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REX December 2023 Content: Practical 5D: Transition

Alright everybody. We’ve spent a few years now learning how to clean up our energy body and bring more and more light in. And I’m sure we’ll get back to that as it’s appropriate. But this month, I’m inspired to do something new; something that I think will probably become a content series. What I’d like to do this month is to look forward and give some real energy to the world we are building. I’ve even already got a title for this series: “Practical 5D”. Because, you know, I like to make things practical.

Whenever I hear people talking about the 5D world, it sounds great. But it also sounds like a world that’s vibrating at a much higher frequency than 5D. And yes, I must now insert the obligatory reminder that the terms 3D and 5D are not really accurate, and I prefer to use the terms “Old world energy” and “New world energy”, but these are the terms that are widely used, so I’m ok with acknowledging them as such. So, when people describe their understanding of what the world looks like in 5D, there’s total peace, everyone is enlightened, animals are treated the same as humans, everyone is emotionally stable, no one has any issues to work out, and we’re all just dancing through rainbows. I’m not saying that this reality doesn’t exist. Of course, it does. However, do we really think we’re just going to suddenly wake up in that world? Like flipping a switch? Has any manifestation worked that way, ever?

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