The Coronavirus pandemic is, unfortunately, still ongoing. Last week, I explained why and how we’re manifesting this experience, both globally and individually. But this week, I’d like to tackle one of the stranger effects of this pandemic: hoarding behavior. Specifically, the hoarding of toilet paper. I mean, it doesn’t really make LOGICAL sense, does it? COVID-19 is not an intestinal virus. It doesn’t give you diarrhea. It doesn’t make you soil yourself. The symptoms are respiratory, so you sneeze and cough and maybe you get a fever. No extra pooping is involved. And even if there was, it still wouldn’t justify needing 200 times more toilet paper than usual.

So, why are so many people across the whole planet choosing to hoard toilet paper? While the foodstuffs we’re hoarding differ from country to country and culture to culture, the whole world has one thing in common: the hoarding of freaking toilet paper. Why?

This question was really bugging me, and I know I’m not the only one. So, I set the intention to figure it out, and today, I’d like to share with you what I came up with. We’re going to take a look at what kind of energy inspires hoarding behavior, in general, why we’re all hoarding toilet paper, specifically, and what we can do about this underlying cause.


The Coronavirus pandemic is, unfortunately, still ongoing. Last week, I explained why and how we’re manifesting this experience, both globally and individually. But this week, I’d like to tackle one of the stranger effects of this pandemic: hoarding behavior. Specifically, the hoarding of toilet paper. I mean, it doesn’t really make LOGICAL sense, does it? COVID-19 is not an intestinal virus. It doesn’t give you diarrhea. It doesn’t make you soil yourself. The symptoms are respiratory, so you sneeze and cough and maybe you get a fever. No extra pooping is involved. And even if there was, it still wouldn’t justify needing 200 times more toilet paper than usual.

So, why are so many people across the whole planet choosing to hoard toilet paper? While the foodstuffs we’re hoarding differ from country to country and culture to culture, the whole world has one thing in common: the hoarding of freaking toilet paper. Why?

This question was really bugging me, and I know I’m not the only one. So, I set the intention to figure it out, and today, I’d like to share with you what I came up with. Maybe this will bring you some clarity. Or maybe you’ve got your own theories about the causes of TP hoarding. 

To answer this question, we have to take a look at hoarding behavior in general, and what toilet paper, specifically, represents.

Why Do People Hoard?

Why do people hoard at all? While every person is different and will have their own, unique, specific reasons for doing what they do, we can look at the general, energetic motivations of this type of behavior. Hoarding, first and foremost, is a response to fear. Again, the specific fears one is reacting to will differ from person to person, but overall, hoarding is a soothing behavior. It gives us a sense of control when we don’t feel that we have any. It’s not a logical response. As we can see in this Coronavirus situation, hoarding toilet paper, specifically, doesn’t actually help. The average American uses about 2 rolls of toilet paper a week, or 100 rolls per year. So, a big pack from Costco will generally last one person for 6 months. A family of 4, who stocks up on 1000 rolls of toilet paper, is now set for 2.5 years. Not weeks. Years. And at least in the U.S., this is in a country that produces its own TP, in other words, it’s not imported, and which doesn’t actually have a shortage of the stuff. The only thing that’s broken down is that we can’t get it to the stores fast enough to keep up with this sharp and artificial increase in demand. People aren’t suddenly using more toilet paper, they don’t NEED more toilet paper, and yet, they’re buying it like it’s going extinct.

So, no, it’s not logical. Hoarding never is. Hoarding behavior is never about actually stocking up on critical things. It’s about going way above and beyond what’s needed or even understandable. So, you end up with 20 years’ worth of newspapers and magazines. Or a house full of garbage. Or… an entire garage full of toilet paper.

If this was just an American phenomenon, I’d point out that North Americans are kind of a hoarder-y people. People in this region of the world have a lot of stuff. It’s very typical here to have a garage so full of stuff that you can’t fit your car in there anymore. The storage unit business is booming as people with houses, multiple bedroom houses and two car garages need to rent extra space for all their stuff. And they hang on to that stuff for years, often not even knowing what they have any more. So, obviously this is a popular soothing behavior around here. And where there’s soothing, there’s fear.

