking for a technical, energy focused explanation of what’s going on, and a better feeling, love-based perspective. You can get the fear-based perspective pretty much everywhere else, so we won’t be covering that, thank you very much. If all of that sounds good to you, then you’re in the right place.

I’m going to be answering 3 big questions in this video:

  1. Why or How did we manifest this situation?
  2. What can we do during this crisis to not only feel better but actually benefit from the whole thing?
  3. How is this whole situation SERVING us?

Now, without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1. Why/How did we manifest this situation?

Clearly, something big is going down, right now. People are scared. Some are panicking. And those who aren’t in panic mode, are definitely confused. Now, obviously, those of us who understand at least a little bit about reality creation will experience this time differently than those who believe that everything, especially the bad stuff, just happens randomly. Or even worse, that events like this are a kind of punishment. And that’s the first belief I want to dissect, because it can sneak into even the most practiced deliberate creator.

I’ve spent the last few weeks coaching and having TONS of conversations with my students, clients, friends and colleagues around the world. And the question I’ve heard most often, either directly stated or when we dug into the energy, was: “What did I or we do wrong?”. In other words, there’s still a belief that when something “negative” happens, it’s in response to us not having focused positively enough, or maybe we missed something we should’ve fixed. But this is a total misunderstanding of how reality creation and the Law of Attraction work. What’s happening in the world right now is not a punishment. There is no judgment in this system, and so there’s no punishment and no reward.

In January of this year, I published a video where I explained that 2020 was going to be one hell of a year. I predicted that there was going to be a bit of volatility, especially for those people we term “muggles” – those who are not yet awake and aware of their power. And this, what’s happening now, is exactly what I was talking about. So, now that we have a more specific, volatile manifestation to dissect, what, exactly, is happening right now? And, why am I not at all panicked about it?

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ll have heard me talk quite a bit about the awakening of humanity and the evolution of humans. But, just in case you have no idea what that means, let me explain:

We humans are not on this planet by chance. We’re not some kind of biological accident that’s just trying its best to survive in a harsh, unforgiving landscape. We’re actually here by choice, and what we’re accomplishing on this Earth is nothing short of phenomenal. We are here to raise the energy of the planet; to take it from an incredibly dense, dark, low vibration to a light, flowing, high vibration. Or, to put another way: we’re taking the planet from a fear-based energy to a love-based one. This is no small task, as you may have noticed, and there are many, many phases to this kind of project.

For most of humanity’s time on earth, we’ve been at war. We’ve been so afraid of each other that we’ve been willing to kill and even torture each other, just to mitigate that risk a little bit. We’ve been locked into a cycle of attack and retaliation, and while “winning” a war (I put that in air quotes because there are no winners in war) may feel somewhat empowering, in other words, attacking someone feels better than being attacked, the willingness to engage in war at all always comes from a place of powerlessness.

When we first started to walk across the Serengeti or whatever, basically, in the very, very early days, we had to fight for our survival. Literally. We didn’t just fight the animals and the elements, we fought each other. We became very territorial, and we wanted to defend our territories. Animals do this as well, only you may notice that most animals will only defend the amount of territory they need in order to support themselves. Once an animal or group of animals has secured that territory, they don’t go out and try to conquer other territories. Well, we humans did just that. Why? Because once a group of humans is no longer defending their territory in a bid for survival, that fear doesn’t just go away. It continues to manifest, and that often leads to conquering behavior. After all, if I can CONTROL a territory and everyone in it, I’m even SAFER, right? Maybe I’ll get rid of all of those who might hurt me, stand against me, or disagree with me in any way. Basically, anyone with an even slightly different point of view. If I can homogenize the world, if I can make sure that everyone thinks and behaves the same way, or I at least disempower those who are different from me in such massive ways that they can never fight back, THEN I can be safe, right?

The problem is that no amount of money, territory, or fake power can make us feel safe. “Fake Power” is the power we get by dominating others. It’s not the same as “real power”, because “real power” can’t be taken away from you, nor does it rely on you disempowering anyone else.

You see, as long as you have a belief that you’re not safe, as long as you’re still in survival mode, you’ll never be able to accumulate enough riches, wealth or dominion over others to MAKE you feel safe. In fact, the more you try to mitigate the fear in this way, the more they’ll amplify how scared you truly are; and that will lead to even MORE and ever bigger attempts to control everyone and everything around you.

Now, you might think that I’m only talking about the 1%ers here. I’m not. I’m talking about pretty much everyone. Because even those who have been disenfranchised, those who don’t have a ton of money or influence, have this fear. It just doesn’t manifest as an attempt at global domination. 

Anytime you see an “us vs. them” attitude, it comes from fear. This can be blatant, as it is in racism and prejudice, or it can be more subtle, as it is in classism. Have you ever noticed how pretty much everyone needs to find someone to look down on, even if it makes no logical sense?

Anytime you see controlling behavior – whether it be overprotective parents; bossy, micromanaging employers; jealous and controlling spouses; governments trying to control way too many aspects of their people’s lives; or whole countries trying to control one another – it comes from fear.

Anytime you see war, there’s fear. You might think that today’s wars are all about greed, but that’s not the underlying issue. Greed is a reaction to the feeling scarcity – not having enough. And if a belief of scarcity is present, it doesn’t matter how much you have. You never have enough to feel truly safe. You can witness this in almost humorous ways right now as people are hoarding more toilet paper, of all things, than they can use in the next two years.

So, that’s how we’ve been living pretty much since the beginning of humanity’s time on Earth. Now, as you may have noticed, we have lightened up quite a bit since the beginning. Things have gotten better. We don’t smack each other over the head with clubs anymore. We don’t settle every disagreement with a fist fight. We’ve moved out of the paradigm of “The strongest always wins”, where he with the most brawn gets to make all the rules, because clearly, the one in the tribe that can move the biggest rock is also going to be the smartest and best decision maker, right? In other words, “the biggest bully always wins”, is no longer true, at least on an individual level, if not a nation to nation one. We no longer view people like women, minorities and children, as property. We’ve become calmer, wiser, and less afraid all around when compared to days past.

