It’s time for a July 2020 Energy update! Let’s talk Covid! Let’s talk ongoing crises! Let’s talk about George Floyd.


Hey, it’s Melody Fletcher, and for those of you who watch my videos regularly, I know, I’ve once again been absent for a few weeks, and it may seem like I’m coming quite late to this party. Where have I been? Why haven’t I been front and center in supporting you, my lovely audience, through these crises? Why haven’t I spoken out about George Floyd?

If you’ve felt unsupported by me these last few weeks, I apologize. I didn’t actually go anywhere, I’ve just had my hands full working in the background, supporting my clients and students, AND being inspired into a whole new direction, which I’ll tell you about later in this video. I haven’t been hiding, I just had to step into the energy of solution in a more specific way and stabilize there before I could talk about it publicly. So, basically, I’ve had to go and do my own work for a bit and level up massively, in order to bring something truly useful to this conversation.

But, before we get into that, the question I’m hearing most often now, is: “Is this shit ever going to end?” In my last energy update, I talked about how the quarantine was actually serving a really positive purpose: it was giving people a much-needed break, causing us all to slow down, and creating a ton of self-awareness. So, even though there was a fair amount of fear in the world, we could also see the silver lining. The awakening of humanity had begun in earnest. And, for the most part, those of us doing this work could actually enjoy the quarantine.

Well, now it’s been a couple of months and we’re all sick to death of the quarantine and the virus. It’s gone on just a little too long, now, right? There’s talk that this may last for many months more. There are massive fears of a total economic meltdown. Individual families are struggling and especially in countries that have no social safety net, like the United States, for many, it’s beginning to look a bit hopeless.

And then, without the whole Covid crisis being resolved first, George Floyd happened and sent a collective gut punch around the world. What the hell, Universe? How and why are we manifesting this?? What did we do wrong?

Nothing. This isn’t some kind of punishment. It’s a process of awakening. And, as I’ve been telling you, waking up is a bitch. Coming out of denial and acknowledging the pain we’ve been carrying around with us and ignoring for, well, millennia, is hard. We don’t want to do it. We’d rather just turn on the morphine drip, lie back and pretend everything’s fine. But that doesn’t work. Not on an individual level, and not on a global level.

But let’s go ahead and talk about how awakening works on an individual level. Chances are, that if you’re watching a video like this, you’ve already gone through that process a few times. So, it should be pretty easy to recognize, especially in hindsight. And, once you understand how awakening works for an individual, it’ll be much easier to make sense of what’s happening to us collectively. Because, as it turns out, the process is exactly the same, whether you’re talking about it on a micro or macro scale.

I’m going to share with you the 5 Stages of the Awakening process. And, by the way, if you’d like to see this teaching written out, you can always do that on my blog at We publish the transcript of each video there for your reading pleasure.

The 5 Stages of Awakening

Stage 1: We’re constantly living in Denial.

This is true for everyone, so please don’t feel singled out. The world has problems. Individuals have problems. But, for whatever reason, we don’t really want to acknowledge those problems in a way where we could actually do something about them. And that’s because of our limiting beliefs which state that we can’t really do anything at all to make things better. So, it’s better to just pretend like things don’t hurt. This kind of denial allows us to put up with some pretty unacceptable stuff, both in our own lives, and in our communities. For example, you may be in a relationship that isn’t awesome. In fact, it drains you. You’re putting up with a lot. But maybe you believe that you have to pay the price of “putting up with” stuff in order to get something you do want. Like security, affection, or validation. Maybe you believe that you have to work really, really hard in order to deserve even a little bit of money, love, or dignity.

Whatever the beliefs are that cause us to put up with something, anything that doesn’t feel good, they create a cage of limitation around us. This cage becomes our reality. In the cage, we are told that we are powerless to dismantle the cage itself, so we have to work within its rules. So, for example, you might be stuck in a job you absolutely hate, but you’re willing to make the best of it, because the cage says that this is where you belong. So, you decide that you can be content at your crappy job as long as they keep stocking the cafeteria with donuts. In other words, the tiniest amount of positive allows us to put up with a whole ton of negative. Like the boyfriend who has no job, cheats on you, and constantly puts you down, but hey! He’s good in bed, so… yay?

Stage 2: Awakening has to be forced (usually)

When we’re talking about the process of “awakening”, we’re really talking about becoming aware of what’s actually going on. It’s the process of coming out of denial and being willing to acknowledge how we’re truly feeling, warts and all. We see what we’ve been putting up with, even though it doesn’t feel good, and may actually be quite torturous. We feel the pain we’ve been suppressing for a long time, often years. We take the blinders off, turn off the morphine drip, and get “real”.

Well, obviously, this awakening is painful. We’re not creating pain by waking up, but we are finally acknowledging and therefore experiencing the pain that’s been there all along. And that, well, is a bitch. We don’t really want to do this. No one does. It’s much more comfortable to just stay in denial and pretend than to actually face our shit. And in most cases, it’s scary, because the cage will tell us that if we do take a look at the bigger picture, we’ll lose whatever scraps we’ve been able to sacrifice for. So, waking up is dangerous! It isn’t, really, but this belief is really rampant, and explains why some people will react so violently to the idea of even others waking up.

