REX April 2020 Content: Mining for Data (Advanced)

As I combed through the REX Facebook group for inspiration (oh, you didn’t know I did that? Well, I do!), I saw the same topic come up again and again. Not surprisingly, it’s money. Or money related fears. And, you guys are doing a stellar job of working through the resistance that reaching for abundance is bringing up.

So, I thought that I’d help support that ongoing journey, and take advantage of the fact that most of you will have more time to spend on energy related activities this month, thank you Coronavirus, and offer you a series of activities designed to shake out the fears and limiting beliefs that you’re not aware of. And we’re going to use money as the example. The following three exercises are designed to poke at you in different ways, to see if anything falls out. And by “anything”, I, of course, mean “Resistance”.

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