Why is the energy rising? Why is every generation born into a higher vibrational field than the last?

Why is the Global Vibration Always Rising?

Most people know how to celebrate. They celebrate their Birthday, graduation, the birth of a new baby, marriage, anniversaries, and big accomplishments. In short, all the BIG moments of their lives. But… life is not just made of BIG moments.

A Rampage of Celebration!

What, exactly, is intuition? And what part does it play in the Law of Attraction? Are you attracting stuff, or is the stuff attracting you?

How Does Intuition Work?

People love to hate the Millennials and their entitled attitude. But are they really just brats? Or have their purpose simply been grossly misunderstood?

Dear Millennials: You’re Not Doing It Wrong

In today’s video, I talk about my Big Why and what it means to me, as an example of how to focus on your own Big Existence Motivating Force. Wahoo!

Why Are You Here? | 30 Day Video Challenge 19 of 30

It’s time to step up and be who you are, WHAT you are. It’s time to play a bigger game.

You’re Here For Something Bigger. Do You Feel It?

BBPTV interviewed me about why I do what I do, plus much more!

Why I Do What I Do… (Interview)

Do you ever wonder what you “should” being doing? Here’s a simple trick which will help you get clarity!

Wondering What You “Should” Do?

A reader wants to be cool, but whenever she tries to be just like the “cool kids”, it doesn’t go well for her. Can she be her weird, non-conformist, wonderful self and still be cool? Watch today’s video to find out how I answered this one!

Can You Be Cool Without Conforming?

I had the supreme pleasure of being interviewed by Tony and Claudia Scimeca, on the Going Home with Tony Show last week. Here’s the awesome result!

Learn to Manifest Your Desires (Podcast)