The bottom line is that no one WANTS to do this work. Not in the beginning, anyway. We kind of have to be forced into it. And that brings us to…

Stage 3: “Negative” manifestations or “crises” help us to wake up

So, we don’t really want to go through the process of waking up. Which means, that we generally need some kind of catalyst or series of catalysts to kind of force us to wake up. Let’s say that you have a massive tumor on your leg. But you’ve been in denial about it, taking tons of painkillers, and just not looking at your leg, in order to avoid the truth. Oh, you can’t ignore it completely. In the back of your mind, you know that your leg’s in trouble. But your fear that it might be something serious could keep you from letting your worry become conscious. It feels a lot better to just pretend that there is no issue.

Only when your leg becomes too painful to ignore, only when the pain in your leg becomes worse than the pain or fear you feel at the idea of rattling the cage, will you finally be willing to take a look, acknowledge the situation and do something about it. Now, of course, you don’t have to wait until your leg threatens to drive you insane with pain. You can learn to become aware of the pain much, much earlier, when it’s just a tiny bit of discomfort. This is something I teach my students in my LOA Academy program (shameless plug), but it does require a certain level of awareness. So, usually, you don’t even find yourself looking at teachings like mine until you’ve gone through at least one major awakening round. In other words, you had a crisis, or a series of crises that got you to change direction and look at different kinds of information for answers.

The crises in our lives, the painful experiences, are almost always there to help show us that we’ve been putting up with something that’s hurting us. Something that, usually unbeknownst to us consciously, we don’t actually HAVE TO put up with. Our negative manifestations are there to show us our cage, the limitations we’ve blindly and unknowingly accepted, and which really, REALLY aren’t serving us.

Stage 4: Awakening doesn’t happen all at once

Now, because awakening is so painful and scary, and because we humans can be so freaking stubborn, it often, as in almost always, takes more than one crisis or painful event to get us to wake up. We’re stuck in an old pattern of perspective and reaction, one which we generally didn’t consciously choose or buy into, but which we will do almost anything to just keep going back to. We’ll use the same neural pathways that we’ve always used, until we’re well and truly forced to create another. Even if those old pathways don’t really serve us; or serve us anymore.

So, think of it this way. You’re in a truck that’s stuck in a deep rut or trench. The trench forces you to keep driving straight ahead. That’s all you can do. You really want to go to the right, there’s some beautiful and awesome stuff over there, but you can’t. The trench is too deep, and your truck can’t turn out of it. Now, imagine that some force comes and pushes you sideways. Your truck rocks a little. “What the hell was that?!”, you exclaim with surprise. You got hit, your truck rocked a little, but it didn’t pop you out of the trench. At this point, the tendency is usually to go “Oh well, that probably meant nothing.”. You ignore it, talk yourself out of acknowledging it as significant, and you get on with the work of driving through the trench.

Then, BAM, another force hits you from the side, even harder than last time. Your truck rocks a bit more, even slightly lifting off it’s wheels on one side. At this point, you can’t help but acknowledge, at least for a few seconds, that something has happened. But you don’t know what it was, and since you can’t make sense of it, you ignore it and maintain your pattern.

Now, imagine that you keep getting hit, harder and harder, until the truck pops out of the deep trench and sets off on a new course. Once out, you can see clearly that the trench wasn’t nearly as deep as you thought it was. In fact, you could’ve driven out at any time with just a sharp jerk of the steering wheel and a little bit of gas. But you didn’t know that. From your point of view, the trench was way too deep to just drive out of, so you kept driving through that trench, that old pattern, that old, well-used neural pathway. Until you were forced to change.

But by being forced to change, you now have the ability to drive to that field on the right, where fruit trees grow, and butterflies roam and fairies dance in the night. In fact, the only reason that you were forced to change was so that you could move towards that which you want, that which will serve you much better, that which feels good.

These “negative” manifestations, or catalysts, really, are not there to punish you. They’re there to say “Snap out of it! There’s something so much more delicious over there! Go get it!”. So, while it can feel like crap is happening TO you, it’s actually happening FOR you.

Stage 5: Change happens quickly after the shift

As soon as we give up the old pattern or perspective and see a new path forward, a domino effect begins where changes can happen very quickly in our realities. Solutions simply begin to appear to problems that seemed unsolvable before. And yes, this can seem quite magical. It’s not magic. It’s a type of technology. But when you’re so used to working hard to make things happen, problems simply solving themselves can seem downright miraculous.

Once we make a massive shift, it opens up a ton of energy and will have a profound impact on our entire lives. Often, we let go of an old, limiting identity. The way we see ourselves, the world, and our place in it all changes. It all expands. More becomes possible and life becomes a bit easier.