Of course, all of those behaviors still exist, but they’re no longer widely practiced and accepted. So, hopefully, I’ve made a good case for the idea that as humans, we have evolved quite a bit over the millennia. We may be far from perfect, but we’re BETTER.

Now, as I said, this evolution of becoming wiser and less afraid has been going on since the beginning. And for a long time, it was slow. VERY slow. In fact, centuries could go by without anything really fundamental changing. If you wanted to move a giant, round boulder, getting it going would be tough, and require a ton of effort. You might spend a long time and a lot of energy getting that boulder to move an inch. But, once you get a bit of movement, more movement becomes easier. You can build on the momentum, no matter how small. If you keep at it, that momentum will build, and the boulder will eventually begin to roll on its own. It may even become an unstoppable force!

Well, for most of our time here on Earth, we’ve been trying to get that damn boulder to move. And it’s been moving, more and more. First, and for a long time, very slowly. But then faster and faster. In 2012 we crossed a threshold where the boulder of evolution, if you will, began to roll on its own. And that’s when things have really begun to speed up. Now, in 2020, it’s become an unstoppable force. And that means, it’s getting volatile.

On an individual level, when you’re being called to your power, to remember who you really are and what you’re truly capable of, and you don’t go – things get really volatile as well. You might even manifest a large, seemingly very negative event – like losing your job or getting really sick. Some people have car accidents and then have to stay home for weeks while they heal. Why does this happen?

Well, it’s not to punish those people. It’s to help them wake up. “Negative Manifestations” serve two purposes: They show us what we’re not dealing with by bringing in a representation of a belief we have that’s REALLY not serving us anymore (in other words, it’s a disempowering belief, rather than an empowering one). So, negative manifestations represent a belief, or more specifically, how that belief makes us feel.

The second purpose of a “negative” manifestation is to facilitate the letting go of, or “shifting” of that limiting belief. That’s right, our negative manifestations are perfectly designed as opportunities for us to get more empowered. They always contain the solution.

What does the Coronavirus represent?

So, what exactly does the Coronavirus represent? Well, it’s not so much the virus that’s our manifestation, but our EXPERIENCE of it. In other words, our manifestation isn’t WHAT’S happening, but how it FEELS to us. On a global level, this experience is a representation of powerlessness. The same fear that’s been dogging us since the beginning of time: something outside of ourselves and beyond our control can come and attack us; and there’s really nothing we can do about it.

What better representation of utter powerlessness could you think of than a virus?

Now, at this point, I want to let you know that I’m in no way trying to negate how scary and painful this is. People are dying, after all. The awakening process is not an easy one, which is something that I, personally, don’t think has been explored or even admitted enough by so many teachers out there. Waking up is a bitch. It’s worth it. But it’s a bitch. It’s like turning off the morphine drip and having to feel all the pain, limitation, oppression and powerlessness that’s been there all along, but which you weren’t fully aware of. It’s not fun and it’s definitely not easy.

But… let me tell you a secret. Two secrets, actually.

One, you’re so much more powerful than you know. Yes, even you who has been studying this stuff for years. And while it can get difficult, once you become a bit more aware of your power, it gets easier and easier. In fact, the first moments of awakening are the most painful of all. It never gets that bad again. Because, once you see all the crap in your reality that you weren’t aware of, but you were nevertheless reacting to and suffering from without being fully aware of it, you can actually do something about it.

The second secret is that each of us creates our own reality. So, even though we’re all participating in this global manifestation together, precisely HOW we experience these events is actually up to each of us. And that’s what I want to talk about for the rest of the video.

#2 How Can We Weather This Storm (Happily!)?

You see, even though we’re all participating in this event together, our experience is always an individual one. And how you’re experiencing this event, how it feels to you and how scary it is for you, is directly related to how empowered you already are. In fact, this Coronavirus scare will push any and all powerlessness buttons in you, which you weren’t aware of yet, no matter how small or hidden they may be. That’s why you’ll see even some really advanced teachers succumbing to fear, right now. This is a very challenging time.

That being said, “challenging” doesn’t have to mean “horrifying”. In fact, challenging doesn’t have to be bad, at all. Keeping the big picture – that this is really all about our awakening and empowerment, can help a lot.

But, it’s also important that you don’t somehow negate or even suppress how you feel. Now, if your understanding of the Law of Attraction is that you’re only supposed to think positive thoughts, an understanding you certainly didn’t get from me, this may sound a bit confusing to you. Because, what if how you feel is afraid? What if you’re angry? What if you’re sad? What if you feel totally powerless right now?

Well, I can’t really give you the full explanation of why you need to feel your feelings in this video, or it’ll be 2 hours long. But you can find a ton of resources on my website, MelodyFletcher.com, or my book, Deliberate Receiving, Finally the Universe makes some freaking sense, published by Hay House and available on Amazon, or you can check out my oodles of videos on YouTube, if you want to get a more nitty-gritty explanation of how it actually all works. So, for the purposes of THIS video, I’m going to assume that you have a basic understanding of this topic and just give you my recommendations on WHAT to do during this time of unrest, instead of also offering an explanation on WHY these things are a good idea. I know that this isn’t normally my style – I like to explain everything in nitty-gritty, technical detail, but right now, I feel inspired to keep it as practical as possible.