But, even in countries where people have small apartments, no garages and no storage units, where hoarding isn’t really a thing at all, there is still the hoarding of toilet paper. So, obviously, we need to look at the bigger picture.

Something is being soothed. But what, exactly?

This has happened before

The hoarding of toilet paper isn’t actually a new thing. It’s happened before, several times.

In 1973, for example, Americans were already worrying about limited supplies of products like gasoline, electricity and onions. A government press release warning of a potential shortage in toilet paper led to a lot of press coverage but no outright panic buying until Johnny Carson, a famous late-night television host, joked about it during his opening monologue. Instead of laughing, people took it seriously and began to hoard toilet paper. Thanks Johnny!

So, obviously, toilet paper is somehow linked to some kind of primal fear or soothing in most of humans, even though no caveman or woman ever had access to the stuff. Even younger generations who may never have experienced any kind of real shortages, as my grandparents did after World War II for example, feel safer with a large supply of the old TP.

Why TP??

So, why toilet paper of all things? Well, I have a theory. And I’d like to thank my good friend and powerhouse energy teacher Tina Ananda for sharing her insights with me on this topic. So, here it is:

Again, we can acknowledge that generally, hoarding is a response to fear. Well, fear is very prevalent in our world right now, for obvious reasons. People are getting sick, and some are dying. Many people can’t work right now. We’re worried about our loved ones. We don’t know what’s going to happen, how bad it will get or how long it will last. Will the economy collapse? Will we survive? Are we going to be ok?

These aren’t just fears; they’re existential fears. This is about survival. If you know anything about chakras, the major energy centers in the body, this next bit will make a lot of sense to you. If you’re not familiar with chakras, I can’t fully explain them in this video, because that’s a huge topic. Just know that they’re the major energy centers in the body through which our energy flows. There are 7 major chakras along your spine, and these regulate the flow of spiritual energy throughout your body, with each chakra being responsible for a different area of your body, as well as different types of beliefs. Many teachers will describe these energy centers as spinning disks or wheels, but for me, it’s all about frequencies. Chakras are programmed to hold certain frequencies. When these frequencies are all perfectly balanced, the human body and energy body are also in balance. This means, there is perfect health, strength, and spiritual clarity. You feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually. When the frequencies are off or not balanced, Chakras can distort the incoming and outgoing energies and the system – your body and energy body, will suffer as a result. This can create emotional pain as well as physical illness. So, chakras are kind of important.

The first or “root” chakra, sits at the base of your spine. There’s no politically correct way to say this, so I’m just gonna go for it. If you wanted to point directly at the root chakra, you’d be pretty much pointing at your perineum, or taint. You know, the area between your genitals and your butthole. That’s the area that houses the root chakra.

Your root chakra is related to your feelings of safety and security, particularly existential safety and security. In other words, whenever we’re talking about survival, the root chakra’s going to be involved. And since this crisis is bringing up survival fears in everyone, we’ve got a whole lot of root chakras having issues.

When there’s fear, it means that the frequency of the root chakra is not balanced. It’s a bit out of whack. Now, chakras aren’t just connected to certain fears or beliefs, they’re also connected to their surrounding body parts. And what’s right next to the perineum? As already mentioned, the butthole. And what do we do with the butthole? We go to the bathroom!

Now, if you’re thinking, “Well that’s a total oversimplification of the root chakra”, you’d be right. It is. But don’t worry, I’m not done and I promise it will make sense.

Because of this connection between safety and the lower part of the body, it makes sense that we would all have some basic representations in common. For example, for most people, soiling oneself would represent pretty much the ultimate or at least close to the ultimate way of losing control. Dying is always the number one way, obviously. But, we know that we can’t control death, so we look for any other way to gain control that will soothe that root chakra. And that’s where toilet paper comes in.

We’re afraid of being out of control. Even though shitting our pants isn’t really a logical thing to be afraid of in this situation, we are fearing for our lives, our safety and/or our future. There’s an existential fear that’s kicking off our root chakras and needs to be soothed. And universally, we want to soothe this by controlling a process directly related to that area of the body. And that, ladies and gentlemen is why we’re hoarding and why we’re specifically hoarding toilet paper.