Change is hard only until we surrender to it. In other words, the “bitch” part of “waking up is a bitch” refers to the part of the process where we’re fighting the change. This is where our fear is still winning. This is where the cage is still winning, lying to us that we’re not strong enough to break out. That it’s not possible. Defying and overcoming those voices, is the hard part. But as soon as we do, it all gets easier. It’s like we’ve opened a door with a Tsunami of awesomeness behind it. As soon as we open that door, the energy just floods out and does what it’s going to do. Changes that were damn near impossible before, become easy. The underlying energy has shifted, and therefore all actions and reactions will automatically change along with them.

Micro vs. Macro

These 5 Stages of Awakening apply not only to the process of the individual, but the collective, as well. In other words, it works on a small, individual scale as well as on a huge, global one, and everything in between. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the world right now, through this lens.

If you think of the whole world as one body, one individual body with billions of cells, with each one of us representing one cell in that body, and different communities representing different organs and tissues, then consider that this body is sick and in a whole lot of pain. Yes, our education system, political system, social system, prison system, economic system and all other systems are broken and definitely need some attention. But underneath all of those systems are human beings – the cells in the body. And there are huge, gaping wounds all over that body that we’ve been in massive denial about for far too long.

It’s impossible for any cell or group of cells to distance themselves from the whole. While not all parts of the body are wounded in the same way, all wounds affect the whole. You may be in the big toe, but if the lungs are infected, you will be served by that infected blood. What’s more, if the lungs fail and cause the whole organism to die, so will the big toe. Also, you can’t just cut off the right leg because you disagree with it. Like it or not, we’re all in this body together.

But we haven’t been acting like it, have we? Imagine if the liver just started threatening the pancreas? Or the heart starved the kidneys until it got what it wanted? What if one group of cells decided that it just wanted to take the resources of another group of cells; you know… just because it could? When this happens in the body, we have a name for it. It’s called cancer. What if one group of cells decided that it could just take a lot more resources than it needed and hoard them, leaving the whole rest of the body to do with less and less, even to the point of illness and possibly death? In nature, this behavior is classified as parasitic.

We need to rebalance

When you get a parasite infestation in nature, there will always, eventually, be a balancing force to get rid of that parasite. In the wild, for example, many animals will respond to the invaders by eating medicinal plants that kill the parasite and flush it out. Parasitic infestations are only ever able to get out of hand and do widespread damage when there’s an imbalance in the environment. A dog that’s already sick, undernourished and living in squalor can get a rampant mange infection, for example, while a healthy dog can usually ward of the infection, often without treatment.

I think, looking at the world today, we can see that we have some pretty horrific imbalances going on, along with a pretty rampant parasitic infestation. Parasitic energy is that which takes but doesn’t give back. It removes energy and resources from the system. Can you see some evidence of that in our world?

The imbalances we have in our environment stem from the illusion that each cell or at least group of cells is somehow separate, and that we don’t affect each other. This allows us to hold the belief that one group of cells can harm another without affecting themselves or the whole body. It also lets us continue to operate in survival mode, where your death or destruction may be necessary to my survival. When you look at us all being part of the same body, this perspective becomes ludicrous.

The body does not become healthy one group of cells at a time. The body becomes healthy as a whole. A wound in one area of the body wounds the whole body. Every cell in that body is affected and involved. There’s not such thing as “that’s not my problem”. Every cell has to be considered, given resources, and heard when it has information that will affect the whole. Damage must be repaired, and balance must be restored in order for the whole organism to not only survive, but hopefully thrive.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we’re waking up to. Of course, each individual is going to be going through their own, specific journey, but as a whole, we are waking up to the currently painful idea, that we are all connected, and that we all affect each other. Oh, and that as a whole, we’re in a crap ton of pain.

How long will this last?!

And that awakening has not yet taken place. You’ll feel it when it does. Look around you. Look at the news. Look at people’s reactions. People are still so afraid of each other. Not everyone, of course, but a huge, significant part of the population. We’re still fighting each other, clinging to small, arbitrary tribes, and waging war against some other tribe. You know, because… survival. It took nothing to get people to call the police on their neighbors, because they wouldn’t conform perfectly. You know, like they did in the McCarthy era, or Nazi Germany. We’re still looking for the others, someone different to us, sometimes only very slightly different to us, to blame.

Enter George Floyd

And into the middle of all this volatility, came George Floyd, riding the next energy wave to hit us, designed to help snap us out of our old patterns. We’re being challenged to see what we’re willing to put up with, how we’re willing to treat each other, and how much we’re hurting each other and therefore ourselves. And this is not something that people want to wake up to. The whole race issue is super scary and super painful. But it’s important that we look at it, really look at it, so that we can begin to actually heal these wounds. And if you’re white, like me, don’t think for a second that this isn’t your wound, and that this issue doesn’t really involve you. This wound is all of ours, which means that we all have to engage in a healing process.

What does that healing process look like? Well, this is where I have a bit of an announcement to make. The reason why I’ve been not been posting publicly in the last weeks, the change I just went through myself and what I’ve been inspired to create. It became clear to me a few weeks ago that I was being called to get much more specifically involved in this process of awakening. It was time to teach in a different way, not just by breaking down and explaining energy, but also by demonstrating how to do that in the real world. Oh, and not just in general, but very specifically, on the subject of race. As you may be able to imagine, this temporarily scared the shit out of me. You see, I’ve always considered myself an advocate for the disenfranchised. But what I definitely didn’t want to be was a white savior, or straight savior, or cis savior, or whatever. I didn’t want to be another well-meaning white person that didn’t really understand the issues, but “did something” and could therefore feel good about having “helped”.

