Why does simply changing your thoughts sometimes work, while at other times, it totally doesn’t? And what can you do instead?

LOA Troubleshooting – Trying to Change Negative Thoughts

Does a successful gambler, for example, someone who bets on a winning horse, cause the horse to win? Are they “holding the energy” for that horse?

“Holding the energy” and Winning at Gambling

Awesome Lisa would like to manifest more travel, but doesn’t currently have the funds to “make that happen”.

How To Manifest Travel With No Money

In today’s short video, I’m going to tell you a story about a client of mine who, in the early days of our coaching relationships, manifested a car. Easily. Super quickly.

Manifesting “Stuff” with the Law of Attraction (Client Story)

Why do people trophy hunt amazing animals? Lessons of healing from Apartheid. And a massive leveling up in Abundance.

What I Learned in South Africa

What if your goal of abundance is in conflict with your desire to help someone, or with your obligation to take care of someone else? Is there a way to make that choice, and do you even have to? Watch today’s video to find out!

Should You Focus On Your Own Wealth Or Take Care Of Others?

Listen in as I spill all the beans during this awesome interview. All. The. Beans.

How You Create Your Reality – Interview

How do people who are clearly unhappy manage to manifest so much money? And why do we have to do the work of getting happy if they don’t?!

Dear LOA: If I Have To Raise My Vibration To Get Money, How Do Douchebags Ever Get Rich?

How can you feel good about becoming rich when all the rich people you see on TV seem to be evil douchebags?

Dear LOA: How Can I Stop Hating The Rich?

What’s in store for 2014? Get another glimpse of my personal year end process!

Preparing for 2014 – What’s In Store For Deliberate Receiving?