What can we do?

So, now that we’ve explored the cause, is there anything we can do about it? Well yes! Several things actually.

  1. The first and most important thing you can do is to be aware of your own fears. Explore them. Don’t suppress your feelings! Unexplored and unexpressed fears lead to soothing behaviors like hoarding. So, face your fears! Talk them through with your partner, or journal them out. Expressing them in some way will help you get clarity. The most important thing, however, is that you allow yourself to FEEL the fear. Don’t just talk about it. Experience it. That’s what gets the energy moving and will allow your chakra to return to balance.
  2. Do some grounding exercises. If you can go outside, walk around barefoot in grass or dirt. Literally feel the earth beneath your feet. Do this consciously. Be in the moment and connect. Or, and you can do this anywhere, imagine your feet growing roots, which dig deep into the earth. All the way to the center of the earth. Feel yourself burrowing deeper into the rich, dark soil, and into the solid rock. Let it steady you. If you’re ever feeling really wiggy and perhaps disassociated from reality (this is somewhat normal when you’re waking up), take a shower. Running water can help to ground you as well, which will cut through the fog.
  3. Be aware that fear is contagious. So is love, but fear is more contagious. This means that when you go to the store and you see the toilet paper isle empty, and you see people buying way more than they need, it can easily get you to hoard, too. Now, you’re not just afraid of dying or getting sick, you’re afraid of the effects of other people’s actions. Watching others panic buying can make you question if you’re insane for not doing the same thing. Will you be left behind with cupboards devoid of food or toilet paper but full of the moral high ground? Stay strong and remind yourself that you manifest your own reality. So, why would you manifest scarcity? There is plenty of supply, the shelves will be restocked, and online stores are also available. There is no shortage of goods, only a blip in the supply chain and there’s more, much more, on the way. Supermarkets aren’t worried. In fact, they’re having a ball.
  4. Think of others. Hoarding is a survival behavior and it actually leads to artificial scarcity. And that, as we discovered, leads to more hoarding. It becomes a vicious cycle. But hoarding is also incredibly selfish. Because ultimately, what a hoarder is saying is that they’d rather have much, much more than they need, often more than they could ever use, than let someone else have even a little. It doesn’t matter if that other person actually needs this little bit. No, you can’t have 2 rolls of toilet paper. I need all 2000 of mine! But what if you’re the one who can’t get what they need because someone else hoarded? Now, you might be tempted to get angry at the others who are hoarding. After all, if they weren’t doing it, no one would have to, right? Well, wrong. Remember that you create your own reality. So, you can live in a survival reality where it’s every man and woman for themselves. Or, you can live in a reality where there’s plenty. It’s your choice. What you can’t do is hoard just in case, in other words, act like there’s scarcity, and still experience a plentiful reality. You either live here or you don’t. Don’t use the behavior of others to determine which reality you have to live in. It’s your choice. But you can’t hedge your bets. You can’t half ass this. Decide which reality you’re in and BE THERE as much as you can. Choose it over and over again. Feel the abundance. You have what you need. You have plenty. It will be alright.


I hope you enjoyed my little dissection of why people are so prone to hoarding toilet paper these days. Do you agree with my theories? If not, what do you think the cause is? Let me know in the comments!

And, don’t forget that we opened up a positive, Law of Attraction based Coronovirus group on Facebook last week, and it’s already become an incredible place. We share funny memes and positive stories allowing us to see the best of humanity. But it’s also a space where you can express your emotions safely and get whatever help you need. From cyber hugs to some LOA advice. Not only do we have hundreds of like-minded members in the group, but I’ve also asked my team of coaches and students to come in and help out and support the group with love and light. If you haven’t yet joined the group, why not check us out? I’ll post the link in the description below, or right below the video, on my blog.

Until next time, hang in there, and thank you for bringing your light to the world!

