In today’s Conscious Conversation, I’m joined by Alex Allen, who shares her insights and personal experiences of growing up black in America. Alex, who played a major part in inspiring this series, has done a tremendous amount of healing work, and shares her valuable perspective from the other side of healing as well as her ongoing journey. This conversation put a heavy emphasis on “conscious”, and while we definitely didn’t shy away from the uncomfortable bits, it’s also a tremendously uplifting exchange. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did creating it.

Resources mentioned on the call:

Do The Thing podcast “I am a Racist”

The Body of Emmet Till

Mike Pence protesting players kneeling during the national anthem

Black Children being used as alligator bait

Connect with Alex here:


Thanks so much for watching this installment of Conscious Conversations. If you’re a person of color or other group whose voice needs to be heard, and you’d like to participate in a public conversation like this, or if you know someone who would be perfect for this format, please contact me through my website, (or just reply to one of my emails).

Otherwise, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Did you enjoy this format? Were there any aha moments? Were you left with more, unanswered questions that you may want us to answer in future conversations? Did you get uncomfortable? If you’re a person of color, do you feel your perspective was represented? What about if you’re white?  Let me know in the comments.

All voices are welcome, but we do ask that you keep it respectful and constructive. In other words, what you have to say is important, just don’t be a dick about it.

Until next time, I’m Melody Fletcher, and thank you for bringing your light to the world.

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  • I know I’m arriving late on the scene here. I just watched this 4th video of the Concious Conversations, and I just wanted to ad that there is a documentary that should be added to the list of Rescources provided in the links below the video.

    13th, by Ava DuVernay and available on Netflix, is a stunning film about the 13th amendment, systemic racism, and too much more to cover in this message. I truly believe it should be viewed by every American (and IMHO all high school students), as it sheds light on and informs much of what was discussed here between Alex and Melody, as well as the discussions in the other three CC videos.

    These conversations are a great way to open up the much-needed dialog between white and African Americans. Thank you, Alex and Melody, for this discussion!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this extra resource Jill! And I’m really happy you enjoyed the conversation.


  • Melody and Alex, this was just brilliant and heartbreaking and healing. Alex, thank you for being so brave for sharing your stories. I totally lost track of time while listening to this conversation. Thank you both for sharing your wisdom and insights. This was just captivating.

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