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7 Steps of Manifestation

Get both the E-Book AND the Audio book for FREE, and get started Deliberately manifesting your reality today! 
(This is the content others often charge for, but I consider this the "basics"). 

Deliberate Receiving Bonus Chapter

Did you love Melody's Book, Deliberate Receiving - Finally the Universe Makes Some Freaking Sense! ?

Then you'll adore this extra Bonus Chapter that didn't make it into the book! 

Emergency Manifestation

Allow me to share my most popular technique with you: Emergency Manifestation. Use this deceptively simple technique to create a powerful shift in just 20 minutes. And then, watch the manifestations roll in.

Just click on the Image or the button below, to download the PDF and get started NOW! Yay! 

Spiritual Gladiator

This FREE Video Course will explain Who You Truly Are, what you're here for, and how to step into your immense power!

Finding Your Purpose

The Workbook that helps you figure out your specific Passion or Purpose

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