So, I decided that I wanted to do better. I sat with it, released a surprising amount of fear, and then, the energy opened up and a solution was born. I was invited to participate in that solution, and I wholeheartedly said yes, as did everyone I’ve asked to participate so far.

You see, something I’ve come to understand is that when it comes to race, Black people, in general, are not afraid to talk about this subject. Like, at all. They’re very, very good at it and they have a ton of practice. White people, on the other hand, don’t really talk about race. Not anyone else’s, and certainly not our own, possibly because we usually don’t think of white as a race, simply because it’s not usually an issue for us. White people who consider themselves woke are often terrified to engage with this topic for fear of treading on toes and being misconstrued as racist. We don’t want to get it wrong.

On top of that, we generally know very little about Black people. While people of color HAVE to learn white history, or what we consider to be our history, but which is most often a totally falsified, white-washed, glossed over, heavily edited to the point of being fictionalized history, as a matter of survival, WE haven’t had to learn shit about Black history. In fact, having gone to high school in a very white environment in the U.S., I can attest to the fact that not only was I not taught Black history, but I wasn’t even taught Black history existed. I was well into adulthood before I realized that there were a whole bunch of different versions of history, and they painted a very different picture.

So, basically what I’m saying is that when you mix together this fear of getting it wrong and the massive ignorance, not to mention other ingredients like white guilt or white shame, you don’t tend to get a lot of white people talking about race. And that is a problem. Because, as I already mentioned, we’re all in this together.

As I sat with these realizations, I occurred to me that even though I’m a teacher, I, as white person, really have no business teaching anyone about race. I mean, I can break down belief systems and constructs, but the idea that I was somehow going to speak on issues of race specifically didn’t feel appropriate to me. I’m not qualified to do that. Because I have not lived that experience. And there’s so much as a white person that I don’t know.

But what I am willing to do, and what I’ve always been willing to do, is learn. I’ve always had honest, sometimes brutally honest, and authentic conversations with people of color in an effort to better understand the issues and underlying systems. And so, it occurred to me that having those conversations publicly, conversations between white and black, where there was no judgment, no defensiveness, just an openness to learn and a willingness to be totally wrong, plus a willingness on the part of the person of color to forgive possibly stupid questions… well, it occurred to me that learning publicly this way was another form of teaching and could be really valuable.

And so, we created something new, called Conscious Conversations, where we’re willing to get uncomfortable and have those conversations we’ve been avoiding for so long. We’ve already recorded the first 4 conversations, each between myself and a woman of color. Right now, we’re focusing on black and white race relations, but this series could easily expand to include all kinds of conversations, like for example, Native American voices, Latino voices, LGBTQ+ voices, disabled or differently abled communities, etc. Your suggestions are definitely welcome, and you can leave them in the comments below.

The idea is that all voices need to be heard, which means that we have to start listening. These conversations are an attempt to do that. Because these are not safe little interviews, but rather deep dive conversations, the videos will be longer than usual. We’re editing that footage now, and we should be ready to publish the first interview within a week or so, with the rest following shortly thereafter.

The Rest of 2020

Ok, so that’s the exciting news out of the way. But what about the rest of this year? Will it get better? Well, that depends entirely on your own, individual energy. But generally speaking, no, it’s not going to get better. It’s going to get worse first. The hits will keep on coming, just like they do when we’re personally going through this process, until enough people have woken up. This doesn’t mean that everyone will be enlightened, it simply means that enough human beings in an area or in the world have stopped living purely in survival, and are no longer willing to put up with sacrificing themselves or huge sections of the population (other parts of the body they’re a part of) in order to just get scraps. When we’re no longer so willing to throw each other under the bus; when we’re no longer so terrified of each other that we have to kill each other to feel safe; when we can approach each other with openness, recognizing what we have in common and celebrating our differences, the unique contribution of each cell, each organ, each part of the body, when we learn to take care of each other as a way of taking care of the whole and ourselves in the process, when we’re willing to overcome our prejudices, our ignorance and our fears, to reach across to someone different and presume that they are a friend rather than an enemy, when we learn to face our own pain and engage in the healing of our own wounds as well as the collective ones, when enough people awaken to this perspective, that’s when the waves will stop. That’s when the dominoes will fall. That’s when you’ll see massive changes sweeping the world, problems that seemed insurmountable will simply be solved, and we’ll finally be able to show ourselves what humans are truly capable of when we start to cooperate. It’s a big change, to be sure. But it’s leading to a world so different, so changed for the better, so empowering, that we can’t really even imagine it right now.

This is the time to do the inner work. This is the time to face the fears, acknowledge the pain, and pay attention to what we’ve been putting up with. Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable. That’s the point. It’s been uncomfortable for a long, long time. We just haven’t really acknowledged it. The morphine drip has been turned off and it’s time to see the truth.

