An exploration of the Coronavirus from a Law of Attraction point of view. How did we manifest this? And how to weather this storm.

CoronaVirus: Why/how did we manifest this?!

Is it actually possible to communicate with the “dead”? Can we continue having a relationship with someone who has passed on? And if so, how??

Communicating with the Non-Physical

The rising suicide rate has been a huge topic of conversation lately, due, in part, to some high-profile deaths. When someone commits suicide, it can affect us profoundly, even if we didn’t know them personally.

Why are Suicide Rates Rising? + a Solution

A reader asks why a neighbor’s teenager had to die, and why another neighbor’s child is critically ill. How can we be deliberate and powerful creators and still attract such misery?

Why Do Children Have to Suffer and Die?

Why do people kill themselves? How can those left behind find peace?

When Your Loved One Commits Suicide

A reader asks the ultimate question. And yes, I answered it. Is there a God? How spiritual is this LOA stuff, anyway?

Dear LOA: Does God Exist?

This reader had a premonition that her friend was going to die. Could she have stopped his death? Why did she manifest this?

She Sensed Her Friend’s Death – Does That Mean She Made It Happen?

Are psychics real? This reader wants to know why the prediction he got was only half accurate. Could it have been better?

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Psychics

I can’t quite believe that I’ve never written about spirit guides. My bad, people. Let me make it up to you right now.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Spirit Guides

Why do tragedies like the Connecticut shooting and the Boston Marathon bombings happen? Is there a purpose? What about the children?

Dear LOA: Why Do Innocent People Keep Dying In Tragedies?