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REX April 2022 Content: Observe and Experience

You’ve heard me use the phrase “Observe and Experience” many times, although I don’t believe I’ve ever done a formal teaching on this concept. The words sound deceptively simple. Just do what it says on the box, right? But I’ve found this little phrase, given to me many years ago in an Ayahuasca ceremony and then repeated to me often over the years by my beloved master plant teacher to be incredibly valuable. As always, this phrase has layers to it, and has both a simple and elegant side, as well as a super complex one. As I’ve engaged more with this state of being, and it is a state of being that’s being described and encouraged here, as I’ve peeled back the layers, I’ve found that it’s hands down one of the best ways I’ve ever found to help me break up old patterns, or automated responses. What’s more, by practicing this skill, I’ve become more and more adept at shifting the energy of a situation in the moment, (as opposed to doing it later in the hologram, which is absolutely fine). Shifting my energy in the moment is incredibly powerful and watching a real-world situation change right in front of my eyes pretty much makes me feel like a powerful goddess who’s just on Earth to play. So, you know… no big deal. Only, SUCH A BIG DEAL!

Right then, let’s find out what makes this little phrase so powerful, shall we?

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