Along with the Conscious Conversations series, I’ll continue to publish some teaching videos like this, although possibly not all as long, but hopefully more frequently. I know that this video has been longer than usual, so thank you for watching all the way to the end.

For now, the next video coming out will be the first in the Conscious Conversations series, so look out for that, and don’t be shy about letting me know what you think in the comments. As always, thank you for bringing your light to the world. Bye!  

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  • I just found this post. It really hit home for me as I peek out of my current trench.
    You did predict a massive, gigantic event for 2020 (you really nailed that one!!!!). I am so glad I heard your message. I am so lucky to have been able to surf this 2020 wave, rather than get pummeled by it! Thank you.
    Do you have any insights for the new year?

    • Hey Chantal,

      I do. Coming soon. It’s going to be another volatile one, but different. I see 2021 as being the year of righteous anger. So many people have yet to wake up to what has actually been happening in the world for a long time. Long standing patterns are being broken, and much will come into the light. If you are awake, this will be a phenomenal year for you. 2020 was the beat down. Now, it’s time to heal, grow and learn to live outside of the cage. More to come soon! 🙂

  • What if I just don’t want to be a political activist like you, Melody? Does that mean I’m bad or wrong? Am I incorrect for feeling that way?

    • Hey Tresna,
      I’m not sure I’d ever call myself a political activist, lol. Maybe a Spiritual activist? I actually kind of like that!
      And no, you’re not wrong or bad. You do not HAVE TO do anything you don’t want to do. Your job, your ONE job on this planet is to be unequivocally, unapologetically YOU. You, exactly as you really are (when you let yourself truly be yourself) is exactly what this world needs most. You are the gift to the world. Not what you do, or what you can achieve. Just you, being you. So, however you want to express yourself, whether it’s loudly or very, very quietly, is going to be just perfect. <3


  • Hey Melody!

    I know I’m kind of late to the party, but I was inspired to revisit this post because I’m having some doubts about the whole abundance thing. In another post in this blog, you have mentioned that the economic system is actually a good thing, and that it actually “works”, because of LoA.

    But I see and I am experiencing right now some income inequality in my reality, and this post also says that the economic system isn’t working. This makes me feel confused, and angry as well, mostly blaming myself because I know that I can only create in my own reality, and yet, “why did I create poverty in my reality? Why can I not create any abundance no matter how hard I try? Why is it so easy for other people to create abundance in their reality but it’s so hard for me to even get rid of the resistance? Why did I even come to this life with so much resistance?”

    I do feel that the economic system is unfair, but hearing you and other teachers say that the system “works” makes me feel that I’m flawed, because if the system isn’t broken, then it must mean that I’m broken. And if in fact I (or my higher self) am not broken, then the system must be broken, right? I’m so confused with this. Please help clarify this. Thank you!

    • Hey Tiffany,
      Ok, so I’m not sure where I said that and in response to what, but I can give you my current thougts (which are always evolving. So if I seem to contradict myself, always go with the newest teachings).

      The current economic system is totally broken. It’s unfair and it systemically oppresses people. But from an energy point of view, it “works” because it creates pressure that helps people see their powerlessness (actually, it represents the powerlessness). There is a perfection to negative manifestations. They can’t be ignored. They can’t be dismissed, no matter how hard we try. You couldn’t accept the idea of the economy “working” in a positive sense, because that idea doesn’t feel right to you. And it feels so off, that you can’t just let it go, can you? That’s brilliant. That’s what it’s designed to do. It’s time to wake up and see what’s actually going on in the world. It’s ok to say “no more”. In other words, get mad. Explore how you truly feel about all of this. Stop trying to accept it and get honest with yourself. Then, express those emotions CONSTRUCTIVELY. 🙂

  • Reading up a bit more about BLM and George Floyd I came across the very sad story of Tony Timpa who died in exactly the same way as George Floyd – but there was no outrage, no marches, no knee-bending. Is it because Tony Timpa was white? Do white lives not also matter?

  • Hi Melody – I have been wondering all afternoon about this analogy of us being part of a body. But in ‘real world bodies’ if a part becomes so rotten or gangrene ridden, it has to be amputated or removed to save the bigger part of the body, to keep the body alive, and the body learns to get by without the limb or tonsils or whatever – otherwise the whole body might become infected, suffer and die. Also bodies evolve – parts that are not used get smaller or disappear and other parts get stronger. Is this also true of us as cells/organs of a ‘body’?