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    • Hey Gman,
      Yep, I haven’t been inspired. This happens from time to time. But something really awesome is coming very soon. 🙂

  • LET’S just obsolete emotional poverty, & embrace the wonderful abundance of the universe, and let things work out. I hoard things so that I can give to people, in the sense that too much is always better than not enough. I find and nourish living treasures wherever I go. I PERSONALIZE my money, you can as well, just meditate on it for some time with the ‘prayer’ or ‘intent’ that it become a money magnet; then I take it to a store, and gesture in some general direction while asking the nearest employee to buy me the money I choose to give them, them keeping the change as gratuity, in said direction, where i get surprise gifts, the employee & the token gesture of kindness our money is enjoyed along with the employee choosing to take on thinking about what to get, & the entire market becomes more valuable than I could have imagined!


  • Hi Melody, I just realized how the world’s response to the pandemic illustrates something about the nature of power. Various governments around the world are responding to the pandemic by basically initiating lockdowns, to varying degrees of severity. I was resenting their oppressive restrictions, when it hit me: their need to control the situation, by initiating tighter and tighter restrictions and the use of force (with laws, orders etc), basically betrays their powerlessness! Only a powerless person who feels the need to gain some semblance of control would resort to using force to get what they want. It is like a department boss who uses his authority to micromanage, and the threat of punishment to coerce his workers into doing stuff. Only a boss who is powerless and unable to truly lead needs to resort to those measures. This makes me wonder why we still view the government (and its laws, and its agents of enforcement) as this monolithic being that is powerful and able to dictate our lives. An appropriate image would be the Leviathan – the mythical beast from the Bible – that Hobbes used as a metaphor for the state in political philosophy. As humanity moves slowly towards awakening, we should see a gradual change towards a different conception of governance and power, and a new metaphor to replace the old image. Wonder what that would be. Hmm.

    • Bingo Samuel!! Isn’t clarity wonderful? And in seeing their powerlessness, now you don’t feel as powerless. Yay!

  • Hi Melody – Enjoyed your toilet paper philosophy. You are right on. Your words helped me look at all the art supplies I have stacked up and never used. I looked at my fear around that area and have sorted out my supplies to give away 2/3 them and am doing an art piece for the Global Art Project. Thank you for helping me make sense of hoarding. You’re the best.

  • Love the general discussion about chakras and unstable root chakras going hand in hand with fear. I’m not someone prone to panic and fear but a big old dose of it knocked me off my feet from nowhere yesterday. I followed your advice this morning – showered (to be fair I do that most days ;-)) and spend some time barefoot on the grass grounding myself, envisioning connecting with the roots of the earth. I feel much better and much more grounded. I’ve heard others say that the heart chakra is also a big one to look after right now too!

    • Hey Caz,
      I’m so glad you’re feeling better. It’s possible for every chakra to be involved now, it depends on the person. This could be bringing up issues from anywhere, really, as fear is not limited to one area of our lives. But the root chakra is most likely involved in anyone’s journey who is experiencing fear, so that’s a common denominator, right now.

  • Well that’s interesting, Melody. You know I had that question at first why people were buying all the toilet paper, but no answer came to me so I stopped thinking about it.

    I’ve really only seen the effects on a personal level as a way to invalidate my emotions. Like if I’m upset about something unrelated it’s just because “I’m scared of the coronavirus”. Or maybe it’s just that I need to stop being upset altogether because “other people have it worse right now.”

    It’s like I’m watching all this happen but I don’t feel like I’m involved in this in any way. Like everybody is freaking out and I’m just feeling the effects of people lashing out at me for not being part of their fear party. I can feel the insecurity radiate off people who think that my lack of is somehow a judgment against them.

    • Hey April,
      Yes, your lack of fear can trigger people. I think it’s wonderful that you’re getting so much clarity about your own, personal manifestation in all this. You get to be upset, even if it’s NOT the virus, or if others have it worse. It’s not a contest. It’s like, “You’re going to die horrible in a plane crash, but don’t cry, because at least you didn’t die horribly in a meat grinding accident.” WTF?? I don’t care if you’re upset about a hangnail. You get to feel the way you feel. And you must feel it, fully, if you’re to heal. This is a great opportunity for you to stand up for yourself, take “them” into the bunker and claim your right to feel your feelings! Raaaaaaawr!

      Go get ’em, gladiator!!


