About Melody

Hay House author, coach and channel Melody Fletcher doesn't believe that spiritual growth has to be so damn serious all the time. She recognizes that personal growth is NOT just about thinking positively. In fact, it can be a pretty brutal process when we actually surrender to it. She's made it her life's mission to help lightworkers make their journeys easier. Her clients include highly intellectual overthinkers who appreciate her direct and no-BS approach,  her incredible technical understanding of the Technology of Reality, as well as her ability to generate reality-changing results. 

"Here's the thing...

I know who I am and why I’m here. I understand exactly why my life has unfolded the way it has, why everything that’s ever happened to me has happened to me (yes, even the crappy stuff), and more importantly, exactly how I can get what I want. I live a truly magical life where things just work out for me. And I want you to know that you can, too."

It wasn’t always like this, though. I grew up feeling like I was different. Like I didn’t really belong on this planet. The people around me didn’t really understand me, and I seemed to perceive things differently than they did. This made me feel like I was broken, like there was something wrong with me. After all, if everyone thinks one way and I think another, I’m probably the problem, right? So, like most people, I did my best to conform – to live by the “rules” they’d set out for me. I worked extremely hard and I sacrificed myself for the good of others, all in the belief that if I suffered today, I’d get rewarded tomorrow. Maybe. Hopefully. Ok, maybe the day after tomorrow… And if not then, someday, right?

And it worked. Sort of. On paper, I was successful. I was making tons of money as a corporate executive, living in a gorgeous apartment in one of the most amazing cities in the world (Barcelona), and I had loads of friends. However, I was ALSO a stressed out, overworked control freak. And it was never enough. No matter how hard I worked or how much I sacrificed, I was never really satisfied. I could never relax and feel that “I’d made it”. In fact, I felt I was slowly dying inside. What the hell, world? I'd done everything right! How come I wasn't freaking ecstatic and showered in diamonds and chocolate? Where was my reward?!?!

After a lifetime of searching for answers, I had what you might call an awakening, and I discovered something: Everything I'd been taught about how the world works, the definition of success I'd been given, the roadmap I'd been promised would lead me to happiness, were all a lie. It was as if I'd realized that the earth wasn't round. When I say that I discovered this, I actually mean that I remembered it. It was something I'd always known deep down, a whispering, a knowing; that there was much, MUCH more to this life than I'd been led to believe, that life wasn't supposed to be this damn hard, and that happiness is our birthright. And when I began to change my approach and utilize what I'd remembered, my entire life changed. Not only did I manifest an amazing life for myself, but even more importantly for me, I've been able to help hundreds of clients and students do the same. 

My road wasn't easy, though. I had no guide. I had no roadmap. I had lots of doubts and questions along the way. Why was life so damn hard? Why had we been lied to? Why didn't everyone know this? Why were we all so willing to accept living limited, unhappy lives devoid of passion? Why did bad things happen, especially to really good people? I found the answers to all these questions. And more. Much, MUCH more.

I've always been a teacher. When I was 5, I would teach my stuffed animals all I knew. In nearly every job I've ever had, I ended up training others. I was born to figure stuff out and then break it down in a way that's easy to understand. I can't help myself. It's who I am.

I’m also a transmuter of energy. Again, I’ve always been this. That means, when I get into an environment or around people who have a lower vibration, all I have to do show up, and my energy field will begin to “clean up” the energy (I’m kind of like a vibrational air filter). I bring light into the darkness. If you’re reading this, you’re probably the same way.

I launched this site in order to help others who are searching for answers find the happiness and joy I discovered. I'm here to give you a map, a guide book, a wake-up kick in the pants. I’m here to call to you and guide you out of the fog.

I'm not here for everyone, though. If you:

  • just want to keep on living life the same way
  • aren’t yet sick enough of your current situation to truly make a change
  • have no sense of humor
  • can't handle my occasional (but often creative!) cursing
  • aren't actively looking to feel better, and just want a place to complain
  • aren't ready to be told the truth, especially if it's a bit uncomfortable

Then, no hard feelings or anything, but this isn't the place for you. If, however, you're ready for some honest, Bullshit Free, kick-ass personal development, and a real world explanation of the Law of Attraction, reality creation and who you truly are that actually makes some freaking sense, you've come to the right place.

No topic is off limits. No question is too tough. This is real life, damn it, and we're not going to dream small, settle for less than we deserve or sacrifice our happiness for some mythical future payoff anymore!

Are you ready to start your journey? Are you ready to take control of your life and remember Who You Really Are? Are you ready for life to get easier and more awesome than you've ever dreamed possible? 

