This is Part II in the series on manifesting the job you love. It’s totally possible for you to create the job you love, starting today. Here’s how:

Take This Job and Love It

Do you hate your job? It’s absolutely possible to feel better about the job you have right now, and in fact, it’s a requirement of creating a better environment.

How to Love Your Sucky Job

Use this Law of Attraction technique to find the vibration of whatever you want so you can deliberately receive it into your reality.

Instantly Feel Better With This One Law of Attraction Technique

We can’t create in someone else’s reality, but can negative thoughts from others keep us from achieving our goals? If so, how? And what can we do about it?

Can The Negative Thoughts Of Others Influence Us?

In this Law of Attraction work, we talk a lot about focus. But what if you’re having trouble focusing? Here are some tips to help you strengthen those wimpy focusing muscles.

How to Focus

Can we use the Law of Attraction to make people, in general, like us? No. And once you’ve listened to my explanation, hopefully, you’ll no longer want to.

Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Make People Like Me?

When we use the Law of Attraction to line up our energy before taking action, laziness and procrastination become a thing of the past.

Overcoming Laziness With the Law of Attraction

Use this technique to raise your vibration on any subject and release negative beliefs in order to manifest the reality you’ve always wanted.

The Vibrational Ladder – How To Feel Better In 4 Simple Steps

Reader Question: How do I know what I’m doing is real? How do I know any of this will work, and if these laws are real, and if they mean anything?

How Can We Prove That The Law of Attraction Is Real?

This simple metaphor explains how to know which vibration is determining your reality and how to change it to manifest the stuff you actually want.

Tip the Scale in Favor of the Reality You Actually Want