A personal experience of what it’s like growing up and being black in the United States today. An uplifting, down the rabbit hole dissection of racism, systemic racism, and empowerment.


In today’s Conscious Conversation, I’m joined by Makhosi Candiss, an American black woman who also happens to be a trained Zulu Shaman.

A Zulu Shaman and a White Lady Talking About Race | Conscious Conversations Episode 3

This week, in the second episode of the Conscious Conversations series, we continue that conversation on a more international level.

What’s it like to grow up in a Black MAJORITY? | Conscious Conversations Episode 2

It’s time for a July 2020 Energy update! Let’s talk Covid! Let’s talk ongoing crises! Let’s talk about George Floyd.

July 2020 Energy Update: George Floyd, Covid, the Awakening, etc.

Ever wonder why the whole world is hoarding toilet paper? Here’s the underlying, energy, LOA-based explanation you’ve been waiting for!

Hoarding Toilet Paper – LOA Explains Why!

2020 has the potential to be the best year yet, or a volatile fight. Here’s how to line your energy up with the awesome and avoid the crap.

7 Powerful Intentions for an Amazing 2020

This is what I call the “All or nothing” cycle, and it’s easy to get stuck in it. This kind of thinking, however, doesn’t serve us at all when it comes to creating our WANTED realities.

How to Step Out of the Huge Excitement/Crushing Disappointment Cycle

This caller said her meditations feel really good as she focuses only on positive things. How does this fit into my teachings that we have to allow our negative emotions? Is she doing it wrong? Is this type of meditation just a way to avoid doing the work, or can this actually be helpful? Listen

Do We HAVE TO Engage With Our Negative Emotions During Meditation?

How do you overcome your self-doubt and get your message out there? How do you get people to believe in you?

Getting People to Believe in You So You Can Help Them

If you’ve been looking at the world and wondering how in the hell you’re supposed to keep your vibration up during all this chaos, today’s video is definitely for you.

How to Hold Your Energy During Chaos + Fearing Change