In My Coaching Sessions:

  • I'll read your energy so we can quickly identify what you truly want (so you don't waste your time on something you don't really want).
  • Using various tools, I'll help you identify and shift your limiting beliefs, and will then explain exactly what we did, so you can replicate it yourself on other issues.  
  • Gently and lovingly kick your butt, if need be, so you can really face what it is you've been avoiding (resistance). Please do not sign up with me if you're not ready to do this. My clients book with me because I'm super direct and deliver powerful results. I will take you as far as you will allow. This is also why my sessions last longer (typically 2-3 hours instead of 1). I find it most satisfying when we move a ton of energy in one go. 
  • If appropriate, I may step into your energy field and shift the energy for you (some may call this "entity removal"). Please note that I do not always get permission from your higher self to do this, but it's incredibly powerful when allowed. 


(Sessions typically last 2-3 hours)

What Clients Say

Speaking to Melody will change you

About 8 months ago, I was having a particularly bad day, super tired and feeling down. My 24 year old son said to me, "Mom, go do something for yourself. Grab a smoothie and go to a bookstore". Little did I know that that day was going to alter my path in life. I started on a new journey, a better journey. I had picked up Melody's book, "Deliberate Receiving: Finally, the Universe Makes Some Freakin' Sense!" I started following Melody, and noticed right away that her path did make sense. Our energy, our vibration is mirrored back to us. As I started paying closer attention to my emotions and energy output, I really picked up on the great changes happening in my life. I found Melody's coaching calls particularly helpful to me. I loved that I could hand pick the calls that related to what was happening in my life and that I could listen to them whenever I found I needed a reminder to stay on path. I also have used the manifesting tools that Melody describes in her book and they have worked, every time. I was super fortunate to be able to have my own coaching call with Melody and once again, she explained to me that my own energy or vibration was mirroring back to me and it did make complete sense. I could feel the difference, the understanding and almost a calmness as I was speaking to her as I realized that the recent struggles that I was having were simply caused by my mindset. After our conversation, my energy was very different. In fact, I was full of energy and things were so much clearer. Speaking to Melody will change you. Melody is an amazing personality who has a perspective on the Law of Attraction that is easy to understand. I encourage everyone to follow Melody and her path. If you do, your life will change. It has to. Thank you Melody! I'm truly excited for my future.


From Misery to Awesomeness

You have helped me in changing my life from one of misery to awesomeness! When I read your book, I started to realize the people in my life were not treating me the way I thought I deserved to be treated. You opened my eyes that life didn't have to be a struggle. It has taken me so long to try to come to some understanding of why on earth I had manifested this situation. So many people broke my heart and I just could not believe other people could be that hateful. But it all makes so much sense now that I have spoken with you and it is absolutely learning to set my boundaries with others, even if they are family members who think they are entitled to respect without giving it. Your words are so empowering, in this brief note it is so hard to relay the hurt feelings, the self-doubt, all the anguish over these people, and how now I am so empowered by just knowing that I am allowed to decide who I have relationships with, and to not be manipulated into what I should do. You have helped me change my life for the better, and the proof is that I am now manifesting wonderful people like Melody Fletcher into my life!! Also very much looking forward to the anger release exercises! Cannot wait to get started, and I will absolutely let you know how it goes, there are a few people on my list so might be awhile! You are a true gift Melody Fletcher, thank you from the bottom of my heart Sincerely,


My vibration is raised solely from recalling the conversation!!

My coaching call with Melody was a true game changer. She is amazing and so personable, it felt like I was talking to the oldest, best friend I always wish I had. She creates a safe and open space for you to authentically express who you are and where you may need some guidance and healing. I believe trust is the primary factor that's hard to find in situations where being vulnerable will serve you best, and Melody instantly made me feel safe and secure in expressing how I truly felt, even making me feel comfortable with ugly feelings I try to ignore. She easily shifted my perception and pointed out all of the good in situations I thought were bad. Her blogs have always spoke right to my soul, and the coaching call was something I wish I had done a long time ago, she helped me heal parts of me I never could have alone, and I've been deep into my spiritual journey for a couple of years now. It was the missing piece for me. What I love about her is she really speaks my language, and she's so present and in tune with you that she took words right out of my mouth. My vibration is raised solely from recalling the conversation!! Thank you Melody, for being you!


My Teachings Help You To:

  • figure out what you really want. 
  • clear the limiting beliefs that are in the way of you receiving that.
  • learn how to set WAY better boundaries.
  • learn how to decipher your manifestations (how did you manifest that??). Understanding your own manifestations helps you to learn how reality really works. 
  • continuously calibrate your energy so you always manifest deliberately.
  • shift your polarity so you can live purely in 5D.

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