      • Lightbulb moment! Thank you, April, for your comment. So I can drag the ignorant masses, who are triggered by my lack of fear, into the bunker as well and beat them up? Why the hell have I not come up with this before?! For some reason, I have thought I can only do this with individuals. Duh! I’ll go do that right now…

        Thanks, April & Melody!

  • I think that root chakra explanation makes sense. This Coronavirus pandemic is certainly triggering our powerlessness and the fear of not only losing control, but also losing our sense of safety and security. I’ve personally been quite chill and not exactly worried about what the future will bring. This coming from a person whose own Root Chakra used to be pretty imbalanced, so I guess I’ve come a long way 🙂

    On a side note Melody, I love that picture! Beavis and Butt-Head is one of my go-to vibration rising shows 😀 I find these guys oddly endearing, perhaps because I used to substitute in junior high schools and they remind me of the lovable rascals I encountered back then 🙂

    Be well, everyone!

    Lady R

    • Thanks so much Lady R. I was wondering if anyone would even get the reference. I know anyone under 30 probably wouldn’t have even heard of Beavis and Butthead. But… I do this for me, and I choose what I think is funny, and I knew it would be super fun if anyone remembered them at all. And here you are! Yay!

      Sending you smooshy hugs,

  • Well that makes sense to me. I personally did not overstock on toilet paper. I refuse to help feed the beast of fear. I have personally found this a time of great personal peace and reflection. Now that is not to say I’ve stuck my head in the sand and don’t feel for those around me, after all I am am empath. Which is why more than ever I’ve had to ground myself more than ever to keep myself healthy. So far, so good. This too shall pass, and hopefully people will keep the lessons learned in mind and continue to support and respect their fellow man/woman. Stay Strong!

    • Well done Darlene! I believe that people will be changed by this, so it’s not so much about remembering (because you know they won’t if their energy hasn’t shifted). They won’t be able to help but keep their new knowledge. That’s the vision that feels really good to me, anyway.


  • Thank you Melody, great video. When all the hoarding began I asked the question and was told toilet paper is made in China. The newspaper I work for sent a reporter to a factory in the UK (here) and pictured her next to conveyor belts producing thousands of rolls. I ran out of TP again, so decided to buy a bigger pack about 2 days before the panic buying began, and I got a haircut the day before lockdown, thank you Universe! I’ve been doing lots of Energy Medicine, I’m a practitioner, chakras, grounding, all those things you talked about, and it has really helped me a lot, I’m feeling really calm. There are lots of free videos with easy exercises being produced by great practitioners, what else have they got to do? Search Donna Eden Energy Medicine on YouTube.

  • I agree with your theory actually. I have noticed as my vibration has got higher i decluttered a lot of stuff. I could not get over this course that i “failed” in 2000. I actually did not really fail it i got a postgraduate qualification. However the notes where still there along with loads of stuff. The small room in my flat was full up to the top with stuff! However, especially in 2017, i hired a van to remove all this stuff. It took 2 hours to get rid of it. It’s interesting I must be much better, because i did not rush to buy toilet paper, because exactly the same thing here in England has happened, the shelves where empty. Yes, from my experience, your theory is true. Lower negative emotional states (the lower chakras) = hoarding behaviour. I have seen this personally, as my flat has become less and less cluttered from things from the past, as my vibration has been rising.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience James! I definitely noticed that, over the years, I began to hang on to less and less stuff (as opposed to more and more stuff, as is “normal” in our society, right?). For me, at least, my outside environment, my home and all the stuff in it, is definitely a reflection of my inner state. I think it is for a lot of people. That’s why decluttering can be so powerful! And also so difficult.

      Oooh, now I want to do a video on decluttering! If I do, it’s on you. LOL.


  • Good one Melody! Soiling oneself would make a person lose control and that would make a person feel some of the most uncomfortable feelings especially that of shame. So hoarding TP seems to be a person’s subconscious way to protect herself from feeling that feeling of shame. In countries like India where a person usually washes perhaps situations like these jumpstarts his or her worries about water supply and if there was a shortage of water or a possibility for that to happen I think he or she would do anything to get access to some water to wash and if he could hoard water he would. But then again water is also a basic necessity unlike TP so if he did happen to hoard that it would make more sense (logically) than hoarding TP.

