If you’re struggling with big life decisions, this short video can help you get the clarity you need.

Should She Go Back to School or Start a Family?

Awesome Cheyne wants to build up her business helping lawyers, but can’t figure out what to “do” next.

How To Figure Out What To “Do” Next…

Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough? No matter how much you get done, no matter how much you work, no matter how productive you are; it’s just never enough. Do you feel guilty when you don’t want to do anything?

Do You Feel Like You’re Never Doing Enough?

How did I manage to work less and accomplish more? Here are 6 tips that helped me completely change my corporate life.

6 Tips That Helped Me Go From 18 to 8 Hours a Day (While Becoming Even More Productive)

In today’s video, I explore what I like to call the “Taming of the Shrew Syndrome”, where we basically ask others to complete a series of impossible to win tests in order to prove their love, affection, loyalty or whatever. This works great in Disney movies. It doesn’t work at all in real life.

Taming of the Shrew Syndrome (or How Disney Ruined You) | Crazy Bitch Syndrome Part 2

Welcome the newest coaching on team DR: Tina McDonald!

Exciting Changes to our Coaching Program!

I stopped posting for a while. Here’s why (and why it’s actually a good thing…)

Where the %$@ Have I Been?

Right. It’s time for another one of my soul-bearing, vulnerable, pull back the curtain on my own process blog posts.

Where The Hell Have I Been Lately?

What does an aligned writing process look like? What was it like for me to write my book? You asked, I’m answering!

The Process I Used To Write My Book

It’s time to play a MUCH bigger game, people, for BOTH you and me!

Preparing For 2015 – My New Year’s Ritual