My Recommendations:

  • Do NOT suppress your emotions. You feel how you feel, and you GET to feel how you feel. In fact, if all you do is give yourself permission to fully feel your emotions and reactions, you’ll come out of this so much faster and unscathed. Or less scathed. Maybe a little bit of scathing. Be sad. Be angry. Be afraid. FEEL these emotions and watch what happens. They may simply leave, or you may get some insights. If nothing happens, you’re holding back and not allowing the feeling. Believe it or not, this is pretty much THE most important thing you can do.
  • Stop watching the news. If you MUST, check in with the AP service or some online news site, once a day (max). Get the headlines, but don’t bombard yourself with fear-based messages. You acclimate (or entrain) to whatever you subject yourself to, so do your best not to subject yourself to doom and gloom.
  • This goes for your family and friends, too. Filter your social media. For example, if you’re part of a high-vibing Facebook group, you can just go in there instead of looking at your feed, first. If a relative always makes you feel like crap, you don’t have to talk to them. Hey! Self-isolation to the rescue!
  • Enjoy self-isolation. This is actually a natural part of the awakening process. I’ve always called it “cocooning”. You isolate for a time to make it easier for you to choose your perspective deliberately, rather than just following the status quo, or acclimating to those around you. This is a time to slow down or stop, to take stock, to let your inner dialogue come up, to feel your emotions, check on your goals and priorities, and get clarity. This is no different when it happens to one person or to millions at the same time. Cocooning or self-isolation serve the purpose of getting us to slow down, so we can see what’s really going on. We’re being given a chance to get off the hamster wheel and take stock. Use it. If you see this as an opportunity you can enjoy, it will also help you negate the fear that the government is somehow descending into martial law, which is just another powerless fear I’ve heard people express.
  • Focus on the big picture – a big, positive, picture. What can help with this is when you open yourself up to this actually being a massive catalyst for change, and then you look for evidence of that. I’ll give some examples of this in Part 3 of this video. But do your best to focus positively. When negative emotions come up, feel them, let yourself express them constructively (meaning, you hurt no one, and you don’t make anyone responsible for you feeling better, so, usually, by yourself). The rest of the time, however, focus as positively as you can.
  • Connect with others. Sure, you can’t leave the house, but we have Skype and Facetime these days. Why not chat with people online? Have lunch or dinner “together”. Play games with each other (video games or even board games!). Just because you’re physically isolated, doesn’t mean that you have to be disconnected.
  • Be a leader. Seriously. If you’re watching videos like this, you’re most likely feeling a lot more positive about this than most of humanity. So, if you can, shine your light so others can see it. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out there and preach or convert anyone. You don’t even have to talk to people about your beliefs, unless you want to. Being a leader in this instance is first and foremost about setting an example – a high vibrational example. Be the steady one, the one who isn’t afraid or at least not AS afraid. And no, you’re definitely not crazy, if you’re not super afraid right now. Notice how most people won’t actually argue with this positive point of view anymore. They want to believe it’ll be alright. Keep in mind that you can’t fake this. If you’re super afraid, go off and deal with it by exploring the fear. But, if you’re finding yourself feeling good, don’t be afraid to let others see that, too.

Ok, so now that I’ve given you some recommendations, let’s get into the final part of this video. I mentioned earlier than every negative manifestation contains the solution within. And, if you know what to look for, you can already see the evidence of this on a global scale. In case you don’t know what to look for, or you just want someone to tell you some stuff that’ll make you feel better, I thought I’d share of few examples with you.

#3. What Good is coming out of this (Solution contained within)?

Negative manifestations usually “force” us to make changes that will really benefit us, but which we’ve been resisting, due to fear. Often, we’ll only change when it becomes too painful not to. And I do mean “we”. I played out the same patterns and smacked into the same, painful walls for years before I finally woke up and realized that the way I was approaching my life just wasn’t working for me. Now, these changes come first and foremost in the form of perspectives we need to change – how we’re looking at and approaching things. This has to do with our motivations, our fears and what we’re assuming we have to do to mitigate them, and our identities, or what we often call our “egos”. Heady stuff!

So, in a grand, general sense, since we know that this virus manifestation is mainly about powerlessness and survival, we can look for evidence that people are acting and reacting in ways that are not fear and survival based. Examples such as…

  • Health care and support workers are out and about every day, working tirelessly for others. This is not a survival trait! If they were coming from a place of survival, they’d stay home. But they don’t.
  • People in Spain and Italy, having spontaneously agreed on a time of day, are spending every evening singing and clapping for those health care and support workers – they are celebrating and showing their gratitude.
  • Israeli and Palestinian doctors have begun to work together to combat the virus. Nothing like a shared enemy to get people together, eh? Individuals, not governments, are making peace, talking to and helping each other. Do you really think this collaboration will just disappear from those doctor’s minds once this crisis is over?
  • More people are working from home than ever before. Companies and managers that were highly resistant to their employees staying home, mostly because it represented a loss of control, are suddenly bending over backwards to make that happen.
  • In the US, we are talking more about universal healthcare protections for all, so healthcare can become a right, instead of a privilege reserved for those with enough money. Yes, there’s a long way to go, but we’re moving in the right direction.
  • More and more light teachers, who are traditionally often quite timid (for good reason), are coming out of the woodwork and stepping into leadership roles.
  • The Environment is getting a huge break, and air quality all over the planet is improving, due to much less travel and shipping.
  • People all over the globe are coming to the conclusion that their governments no longer represent them, the people. This may seem like a “no duh” statement to many of you, but it’s a devastating realization for many. For years, we’ve been putting a kind of blind trust in politicians. We trusted them to handle their jobs while we got on with ours. It can be quite harsh to realize that you’ve been horribly betrayed by the people who were supposed to look out for you. Like when your security company ends up robbing your house, or your accountant embezzles money. Again, this is a necessary and positive step, even if it’s painful. We are swinging from blindly trusting our “representatives”, to not trusting them at all, so we can eventually have a healthy relationship with our politicians where we hold them accountable and they have integrity. We’re going from one extreme to the other, so we can find the balanced middle.
  • We are getting a real glimpse of just how connected we all are. A virus doesn’t care about borders and licensing agreements. It’s time for us to face that we’re all in this together, that we’re all humans on this planet, and that artificial divisions don’t really serve us. Again, this is part of the “Us vs. Them” paradigm, that’s breaking apart. And that’s a really good thing, because we’re strongest when we work together.
  • Forced Self-isolation is allowing people the time and space so they can step off the hamster wheel and become aware of what’s really been going on in their lives and how they truly feel about it. Basically, it creates the space in which we wake up. This is one of the most important and effective things we can do to facilitate personal growth, and it’s being facilitated across the globe.

