Have you been feeling rather unmotivated lately? Maybe you’ve not really wanted to do anything, but you’re afraid of being “lazy”.

How Boredom Can Make You More Productive and Fun!

Do you ever wonder WHY something happened to you? Why have you been single for so long? Why did you manifest a crappy boss? Why did you stub your toe?

Why Did This Manifestation Happen To Me?! (Client Story)

What exactly does it mean to awaken? What are we awakening to? And why do we have to (naps are nice…)? Watch today’s very short video for the answer!

Are You Waking Up? And What The #$@! Does That Mean?!

You have your one big desire, the thing that’s been driving you forward for years, the thing that maybe even motivated you to start searching for “alternative” information such as reality creation and the law of attraction. You want this thing SOOOO much!

Why is Your Biggest Manifestation Taking So Long?!

I decided to reply to a YouTube audience member who chose the comment section under one of my videos to declare that the Law of Attraction ruins lives and is therefore evil.

Does LOA Ruin Lives?

What does a Lightworker actually do? Are Lightworkers Special People? Are Lightworkers chosen? Are you one??

Are You a Lightworker?

Are we really here to learn lessons? Is Earth some kind of soul school? Or have we got it all wrong?

Nope! We’re Not In “Soul School”. Here’s Why…

What’s the real story on this New Earth? Can we or our loved ones miss it? Can we be left behind? What will it look like? And what do we have to do in order to make sure we can participate?

Are you ready to step into the New Earth?

I want to talk to you today about how this came to be, about how I managed to manifest something so amazing into my life, and how this entire year has been just an absolute mind blowing experience, one after the other after the other.

How I Create Peak Experiences Again and Again

What if you don’t want to be Mother Theresa, or a healer or a teacher? Is it ok for you to just focus on your own happiness? Watch today’s video and find out!

What If You Don’t Want To Save The World?