    • Hey Mary,

      I would totally agree with the second part: yes, parts change. We evolve all the time. But.. and this is what leads into the first part of your question, something gravitating out because of evolution is not the same as cutting something off.
      I would posit this: in our current medical system, cutting things off, out of whatever, is considered “normal”. But… is it? Is it the best we could do? Is that real healing? Is that the ultimate expression of healing? Or, could we evolve this even further? Yes, the body can survive if we amputate a limp. It can’t survive if we amputate a heart, but some parts are “expendable”. Of course, if you’re simply focusing on survival, this makes sense. But if you’re focusing on thriving, it may not. Wouldn’t it be better if we could heal all parts? So, we might have to let the parasitic energy die off in order to save the whole, but I do not believe that we have to sacrifice limbs and body parts. And I would also argue that although our collective body is sick, it is not gangrenous, even though it may sometimes feel that way. In fact, I think looking at our collective body through the paradigm of how we’ve been treating ourselves, which the current medical system is also a reflection of, is the issue here. Perhaps if we look at our body and all its cells in a less expendable way, parts will become less expendable (we could, for example, find out that the appendix has a function after all, lol).

      Does that help? <3

  • Hey Melody!

    1. Do you mind sharing your latest insights about your weight? I’m wondering about it since you seem to have gained weight since last year.

    2. Know anybody who has successfully gone past the “numb” stage in the “Shame” group and released their anger 100%? I’ve read your articles and book and worked with Tina, but it’s still impossible for me to feel anything. Trying to instigate it only backfires, and I”m obsessed with trying to get angry day and night for the past few years.

    • Hey Samuel,

      Well, when I made the weight loss video, I was very honest about my reluctance to do so, because I knew I wasn’t “done”. But I shared what I could. I’m still figuring it out (although I feel I’m very, very close), and that means I can’t yet present the solution. Yes, my weight has gone up again, although not to where it was, which is already a huge difference. I’ve lost and regained weight many times in my life, and I always ended up fatter than when I started. So, only regaining some of the weight is actually a major triumph for me. Maybe not the triumph others want to see, but I’m very much a work in progress.

      Don’t try to instigate anger. Notice it when it shows up and release it constructively. You can’t force this. Why do you assume that you much get angry? Why not feel what it is you’re actually feeling? And if you can’t feel any emotion, then look for body sensations. And yes, I have seen people with all kinds of horrible trauma heal. That’s one of the reasons I believe so strongly in this work. So, don’t try to create emotion. Become aware of the emotion that’s there, bit by bit, so you can work with that.

      Does that help? <3

  • Welcome back Melody 😊 Conscious Conversations sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to hear them. Amplifying marginalised voices is a huge step in creating change!

    It was an interesting synchronicity that you brought up parasites, because I’ve spent the last few days reading up on “wetiko” – a mind parasite that hooks into us through our blind spots and trauma. It’s a Native American term, but the idea is found in many cultures, and it’s exactly what you describe. It’s quite dark stuff, but I 100% trust that the awakening is happening ❤

    • Oooh, that sounds interesting! We definitely have to be willing to face the dark stuff. How can we ever heal it if we can’t face it?

  • I was so happy to hear your message today. The analogy of parasites totally hit the, proverbial, nail-on-the-head for me. I’ve been feeling isolated lately, and have been going down the rabbit hole of fear and anger (mostly anger), so I picked up your book again yesterday: I’m overdue for a second read, and to resume some work on myself.
    Anyway, thanks for the update: I am so looking forward to the conscious interviews. I could not agree more that those discussions are absolutely needed.

  • Sounds like it’ll be interesting.

    I was thinking about my own experiences today. I’m often disregarded for the way I look or speak. Masculinity is often tied to the ideal of “competence,” even in women.

    Regardless of how much more I accomplish or the results I achieve, I see people in positions of power consistently choose others based on a persona they’re expecting. I think your words today helped me to reflect and understand that yes, the things I’m experiencing are the things I’m experiencing. I don’t need to gaslight myself in the name of deciding I’m “empowered.”

    That’s partly why I think I would enjoy seeing alternative perspectives. While you can use loa to focus on what you want, I think sometimes we mistake denial for “thinking positive.”

    • “Gaslighting oneself” – April, you coined the perfect term! I very much agree that many of us have been mixing up denial and positive thinking. The definition I learned for positive thinking sounds in fact nothing but denial: ignore the bad, focus on the good, don’t “dwell” on anything bad that has happened to you.

      In addition, I also think it is important to concentrate on healing our collective wounds in order to facilitate our own personal healing and finally make that shift to a better reality. I must say I’ve been deliberately distancing myself from the LoA community (incl. blogs and websites) for the last couple of years since I started to feel there’s too much pressure to “take responsibility!”, “forgive everyone!” and “be the creator you were meant to be!” . Sounds great in theory but in practice it disregards not only your personal baggage but also the collective trauma you’ve been carrying, without having any opportunity to actually release it. You can’t just “take responsibility” and “forgive” if you’re still struggling with unprocessed trauma. In these situations, the kind of advice I referred to can be ludicrous at best and harmful at worst. That’s why I was so delighted to hear about the new direction Melody is about to take in her work 🙂

      Anyway, thanks April for sharing your perspective!

      Lady R

  • Melody, you take time to do your own work whenever you need to, because you came back with dynamite! Your idea about conversations: brilliant. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for this, Melody.

    Denial is the keyword here. Our society has been willingly looking the other way when atrocities of epic proportions, both on a personal and collective level, were happening. This ignorance has been very painful for those of us being affected by the abuse.