    • I would make more sense, but that’s precisely why I wanted to make this video. Because the hoarding has gone beyond all logic. Some people literally have a garage full of TP! That’s more than they’ll use in their entire lifetimes…

      I do wonder what’s being hoarded in India and other cultures where Toilet paper isn’t really an issue because they just wash. I also wonder if some people in the West might acquaint themselves with bidets and the like, even if just to have a backup plan to the TP shortages. That might actually cause a bit of a cultural change here. Interesting to ponder. 🙂


    • Hey Marta! I did have a blast. I wanted to do something a little tongue in cheek but with a deeper twist. But the question was actually bugging me, as well.
      Also, I’m never afraid to tackle the “tough” questions, lol.


  • So using the same logic of chakras, the coronavirus is strongly connected with the throat chakras and consequently all the stuff it signifies (swallowing, breathing, communication, speaking up etc) since it primarily manifests through acute respiratory symptoms.

    • Not necessarily. It is the lungs, not the throat, that is affected. In oriental and European mystic medicine, lungs store the will to live and are responsible to circulate your life force. The emotion associated with lungs is grief.

      This also explains why the eldery and people with co-morbidities are affected the most. The virus snuffs out what little life force there was to begin with and might therefore be a logical manifestation.

      As for the root chakra explanation in regards to tp, it also seems to simplistic to me. Given the overall behavior of the population, especially in the West, it further seems to amplify the ongoing emotional regression into an infantile powerless state, all the more as it relates to the power of authority figures.

      • That is really interesting. I am feeling lucky at this moment that I dealt with intense grief before all of this happened or I probably wouldn’t have been able to survive it.

      • I agree with this Laura! There’s A LOT going on right now. This video was restricted to the toilet paper issue (and only my take on it). Overall, this is definitely about powerlessness, and I like your theory about the regression to an infantile state. I wonder if we’d LIKE to regress that state (as opposed to actually regressing to it). That this is maybe an attempt to regress, because if we’re infants, we don’t have to deal with it… I feel like there’s this schizophrenic pull in both directions. We don’t want to be powerful, but we’re afraid of our power, so we also want to be taken care of (i.e. dominated), so we don’t have to take responsibility. But we don’t really want to be dominated, so we keep waffling back and forth between the two. Interesting exploration!

        Sending you all the hugs!

    • Hey Sam,
      From my view, it can be, yes. But not with everyone. Again, many individual manifestations will abound here and we don’t want to generalize too much (says the one who made it all about the root chakra, lol). But for people who have boundary issues or self-expression issues, the throat chakra could definitely be involved, especially in milder cases. As Laura says, when the lungs are involved, it goes deeper than that. Fear of death is often represented by lung based issues, as is grief. The throat chakra will usually present as choking, coughing, sore throat and thyroid issues (somewhat oversimplified, but for the sake of brevity…). Once you get into the Bronchial Tubes and the lungs, the respiratory stuff, you’re usually going into existential fears (fear of death, fear of losing your territory, fear of not keeping the family safe, etc.) and/or grief.

      I use words like “usually” because the individual energy of the person and how their body manifests trumps everything else. The best way to know is to follow the thread of that person’s manifestation. In other words, see how it feels and what it represents TO THEM. <3

      Smooshy hugs!

  • As soon as you said root chakra, the lightbulb went on and it was like, “Oooohh yeah!!” Makes perfect sense to me. I did start to doubt myself as I refused to overstock my house with food and toilet paper. Maybe I was stupid? But the stores were staying open, so I couldn’t figure out why everyone’s grocery carts were OVERFLOWING with EVERYTHING. This makes sense. Thank you!

    • You’re so welcome Willow! That’s what locked it in for me, too – as soon as I heard root chakra, it all made sense. 🙂

  • I loved your advice at the end, Melody. This time has emphasized some resistence I have had going on for years – my annoyance with the idiotic ignorance people in our world display towards what is going on and toward each other. I have carried this emotional baggage around me for ten years ever since my very painful awakening happened. This crisis made clear to me that I cannot live with this belief any more.

