This reader’s father in law is dying, and her husband doesn’t want to let him go. Can LOA help?

What Can I Do To Help A Dying Relative?

Can resistance keep you from getting what you want? Are you arrogant or just confident? And is there a hell?

Quick LOA Questions Volume 13 – Resistance, Arrogance and Hell

Awesome Dude took his dying uncle’s hand and felt something happen. Now he’s sick. Did he take on his uncle’s illness? And if so, what can he do about it?

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A 12 year old boy died. What went wrong? Can we wish ourselves to death, and what happens if we choose to die? How long are we supposed to live, anyway?

More Questions About Death: Dying Too Soon, Suicide and Longevity

We, as a society, have not made our peace with death. And yet, one thing is certain: We’re all going to die. Yes, even you. Possibly even me. Probably not Rock ‘n Roll. Why does that frighten us so much?

Dear LOA: How Do We Manifest Death?