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REX August 2022 Content: The Game 2.0: Becoming Multidimensional

In this month’s teaching, I want to talk about what happens to us and the whole game when we bring our light into darkness, as well as why we might do that. I’m going to keep using the metaphor of this being a game, as it helps me wrap my head around and explain some pretty complex topics. A picture really does paint a thousand words, probably more, and metaphors are nothing but powerful pictures.

Let’s start by talking about multidimensionality. We’ve all heard of multidimensional beings – possibly magical creatures, aliens or angels who can move between dimensions. But what exactly does that mean, is that even real and what does it have to do with you? Whether you believe in magical creatures, aliens, angels or anything else, isn’t really a factor here. Although, it has to be said that a true understanding of multidimensionality, at least in the way I’m about to present it, can make a whole lot more sense out of magical experiences, and help us discern truth from bullshit in the information that’s out there.

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