Those are just some of the examples I’ve gathered that show how this catalyst is actually affecting us.

Now, as it became clear to me that I had to do a video on this topic, I became aware of two questions or desires: the first was that people wanted to know what the hell was going on, how this could happen, and what, if anything, we were doing wrong.

The second desire I heard was the desire to connect with other, like-minded people, especially around this “crisis”. It can be hard to stay positive and empowered when everyone around you is super negative and none of them “get” this whole reality creation stuff. So, I’ve decided to do something about that. I’ve decided to create a Free Facebook group, open to the public, and filled with loads of high-vibing, happy shiny puppies who not only GET this work, they live it every day. I’ll be asking my whole team and my student and client community to participate, as well. They’ve been benefitting from having access to our private Facebook groups, but I’d like to extend this support out to anyone who needs it during this volatile and difficult time.

If you watched this video all the way through, you’ll definitely want to check out that Facebook group, so you don’t have to go through this alone. The link is in the description, if you’re watching this on YouTube, or just below the video if you’re on the blog. There are a lot of us out there, and we can support each other through this. No one needs to be strong on their own.

I’d also like to ask you to share this video and the Facebook group with anyone else you might know that would benefit. Any like-minded peeps you know who could use some validation and support. Because we all can right now. Together, we can tap into that unstoppable force. We can become the beacon of light that this world needs. We can become so steady that we can ride these waves like surfers, instead of getting the crap beaten out of us by this energy.

2020 was always going to be volatile. This crisis will pass, and it’s likely that there will be more global manifestations. How WE experience these events depends on how empowered we already are. Which means, we don’t have to personally be affected by anything that’s going on. As ugly as this time is, we are in the midst of a powerful process of awakening. And waking up IS a bitch. But it’s freaking worth it.

I hope this video was helpful to you. I’d love to hear what you thought, so don’t be afraid to leave me a comment below.

Until next time, I’m sending you smooshy, smooshy cyber hugs. And thank you for bringing your light to the world.

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  • I’m looking back at this, in January 2021. 2020 was probably the most contented year of my life. I’m hesitant to say that tho’ out loud. This is far from over yet. I would probably like to take much of it with me going forward. I’m confused tho’. I think you said none of this was our fault. But from all I read it is. In terms of how we interact with nature. Zoonotic diseases, deforestation, agri industry, wildlife markets and so on. WE brought it on ourselves, with our greedy needy lifestyles. And I see little sign of this being discussed, and thought about on a governmental level etc. Maybe when the pandemic eases. What do you think Melody? Love your work.

    • Hey Carl,
      There’s a big difference between taking responsibility and blaming ourselves. The first is constructive, while the latter is not. We do have to recognize cause and effect. Everything has consequences. What I see is that so much is being exposed now and will continue to be, especially in 2021. Much of these needy greedy lifestyles have been orchestrated and encouraged. When this falls away, you may be surprised at how little we actually care for any of the “stuff” we were so convinced we needed. Do not underestimate the energy component of what is happening now. We cannot blame ourselves for choices we made while asleep. We must take responsibility for them, of course. Right now we are suffering the consequences of choices we didn’t know we were making or supporting. As we (as a society) become more awake and gain the ability to make those choices deliberately, it will be very useful to know how we got here, so we can go where we actually want to go.

      Ok, clearly, it’s time for me to make another video, lol. Coming up!

      Thank you for your question.


  • So appreciate your perspective Melody. I totally get your points. We’re being jolted out of our routines and are being called to make sense of this. We get to choose how to make sense of it, what to focus on. The most interesting thing is that we’re all on the same playing field. The threat has no race or nationality or group identity. So we all get to experience a collective rally. Wow.

  • Thank you Melody, particularly for the part #3.

    I already have my own conclusions on this. See, we – as humanity on Earth – are actually the richest community ever. I consider this an abhorrent abomination that, despite we are so rich (millions of tons of FOOD are getting literally wasted every day, and yet, we have famine!!!), we didn’t yet introduce a public universal healthcare across the globe. THIS would be the true globalization. Same goes for the aforementioned famine – people throw away food while, in other areas, other people die of hunger. Yes, it might be some sort of manifestation too (as everything is), but why not make it better? Maybe this situation stops mindless consumptionism and helps creating universal support across the globe?

    That’s what globalisation should be about. NOT using slave workforce in poor countries to produce, produce and produce more of crap sold for outrageous prices in the “first world”, but actually helping each other. One place is abundant in food? Fine, let’s send the surplus to the areas hit by an earthquake. A drought? Not catastrophic if other countries across the globe send help.

    I wonder if I live long enough to actually see this happen.

    • You’re so welcome Anita. I believe that I will see many of these changes in my lifetime. You can choose that, you know… There are many changes coming. It won’t always be pretty or easy for all involved, but it will be SOOO worth it. Already is… Yay! <3

  • Melody, I am so glad you mentioned that ‘punish and reward’- part many of us get wrong. I have tried to get a satisfying response to that from other LOA teachers.