    My problem has always been the feeling of grievance over the masses not understanding the pain and existence I and others were going through because of being a bit different and having a tougher path. As you predicted though, the rest of the world is finally catching up and I find myself finally feeling some relief. So my question pertains to what we should envision? Is it really as easy as visualizing everybody being cooperative, understanding and overall more spiritual? After all this work I have done on myself, I can’t believe I have overlooked this realization…

    • Hey Ben,
      First of all, no judgment. No matter how much work we do on ourselves, there’s always more to see. And that “more” has been there all along, but we filtered it out. Just accept that. Oh, and we tend to overlook the easy and joyful so much more than the hard and painful… So, once again, that’s totally “normal” (if such a thing exists anymore…).

      Also, yes, pretty much, it IS that simple. Envision and choose the reality you want to live in. Be there already. Feel it. And choose it over and over again. Anything that isn’t yet part of that reality will get your attention. So, if it doesn’t, you can trust it’s not an issue. Primarily from what I’ve observed in myself and others is that this time is very much about focusing on ourselves – what WE want, especially when we remove all judgment and the expectations of others. We’re continually stripping back identities, until there’s nothing left but us – purely who we really are. We have to focus inward and on what WE want, how WE feel. This takes time, a surprising amount of it. But it’s what leads us to the state where we engage with the world in a balanced way, and that’s how we bring balance to the world. So, right now, focus on the reality that feels best to you, and make the choices and only the choices that feel good to YOU.


  • We produce the stuff here in every State in Australia and a 3 week supply gets sold out in an hour! There are still shortages of hand sanitiser with people even steal it from hospitals, which is pretty low behaviour as those people really do need it, but one person turned up at a supermarket with 5 200 rolls of toilet paper and wanted to get a refund!!! He didn’t. A lot of the hoarding was also done for profit until the online stores stopped letting it be listed, but even though we have plenty of food and basic supplies around people still hoard and yes it is illogical and based on fear. There is enough and it is available if you just feel it and let it go. Mind you being told not to go out doesn’t help and neither does the constant harping of news and messaging on every news channel so switching it off is the best thing to do!
    Anne R

    • I agree Anne. This is a great time to withdraw and focus inward. And not let the fears of others determine how we feel. 🙂

  • Hi Melody, I don’t think I agree with your theory. Just because people are hoarding on TP, doesn’t mean they are gonna use it more and wipe with it more. They’ll still use the same amount of TP that they’ve been using. Let’s just say there’s no covid situation – So, every time someone wipes the area where root chakra is, does it mean that it soothes their root chakra? I am sorry I don’t have any theory, but yours is not sitting well with me.

    • Hey Vani,
      No worries at all. You’re always welcome to disagree with me. Just to clarify, though, the soothing doesn’t come from wiping more. It’s not logical, but it makes us feel (illogically) safe to have that “area” taken care of. I would assume that in cultures where toilet paper is not as much of a thing (where people wash instead), this hoarding behavior would not include toilet paper. I’d love to hear the views of someone in that region of the world. 🙂

      • Hi Melody,

        I was born and raised in a culture where TP is not a necessity. All of my adult life, I’ve been living in the US, so I connect with the necessity of TP for people here. I recently ran out of TP after using the big pack for almost an year. But now, I can’t find it anywhere and it’s a minor inconvenience for me. That’s all. Imagine hoarding on something important and the lack of which will cause a major discomfort to people. I truly believe whatever plan we have for ourselves in this Universe is perfect. I haven’t hoarded on anything. Am shopping groceries for my family, the way I used to before Covid . Just getting them delivered . I don’t mean to judge anyone, I do understand that everyone has certain things that they are insecure about and they show it in different ways.

  • This made SO MUCH SENSE!!! Once you said root chakra, it hit me.
    Fantastic insight, thank you so very much!!

  • In the shreveport area in walmart ground beef, chicken, papter towels and tp are mia exclusively.

    I thought, what were people using before? Like i didnt know how it could run out like so simply due to an event.

    Then i considered some pangaia type stuff and im obviously still laughing about it.

    I appreciate the email Melody. Now that ive submitted my comment im to decipher at which period i signed up for your emails and if youre the blonde lady i think you are.

    • Hey Lisa,

      You’re so welcome. Hopefully my face and hair on the video will make it easier to identify me… lol.

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