In this video, I share the insights gained from my 30 day video challenge, as well as all the exciting stuff to come!

What I Learned From My 30 Day Video Challenge | 30 Day Video Challenge 30 of 30

How are you supposed to keep your vibration nice and high when you have to deal with muggles (those who don’t get LOA)?

Co-Creating with Muggles (those who don’t get LOA) | 30 Day Video Challenge 29 of 30

Is LOA real? Are we truly powerful? Or is the idea that we create our own reality just a bunch of crap?

How Can We Know If This LOA Stuff is True? | 30 Day Video Challenge 28 of 30

Is it possible for you to have memories from a different reality? What about when a whole bunch of people, thousands and thousands of people remember an event that, well, didn’t?

Collective False Memories or Parallel Reality? – the Mandela Effect | 30 Day Video Challenge 27 of 30

You’re home and finally able to take care of anger, but it just won’t flow. What do you do? Well, the answer may surprise you.

Anger Release – What If Anger Doesn’t Flow? | 30 Day Video Challenge 26 of 30

Are young people more equipped to shift limiting beliefs? Are older people more set in their ways? Does being happy get harder as we get older?

Are Young People Better at Shifting Beliefs? | 30 Day Video Challenge 25 of 30

Have you ever looked for a set of keys and found them where you KNEW you’d already looked? They weren’t there, but then… they were! What happened?

Reality Filters – Which Reality Are You Choosing to See? | 30 Day Video Challenge 24 of 30

On the one hand, I tell you to make peace with your situation, and on the other I tell you not to be afraid to walk away. Which is it?

Surrendering vs. Putting Up With Crap | 30 Day Video Challenge 23/30

Doing this LOA work often uncovers a fear that if we continue down this road, that we might go absolutely bat shit crazy.

Are Crazy People Just Seeing Energy? | 30 Day Video Challenge 22/30

Is it possible to marry Atheism and LOA? What about religious and spiritual beliefs? How does LOA fit into any of these?

Can You Be Into LOA and Atheism or Religion? | 30 Day Video Challenge 21 of 30