    In these challenging times, this question creeps up for me again: I don’t get along with my wife but don’t allow myself to feel what I really feel about her because every time I do, our financial situation deteriorates. It’s crazy, right? I know I am not supposed to couple my financial well-being to someone else. And yet, it still feels like punishment for thinking bad thoughts about her. I am a mild-natured individual in general and connecting with my anger is sometimes hard, getting enraged with people I care about even harder. Maybe you have some enlightening thoughts about it. Thank you for your great post on this important topic!

    • Hey Ben,
      I would suggest that you go FULLY into the feelings you have for your wife. I’m also inspired to tell you that you’d probably do well to get some help with this from a coach (doesn’t have to be me, we have other coaches, or there are many practitioners out there). Someone who can hold the energy for you and help you get through this much faster, so the deterioration won’t get activated. I think the deterioration of the finances is a manifestation of fear. It’s to keep you from going there. But you need to go there, completely and shift this thing. Let us know if we can help.

      Also, read my blog posts on anger releases (search for anger in the search box). You don’t have to get angry to her face (in fact, I would recommend against it at the start), but you do have to express your anger fully. That’s really powerful.

      Hope this brings some insights. <3

      • This is spot on! Thank you so much, Melody!

        I heard Anita Moorjani use a similar analogy when she referred to the stable majority surrounded by the light and dark sides. One more thing that stuck out to me when I heard you both talk about ‘fake’ power, is how our entire attention-fueled visual culture and social media industry finally comes to a halt in this corona crisis. I struggled with the rising inauthenticity of this aspect of our culture the most. It is about time for the Gladiators/Lightworkers to come into their power and change reins in this area as well. I personally see more and more of the hypocrisy of these so-called influencers and out-of-touch celebrities being revealed during these times. People usually bemoan politics and the economy; I would say our whole culture is built by and for people with humongous insecurities, suppressed emotions and an endless hunger for attention and power – clearly people who are not in the least interested in doing the real work of introspection and growth. It sometimes feels as though Gladiators will have to erect a whole new world into existence before things can really change. In any case, I am glad to have found a like-minded community here.

  • Thank you from Paris! I hoped you would share your insight about this big topic. Well, I am disappointed…Always blown by your sagacity !

  • You know, this line has been sticking with me since yesterday: “You never have enough to feel truly safe.“

    I’m trying to wrap my head around it. I’ve lived places where I felt safe, and places where I didn’t. I’ve had friends I felt safe around, and people who harass me. I’ve had enough money to live on for months, and times when I did not have enough for even just food.

    So I’m trying to comprehend how it was I was never safe when I felt so different in different situations?

    • If you have a belief that you are not safe, then you can’t gather enough stuff to MAKE you feel safe. If you’re fully aware of how you’re feeling, then you can’t really miss this… Is that your experience? Have you always felt unsafe? If so, feel into that fear. Don’t suppress it or try to ignore it. Feel it.

      If you only sometimes feel unsafe, then feel into those situations. Face the fear, basically, instead of trying to mitigate it. <3

      Does that help?

  • To be honest, Melody, I’m having a great time. I’ve been eating well, exercising well, doing fun things, and spending my time how I want to spend it. I know I can only say I’m having a great time to a select group of people, so thanks for being part of that group! It has brought up annoyances for sure, but I’ve done a really good job of iterating right away so that the next day, those problems are completely gone. If anything, this pandemic has helped me to adapt more quickly because I can’t do anything about it anyway! (It’s the same reason I like being on trains lolololol.) I’m even watching less TV (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I see my time as mine in a way that I didn’t before.

    This part: “And how you’re experiencing this… is directly related to how empowered you already are.” Thanks for the happy shiny stomach smiles!

  • Thank you Melody! I was waiting to hear from you. This was so uplifting and clarifying. It helps me to stay away from the conspiracy theories that are coming from teachers whose information I usually benefit from.

    Happy shiny puppy hugs,

    • You’re so welcome Jessica! And it’s great to hear from you. This is a big challenge for everyone, including teachers. As I always say, waking up is a bitch, but it’s freaking worth it!

      • I rarely comment online because I almost always feel shame when I read back what I’ve written. Like here I’m thinking why am I judgmental (other teachers) and so needy. But it is true that your post really helped me to let go of any conspiracy theories. I was mostly skeptical, just a little nervous about authority and governmental control but that’s because of my upbringing. I’m still working on accepting and integrating all my parts.


  • Welcome back Melody! Once again you just said it, all of it, these are exactly my thoughts about this. My initial reaction to the whole ordeal was “well FINALLY something’s happening” because there’s been this weird pressure for months and my dreams went completely crazy and it’s always signaled a change but I was expecting just my world to change, not the whole world, and the scale of all this just blows my mind. But then again it feels natural. Like I’ve seen this movie a hundred times, a part of me has always known this would happen one day. You keep on shining, all of you. The Facebook group is a wonderful idea!

    • Thanks so much Heather! I feel the same way. When you look at what’s really going on, it’s hard to not get excited! THIS is what we’ve been waiting for! 🙂

  • Melody you were once again right in your prediction. Personally I am taking this time to self evaluate. I have been ignoring my path out of uncertainty and fear, I admit. I am a certified Spiritual/Life Coach and have wanted to start my own business helping others, as that is where my joy truly lies. Fear of financial loss kept me at my day job. Even though I do truly believe in and practice the LOA and have had evidence Proving its existence, still I held back. Now facing a layoff, instead of being afraid I am recognizing that the Universe is affording me the time to pursue my dream! If laid off I will be able to collect unemployment while being home and working on my business. I am empathetic and concerned for my fellow man in this time of great unrest. I help wherever I can in whatever way I can, but I am going to seize this opportunity to pursue my true calling.