    I look very much forward to the Conscious Conversation series. I do hope that white people, who are conscious of their race in a positive way, will also be heard. The epithet of white supremacism is so much of a boilerplate label that it hurts us more than it helps. The majority of white people today do not want racism to continue, but at the same time, they don’t want to be collectively vilified, which is another form of racism in and of itself. Yes, the supremacy of white civilizations at the expense of other ethnicities has done tremendous damage in our world, no doubt about it. However, the white race has also helped to build the civilization we all live in today – with its magnificent architecture, art, technology, science, and progress. It was also the first civilization, which ended institutional slavery – a practice, which still continues today, especially among colored races in places like Southeast Asia, some parts of Africa, and the Middle East. A fact, which is totally unacknowledged by most today.

    We are in this together and I believe we need to become conscious of who we are, including the good AND the bad sides. Black communities are full of wonderful people, but we can deny that Black communities have a lot of internal problems, which are not always the result of structural racism. Just as much white people have to own up to their shortcomings, so do the other communities have to do their share. I believe that only if we are honest and face each other with an open heart and humility, can we solve our issues as a collective.

    • Ben you began your comment talking about denial and end your comments in denial. This is why so many people of colour stopped talking about the ‘race’s problem……white defensiveness. Black lives Matter because All Lives Matter. If you want to be treated as people of colour are treated and your answer is Yes then we can talk some more, if your answer is No look deeply into that. Light and Live to the World. Thank You Melody as always for your Light.

      • There is no need to accuse me of ‘white defensiveness’ for just sharing an opinion – especially not knowing whether I am not black myself.

        Maybe next time, the ‘light and l(i)ove’ you meant to share with the world can be just that instead of a slightly tainted perception:)

    • Hey Ben,

      I hope to be able to represent white people, to some extent, in these conversations. Of course, I can’t speak for all white people, just as my counterparts cannot speak for all black people, but we do address some of these issues. I am aware, however, that much of this might be uncomfortable for many white people to hear, as systemic issues are a much bigger factor than most people are aware of. And while blame and responsibility are not at all the same thing, most people, when challenged, will first assume they are being blamed. We have to get past that initial impulse to defend ourselves, and be open to the idea that there’s a lot we don’t understand or know. There is no blame in these conversations (we’ve recorded 4 and are editing them), but there are some uncomfortable truths. It’s the same when we do individual inner work. There’s going to be some discomfort. But it was my aim, and still is, to fully honor all parties. That’s the whole point, actually – to honor everyone. I look forward to what you think of the videos once they come out.

      • Suprised that Ben’s comment triggered an alleged defensiveness of white people. I don’t see anything in his comment implying that. In fact, he made an extremely important point in this contested debate. If these conversations are supposed to be conscious, then they have to discuss matters that also make us, the black community, uncomfortable. Things we don’t like to hear. Not everything is the white man’s fault. C’mon people. We do have a lot of issues aggravating us in our communities that are home-made. Truth is never just black and white – literally.

        • You make great points DH. One of the ideas I had was to do one episode with a panel of people of color, so they could discuss some of these issues amongst themselves, and share their own unique experiences. The truth is that it’s not just white ignorance, we’re all ignorant of each other. Of course we are. No one can know the full experience of another, and to me, there’s so much value in sharing our perspectives with each other.

          I actually thought Ben’s comment (Hi Ben!) was really respectful. But I could also feel that it might trigger other white people, so I thought I’d address that. Maybe I could’ve done a better job. I’m totally willing to have gotten it wrong. That’s how we learn, right?

          Thank so much for adding your perspective here. <3

  • Ugh as per usual everything you said here resonated with me so much. I knew all of this but sometimes you can get swept up in the fray of all this craziness and start letting fear creep in a little. I needed this badly right now. Thanks, Melody ❤

  • Wow! Thank-you for this, Melody. Puts “everything” into context in an LOA way that makes complete sense even if you had no LOA background/understanding at all. I am really looking forward to your ‘conscious conversations’ videos. I myself have been thinking about this for a long time. I have some friends of colour who I think would engage with me in this kind of conversation, but I haven’t found the ‘context’ (ie someone’s fb page, not best place??) to make it happen. Also: fear of being triggered and becoming defensive has made me reluctant to put myself ‘out there’. I am so glad you have stepped up in this way. It is a big deal. I am thinking your videos might encourage me to take the next steps with my own relationships.

    • Thanks so much Jacqui. This is actually one of the intentions I’ve set for this series: to help others have the same kind of conversations. To maybe show one way to do that… I’m looking forward to your feedback after the videos are published.

  • A really powerful, insightful take on what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how we can, and arguably must, focus our own attention and energy to first help our self recognise, see and create healing for our self from an awareness of our being an equally co-critical part of the whole global body as is every other entity on our screen of life for the reality that we experience starts with us as the creator of that reality which then leads towards healing the global body for, as every airliner passenger knows, in an emergency, the parent has put on the oxygen mask first in order to remain conscious enough so as to be ready and able to help their children and others or else they all will die if there is no one left awake to help them.

