An epic conversation and exploration of systemic racism and oppression of black people as well as all people between two people of different genders and races.

A Black Man and a White Lady Talking About Race and Life| Conscious Conversations Episode 5

A personal experience of what it’s like growing up and being black in the United States today. An uplifting, down the rabbit hole dissection of racism, systemic racism, and empowerment.


In today’s Conscious Conversation, I’m joined by Makhosi Candiss, an American black woman who also happens to be a trained Zulu Shaman.

A Zulu Shaman and a White Lady Talking About Race | Conscious Conversations Episode 3

What does it look like when a black lady and a white lady sit down to an open, honest, authentic and vulnerable conversation about race?

A Black Lady and a White Lady Talking About Race | Conscious Conversations

When we shine out light, it can cause others to react quite badly. Why is that? And what can we do about it?

Why Do Others React Badly To Your Light?

If you’ve ever sacrificed yourself in order to “help” someone else, or if you feel guilt or shame around the idea of NOT helping someone in “need”, this video is definitely for you.

How To Be an Uplifter Without Sacrificing Yourself

If you’re struggling with big life decisions, this short video can help you get the clarity you need.

Should She Go Back to School or Start a Family?

Watch as I coach one of my students through the prospect of her elderly parents declining and help her find a much more empowering perspective.

An Empowering Way to Deal with Aging Parents

In today’s video, I share 6 LOA strategies that will not only help you survive the holiday season, but actually enjoy it.

6 LOA Holiday Survival Strategies for 2018

It’s time to get on my soapbox again. And this time, I want to talk to you about the proliferation of “fake news” around the globe today, why this is so frustrating, and… why it’s actually a good thing.

Why You Can’t Trust Anyone (And Why You Don’t Have To)