    • That’s awesome Darlene! Another lightworker stepping into a leadership role. Yay! You’ll be amazed at how much more supported you are when you’re going for what you truly want and embody who you truly are. You’re being called by yourself to step up, and you can’t really defy yourself. You’re way too powerful for that. 🙂

  • I’m so excited to hear your take! I had been curious about what you would say about this, so Im happy you posted. I think you said 2020 would be a fun ride if we can get on top of the wave and surf it. It’s been a blast! I feel like Ive been on vacation “working from home.” It’s PURE JOY to hear kids outside playing and laughing instead of having to go to school all day (I unfollowed a lot of teacher accounts on instagram that I used to follow bc there were more messages indicating they were upset about losing control over their students and smug schedenfreude about parents “suffering” and “being stuck” with their kids than I care to hear about). The institutions and structures that were there before are finally breaking down, so something more beautiful can be built, and Im excited and curious to see what it will look and feel like. I know people who would have preferred a less tumultuous transition, but I feel a less tumultuous transition wouldnt have woken up enough people fast enough, so I am embracing this. Plus Ive always been a bit more on the “burn it all fucking down and then build something new!!”
    than “let’s slooooowly make something new but keep the old thing intact at the same time,” so these times are more my style anyway.

    Thank you Melody!! Waking up was a bitch (and still is because it is a continual process and treasure hunt for me to look for aspects in me that are still trying to stay asleep) but I feel super ready for this because I found you years ago and started the work then instead of now. Xoxoxox

    • Way to go Cookie! Yes, there’s a huge breaking down happening now. And I know that many would prefer it to be more gentle, but if you look at the last 10-20 years, it WAS gentler. No one freaking listened (not a judgment, we all took quite a hit to the back of the head to wake up…). But if you look for the signs of new systems coming in, they’re all around us, too! Yay!

  • I was so looking forward to hearing your opinion on this Melody 🙂 At the same time, I wasn’t impatient, because I already knew what you would say, because I’ve been feeling it too. It’s just good to have you reaffirm it 🙂

    I’m really excited to see what changes this brings about! That’s not to say I don’t have compassion for people who are scared and suffering right now – as you said, waking up can be a bitch! Right now I’m focusing on getting my own vibration stable as possible, because I know that’s how I can help the best. I’m actually really enjoying this self-isolation, because it’s helping me get my vibration really stable and grounded in the knowledge that good things are coming.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time on spiritual sections of reddit (r/soulnexus and r/energy_work in particular for you redditors out there), and a LOT of other lightworkers are echoing what I feel – that this is the moment they were being prepared for – particularly those who went through turbulent times around 2017-2019. It’s fantastic to see so many people willing to step into their power and shine their light in moments like these. It’s also interesting that a lot of people are reporting “the veil” to be thinner than usual, with many more paranormal phenomena going on. I am experiencing being way more connected as well.

    I will join the Facebook group asap! Really looking forward to our next coaching call – I will email you at some point before that as I said I would, right now I’m just enjoying being lazy and doing nothing 🙂

    • Yay Karin! I’m seeing the same thing: Lightworkers stepping up to leadership roles. Some of us went through this a bit early, so we can experience this time in a very different way. We can see what’s actually going on and we don’t have to be afraid. This is exactly what we’ve been preparing for. That’s why it’s so exciting! <3

  • Thank you so much Melody. I could feel my energy going up as I was watching. I feel like I’m fighting so much negativity that your Facebook page will be so joyful.

    • Thanks Juanita. And it’s only been a day, but the energy in there is already gathering and it’s SWEEEEET! 😀

  • Thank you – I received amazing clarity about my own thoughts and feelings from this video. I’m not engulfed in fear as I am so convinced of my own well-being and death is only a move from physical to spiritual.
    However I now realize I was feeling powerless — to shop, to hug my friends, to meet with others. Now, I see that all I need to do is to understand and allow others to be where they are, without judging them.
    I’m connecting with friends — an online networking lunch today, a lovely chat with my sister in the UK this weekend, and using the new amount of time alone to relax and refresh.
    What a gift you have given me. But I guess I allowed myself to receive it.
    Thanks again.

    • Yep, it was all you Marilyn! You have to manifest your own clarity. So, thank YOU for letting me be the delivery girl. 🙂

  • Looove this. Have been feeling really calm and yeah well, indifferent about this whole situation and super excited about the self-isolation, but also felt a bit ‘wrong’ for not freaking out like everyone around me. But this made me feel so much better and understand that really what I am feeling is empowered.

  • Ha! Thank you so much for your post. On a personal level, I came to the same conclusions. On the global level, I didn’t really know what to make out of this. Your post helped me to understand.
    I seem to be one of the few people, who is not afraid of this disease at all. Because of my lack of fear, I keep seeing only evidence for this not being more than any other usual flu season. People seem to think that I am nuts. Scientists think that this is a very dangerous opinion. But I am truly respectful about other people’s fear. Their fear is real. And I respect and follow the rules of the society I happen to live in. Although I don’t share the reasons for why we have these rules put in place.

    After I overcame my disappointment and sadness about canceling my annual trip to Germany, my home, only one emotion was prevalent in me: Anger. I was so furious that people didn’t believe me, that they didn’t listen to me, and that I seemed to be the only one who thought that shutting down countries and ruining so many little businesses and self employed people was not necessary.
    These times, most people are not able to see and hear the same that I hear and see. And yes, there is the chance that I am totally wrong and that I am the one who is nuts.
    It is so interesting for me to discover, but I can be so angry! I didn’t know! I didn’t think that I am an angry person. But my anger subsides every day a little more and my ability for acceptance raises.

    I am having such a good time right now. And it sounds awful to share that while other people are so afraid and really have to suffer, emotionally and financially. So many of my wishes are being fulfilled right now. Now, I spend a lot of time in my beautiful house that I usually only sleep in and use as a place for a quick breakfast in the morning because of my work and all my commitments. I don’t have to commute one hour in the morning and one hour at night in order to get to work. I work from home. This is awesome!
    After work I have all the time to play, paint, watch TV, talk to friends. But I can’t share my happiness with my friends and colleagues because that would sound cruel. How can I be happy when other people are dying? How can I be happy when people fear for their lives?