    Equally important is it to remember that “defenses create exactly that against which they would defend”: Since we live in a vibrationally Inclusive Universe – meaning simply that in the way that the Law Of Attraction is always “on” and the way it always functions, “that which is like unto itself is drawn and it does so just as unerringly as any magnet unerringly draws iron filings to it” hence whatever we hold as our most dominant thought, if that is also accompanied by fear, anxiety or feelings of depression or hopelessness because we are focusing on that which we do not want and therefore, inadvertently, we are thus intent on defending against that which we do not want, then inevitably what we do not want will thus be exactly what we actually end up manifesting into our reality! – with thanks in acknowledgement to Melody and her book: Finally The Law Of Attraction Makes Freakin’ Sense” 🙂

    Very well and thoughtfully done inspiring video, Melody. Thank you very much. Love it. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Patricia. This is one of the challenges in activism. We cannot affect change by fighting against something. Even though it makes logical sense that this is a good idea. We must BE the change. My aim is to do just that with this series. <3

  • Once again, a very clear message that I needed to hear. The “we are all cells in the same body” analogy was perfect. If I didn’t feel so much like I might have to move to Canada after the first of the year, I would be able to relax into the changes more easily, after listening to this. There’s a lot of trepidation among my tribe about the upcoming election here in the US. We know that things are going to get uglier before they get better, but I just wish that we were more certain things were going to get better. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing the video. Love you!

    • Hey Robyn,
      That certainty is something we choose, and can incrementally work ourselves into. The more we become a match to it (things getting better), the more evidence we see of it, which allows us to believe it more, which brings more evidence, etc. But of course, there’s a lot of fear coming up, as well, and we have to honor that and feel it. That’s how the world changes. 🙂

  • Looking forward to the Conscious Conversations series! Yeah, it’s about time to hear the voices of people who’ve been oppressed for such a long time. I don’t believe in acting like a spokesperson on behalf of them either. I can see where those well meaning “White Cis-gendered Saviors” are coming from; after all, I used to be like that too. But now I’m aware it doesn’t work anymore and we really need to listen to the people who have first-hand experience in regards to the oppression, discrimination and silencing they’ve had to endure (and are still enduring in many parts of the world).

    I’ve certainly noticed this collective awakening process happening in my own country as well. All I have to do is to look at the message boards and online discussion groups. I’m from a country with a long and strong tradition of Protestant work ethic and cultural emphasis on conformity and obedience. In other words: in order to be a good and worthy person, you will need to get married, have children and above all work your ass off ’till the day you die. Oh, and don’t stand out from the crowd, because other people will think you’re either showing off or trying to deliberately cause disruption 😀 What I’ve witnessed is that people here are not willing to buy into that anymore. They’re no longer willing to put up with long working hours with pitiable salaries, incessant workplace bullying, being micro-managed in every way imaginable and not being actually able to use their gifts and skills. They’re also no longer willing to settle down just because “good” people are supposed to do so, or sacrifice their own dreams or life purpose for the sake of fitting in.

    Of course, this has also caused massive resistance and there are many people who complain about how “people are so lazy and entitled nowadays, it’s their fault our economy is collapsing” and “OMG what’s wrong with our women they don’t want BAYBEEEZZ anymore!!!”. I understand it is their own fear they’re projecting, that many of them are in fact scared of our society collapsing if we all don’t follow the same life path like the generations before us did. They’re still so mired in fear that they don’t yet recognize that if an individual is free to chose their own path that is aligned with their Highest Self, it serves not only that said individual but the whole collective as well. But I’m hopeful that day will soon come 🙂

    Lady R

    • Thanks so much for sharing your perspective, Lady R. I absolutely agree that people everywhere are changing. If we look for it, we can see it happening, and it’s an amazing sign that things are really shifting now. Such an exciting time!!

  • Hi Melody, I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful and honest video. If you’re videos need to be nice and long, please don’t apologise, the messages that you have to get to out into the world are much needed and appreciated. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing your next video!

  • Thanks Melody! I feel like I have been truly experiencing lots of challenges. Will keep on facing them if need be, I guess. No other choice at this point. I look forward to your conscious interviews and would love the chance to participate. Warmly, Lisa

  • Hi Melody,
    I love your work! Through this situation my mantra has been “The Universe is working for my good” It feels empowering to me. I and my husband have a physical disability of CP , are caring for my elderly parents and have 2 daughters ages 20 and 16.
    I find myself feeling afraid at times. How can I grow and stay strong and positive for all those counting on me? In those fearful moments I feel lost and helpless.
    Much love and hugs to you!
    Thank you!
    Nancy C.

    • Hey Nancy,
      I know this won’t be easy, since you’re caring for others. But it helps a great deal when you see those you are caring for in their power, not as defenseless or weaker than you. See them as strong creators and you’re participating in something together. That should help take quite a bit of the pressure off. And of course, you will feel lost and helpless, at times. We all do. The trick is to actually allow yourself to feel that, instead of trying to shut it down because it’s not “enlightened” or whatever. Allow yourself to feel those feelings, and you’ll move through them much faster. <3

      Sending you all the hugs,

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