    I am curious how your Facebook group is going to work. I am really curious if our LOA community will get in trouble because we are looking for the goodness and the happiness in these times.

    Thank you again, Melody, for sharing your wisdom.

    • Hey Sybille,
      Don’t you worry. You’re not alone in your excitement and fun. We’re not happy BECAUSE people are suffering. We’ve just come to understand that our suffering doesn’t negate theirs. Suffering with someone doesn’t help them.

      I think this fear is totally common among lightworkers. Is it ok for us to be public with this stuff now? Yes. It is. It’s safe now. We won’t get in trouble. In fact, we’re being challenged to come out of our safe little caves now. We have to stop hiding. It’s time to step up, to shine brightly. What you’ll notice is that instead of reacting badly to our light (“shut it off!!”), more and more people are now walking towards the light. It’s warm and it feels good. It’s not the reaction most of us got used to in childhood. I know it’s a drastic change, but look around and see if you don’t see loads of evidence. 🙂

  • I totally agree with everything you’ve said Melody and I’ve been seeing this as a great opportunity to have some time off without feeling guilty for not socialising or the ‘fear of missing out’. I see it as a great opportunity to practise calm and to step up and lead by pressing the reset button on my life. But I also feel like I’ll be judged if I don’t use this time to help others – I feel guilty and anxious that people will judge me if I don’t do more to help the less vulnerable at this time. I feel I can do more longer term by listening to myself and using this period to work on myself to develop more calm and less anxiety as a whole. And at some point I feel I may want to naturally volunteer anyway. I just wondered what your thoughts on this would be please?

    • Hey J,
      Being a healer (when done correctly) is a PROFOUNDLY selfish endeavor. It has to be. Because you must always ensure that your energy is stable and the only way to make sure of that is if you focus on your own energy first. This may require you to NOT help people for a while, so you can learn that it’s ok to say no (without dissolving into guilt), set boundaries (so you help people without diminishing yourself), and learn to engage in service in a joyful way that’s a win-win for everyone involved. Including you. When you learn to fill yourself up, yes, it’s very natural to begin helping others. But it feels different. There’s no sacrifice in it (there’s no nobility in sacrifice!). You just shine your light and others are helped by it. Sometimes directly (you’re coaching or helping), sometimes indirectly (just by being in the room with you). So, to become a great healer, you have to learn to take care of yourself first. I hope that helps. <3

      • Thanks so much for the response Melody. Learning to trust myself and drop into a deep sense of calm is exactly what I have been working on for a while now and what an opportunity this is to practise – and I’m beginning to really feel how I can use this to help others going forward. It’s also highlighted just how imprisoned I feel in my own head by other people’s opinions (and always have done). Thank you to those others who have expressed a feeling of looking forward to the time alone – I too have been feeling this yet have felt very selfish feeling this way when others out there do not have the option/are ‘on the front line’. But I also have to trust we are all exactly where we are meant to be at this time.

  • Hi there Melody, thank you so much for this information and the beautiful message. As you are aware, I am totally cool with sitting with the powerless feelings (there are lots) and the anger. Interestingly, I am angry about the overreaction to an illness that is not devastating in comparison to many other things in our world (for example motor vehicle accidents kill more people every day). So, there is definitely a feeling of powerless, angry frustration.

    I also have family in a third-world country where the biggest problems will be looting, violence and then the massive crash economically around the world. These bring up massive fear for the future and fear for my family’s wellbeing. It goes as deep as ‘will I ever see them again’? And the economic implications for all of us is fear inducing.

    I am doing my best to sit with the feelings, but I have manifested a situation where I am working from home – don’t get me wrong, I am deeply grateful that I have a job and am still getting paid through this. So many don’t have this option. But that means that I am working all day and cannot actually get into that cocoon (and by the way, I love cocooning and being on my own). So many people are complaining about being home and bored and whatnot and I wish I could just have that space away from responsibility. Working from home is also challenging in its own ways. I feel like I am still in that hamster wheel you talk about. I know this is my manifestation, so there is a message in this for me too. Not sure how to clear that one.

    So how can I properly cocoon and allow those feelings so that I can feel deeply into them, while still having to work all day? How do I soothe the fear for family and for the future? I want to get the most out of this time that we are being given and not waste the opportunity.

    • Hey Edelweiss, you’re not wasting time. All you really need to do is pay attention to how things feel. Don’t gloss over anything. For example, when you sit down to work, take a minute to see how you truly feel. Don’t dismiss it, because “you have to do it anyway, so what’s the point?”. Let yourself experience what feels so badly about it. Do this gently and just keep mining for data. Things will start to become clear. Practice awareness and allowing, don’t be so focused on trying to solve or shift anything. That will happen mostly automatically, the more you open up. 🙂

  • I had been waiting for this video for 2 weeks now 😀 Thank you for sharing your view!
    Ever since the lockdown started I’ve been feeling a sense of adventure and expectation as if great things are coming our way… Naturally I couldn’t totally understand this reaction and I assumed it was just childish and irresponsible of me, as I’m not very much affected (I still have my job, my family is ok, have toilet paper for the next 2 years…). And although I empathise with those who are affected, I just can’t help it and what’s more, I feel more active, creative and connected than before. To me, this could well be an answer to a worldly inner desire for a paradigm shift, a desire to slow down, to heal our relationships, to hear our inner voices, to hear nature. It’s not every day that the world stops (literally) to give you the space and time to deal with your issues. (so it must have been an insanely strong desire!) What powerful beings we are!
    I was very happy to find resonance in your words. Thank you again 🙂

    • That’s awesome Ana! When you truly understand what’s going on right now, it’s actually a time for celebration. Not because of the volatility or the pain some people are experiencing, but because of what’s happening and where it’s taking us. I can only validate the feeling of excitement you’re experiencing. <3

  • Thank you.

    I’ve been asking for a teacher to talk about how we can both be real about something being kinda sucky AND get focused on the solution. Thanks for bringing this forward!

    How much I resist just feeling my feelings. I don’t think I have faith that they will improve or be tolerable. Sounds crazy, eh? Probably is, lol!

    Much love to all.

    • Everyone resists negative feelings at first, Cordy. That’s a big part of the awakening process. But I promise you, it’s scary at first, but then you realize that the fear of the fear was MUCH worse than the fear you’re trying to face. In other words, the voices that tell you not to open that door because YOU’LL DIE are lying to you. The “monster” behind the door is never as scary as we think it’s going to be. Be gentle, but do your best. It will change your life when you’re ready. <3

  • I was very happy to hear from you Melody. Last night I went sleeping thinking of how we haven’t heard from you lately (in general, not for the corona virus). After about five hours i woke up and there you are! Is this an example of “there is no coincidence” thing???❤️ Anyway, I come from Greece and I’d like to comment that while we are dealing with various prohibitions from our government, it feels to me that it’s coming from a place of love and care fot the citizen and maybe for the first time in my life, according to a plan!
    Thank you Melody of being a friend 🤗

    • You’re so welcome Maria! I feel the same thing – the government is actually trying to help here. Let’s celebrate that so we can manifest more of it! <3

  • Hey Melody! My country (Singapore) seems to be dealing with the pandemic relatively well, though I feel resentful that the old-school paradigm of “keep your head down, do what you are told, follow instructions for your own good, be socially responsible” is proving to be more effective in this time of crisis as compared to more liberal Western societies such as the US. It’s like having conservative Asian parents who tell you to do things “for your own good” being proven right in the end. Ugh! What are your thoughts on this?

    • It’s not an all or nothing thing, Sam. What’s wrong with being socially responsible? That doesn’t have to go along with keeping your head down, not questioning anything, or ignoring everything around you. It’s ok to follow instructions sometimes… Like when you put together IKEA furniture (don’t know if you have IKEA in Singapore). In other words, the behavior can sometimes be the same, but the motivation for the behavior is different. You’re not doing things to conform, you’re doing them because YOU choose to, because YOU came to the conclusion that it’s the best option. Not because someone simply told you to (which is what the old paradigm is based on). Does that help? <3

      • Yes, that makes sense, though I’m wondering why we LOA-ers still have to stoop to their level and practice hand hygiene measures, stock up on necessities etc. Shouldn’t we be above that shit?

        Also, the Singapore government just announced tighter measures such as specifying that only 1 person is allowed per 16 square meters in shopping malls and public areas etc, and also literally making sitting within 1m of another person in public or standing less than 1m away from another person in a queue punishable by a fine up to $10,000 or jail. (It’s more to give teeth to the law, and obviously they won’t use it on any old grandmother who decides to sit a little too close to her friend in the park.) In light of the fact that Singapore has arguably handled the crisis better than most countries and is currently not in lockdown, and everybody is still going to work and about their daily life as per normal, why is this old fear-based paradigm of control and punishment still proving to be successful in the face of crisis? Surely this contradicts everything that you’ve said about the old world breaking up, and old school methods no longer being effective as the world wakes up and moves towards the positive side of the spectrum?

        • “Anyway, I come from Greece and I’d like to comment that while we are dealing with various prohibitions from our government, it feels to me that it’s coming from a place of love and care fot the citizen and maybe for the first time in my life, according to a plan!”

          Yes, that’s a better feeling perspective from another comment below.

          However, I still want to know why we should be subject to the same restrictions as others. Why can’t we manifest travel overseas to, say virus-hit countries in outright defiance of their lockdown?

        • Hey Samuel,
          Why do you have to still be subject to these measures? The basic answer is this: because you believe that you do. Somewhere, inside yourself, you believe that if you were to simply stop doing all these things, it would not go well for you. It’s best to let these things go incrementally. If you don’t want to wash your hands, don’t. I wash my hands anyway (although never with antiseptic soap, that doesn’t resonate with me), so nothing has changed for there. But, this statement is for your manifestation – how this is all affecting you directly. You may have feelings of oppression that aren’t even manifesting as anything stronger than feelings.

          That’s not to say that you should ignore those feelings. On the contrary. Don’t worry about why you feel this way, allow yourself to feel it completely. See what happens. 🙂

          Also, remember that most people on this planet have not gone through the awakening process and are still feeling very powerless. So, the draconian measures are coming out as well. From what I can see, however, they are not nearly as bad as they could’ve been or would’ve been just a few years ago. Yes, they still exist, but it’s LESS than it’s ever been. That’s what I focus on.

          Does that help? <3

  • Thank you Melody! Just in the right time as always!
    İ remember handling my awakening during 2012, so I guess this is the new challenge and chapter for me and all the globe. I’m so happy we’re in this together, I had been very fearful, hopeless and negative about it but just when I started feeling better, I got your email.
    All this cannot be coincidence. Love you so much 🥰 huge hugs from Turkey!

    • Thanks Aylin. I actually intended to do this video over a week ago, but IT. WOULD. NOT. COME. TOGETHER.
      So, it was clear that I had to wait for the timing to be perfect. It came together over the last 3 days and it feels really, really good. A whole lot more people are waking up now, so those of us who already went through the ugliest part of this can hold the light now (not saying that’s easy…). But that’s the challenge! 🙂

      Hugs, and so great to still see you here. I know you’ve been around since pretty much the beginning!!

  • This is amazing Melody! 20 minutes ago I went to your blog to see if you had published anything about this. I wanted to hear from you and wondered if I missed an email! Well what do you know, 20 minutes later I received one :).

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